Review: Ascendo DataVault v4.5.3

By Ryan Blundell on 23 Dec 2009 09:23 am EST

There's nothing like discovering you have a "compromised" card while in line, trying to purchase groceries or gifts. It's both embarrassing and worrisome. The mind may wander, as you begin to wonder what else has been compromised. Not everyone can remember dozens of passwords; some may stick to less than half a dozen. Think about it: you have email accounts, work logins, multiple social network accounts, banking information, wireless accounts, even your CrackBerry account! Perhaps you, yes you, use a single password, the ONE rule them all! Um, actually, that's not the best idea. What you need is a powerful and organized way to manage everything that is for your eyes only.

Marc from Ascendo Inc has been in contact, letting me know about the updates made a little while ago to their password manager, DataVault. You may recognize the name from a review I did back in 2008. To meet with the demand of the customer, Ascendo Inc has worked quite hard to enhance upon an already impressive password manager. That being said, let's take a look what the newest version of Ascendo DataVault has to offer.

About Ascendo DataVault

DataVault was developed and brought to you by Ascendo Inc. The company has also developed other applications including; the money managing Ascendo Money, the shutterbug sidekick Ascendo Photos, blubber busting Ascendo Fitness and the multitasking Ascendo iJuggle. DataVault can work solely as a BlackBerry stand alone application or you can choose to sync it with the DataVault desktop application. DataVault is available for BlackBerrys running OS 4.0 or higher. The file size of the application is 614 kb. The desktop application requires a Windows PC with 5MB of space. So I won't repeat myself too many times, have a look at my previous review to understand the basics of what Ascendo DataVault offers.

lock it down with a password

To ensure that any information is locked up securely, DataVault requires you to create a password upon the initial startup. While this does protect your information, the password can be reset. Please note that by doing so will wipe any previously entered information. The look of DataVault has been updated; it appears smoother and more in line with RIM's current offerings. Though your information is securely locked away, it's the level of organization made available that is the true strength of this application. As with previous versions, DataVault promises to organize your information by category and by type. This makes searching for information much more efficient and much less frustrating. Categories keep your banking information separate from your work logins and passwords. As before, the information you enter can be viewed as a list, or in a tree view. This time around, DataVault's latest update still allows users to expand or collapse individual tree levels or multiple levels simultaneously. You can also decide the default display of the tree view, for example; whether you want it expanded or collapsed upon selecting tree view.

List View
Tree View

This newest version of Ascendo DataVault has added some much needed BlackBerry Storm support. I guess in this case, DataVault's "Roll and Scroll" feature should be renamed "Swipe and Scroll". In my opinion, the list view is definitely made for the Storm, as the wiping is faster than scrolling. In the list view, the application still allows you to view entries and their respective fields in a grid pattern. Scrolling through is slow with other BlackBerry smartphones, making it frustrating to view information. Storm users can also easily alter the size of columns in list view, by sliding the column borders. In order to speed up the input of your private information, the application still offers numerous templates under various categories. If none are to your liking, you can create one of your own.

Manage templates

One feature I really enjoyed was "live links". In other words, any URLs, phone numbers or email addresses I have entered, I can click on and visit the URL, call or send an email. This isn't a new feature for most devices, but with DataVault now having full Storm support, Storm users can benefit from live links as well.

Those who have used DataVault on older devices will remember the ability to assign icons to your entries. While these were a great for easily identifying types of entries, these needed to be updated for newer BlackBerrys (running OS 4.6 or higher). The icons, as well as folder icons, have been expanded to 24 x24 pixels. These look especially vibrant on the Bold and Storm.


There have been numerous updates since the last review, but I'm glad to see that they haven't taken anything away, especially the security. Your information is still protected by powerful AES encryption. Emails can still be encrypted and can only be decrypted by a fellow DataVault user. The password generator also continues to help you come up with hard to crack passwords. I mean, how many times can you use your dog's name before someone figures it out? Ascendo has always been known for their highly structured, highly dependable products.

hey, no peeking!


Ascendo Inc continually improves upon its products, and DataVault was definitely not left behind. From major support improvements, to minor tweaks and shortcuts, users new and old will be able to sleep well knowing that their private data is tucked in tighter than they are. I should elaborate and say they are neatly tucked, not rolled up into a ball. The application is incredibly organized. Ascendo DataVault is pricey at $29.95. To figure out if it's the right password manager for you, they do offer a free 30 day trial.


