Review: Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder - Enter to win!

Arkon Handlebar Mount with Waterproof Holder
By Michelle Haag on 28 Feb 2012 03:46 pm EST

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"The Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder is a versatile option for keeping your BlackBerry or other device handy while on the move."

In Short:
"Easy to install and use, keeps your device accessible and protected from the elements."

Should I Buy?
"If you're an avid bicyclist, this case will become indespensible."

If you are an avid bicycler or motorcycle rider, you may wonder where to put your BlackBerry while you're riding. Tucking it away in a pocket or compartment works just fine most of the time, but what about when you need to see your screen for GPS, maps, music, or a workout app like Endomondo? The Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder is a great solution to this situation. This sleek, removable case not only keeps your BlackBerry (or other device) in plain view, it also protects it from the weather, dust, and scratches.

The Review

When the Arkon mount arrived, I opened up the simple packaging and got right to installing it on my bicycle. The pieces of the mount are held together with 2 small screws, so you will need a screwdriver for installation. Simply unscrew them, and the two parts of the mounting bracket come apart. Curled inside you will see a couple of thin pieces of foam like material. These wrap around the bar you are mounting to, to prevent the bracket from slipping around after it's installed. Position the two halves of the bracket over the foam pieces, and screw them together, ensuring that everything lines up correctly. From start to finish, this is only a 5 minute installation process at most. Fast and easy installation means we're off to a good start with this accessory!

Arkon Handlebar Mount
The bracket swivels and tilts, so you can put it at just about any angle that works for you. You can even put it horizontal and view your device in landscape mode (assuming you have a non-QWERTY keyboard device). This feature is extra handy if you plan on mounting this item on something with vertical bars, such as a golf cart or wheelchair. Even if the bracket is installed horizontally, you can still have your case oriented vertically. The bracket is compatible with most straight, drop, trekking, and touring size handlebars and fits standard (25.4mm and 26mm) size handles up to 33mm in diameter.

The zipper case slides on to the bracket and snaps into place. There is a small golden screw that you can use after it's snapped in to secure the case to the bracket, ensuring that it won't accidentally come off. This is both a pro and a con, depending on how you plan to use the case. If you'll be frequently removing the case from the bracket, messing with the screw will be time consuming. However, if you plan to put the case on the bracket and leave it, or if you take a lot of long rides (I'm thinking days at a time) then the screw will give you some added peace of mind. Personally I think that the case snaps onto the bracket pretty securely, and don't find that I need the screw. It's nice to have the option though, especially if I continue to use the case in the future. I imagine repeatedly snapping it into place and removing it may cause the slots to wear and therefore become loose, in which case the screw will become necessary.

Arkon Handlebar Mount

The case is well made and designed to fit a variety of devices, even if you have a case on the device itself. I tested out my BlackBerry Bold 9900 as well as my iPhone 4, and both fit well. The case comes with 2 foam inserts, so if your device is thin it will still sit inside snugly, allowing you to use the touchscreen or buttons through the plastic cover. The plastic is thick enough to be durable, yet I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to accurately use the touchscreens on both devices I tested. The plastic is flexible enough that I could even type on the QWERTY keyboard of my Bold with no issues at all. The only complaint I have about the plastic, and it's a minor complaint, is that there is some glare in bright sunlight, but that's to be expected.

Arkon Handlebar Mount

The case is advertised as water resistant, which is not to be confused with water proof. Extra stitching and durable materials make the case very sturdy and the zipper is designed to keep water out. This is great for situations where you may be caught in the rain or snow, but I wouldn't advise submerging it in water with your device inside. One last neat feature I thought was a nice touch (and another reason the case is not waterproof) is at the bottom of the case where you will find a cut-out for your headphones or even a charger, though that seems less practical given the nature of the case and where you'll likely be using it. Still, nice to have the option. 

The Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder is a nice accessory to have if you frequently ride a bike, motorcycle, golf cart, wheelchair or anything else that you can mount it on. Obviously, it's not something that everyone will find a use for, but for those that do, I think it will quickly become indispensible. Available for under $20 in the CrackBerry store, it's a great solution that won't break the bank. 

Please remember, while operating any vehicle -- be it bicycle, motorcycle, or golf cart -- distractions can be deadly. Pull over and stop to take/make that call. Use playlists for music so you're not trying to change songs on the go, and if you must use earphones (which we don't recommend) use only one earbud and keep the volume low so you can hear what's going on around you. Safety first folks. 

Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder

The Good

If you frequently ride a bike, motorcycle, golf cart, wheelchair or anything else that you can mount this accessory on, you'll be able to have your device handy for all kinds of uses. Water resistance is a bonus for those times you get caught in the rain.

The Bad

The case part of the Arkon Handlebar Mount isn't fully waterproof, and not really practical for use without the mount.


I really like the Arkon Handlebar Mount and the case that comes with it. Not only can I track how far I ride my bike with apps such as Endomondo, I can see if I'm getting an important call or listen to music without worrying about my BlackBerry getting scratched or dropped. 

