Asphalt 8: Airborne is racing at its best on BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Jan 2014 08:27 am EST

If you have an all touch BlackBerry 10 device then Asphalt 8: Airborne will be a must have download - unless you don't like driving games of course. Once again - as you would expect from Gameloft, racing doesn't get much better than this one. From amazing graphics to realistic sound effects, Asphalt 8 oozes goodness all round. 

Once you start the game for the first time you may be slightly daunted by the selection of different style games you can choose from. As well as the basic career there is also a World Series, Quick Solo Race, Local Wi-Fi Race as well as viewing rankings and the ability to jump straight into your vehicles and achievements - It's all good though. 

Since the game hit BlackBerry 10 I've been concentrating on the Career Mode. Once you're in it you'll have a selection of different course to race which you can access by scrolling up and down. Once you have achieved enough points you can swipe to the left to reveal even more seasons, but until you have done well enough in season one these will remain locked. 

In each race you will be given different tasks to complete. These may be doing a couple of barrel rolls or smashing into a certain number of opponents for example. These give the game an extra bit of variety which is always welcome. 

Once you enter for a race you'll see your car displayed on screen. There are five different classes of cars but you'll need to earn some points to purchase better ones - unless you want to take advantage of the in-app purchases. As you progress through the levels you'll be able to upgrade your cars in four categories - Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro. Changing the color of your car is free and some have the good old CrackBerry orange! 

Let's take a quick look at controls - which are super easy. The car will auto accelerate and turning is done just by tilting your BlackBerry. Tap the right side of the display and you will activate nito. How much nitro you have is shown in the bar under your speedometer. Don't worry if you run out - there's plenty more to collect around the courses.

Touching the left side of the screen acts in two ways. Hold it down to break or reverse, but give it a quick tap as you hit a corner and you'll start drifting, which you'll need to master. A quick tip for coming out of a drift is to engage nitro as this will give you a boost - getting you back up to speed.  

Crashing is clearly not good but the slow motion graphics are amazing. Luckily, you'll quickly restart where you left off - so none of this going back to the start business. In fact - having the odd crash on purpose is kind of fun if you ask me. Have a try - it's almost a joy. 

You may notice up at the top right of the screen is yellow camera icon. Tap this and you have three options in terms of the car view - one from inside, and two from outside. Which you use will come down to personal preference. 

I can only find one fault with Asphalt 8 and that's the on-screen map you will have on the upper left of the screen. You'll be able to see perfectly where your opponents are but the actual map is not far from totally transparent, so viewing what sort of corner is coming up next is a little hard and to be honest I gave up using it altogether. Apart from that everything else about the game is 10/10. 

If you like what you see in the video I'd recommend purchasing the game. In fact - it may well be the best $0.99 you could spend on BlackBerry 10. 

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jojo beaconsfield

I always like the Best so Thanks for the heads up


The "best" is subjective. To me, the "best" racing game on BB10 is Real Racing 3. This game is just WAAAYYY too arcadey. I think Mr. Richardson should rephrase his first sentence to say "If you have an all touch BlackBerry 10 device then Asphalt 8: Airborne will be a must have download - unless you don't like ARCADE driving games of course." Because people who likes REAL driving games, meaning those that have at least some representation or resemblance of real life, would probably really dislike this type of game. This is like Need for Speed for people who prefer Forza...

zeon mohamedd

How about the the graphics like on wp8...I mean poor graphics...with no effects or like on iPhone 5s and Android phones tha graphics and effects are there...and is there a graphic setting...or unlike wp8 there are no effects no graphic setting...over all poor graphics...when you play this game on wp8 you feel like the game is incomplete..i mean you feel like the game is missing something . . (graphics )

Posted via CB10


Yes. The graphic is too smooth. In my experience, you now can play a pc graphic class on mobile.
You have graphic option to set high or low.

