Review: Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder for BlackBerry smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 18 May 2011 02:51 pm EDT

Want to win an Arkon Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder? Keep reading for contest details!

The cup holder in my old vehicle was the battleground between my BlackBerry smartphone and whatever drink I wanted to consume. The battles were fierce and the victor was rarely the same twice. The problem was almost solved with the new vehicle, as my device can now choose between 4 cup holders. Now I say almost solved because of on little teeny tiny fact: legality. Like most places, it’s illegal to use/hold an “electronic device” while driving here. I was already a Bluetooth veteran, but I was getting tired of having my BlackBerry smartphone tucked away; especially when I wanted to use the GPS. There’s quite of few car mounts on the market, which one do I choose?

The Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder is one of the options available. This car mount helps keep your BlackBerry smartphone close at hand in 3 different ways – from your windshield, air vent or dash. While it has the word universal in the name, it may not be the perfect fit for every BlackBerry. Read on for more.

So here is what you receive when you purchase the Arkon CM910:

  • Cradle
  • Vent Mount Assembly
  • Windshield Mount Pedestal
  • Console/Dash Adhesive Disc – to use in conjunction with the Windshield Mount Pedestal
  • Alcohol Pad

I will never let you go...

Its loving, yet forceful grip is what keeps your BlackBerry smartphone from crashing to the floor of your car. The “feet” that your phone sits on, as well as the adjustable side grips, are padded to prevent scratches. This cradle snaps easily, yet securely into each of the mounting attachments. All you have to do it squeeze the side grips in place. The cradle has a button that offers a spring loaded quick release. The grip it had, if not adjusted properly, took on a Darth Vader feel, as my BlackBerry would sometimes become unresponsive until I released it from its grasp. You might say one could find my lack of faith (in the cradle) disturbing. Too much? Sorry.. I believe that this was because the grips would continuously press on the volume and convenience keys on the left side.

Speaking of the side grips, you may notice that the style of grips differ that what you would see from the stock photos at the CrackBerry Store. The one I had sported a cut out on either grip- perfect to support plugging in a car charger into most models of BlackBerry. The charging port on my Torch was blocked, this meant I had to either return my BlackBerry to it’s old cup holder home or .

As it stands...get it?

As far as the mounts go, I was able to use two out of the three options. The dash/console mount was unusable, unless I want to stretch all the way over to the passenger side while driving. This all depends on the type of vehicle you have, as it would have worked in my old car. The vent mount put my BlackBerry in a good angle, but would shake like crazy when going over rough roads or even a speed bump. If knocked, it can also become detached from the vent and fall to the floor. I took a corner a little sharp and both my BlackBerry and the vent assembly ended up on the far passenger side.

The best option I’ve tried so far is the windshield mount. Holy Hoover that thing has suction! I’ve had it stuck to my windshield for a while and have yet to see it fall. The adjustable arm is quite stiff, allowing you to position it and feel confident that it won’t let you, or your BlackBerry down. It provided me the prefect access to my BlackBerry and allowing me to use GPS and manage my calls.


I think the universal part handles the basics – meaning that it makes sure it acts as a simple cradle. The 9800 didn’t get to benefit from all of the features, but the Akron CM910 worked perfectly when I tried it with a 9780 and a 9300. The windshield mount worked best for me, but of course that is dependant on the type of vehicle I’m driving. Others may find the dash mount to be the best option. The Arkon CM910 is available from the CrackBerry Store for $29.95

Contest Want to win an Arkon CM910 of your own? Leave a comment on this post to be entered. In your comment, let us know why you need it? What horror stories have you had with your car and BlackBerry? Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. One of you will win this case straight from Only one comment per entry please.