Arkon Handlebar Mount
More information/purchase the Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder

Contest: Want to win an Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder for yourself? Drop a comment below letting us know where you would install it or how it would help you meet your fitness goals, and you're entered to win. One entry per person, contest ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck! 

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Reader comments

Review: Arkon Handlebar Mount with Water Resistant Holder - Enter to win!


Seems so simple, but I think it's really cool... I'll be riding a lot more with gas prices going so high. Would be awesome to win.

This would be sick on my Trek man and I need a good excuse to get that baby out and do some riding to get in shape for the summer!

like to ride bike in summer and having bb play music while having it mounted on handle bars would make it safer for biking and more incentive to ride more. thanks

i like to bike to work and this would be really awesome with my Torch 9810 mounted onto my bike... I can track myself on GPS, be able to pick up a call or message, and listen to music. I can even film my bike ride using the camera on the phone and show off to all my friends. Awesome!

I would love to win this great Arkon Handlebar Mount w/water resistant holder... It would be sweet to be able to keep my Torch 9800 handy, safe and dry on the handlebar of my bicycle for rides around town and on our beautiful trails along the river!

This would be a godsend for me. I'm a commuter that uses a mix of public transit and bike almost everyday and some tunes without worrying about my phone sliding out of my pocket or my hands will allow me to keep my eyes on the road.

Pick me and help me further avoid getting run down by cars!

I often like to go for long rides on my ageing motorcycle, a 1979 Suzuki GS850, and get lost in the beautiful English countryside of the Cotswolds. With a weak signal my sat nav built into the phone which is stuffed into my jacket will often pack up. Silence from my earphones. So I have to stop, remove my gloves and retrieve my phone so I can reset it. How much easier if I could simply look down and stay on the move! No need for uncomfortable 'phones' either. Brilliant, yes please.

would love this for my bike my phone keeps flying out of my pocket every time im riding and this would be a great and cool way to protect my phone

Wow didn't know something like this existed at all! Would be so convenient during spring to fall when I bike around everywhere :)

I go riding on a mountain bike and have rigged up something with a car holder and zip-ties that really could be replaced by this. If I do not win I will continue to risk my 9850!!!

i try to move around on my bike as much as i can when the weather lets me... this piece of accessory is gr8 for that

These are awesome! I have one on my commuter motorcycle and it works great.
I'd love to have another for my other motorcycle, though :D

Ohh, Swt! Ain't that the stuff! I gotta have one of these babies on my electric scoot! I'm in ;)

I don't know about a bike but this is the ticket for my street legal Golf Cart. keep my BB9900 out of the Oregon Missed here in Washington. Missed Oregon and hit Washington lol!

Just Perfect timing!

Just finished reparing my bike for some much needed break from being sedentary at home :)

Mount up the Arkon, please :)

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

i would use this on my bike .....would help me get motived to ride more as my doctor as told me to get more exercise...i could listen to my songs with it

I bought a mountain bike during an end of season sale. This would let me comfortably go biking through the hills near my home with my Adidas miCoach tracking my way and allowing me to have some tunes going at the same time.

This is a must HAVE!!! I need this, I'm the accessories king and this would go great with my collection. PICK ME PLEASE.

I would use it on my bike to hold my BB Storm 2 in and use to keep track of my rides as I ride daily 25 - 35 miles to lose weight.

Another reason why my BlackBerry would look so cool! And the fact that I'd be making myself look more appealing adds on to the hype! :)

Moved to a new neighbourhood and this will be very helpful to mount on my bike since I'm terrible with directions and my 9900's GPS will show me the way

I have been waiting for this now I can mount it on my Schwinn 2011 World Market Bicycle. It's red and this case will set it off!!

Im going to start riding my bike to work this year because of the price of gas... this would be great to win...

NOW THIS IS SWEEEEEET! I totally want this!!!! I would mount it on my beach cruiser and listen to music on my torch while getting exercise!! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

Wow, nice accessory! If I had one, I will put it on my motorcycle and forget about waiting for my device to vibrate in my pocket. Hope to win.:)

This would terrifically useful. It'd also have spared my breaking my old Curve a few years back.

I would use it on the rail track with my bike listing to some tunes to help me go faster lol with this i could leave my other music player at home my BlackBerry and music player is a bit much some times

My BlackBerry Storm 2 makes a great GPS when bicycling, but more so when protected in a waterproof case. Please enter me interest contest. Thank you.

I steer my bike with one hand and use my 9700 with the other. That cannot be safe at all. Haha. Good luck to everyone.

Well I definetly will use it for my bike I always go to the montains on it...and I will love if I got the prize..!!!!

WOW!!!!!! Would use it at the fitness center and on my bike. I'm training for a triathlon.

I've been looking for a practical way to utilize my Bold 9930 on my Trek f6. This will work nicely, thanks.

These cases are great, they just sit too high above the handlebars. I made something similar using a RamMount quick release mount. Had to insert a metal backing plate though to make it more rigid. Works well though.

this would be great since i started a new job, and i am going to bike to work when the snow is gone

id love to win this product! this would help me with my fitness goal because i bike to work everyday 10+ miles... thanks crackberry, i love you!