  • Full Storm Support
  • AES Encryption
  • Maintain a highly organized database


  • Roll and Scroll feature still not smooth for non-touch BlackBerrys

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Review: Ascendo DataVault v4.5.3


I have used this for a long time. Definitely worth the price. The support is amazing! I really hope they make an Android application!!

Can someone inform me on what the difference is between this and the Password Keeper that already comes on your berry?? I keep all my logins and passwords on there and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. Maybe it's just me but this app doesn't make sense to buy...if there is a major difference then please let me know.

DataVault allows you to organize your information into categories. Also, you can enter the information on your PC then sync to the BB. That's a huge feature for me.

This program allows you, via a desktop adjunct, to maintain your password list on your windows PC. The native BB password keeper does not allow you this option.

I have used this app for quite a while now and I feel it does exactly as it should, and it does it very well. Very organized and easy to use. Support as I have said in the past is second to none. ASCENDO DATA VAULT AND ASCENDO MONEY, 2 must have apps in my opinion.

Timely review. I have been a SplashID user and am contemplating moving to eWallet or DataVault as the latest SplashID version still doesn't work for me on my Bold (issue wth syncing).

I may have to try both for 30 days and then make a switch.

Anyone else use one or the other and have thoughts?


I have ewallet and I'm thinking of switching to DataVault because offers more options like "Live Links" for example plus they have support for FireFox browser as well as IE and support for Chrome is in the works.
ewallet ONLY has support for IE.
DataVault is better by far.

I was using DataViz PasswordsPlus on the Treo. When I moved to the BB, I eval'd SplashID vs DataVault. While both were comparable feature-wise, DataVault was much more flexible in importing my PasswordsPlus info via a .csv. IIRC, they have an importer for SplashID as well.

DataVault has been rock solid for me on the Curve and now Tour and have been very happy with it. At $30, it and SlingPlayer are the most expensive apps I've purchased, but both have been worth every penny.

I too came to BB from a Treo and loved SplashID on my Palm. I tried SplashID on the BB and it kinda sucked. The interface was poor and it seemed that development for BB was an afterthought. On the other hand, Ascendo is perfect on the BB and clearly puts a priority on BB development. Also, there customer service is very responsive.

One other thing I have experienced is that, after a restore, with SplashID the data is corrupted but the sync does not recognize this and you end up jumping through a lot of hoops to restore from the desktop. Ascendo makes the restore smooth as silk. I appreciate that SplashID may have fixed these problems since I was using it but this was my experience.

I have the PC version of DataVault. I am not very techno-savy yet I found this app fairly easy to get started with, as well as using it regularly. It seems simple and straight forward, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Well thought out from start to finish.

This will also be on my phone soon. I would recommend it.

I have had Datavault for several months now first on the Storm1 and now on my Storm2, I use it all the time, along with Ascendo Money software. i cannot begin to tell how great Ascendo's Customer Service is, they responded very quickly to any issues I had. excellent software!!! Excellent Company!!!

I have been using this product for quite a while now. I work for a company that services several clients each with a few of thier own passwords. Add to that information for my own business and all of my personal passwords and other important information. Now I always have it with me in one place. I also like that you can search and DataVault will start immediately narrowing the results.

The biggest selling point for me was the fact that I could back up my information on my PC. It was easy to import information from another application. And when I did have questions about migrating from Pearl to Curve and then to Curve 8900, customer service was extremely nice and helpful right off the bat.

Highly recommend this product.

I used CryptMagic for several years and it was one of my most useful apps. Synching to the desktop is key. When I got my Storm1 it wouldn't work so I switched to DataVault and have been pleased. I haven't tried synching to multiple computers but expect it will work.

Now this is tempting - I am just trying to justify the higher app price with myself and I am not sure I am going to win!

I know spb wallet isn't for bb yet but I'm a user of that app and will like to know if any of you are using spb as well. Is it possible to import spb entries or not. This does look like a great app indeed but I'm well use to spb since I've paid for it and using it on my windows mobile ppc, iphone and don't mind waiting a bit longer for it to hit the bb device.

Where did you get that wallpaper? It is fantastic and so sharp. I have searched the forums for it. Will you provide the link? Thanks.

purchased DataVault through a third party vendor about 3 years ago ... since then upgraded hardware twice and always received excellent support and new product keys directly from Ascendo on a timely and professional manner. This is a supplier you can rely on.
Software robust and reliable.

I have found Datavault to be an excellent product. Having all your data available at all times is great, and I love the phone & desktop sync. Now if they would just also make Palm Pre and HTC EVO versions, to accommodate the other phones I need to sync with.......