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Reader comments

Review: Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and Universal Holder for BlackBerry smartphones


WHY IS HIS SKIN THAT COLOUR!? (Color for you Americans)

(Also pretty tired to have my BB sliding around the seats and falling on my dirty floor mats)

Absolutely a must have. On TWO occassions I've had a device ruined. First was my iPod, which I had replaced with no problem. However, the same issue occured with my old BB (9630). My car has a double-cup holder...they're positioned one in front of the other. One day, the BB was in the front cupholder, drink in the one behind it. Of course, traffic in front of me stopped suddenly. Slamming on the brakes served me well, but the drink tipped forward of course. The tall cup of juice tipped over forward and half of it spilled out. Nuff said...I was PISSED. Client calls had to go unanswered the rest of the afternoon. I'm not the best story teller, but you get the point. Cupholders are meant for CUPS ONLY. MY 9650 will never have to go through that hopefully. : -)

This would come in very handy. I get so tired of putting it on the passenger seat or cup holder and not really being able to use the GPS while doing so. I'd love to win this!

Perfect, so I dont have to look down while I'm driving, also I can use it as my GPS device!

Definitely need this! I drive a bus intra- and interstate frequently and need something to hold my Bold so I can take advantage of Blackberry Traffic!

Can you comment on its use with a case on? like an otterbox commuter case on a 9780? since it is universal i guess that it ll work but would be great to have that tested before winning one

I need this so I don't wreck my ride suckas! Chiggity Check your self before you wreck yourself.

i use my BB torch as a GPS all the time (BB Traffic is great) along with leave it on, but have no easy way of keepin it in plain site except leave it on the dash and hope it does not fall down

This would be great for the car and also get me an additonal car charger


I need a mount because I am sick of losing my Torch out of my lap. QUESTION: If you swivel the mount upside down, is the port accessible? If not, universal?

I live here in Las Vegas and the office is over by McCarran International Airport.

I'm looking at this in need because of the many tourists who drive their rental cars near the airport. If you've ever jumped off I-215 to the airport connector, you'll understand how out-of-towners can jump over two lanes from the rent-a-car center to continue eastbound on I-215. It's of no fault to our tourists (we love all of you coming here). It's just a rather scary part of a Las Vegas drive when people not from here are trying to get acclimated with our highways (and trying to sneak-a-peek of The Strip while accelerating to 65mph).

Does this account for a valid reason to keep my BlackBerry in an Arkon Mount Kit when trying to avoid side-swiping accidents on I-215 here in Las Vegas?

Thank you for this contest =)

The best in car holders I have found are at

I currently use 2 holders in my Mazda 3 - my Torch (on lower right middle console) and Garmin GPS (on my vent in center). These are car specific, device specific and location specific devices. They come with easy mounting instructions and work fantastic.

I have ordered 3 device - car - position specific devices and they have all worked perfectly. They are a little pricier, but they do the job like no other holder.

Looking for something like this for my new car! To win one would even be much better than shopping around lol

This would go perfectly with the 9930 that I am going to win from the other contest! {Insert sarcastic laughter here}

I need it because I only have 1 cup holder close enough to use for my Blackberry. BMW 3 series is not Blackberry friendly :)

The best in car holders I have found are at

I currently use 2 holders in my Mazda 3 - my Torch (on lower right middle console) and Garmin GPS (on my vent in center). These are car specific, device specific and location specific devices. They come with easy mounting instructions and work fantastic.

I have ordered 3 device - car - position specific devices and they have all worked perfectly. They are a little pricier, but they do the job like no other holder.

I would love one, I always put my blackberry in the cup holder as well, but several times I have gone to put my drink in as well and my phone went right thru the bottom of the cup. So I could really use one of these! Thanks

I really need this! I drive an old Ford pick-up and have no where to place my BB that will keep it in place. Please!

i need this to keep my blackberry secure and in my car! i sometimes set my phone on my dash and every once in a while i go around a corner to fast with the windows down. I have had some close calls with it flying out the window but thankfully nothing more than that. Dont let me ruin my blackberry!!

found out the hard way, when using blackberry traffic for directions and almost killed someone because, i was always looking down at my bb for directions.

first time owning a bb. never had to use my bb for directions. now that, i am, i really want to do it in a very safe way . this Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount will do the job

I can really use this! My BB, while I was driving, fell under the brake pedal and I had to use the emergency brake to slow down. I am scared to take it out of the holster now in my car.

