Review: Aliph Jawbone2 Bluetooth Headset

By Gary Mazo on 7 Jul 2008 09:51 am EDT

Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset

About a year or so ago I was able to review the original Aliph Jawbone Headset. At that time, I said "This is the best Bluetooth Headset I have ever used." The only other headset that even came close was the BlueAnt z9 - but the Jawbone was the winner - for lots of reasons.

My only gripe at that time was with the size and "comfort" of the Jawbone. It was big (relative to the Z9 and other headsets) and tricky to find a comfortable fit while wearing glasses. Well, now the Jawbone2 comes along and the first thought that many of us have is "how do you make the best even better?" The answer seems to be "you improve on just about everything." There is now no second place in the world of Bluetooth headsets - there is the Jawbone2 - and everyone else. This headset is truly remarkable in just about every way.

When I first watched the Jawbone video last year - it seemed like this was allot of hype - too much to believe. When I tried it out for myself, I really was amazed at how this headset totally eliminates outside noise. There is quite a bit under the hood of the new Jawbone - so let's get some of the information from the Aliph Web site:

About Aliph

Aliph was founded in 1999 by Alex Asseily and Hosain Rahman, two young engineering entrepreneurs who met as Stanford undergrads. The pair shared a belief that voice would be the dominant interface for mobile devices and that creating a noise-free environment was critical to delivering an improved mobile communications experience. Aliph is committed to ensuring that mobile users have the best possible experience anywhere, anytime. Since 2002, Aliph's technology has been optimized for DARPA to maximize communications clarity in the most hostile conditions. Aliph's first consumer product, the Jawbone headset, debuted in 2004 to critical acclaim for its marriage of performance, design and comfort. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Aliph is funded by private investors and the Mayfield fund.

The Science

Jawbone eliminates real world noise better than any other headset because it is the only headset that can accurately separate speech from ambient noise.

The mobile phone is the prevailing communication tool for business and personal productivity, and people expect to be able to use their phones in all environments without sacrificing audio quality. Jawbone's patented NoiseAssassin™ technology is unique in its ability to separate speech from ambient noise with remarkable precision. Jawbone's NoiseAssassin is able to achieve this while other headsets cannot due to:

Patented VAS

Jawbone's Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) is able to detect very accurately when the person is talking and capture the frequencies of his or her speech even in the presence of noise.

Advanced DSP Algorithms

The NoiseAssassin algorithms were developed over a number of years for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

These required powerful noise suppression algorithms for use in the most extreme acoustic noise environments including battlefields and helicopters. The algorithms use Jawbone's two microphones and the VAS to accurately model the noise environment.

Jawbone detects when and how a person is speaking, models the noise, and aggressively eliminates it.

Conventional "noise eliminating" headsets do not have the VAS and can only estimate when speech is occurring with software-based Voice Activation Detection (VAD) systems. For these systems to work, the speech must be significantly louder or spectrally different from the noise. These systems fail in loud environments or in the presence of other people's speech. Furthermore, because they can't accurately identify the speech signals, they distort the speech in the process of attempting to eliminate the noise. The result of this distortion is a significant degradation in intelligibility and quality in order to achieve a perceptual reduction in noise.

The Design

The New Jawbone is the next step in the integration of best in class noise elimination technology with personal design that is both humanistic and minimal.

"The Jawbone strategy we set-out to follow three years ago has proven that products that live on our face need to be designed differently than typical technology wares; we regard them as personal accessories or even jewelry, and, as such, believe they need to be a complete departure from the gadgetry of the mobile and headset industry." Yves Behar, Chief Designer and CCO of Aliph.

In the tradition of bringing together beauty and science, the new Jawbone is a miracle of miniaturization and 50% smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone. Every effort has been made to contain best in class noise elimination technology in the most unassuming, yet richly detailed product.

No Visible Buttons

The "invisible button" policy at Jawbone accomplishes a clutter-free look. Touch-surface technology allows the user to operate switches by lightly pressing the outside shield.

Premium Materials

Constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic, the new Jawbone also comes with optional fine leather earloops.

The Experience

Comprised of an outer shield and inner surface, the new Jawbone experience is two-fold. The outer shield, curved and rectilinear to follow the face, is lightly textured in a sound-reflective progressive relief, a three-dimensional texture visually representative of noise abatement surfaces. This unique surface becomes animated as light creates highlights and shadows when worn. The inner surface, the one touching the face and creating contact with the Voice Activity Sensor, is gently curved to be ergonomic and comfortable on the skin.