But 1 big bug is: the tilting steering option is completely reversed. When I tilt left, it goes right and so on.
Touch screen steering works fine.

Hope they fix the bug soon

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My six year old loves this series

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It is a fun game! I just hope they send out a fix for the steering on my Z10. I have to use the little steering wheel.

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The steering is messed up on my z30

Posted via CB10


Mine was too. I opened and played the career, paused at the beginning, and went to options>controls>steering and changed the steering controls, and now I can play perfectly.

Personally, the last touch, rather than tilt options, works best on the Z30.

Good luck, it's an amazing game on the BlackBerry when you get to play it.

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its now available for Q10
It wasn't at the beginning


The link is not good... it's going to a song from Dalida??!!?? No racing there :)

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Michelle Haag

Well, that was weird. Fixed now, thanks!


Not mentioned: the very obvious data mining going on in the background.


Why is that?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/


Yess.... it does ask for a staggering amount of permissions, but only the "my contact info" permission is needed to run the game. Head to your settings and put the rest of. Worked for me using a z30 os 10.1


How is the loading times? I stopped playing Asphalt 7 because it took forever to load between the menus to the race.

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I'm with this guy, this is important information

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Yes. Loading time was forever on 7


I stopped playing Asphalt 7 because it was too arcadey, felt like I was playing that old-school arcade game San Francisco Rush or something... I also discovered Real Racing 3 and never looked back at Asphalt...


I've read about ppl having inverted steering with the game. Ironically, they all seem to be running the latest leak 1925.

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Don't run leaks and you won't have issues ;)

Posted via CB10


Nothing ventured, nothing gained ;)


Oh yah, playing this crappy arcade game is so worth not having all of the features of the latest leak...


It is a nice game but I prefer the more realistic driving experience of Real Racing 3. That is my favorite racing game on BB10 so far.

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Nature Slice


Posted with my BlackBerry


Good game indeed!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Asphalt 9 for 10.2.1... waiting

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Does it have the same quality on the Z10? Because pictures were waaaaay different when i got 7....

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version


It's a great game but as others have pointed out, it has some issues on You can live with the messed up tilt controls if you change to touch controls... But the really big glitch is that you can not adjust the level of detail. The option to do so is there, but does not save/apply your changes.

Unfortunately some tracks (Nevada especially) seem to be a bit too demanding at maximum detail for the Z10. Can anyone confirm if this behavior occurs on an official OS release?


No MOGA controller support... this was the game that I had hope supported the game controller cause I'd buy the controller in a heartbeat... and support for Minion Rush would have been a bonus also.. but unfortunately it looks like no support from game loft...


To date, the only Gameloft game to support MOGA on BB10 is Minion Rush. I'm pretty ticked off that MC4 states that it supports HID controllers too, but fails to do so.

I also agree with SonySandy below that Gameloft needs to get their act together and amend their updated descriptions of supported HID controllers for the games that clearly DO NOT.

They've already taken our money - the least they could do is either give us the support they claim or correct the descriptions.


I recommend that no one downloads this game until Gameloft either fix the problem with HID controller support or amend the game description to reflect the fact that there is in actual fact no way to enable HID support.

Download at your peril! Don't say you weren't warned. :)

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Like SonySandy said avoid this game like the plague, obviously Gameloft have no love for BlackBerry and simple fast port these games over get the money and run..i already have a Moga Pro controller and purchased the game for this reason only to find out it was not supported and requested a refund..

Also the game does not work properly when using the Tilt feature..when they fix it so it performs just like the Android version then I will purchase it.

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Anyone tried to make this work with Moga Pro Controller?


Steering problem on my Z10. I need to switch to manual.

Z10 STL100-1/


Real racing!

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I have the BlackBerry Z30 (great device). However, I have downloaded Asphalt8 three times and have installed the game, but it won't work. I open the game, and see the title screen, but then it freezes and closes. I don't know what the problem is.... any ideas?