i use an aftermarket desktop cradle with extra battery slot for my tour. I have a velcro strip on my dash that keeps it in place while im driving. And I take it off the dash when im not using it and put it under the seat. The upside is it charges a spare battery for me and it charges the phone, and it goes in and out with a one handed operation and its held in place tightly.
The downside is it looks ridiculous and in the summer time the heat melts the glue from the velcro strip.
I need a new holder....please

I need one because I keep dropping my phone too stinkin' much. I don't have a holder in my car so the BB goes on my lap or between my legs (shush now). When I get to my destination, I forget the BB is there. So when I get out of the car, ouch. BB gets asphalt or cement rash.

I volunteer with our local emergency program being on call 24/7. Would be a great tool in the FJ Cruiser. Thanks.

I am in desperate of this kind of a solution for my work-style.

Meeting with clients , regular site visits and clubbing on weekends makes me the perfect candidate eligible for picking this up.

Mind you , I have a big social circle and this product will help to boost sales for the manufacturer.

Cheers !

As a deputy, I am all over the place all the time. Use my phone continuously to communicate with other officers, or for looking stuff up on GPS maps, or google, or what ever. It is my personal data center. I get so tired of hunting for it, cause it fell from the dash, in between the radio and siren box, or under the seat, or 3 times, it has slid back to the back seat behind the cage. Luckily, this has not yet happened with someone back there. I keep it in my pocket for that reason.

I would LOVE this holder in my patrol car. So, do a public servant a favor. Pick me?

I have a BB Torch and the wife has my old BB 9700. Winning this would help make sure that our BBs are safe when we drive and don't go shooting under the seat or into the back seat if we do a sudden brake.

Was using BB Torch as GPS and had the Torch in the speedometer gauge pod and it shot out into back seat when I had to brake suddenly. In effect ... I got lost and missed my turn.

Well long story short I usually just put my bb on the front passenger seat while Im driving; So you can imagine what happens when I make hard rights, lefts, or stops. Not to mention when I need to use the gps, I gotta hold my bb in one hand & steer with the other. It really sucks when I hear it crash to the floor or into my car door. Therefore I could really use this cradle, which I have been in the market for but never really got around to buying one. Would really be useful...

why do i need it? sooo many options for stories but i'll be brief and give the one that was the most DANGEROUS....
So i use blackberry traffic, google maps and compass (sometimes... it slows down my 9700 for some reason so i remove it from phone sometimes) One lovely morning im driving across town and ive got bb traffic to get an idea of what my eta might be and google maps to see if the traffic is REALLY as good as bb traffic said. living in ontario using your bb while driving is illegal so i LAWFULLY was glancing at it while making a U-turn at a light. i made the turn a bit too fast and my bb carrying hand instinctively grabbed the wheel and my bb went flying into the gap between passenger seat and the door.

Rather than STOPPING and getting it safely i foolishly attempted to multii-task (shout out to playbook!!) and drive while reaching and searching for the lost phone. Fail

A vehicle mount will increase productivity and more importantly SAFETY. pick me!

I need this because like where you are, it is illegal to hold an electronic device while driving and I don't have a proper mount for my new Torch yet!

I want to win an Arkon CM910 of my own. I need it because I use the BlackBerry Traffic app and the mount would be better than holding my phone in my hand. On a manual transmission car, it can get a little tricky juggling between glancing at the phone, placing it down on the seat, shifting gear, then picking up the phone again to glance at it, and keeping my eye of the road.

I have brought so many universal mounts from eBay!! Hong Kong, China, NY, Cali and guess what? All JUNK! So I need this because according to the video, it is exactly what I need to rest my beautiful Bold Whiteberry in (her name is Becky). So Becky can rest in her seat feeling safe and secure. Please make Becky a happy Berry!

I needed to get on of these because there are no stands for my 9650 with an extended battery. The windshield install is out because I am in CA, the air vent install isnt very sturdy. Long story short, I now use heavy duty 2 sided tape to hold the base to my dash, and the same to hold the arm to the base. If I ever need another one of these that will be the first thing I do..