OK - now we know how they did it and what they were thinking - so.....On to the review!

What's In The Box

Before we look at what comes in the box - we need to look at the box itself. Aliph is almost unrivaled in their packaging. They are able to really captivate the user - you see this thing and you just say "Wow" - I have to have this.

The Jawbone's Awesome Packaging

The first thing you notice is that the Jawbone itself is sort of "suspended" in plastic in the upper part of the box - in a very nice plastic stand. The bottom of the box is in a very nice cardboard cover with a sort of embossing of the new headset. Slide out the hard plastic case and inside are two compartments - one says "Power Up" and included the new, proprietary charger and one says "Customize your Fit" and included a series of earbuds and ear loops.

The Jawbone 'Suspended' in its Packaging

Each section is beautifully packaged and just speaks of quality and thoughtfulness of design. Inside is a pullout with very easy directions to get started quickly.


"If it's not beautiful, it doesn't belong on your face," said renowned industrial designer Yves Behar, chief designer of the Jawbone headset. He is right - this thing is beautiful. My test unit was all Black - sleek and nicely designed. Gone is the sort of "Mesh" look of the old Jawbone. The Jawbone2 has a nice diamond pattern on the front.

The Jawbone2 is designed with only two buttons - and they are both "invisible." The main button is the "talk/answer" button which sits in the middle of the headset. A very thin LED is also near that button to show you when you are connected to your phone. "White" means you are paired with your phone - short "Red" flashes mean you are out of range.

Towards the back of the front of the headset is the "Noise Assassin" button. Granted, the name is a bit much - but once you use it - you understand why it is called "Noise Assassin."

On the underside of the headset are the Earbud, Earloop slot and the Voice Activity Sensor. The Jawbone2 ships with three earbuds - small, medium and large and four earloops - two are leather and two are a very thin plastic wire.

As the designer stated and as Aliph makes clear right on the box - this is considered "Earwear" - a new genre of accessory - functional, stylish Earwear.

One noteworthy feature is the charger itself. The charger has a USB cable that can either go into an included AC adapter or into the PC. The proprietary end unit of the charging cable is a brilliant "Magnetic" design. The old Jawbone did take a couple of hits in some reviews because of the complicated way the proprietary charge had to click into place. With the new Jawbone - the strong magnetic attachment is almost automatic and very secure.

The USB Charger and Other Goodies Found In the Box

Ease of Use

There is a huge amount of technology inside this little headset. The good news is that you never really know how complicated the device is because everything is automatic and seamless. Once the headset is charged and turned on for the first time, it automatically goes into "Pairing" mode. The Jawbone2 connected to my BlackBerry 8320 flawlessly the first time and then automatically every time afterwards.

Volume adjusts  automatically because of the sophisticated Voice Activity Sensor - it automatically gets louder in noisier situations. You can adjust the volume manually by pressing the Noise Assassin button as well.

Essentially, you press the "Talk" button to answer calls and end calls and your press the Noise Assassin button when you are in "Standby" mode and you initialize voice dialing on your phone. Hit the Noise Assassin button three times and you redial the last call.

Sound/Call Quality

This is what ultimately matters the most with Bluetooth Headsets - how do we sound to the caller and how to they sound to us. The Jawbone2 has "hands down" the best call quality I have heard in a bluetooth headset - it is that simple. Callers always sounded very clear to me -now, if they were on a crummy headset - they sounded like they were on a crummy headset - but they were always as clear (if not clearer) than using the phone itself.

The amazing part of this headset is how others could hear me when I was in noisy surroundings. I drove with the windows down, turned the radio up, used the headset at the Beach on a windy day - I threw just about everything at this headset to test it. In each case, listeners on the other end could not identify that I was in a "noisy" environment. I compared this to "lesser" headsets and listeners had great trouble hearing me - the Jawbone2 bested the competition time and time again.

Overall Conclusions

This is the best headset I have ever tested. If there is a better headset on the market, I haven't heard about it. It is expensive, and it is exclusively at AT&T stores (for now) but it is worth the money and the trip to the store. The design is comfortable and fashionable. It is very powerful, easy to use and the build quality is second to none.

New Jawbone on the left... Old on the right.

There are a couple of things to be aware of with this headset: - First, the Voice Activity Sensor has to sit against your cheek for it to work right. You just have to get the right fit with the right combination of earbud and earloop. Secondly, if you are "upgrading" from the old Jawbone, beware that the battery life is not quite the same. I could go weeks without charging my old Jawbone. It makes sense, since this is 50% of the size, that the battery life would be less. It is advertised as 4 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby time. In real world tests, I got a little less than four hours of talk time - but it was pretty close.