I would love one to use my phone actively for GPS tracking while riding the bike instead of having it in my bag and looking at the track only at the end of the ride

That and the basket would be an amazying prize, would be the talk of the town riding around with that basket. The holder will help me track my rides, would get a better gsp signal in there than iN my pocket and on top of that be safer.

My wife and I cycle commute and go on cycle-touring trips and a handlebar mount would be very convenient for GPS, phone and music operation.

It would go on bicycle.....when I ride 20 miles to market for chicken for Mama. I get healthy better and case would let Mama call and me pickup extra chicken if she call me. Want case so badly make Mama happy.

Wow, it looks nice! I could use Edomondo or other activity tracking software while baking! It's always a problem: where should I put my BB?

I have become MAJORLY into my fitness and cycle to and from work everyday now (around 5 miles each way)

this would be great to track my progress, use the sat nav etc !

let see if i win, if not i will just have to buy one :D

My 2 young sons are just getting into bicycling, and it would be good to have this so I can call for help if theres an accident.

This would be great on my mountain bike with my 9900 and the Adidas miCoach app. I am in training for a 450 mile charity ride so this would be perfect.

I'm a rider, and I use SportyPal for GPS data logging and Pandora for some good background tunes. Put this on my handlebars and roll out!

I use Pandora on my BB when riding and it works great but I had to build a makeshift carrier. I looked for something like this and couldn't find a suitable one so I am going to look to get one.

I would definitely use this in the gym to catch up on TV shows, watching on my BB. I make a rule that I can only watch certain shows when I work out to stay motivated to go, but my phone has fallen off of the stationary a few too many times.

This would be awesome on my bike as I bike a a lot and get many calls, so I have to move my BB in and out of my pocket many times. This is would make it a lot easier.

I would put it on my bike here in a couple months when I start riding to work. Not only for exercise, but also because of gas prices!!

I would absolutely love to own this thing for my Trek and 9900. I'll probably go out and buy one anyway because I want one now, but would be lovely to win one from Crackberry!

I've recently started going to the gym again recently, and am looking forward to getting on my bike as the warmer weather approaches. This would be fantastic!

I would love to try this mount/case out and even post feedback. I would be trying it on a bicycle and a couple of motorcycles.

Why should I win it, first I'm not one to seek attention or anything, but I have had a few strokes and a heart attack at the young age of 39. I am having heart surgery within a week and will need to recover with cardio activities. What better and encouraging way to get exercise by adding the excitement of a new tech toy and the ability to time/count distance etc to track my progress on the road to recovery(no pun intended).

Thank you for your consideration!


This would be bomb diggity on the center of my handle bars. Do some BBM'in/Txtin at a red light, have music poppin in the background, I can see it now. An overall great idea. Good job!!!


I'd love to win this carrier!

I use a gps tracking device to track distance and speed when taking the kids on a bike ride. Would be simply fantastic to be able to use a map program to help guide us through new area to explore and also to help get us home as quick as possible, and having the ability to mount the blackberry on the handlebars of the bike would make it all possible.


Exactly what we need in Toronto!! Cyclists darting in and out of traffic while BBMing. Then when the get by a car they can blame the case maker and the driver of the car for their own stupidity.

Exactly what we need in Toronto!! Cyclists darting in and out of traffic while BBMing. Then when the get smoked by a car they can blame the case maker and the driver of the car for their own stupidity.

I would love to get one of these!

My friends and I are going to be continuing out fitness month habit right into summer and start riding our bicycles threw the trails around our town. Be really awesome to have this for music and gps.

I'd clip that baby on my handlebars when in mtn biking. Nice to keep your phone on you for pics and emergencies. Hate risking the abuse keeping it in my pocket not to mention its uncomfortable. Thanks guys!

This would be fine for me on my bike, since phone digs into my hip.
Thanks in advance Crackberry and Arkon!

Did not even know something like this existed!! I have dropped my phone while riding my bike ONE TOO MANY TIMES. seriously though, it is so hard to dig the phone out of your pocket while still moving and get it in time before the call goes to voicemail. AND if you hit a bump, it basically is guaranteed to fall out of your pocket as you zoom ahead. BUT YES WOULD LOVE TO WIN, thanks as usual crackberry!

Count me in please. It would be a very great gift for my bestfriend for his 9700 and bicycle. Thanks.

I would love this device. I use the adidas micoach app when I am riding with my torch 9800 and this would be a great improvement on the plastic bag I have to currently use.

Got a nice street bike last year for my birthday. I participate in the Subaru Triathlon races here in Ontario. And BlackBerry is even a sponsor.
This looks like a must-have as soon as my training starts in a few weeks.

This could come in handy...tho not sure where I would mount it at the moment. Maybe I'll know after I win? ;)

Good luck everyone! :)

Thanks for the opportunity, would be excellent to also mount on the exercise bike. Albeit the case likely not usable for a (64gb)PB but the mounting bracket could be the base for a custom platform :)

I would use this device between the handles of my bike. This device would suffice my goal of maintaining a slim body as well as protect my blackberry phone

playbook user and torch 9800. asian boy living in Paris, France.

Il ll use it on m'y bike tout gps location.