I am always using Google Maps because people are borrowing my GPS. This would give me a good place to put the phone so I don't constantly look down. My new torch doesn't fit in the dash section where the gauge cluster is, so I've had some unnerving close calls!

This would be great, I set my Torch on the center counsel. Have almost launched it through the dash on a couple quick stops, really hard to pick it up off the floorboards while driving..

I use very often the google maps, and every time Im with the phone in the hand, police officers top me to try to put a ticket for talking on the phone

I so need this. The LR Discovery in dash cup holder allows my BB to slip out the bottom and I have to use half a Timmys cup to hold it which really sucks especially when the cup is still wet.

I need one of these so I'm able to have my bb in sight without having to hold it esp when I'm using it for gps. Only horror story I had so far is my bb dropped off sea while driving and I wasnt able to reach it.

I have a BlackBerry Torch Endo GRT Case, very good one. I think this holder will work perfect for it as the case leave a separation for the buttons so they won't get pressed by accident. I wonder why you did not show the torch sideways with top towards the bottom tabs to see if charging is possible, I think for gps landscape is the way to go but again, phone calls always show in portrait.

I have a BlackBerry Torch Endo GRT Case, very good one. I think this holder will work perfect for it as the case leave a separation for the buttons so they won't get pressed by accident. I wonder why you did not show the torch sideways with top towards the bottom tabs to see if charging is possible, I think for gps landscape is the way to go but again, phone calls always show in portrait.

Cool. I would like to win one. This will definitely be better than keeping my blackberry in the glove compartment. It'll also allow me to use my bb as a GPS :)

this would be so nice, my bb sits on my centre console and has, on more than one occasion, gone flying thru my car onto the floor on the passenger side! needless to say i dread the day i have to explain to the police officer why i was swerving all over the road.

It would be nice not to have to pull over to painfullly pull mi blackberry from inbetween the seats. It would also be nice to have my blackberry posted in a safe place so I could view directions in stead of looking down at my lap or hand. Much safer that way I would think

I need one cause Im always facebooking while driving.....I could mount this on the other side of my truck out of reach !!

Awesome: I would like to win to be safe while working/driving hands free but also with my family on evenings and weekends! Thanks...

This holder is a MUST have. I had a more specific mount years and years ago but have not been able to use it since changing devices. I NEED to win this contest as I am working two jobs, one of which is a part-time pizza delivery driver so I am always using my Blackberry 9700's GPS. I am tired of using the cup holder for the same reasons as mentioned in the review . . . I need to store a drink! This holder would solve ALL of my Blackberry holster problems now and for years to come . . . . . . and I could really use at least SOME problems solved in my life!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Oh boy I need one of these. I love listening to podcast and music on my blackberry, or just having it hang or sit where I can see whose calling would be convenient I either have to balance it on my knee or the chair next to me. I've dropped my blackberry on the floor or between the door and the passenger seat, what a pain probably not safe either. I’ve bent over and did the suicide reach is what I call it when your head is below the dash and your reaching for your blackberry on the floor, I should have just pulled over but if I had this it would be a life saver. Please pick me.

I push on the breaks so hard yesterday and my Bold 9700 went flying off the cup holder. Now the loud speakers only works once in a blue moon. I am using my 9700 on vibrate now.

Please pick me... I really need this for my new upcoming 9900/9930.

I need this for my car. I only have one cup holder, and I always have to move my phone if I get a drink!

Tired of moving my phone from cup holder to cup holder, because I actually need the cup holder for a cup. Hopefully I can still use the charging port on my 9550 with this.

I currently use blackberry traffic all the time and have to have my torch propped up on my steering column and when i have to brake hard it will slide under my seat and then i am unable to reach it till i get home and out of the car. But yet the data is still running the whole time but doesnt help me at all.

Please Crackberry help me stay update with traffic and not loose my phone for the majority of my drive.

Coffee always wins - sitting snuggly in the cup holder. So I really need a special place to put my BB!