If you want "The Best" Bluetooth headset - for now, that crown rests atop the Aliph Jawbone2.

Jabra BT8030 Review Summary:
Aliph Jawbone2 Bluetooth Headset
Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset


  • Small
  • Amazing Noice Cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality


  • Expensive

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Review: Aliph Jawbone2 Bluetooth Headset


I bought one a couple of weeks ago...and I must say its nice. Its range (distance from earpiece and device) isnt as far as my Motorola H12 but the sound quality and noise cancellation is a huge improvement and thats what I needed!

I got one of these a couple of weeks ago at AT&T (I'd gone in to get an original Jawbone--for the battery life--and couldn't get past the small size of the new one). It works as advertized--noise cancellation is amazing, the headset is small and light (you really don't need the ear loop, and it is removable), the talk time is about 4 hours, the sound quality on both ends is almost as good as my 8800 handset, it chagres quickly, it connects quickly... all good. My only complaints are that it is so small I can't find mine right now, and not having mini USB for charging means you have to plan ahead for charging.

I have tried numerous bluetooth headsets. This one is the best so far.

I have been a long time user of the Plantronics Voyager 510. A good friend of mine owns the original jawbone which I borrowed from him for about a week to test out, in anticipation of upgrading. I must say that I was rather disappointed with the sound quality as compared to the 510. The Jawbone sounded real tinny. The Plantronics seemed to have a more full robust sound. I did several drive tests with both headsets and their noise canceling abilities were rather equal. I understand that now we are dealing with the Jawbone 2, but that first test has me skeptical about the jawbone. Anyone around here use a plantronics????

This earpiece is, without a doubt, the absolute best earpiece that I have ever used. Having used a couple previous Motorola models that claimed to have noise cancelling, I was always told that I sounded like I'm in a tunnel or something, but I don't have that problem w/the Jawbone. Definitely a top notch earpiece & I would recommend it to anyone!

I presently have a Jawbone 2, Plantronic Voyager 510, Jabra BT500, and a Sound id SM100. I just bought the Jawbone 2 last week, and I am very impressed with it. I use a headset in two very different environments.
First is my home office. I spend a lot of time on my phone, and use a headset all the time. In this type of quiet environment, nothing beats my 510 for the best combination of comfort, as well as incoming and outgoing call quality.
Second is in the car. I have an older model Saturn, which is very noisy on the highway. It is imperative that call quality is high, because I spend a lot of time on the road, and take calls from customers while driving. With the Jabra and the 510, it is too much noise too handle, and people have a very hard time hearing me over the background noise. I bought the Sound id after reading a few good reviews and although it was a better than the 510 for cancelling out noise, it was still very hard to hear me. I had heard mixed reviews about the original Jawbone, so I was waiting for the 2nd generation. The Jawbone 2 is really my saviour when it comes to talking in the car. It does a great job of cancelling out background noise, while at the same time isolating my voice. Everyone says that they can hear me so much better now...
I still use my 510 when in the office, but I am very happy with my Jawbone 2...

Thanks for the response,, I will now be on a mission to borrow a Jawbone 2 from someone and test it out ;-)

Thanks for the response,, I will now be on a mission to borrow a Jawbone 2 from someone and test it out ;-)

I DIDNT like it. Loved the styling but with the VAS having to touch your face in order for anyone to hear you, I thought it was a bit of a poor design because I could NOT get it to say touching my face. It is isnt touching your face, people cannot hear you AT ALL.

Maybe my face and/or ears are an odd shape or something, but I returned it for the Blueant Z9i and I am VERY happy with my exchange.

Just a different opinion. I WANTED to like it, but because of the VAS nub needing to touch your face at all times, I did not like it.

I have used the original Jawbone without any audio problems it was just uncomfortable. Bought the new Jawbone. It worked great and was much more comfortable. After some extended use had a lot of problems keeping the headset touching my face. No matter what I did differnt ear loops, adjusting the ear loops, different ear gels I could not get it to consistantly stay touching my face. If it does not touch your face the ear piece is useless. Gave up and returned it.