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Is it me or is the download link broken? Whenever I click on it I get directed to one music album in BlackBerry World :s Anybody else try this?

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Anyone tried this on Q10 or Q5??

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LMAO turbo and engine upgrades on a tesla


Does it still heat up the z10? Cuz sometimes I find some games to heat up and some dont, guess it has to do with graphics, but some games with hq graphics work fine for me without heating


I enjoy this game a lot on my nexus 7. It's currently free on Android. I wonder why it's not on BlackBerry .

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The android version pushes the in app purchases a lot harder. On BB10, it doesn't pester you before every race with offers.

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Gameloft is crap. This doesn't support gamepads. Gameloft never updates any of their games either on BlackBerry.

Also they refuse to provide customer support for BlackBerry users.

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Thanks James. Good overview.



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rasib BBRY

I have installed this game yet every time I open it, it automatically closes just as it gets to the gameloft screen, I'm running OS, EE UK network, why can't I open it? Any help...

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Kyle Andrei

Does real racing 3 support a game pad?

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would be better with HID controller support like on android and IOS, just saying

Ruslan Botsyurko

Sorry in advance for being a grumpy cat, but I got to put a few words here for those who are considering buying this game. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!

Now reasons:
1) Major bugs - lots of people including me experienced a bug with tilt control. After the very first race started (actually not even a race, a tutorial), the car just turned dead right and started going in circles without me moving my phone. After a few seconds I found out not only the accelerometer in this game is totally decalibrated, it's reversed, so when I tilted right, the car went left. I did a reboot, installed new OS, reinstalled and restarted game - now no steering on race start, not until I turned my Z30 almost upside down and then the car went from streight to sideways. On-display controls are useless because they block the view and occupy thumbs so you can't use nitro or break.

2) Completely unrealistic - Gameloft makes it look like it's a full featured race simulator with all the new real car models and engine sounds, but it's not. Need For Speed from the end of 90s was a better racing simulator than this, it's as poor for racing experience as the Angry Birds Go!

3) Lags - lots of users in reviews report screen lagging and are not able to change graphics level to mid or low.

4) Don't pay for what is free - did you know that Asphalt 8 is available for free on other mobile platforms? Every single one of them - even Windows Phone users can play it for free. I don't mind paying for quality games and apps, I've spent lots of money on BB World, but come on ,this is just ridiculous, why should only BlackBerry users pay for the poor gameplay?

Resumé: Download Real Racing 3. No seriously, I'm not working for EA, it's just a whole lotta better game and actually feels like a racing simulator + it's for free (you don't even have to buy the bonuses in order to play it like in Blur where you have to pay or wait once you run out of gas).

Asphalt 8 is just a load of bollocks.

Have a nice day folks! ;)

P.S.: To CB crew - I totally get that hot news are hot news and you gotta be first to inform about such a big game arrival, but please wait with the fancy titles and positive reviews until you spend a few hours playing the game/using the app to avoid disappointed CB fans. No beef, I'm a CB addict, just wanted to write a feedback ;)


+1000 what he said.

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CrackBerry, please remove that super annoying (hp) pop-up ad. Once I click to close it, it should stay closed even when I click on another post or return to the home page.


i love this game..

C002E19B5 Real Life Heroes...


tldr but no dice for vz z10'ers. 10.1 remains like a rock hard corner of gouda on the hotel room floor.


Just use Sachiup to grab and put together a 10.2.0 autoloader, or take the plunge and install Having any faith in VZ pushing out OS updates is foolish at this point.

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Too big! Need to be able to install games to SD.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3



Sent from my BlackBerry Z10


Y is it a paid app on bb10 and free on iphones?

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Prem Prince

Is asphalt 8 works good on my z10 stl100-1?


This game is paid-for in BBW yet in Google Play Store it's free.
How the hell is BB ever going to compete if it continues to try ripping users off?
Head over to Snap and get this game for free!!!