DEFINITELY need one of these, the holder I'd had for 6 years finally broke off and now I can't see my BB without holding it my hand while I'm driving.

At the beginning of the post where it talks about using the cup holder as the dock for my berry - that's SO me!

I had a car mount at one time, and still haven't gotten around to finding another good one.

My Garmin GPS was stolen recently and I've been using BB Maps on my 9700 for a few weeks actually works surprisingly well, but I need a car cradle so I don't have to keep fishing for my BB in my cupholder! Pick me CB!

What a novel idea: a holder to keep my Blackberry from fighting over space with my Coke Zero or a cup of Tea. Sign me up.

My Blackberry fell off the seat and then when I opened my door, onto the pavement. Cracked the case, but my Blackberry survived.

I could really use this - when I use blackberry traffic, i have to have my mom navigate but she gets confused by it somehow and we often end up driving in circles. I'd really like to be able to read it myself; hands free.

My BB sits in a shelf like area under my car radio and sometimes I hear it or sometimes I don't! If I take a sharp turn it flies out of this area sometimes under the seats! Needless to say my BB has taken a lot of beats so this device would help me keep my BB in place so I can see whose calling and most importantly use my BB maps when I travel!! Its the worse when I'm traveling and can't find my BB and have to pull over to look for it under the seats or guess the directions I last seen to keep going only to get lost!

I want this because I use a lot Blackberry Traffic and I think is dangerous to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on your cellphone!!!!!

I rely on my gps almost every day, and being in CA my phone needs to be hands free while driving. My friend just got a ticket because he was looking at the route on his phones gps while driving. I need this to prevent getting a ticket

always use my phone everywhere i go, especially the car... and most times i end up leaving it in an awkward spot that causes it to fall as its not practical to keep it in my pocket

I want one because I don't want to have my BB go crashing to the floorboard! Thankfully that hasn't happened yet.

I have a 9700 and my current holder solution is on my dash... 2 sided tape and velcro lol.

I need this crackberry! No more getho

my biggest gripe is having my phone slide around on the sets / fall on the floor etc... although i use a bluetooth headset to answer calls, i like having my device close so that i can see who is calling before i answer, as unless it is someone important, i will still wait until i am not driving to call them back...

I also use my BB hookes to the car stereo, and this would be great and easy to change songs etc... without looking down at the device to do so...

count me in !

Wow,i have used many car holders and they all sucked one way or another,but this one looks perfect! love how it gives u many options as to how to fix it in the car

i'd love to win one , i drive alot and travel between cities and make many work calls while driving so that would help alot without having to look for my phone beneath the seats!

Also i used GPS alot and it's a pain having to hold the phone all the time to look at the directions!

Thanks crackberry for this product,hope to win

My car does not have much space for 'stuff' that I bring with me out on the road. Having this unit would help keep my mobile office much neater (and safer).

Would no longer have to worry about my BB rolling around (ending up under the seat...) when I drive. Thanks!

Really need one of these when I drive. I have bought a few car mounts but they never "mount" to anything. Would love to try this one.

A MUST have for every car owner this will avoid a lot of car accident involving using phone while driving

I need to use GPS while driving! It's not illegal to hold it but it's best to hace both hands driving. Also, placing it on my cup holder or on top of my leg makes me have to look away from the road to look at the screen... Not very safe!
Hope I win :D

I would to have one of these! I've stopped using my normal gps since it's so clunky, but my cupholder doesn't fit my current blackberry.

A mount would make my precious Bold so much happier!! For now, whenever we go for drives, it sits atop it's owners mass of wires and cords. This is a problem because every time the car turns, the Bold goes sliding off onto the dirty floor and underneath the seats!! For the sake of my sanitation, pick my Bold!

As it is now, I just leave my BB laying on the dash, hoping it doesn't fly into the back seat. every time I brake. It is difficult to hear this way, but at least I'm not holding it which is illegal in NY.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need something like this. I get lost VERY easily so I use my BB Navigation A LOT!!! It's hard to use when it's laying in the seat beside me. This would make it so much easier to use!!!