I got the first one about a year ago and it was worth the $130 I paid. In fact I got another one because my sister stole the first. Now that a new sleeker one is out, all I have to wait for is payday. I can't wait

I treid it for a day or two and returned it. The sound was only marginally better than my originqal Jawbone IMO. But my biggest negative was that IT HURT MY EAR!! I tried the medium fitting that it came with as well as the smaller one and they both hurt my ear. Also, I was having difficulty with the white-red LED being directly underneath the control. Also, it ws a little hard to find the control button as it does not have the raised nub as does the original Jawbone.

So back to my original Jawbone.

BTW, in my car I really like the Motorola t505 Bluetooth speakerphone. It is easier for me to use than to have to put on my Jawbone when I get in the car every time. (But I still occasionally use the Jawbobne while driving.)

For my office desk, I really like Motorola's new h710 with the boom flip on and off mechanism. That's great to leave closed until the call comes in and flip it open and it quickly connects to the incoming call. It is much better than the earlier Moto h700. Also, the advantage of the h710 over the Jawbone when at my desk is that I can pick up my phone to take the call directly on the handset if my h710 is closed. With the Jawbone, my habit is to leave it lying on my desk on and connected to the phone, so that i would pick it up and pop it on my ear for an icoming call. But it did not give me the option to use my handset instead (e.g., if the Jawbone slid under papers so i couldn't quickly find it). Because the phone remains connected, I could not take the call on the handset.

I know that this is a tad off-topic, but hope that it is helpful.

Hi, I wondered why my Ericcson phone kept prompting me on each incoming call that the audio was sent to blue-tooth and to transfer to phone or not. This was for times when you still have your headset paired but lose it under stuff on your desk. If you find your phone...that's the thing that's ringing..hehehe.. then you simply press 'yes' to take the call on your phone rather than the jawbone or other bluetooth that you cant find. Solution.. Try a firmware upgrade of your phone or get another one with this feature..try Ericcson if you like. regards..Rod.

If you want a better fit, take out the earloop(or keep it in) and add an additional ear pad/speaker covers(you can get various sizes at radio shack-very cheap and cheezy looking) over the rubberized earpiece. The thin mesh-looking material will help keep the jawbone II snug against your....well, jawbone:) Without the thin earpad, the headset will start to slowly withdraw from your ear due to perspriration - even with the earloop. This is usually when the earloop starts to put pressure behind the ear- especially if you wear glasses.

Is there a big difference in the Jawbone 2 vs. the original one? I've always heard that the original jawbone was good and have been thinking of getting one. Now that the new one is out I would hope to be able to get the original one cheaper. But is there any reason not to get the original one over the new one?

Excellent review -- very good explanation of the Jawbone's top-notch noise cancellation technology, especially. I've been using a New Jawbone for six weeks now, for use with my 8830, and love it. It's almost too small, compared to the previous model, but it's a LOT more comfortable to wear. And the performance is excellent, as you correctly said. I gave the New Jawbone a strong endorsement on my blog, too -- you can check it out at

after using the original jawbone for a year i switched the day the jawbone 2 came out. i did not like the earpiece that came with it (any of them) but i put the earpiece form the first one in and it's good to go. i liked the way the first jawbone had the lip style for the piece that sits in the ear, but i'm getting used to the new one. over all i'd give it a 4.999

after using the original jawbone for a year i switched the day the jawbone 2 came out. i did not like the earpiece that came with it (any of them) but i put the earpiece form the first one in and it's good to go. i liked the way the first jawbone had the lip style for the piece that sits in the ear, but i'm getting used to the new one. over all i'd give it a 4.999

My husband purchased the Jawbone 2 a couple weeks ago after finally getting fed up with the background noise problems with speakerphone on his mobile. He previously used a "noise canceling" Motorola bluetooth headset (I can't recall the model), but quickly stopped using it after dealing with annoying ear piece design and minute ability to reduce background noise. He loves the new Jawbone. It is by far the best bluetooth headset we've tested and tried thus far, with regard to battery time (standby and talk time), usable range to his phone, charging speed, comfort, and aesthetic design. Definitely worth every penny.

Positives are the noise cancellation, size, simple elegant design and ease of use.

The swappable ear hooks are secured by pushing the earhook pin deep into the device. That plastic pin is brittle and snaps off (breaks) easily. I folded my up and placed it in my pocket and it snapped right off.

Sensor must remain on your face. I can't seem to get the unit to stay tight on my face. If I'm wearing my sunglasses I can pin it to my face perfectly. If I lean back or am lying on my back I have to hold the device to my face... so much for hands free.

I'm looking for a possible solution to rig an ear gel onto the device to "screw" it into the ear canal and eliminate the need for the ear hook. If anyone find one I'd appreciate the results of your quest.

I like the jawbone2 in that it blocks out background noise well. What I don't like is the earbud which after awhile starts to hurt my ear. I tried the small earbud but it was better without any earbud. What I want to know is who are these people who are using the medium or large earbuds? They must have some huge ear canal openings to wear the thing comfortably. They need to reduce the earbud size!

Long time Plantronics Voyager 510 user here.... Bought the Jawbone2 after hearing so many "rave" reviews about it. Put it on with the standard earpiece and it fit snug to my face, although I must admit that it was mildly uncomfortable. Switching earpiece nubs didn't help matters - I still felt the thing. Next test - call quality. Compared to the Voyager 510, I was aghast at the tinny sound the Jawbone2 produces. The high tones are shrill while the unit lacks any bass whatsoever - although heard by both sides well enough, I found it difficult to listen to a conversation for a protracted period of time because of the mediocre sound quality. I've since switched over to the Plantronics 925 which offer much, much better sound quality than the Jawbone2 - the 925 offers a rich, full sound, as if you're talking directly into your cell phone, it's also very light and barely noticeable to the user. Unfortunate, really, because the JB2 really does look good. Therefore 2 major negatives for me: 1) quite mediocre sound quality, 2) not wearable for long periods of time - just hurts the ear. ... Did I mention expensive? For the price you'd really think incoming sound quality would be top notch. Not so.

I am using the Jawbone 2 with my Blackberry Curve, everyone says I sound I have a bad device or has anyone else have sound quality issues.

i also bought the jawbone 2 after all the rave,every one says it sounds i took it back and got a plantronics and it work just great on my curve 8330

This is by far the best bluetooth on the market, great range, better sound quality and volume, great look, very light. The only problem I had was the earpiece but I solved that by getting a custom molded one from and I have to say that put it over the top. No need for the ear hook it sounds even better and stays in all the time. I now hardly even notice it. It did take some time to get used to but that time has passed. Great earpiece and even better earbud. Check it out.

I have the New Jawbone and simply cannot get my Blackberry 8830 to find it in order to pair. I have everything set to discoverable and i have had the original Jawbone for a while as well as being able to pair my JB2 with my Palm phone no problems. I am very frustrated and could really help any comments to overcome the non-pairing of my Blackberry to the JB2.


I have both versions of the Jawbone and quite honestly, I actually prefer the original. V 1.0 seems to fit my ear better than V 2.0. The new model does have a better quality sound, but I am always fooling with it to get a decent fit to my ear.

Both Jawbones have very fragile ear loops. I have had to replace the loops on V 1.0 4 times so far and just replaced the loop on V 2.0 this week. It's not as if I am being rough on the piece. Mostly I put it the pocket of my laptop bag/briefcase or in a jacket pocket when not in use. I never had this problem with my old Motorola bluetooths, although they would just quit for other reasons.

You cannot go wrong with the sound quality of either model. I own a diesel pickup truck and have carried on conversations with my head under the hood while the engine was running. The other person could not tell that I wasn't sitting in a quite room alone. The noise cancellation is that good! The only time noise is an issue is with wind. Then it becomes very hard for the other party to hear, but it seems that's true of any bluetooth.

Like many of the others here, I had problems with the earhook and earpiece design, found some cheap JABRA eal gels (the full size ones, not mini). They fit right over the existing earpies and allow for a much better fit in my ear and hold in well even without the ear hook. You can find the gels on amazon and they only cost a few bucks for a pack of six in three different sizes. Good luck.

I purchased a jawbone 2 headset with my blackberry storm on launch day mostly due to the fact my girlfriend has a jawbone 1 and LOVED it with her old (she got a storm also, of course) LG voyager. BOTH of us are having huge problems using both the jawbone 1 and 2 with the storm. we sound terrible talking to each other and even hearing other callers is just plain muffled and garbled. The voice command speech is even way garbled in the earpieces of BOTH of our storms with both jawbones. 'please say a command' and 'did you say call (whoever)' is barely recognizable (so i know this isn't an issue of the thing touching our faces or not). I have a generic bluetrek st1 stereo bluetooth headset that sounds twice as good both on calls and also have an old jabra bluetooth headset and both outperform both jawbones with the storm significantly. I'm unsure why 'the best' seems to be 'the worst' for us but its a shame because i guess i'll be returning the '2' but we're stuck with jawbone 1 especially since we have a made in canada set of storms that are perfrmin ever so well. Before I go returning this headset hastily, does anyone have any suggestions because I certainly just do not get it.

My advice would be to make sure the Storm general volume is turned down a bit. I think you will improve the sound quality. You cannot adjust the volume of the storm while using a Bluetooth earpiece. You have to make a call and adjust it while using the speakerphone. Then try the earpiece again. If all else fails, I would recommend the BlueAnt V1. It is perfect.

If your having trouble having your voice picked up it may not be because the touch sensor isnt making contact. After checking the website and realizing the angle of the jawbone from ear to mouth is the direction it should generally face i noticed that the piece shouldn't sit on your cheek put more at the angle of your jaw(hence the name i guess). This may seem lamen but I also noticed if you are a mouth speaker meaning you tend to speak soft and don't actually move your jaw much except for words that has an o or something that cause you to move your jaw instead of just your lips than the device won't activate as easily as if you move your jaw. Test yourself on a mirror. Speak softly only using your mouth and then try articulating more with your jaw you'll actually see the jawbone moving with your face. Also as far as fit I'm kinda stuck b/w small and medium earpiece but finally realized you don't need to jam the damn thing into your ear canal just let it rest in the opening and use whatever earloop you like but move the earloop slightly toward your head so the loop sits on that bone on the back of your ear. I drove for 20 hours straight from fl to ny with this thing on and forgot all about it being in my ear, your brain will ignore the sensory fibers after a while even though the stimulus is still there(same concept when you stop smelling something foul, the smell isn't gone your brain is just ignoring it.) Anyway hopefully this helps people who are having trouble with voice pick-up and ear placement. I have this with my Storm and regarding one of the post's set the damn volume to medium to low and you should notice it sounding better because it gets distorted at any higher volume similar to a radio that is at max volume. You should be able to hear things quite easily even in noisy environments and still have the option of raising the volume if needed.

The JB2's noise cancellation is very, very good. But the audio quality rates about a 2 on a scale of 5. I've used several bluetooth headsets and my JB2 sounds no better in my ear than the freebie cheap bluetooth thing that came in the box with my phone (CostCo Special). My last headset was a Jabra JX-10, which had far superior audio quality to the JB2.

Maybe I got a bad one. Maybe mine has early firmware. Msot frustrating is that I've talked to Aliph and they really don't seem to care.

I have been through 6 Jawbones in the last few years.

JB1 was a huge step forward in background noise elimination. Audio quality for the user was so-so. Wind hitting the microphone pickups from a breeze outdoors, a fan or even the car A/C vent is a call killer.

JB1 had a good battery life and once you got the right secure fit, a reliable way to take and initiate calls.

The JB2 is quite a bit different, but has some similar features. Battery life is MUCH less and it has been MUCH harder for some of us to get a secure fit. The new charger is an improvement as the JB1 charger tended to break the shell on the JB1 when removing it.

Neither JB1 nor JB2 have durable ear loops. I have been through about 8 so far on the JB1 and two more on the JB2.

JB2 has the same wind noise problem as JB1.

Overall they might work great for you, but caveat emptor and all... For better wind noise rejection take a look at the Plantronics Voyager Pro. It is MUCH larger, but if function is more important than form it might be what you are looking for.

With the Blackerry Bolds I have had trouble with both JB1 and JB2 pairing where the headsets work great for a while, but then for some reason appear to be paired and active from the BB point of view, but no sound is either transmitted or received by the JB... Pulling the BB battery restores normal function for a time. Hours, days or weeks... It is pretty unpredictable.

Also both headsets will randomly reactivate during a call if you have activated the BB handset instead of the JB.

The only real solution has been to power down the JB.

Hope this helps you...

I have to agree! I've been using the Jawbone since the very first one came several years ago. I was driving a convertible at the time, and even had good luck blocking out THAT kind of wind and road noise using my Jawbone. Great review. Thanks!

First let me say I have a Jawbone 1 and got the new JB with my Storm. The only issue I have is that when using the voice command, the Storm will freeze. I have 2 Storms and have the same issue with both.

I called JB support and they advised that they have an issue with the Storm. So, I put up with having to do a battery pull wait my 3 minutes and then back in business.


I have purchased several bluetooths. I was about to give up using one I decided to pay the price. It is really worth it. I am very pleased with it. It really does cut the background noise down.

I can honestly say this is the worst BT Ive used. I absolutely abhor the Jawbone. I have never recieved the good reception that I constantly hear about, and people on the other side always say my voice sounds full of static...combine that with the fact that the Jawbone wasnt a good fit on my ear, and I had a total lose-lose situation!