Review: Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry Storm2

By moviemogul on 4 Jan 2010 09:57 am EST

[ Forums member moviemogul gave us a this great video review of the Case-Mate Barely There Case for the Storm 2. This video comes from our Community Reviews forums. Post your review and if we promote it to the blogs you'll receive a coupon for free accessories or apps. While we don't currently have the Barely There Case for the Storm 2, we should have it in stock in the near future. Check out all of the Case-Mate cases at ]

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Review: Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry Storm2


Back? i guess it protects the back and side from scratches. since you're more than likely to not place your phone face down

What good does this case do? I would think you'd want something that would at least wrap around to cover the top and bottom parts. Doesn't seem like a good solution.

Nearly 5 minutes for a case review? 2 min max. Im not even sure how you got 5 minutes out of simple slide in case. lol.

I don't normally dig on themes.

I love my GF's HTC Droid Eris. The HTC Sense UI is a great layer over Android.

Anyone know where I can find the theme that the Storm2 has in this video?

I have a Tour and I got the Case-Mate smart case for it, and it's AWESOME! I did have a minor issue with it, but Case-Mate's customer service was AMAZING, and they sent me a new one with a return shipping label for the old questions asked. Just an apology for my inconvenience.

As to the point of this case, it does not seem to protect much, but I feel it is really just a product that was designed for what some people want. May not make sense to us, but if others have a reason for buying it, more power to them.

I have three of these for my Bold/9000. Black - Red and Orange. Love them - add little bulk, but protect from the minor scratch of an accidental small drop. I use mine with my Seidio holster for the innocase, it has a little wiggle. I wish Case-Mate made a holster to go with the barely there. Will get one if I move to the Storm2.

CronVandy, the theme on this storm2 is the Hero theme from I have it on me Storm and I love it.

I'll check it out. Any and all themes used to kill the performance of my Storm1. I haven't tried one yet on the S2.

As I type this reply, I hear the guy in the video say where he got the theme. woops.

I was watching it on mute before (I was in a meeting).

Thanks again

What kind of protection does this really add? It seems to me that it essentially results in a slightly bigger phone that's blue in the back and nothing more than that.

Right. I mean I know he said he just got back from work and all but was the review that important. Could it not have waited till he washed up? I'm just sayin.....

The hardest part I find about showering to get my hands clean is after I use a public restroom! Such a pain in the neck getting arrested for showering in the fountain at the mall :(
Just the price I have to pay for clean hands!

plus with the chewed-down-to-the-nub fingernails. Uck. I know we're supposed to focus on the product, but puh-leeze. (not wanting to be cruel here but it's hard to watch).

I was just about to say the same thing...U dont have to shower...Just wash your hands. It's not only this guy...I see ppl like that everyday.

I just went out to look at their new hybred case for my 8900 and almost all other 8900 cases are on super sale. Possibly the same for the other BB model cases as well.

I have been a major supporter of Case Mate products over the past year or so. Currently I have the Fuel for my 8900 (which by-the-way) is a fantastic product... + several other of their skins/cases for the 8900. I have this same case/cover for the 8900 and do find it very slippery. Therefor I use it only around the house and not outside. Previously I had their cases for my Bold 9000 and 8820. Their CS is fantastic. Any issues that have come up they took care of immediately.. no questions asked. I actually had only one issue with my Bold leather case, but it was resolved with one phone call.

Other then that.. I would highly suggest that anyone making a video either wash their hands or put gloves on!

You guys are rough in the new year!

I like the video just because I have a barely there case for my Tour and I love it, serves the purpose of protecting the back from scratches and what not, plus it makes it easier to type...for me atleast.

Seems like a very straight forward case that doesn't really prioritze protection as much as looks and accessibility. I'm not knocking this case, but it's not the type of product I would be interested in for my Storm 2. Thanks for the review moviemogul! I'm sure there will be plenty of users that prefer this type of casing and this review will definitely help them out when deciding on which type to purchase.

Dude, u don't need to take a shower to have ur hands clean !!! just take the soap lil water and bam !! hands clean...

I hate bulky, thick cases... The Storm 2 is chunky enough already - adding most other cases makes the phone nearly unpocketable.
I have an Invisible Shield-type covering on my phone, but still get nervous with the phone otherwise naked. I've been waiting for this case to come out. Already ordered one...

The Board of Health is going to take this demo off the air.
I wonder what his toes look like.
That case is no different than using half a condom. It doesn't look like it protects anything.

what about the screen protector? does it cover the whole screen? just because you got one dont mean you cant cover it! and dudes thumb freaks me out. looks like its fake!

I have one and the reason I got it was my old phone always got scratched on the back in my pocket or whenever I set it down, bought it one for th color, just to get away from the all black and to break it up a lil and for protect the rear of the phone. This plus the screen protector is fine enough for me.

No amount of washing is going to change the fact that your thumbs are mutated.

I didn't realize that I was watching a video about a case until I read the comments. I seriously couldn't get past his thumbs.

I think this is the slowest that I've seen crackberry. Times are tough with no new leaks. :(

I actually have one of these and like it very much. For all the people that think it offers no protection they are wrong. It actually wraps around every side of the phone just slightly, but just enough so that however you drop it the case is the first part to hit. Its not major protection but it is plenty to protect your phone from minor scratches and dents from normal everyday abuse and drops. It also has a very nice feel and adds no noticeable weight to the phone and adds less bulk then a silicone case.

Also the screen protector that it comes with is similar to the verizon ones except that it covers then entire screen including the buttons and has a perfect fit.

this case is available at Verizon also but only in red or blue. I have the re and it works beautifully. Verizon must have had case mate make the first cases for the storm2.

Is that case thin enough it would let you use the cradle for recharging without taking it out each night? Or, if you have to take it out would the case hold up? Thanks

this case did nothing to my 9700 :( 2 days after i got my 9700 i accidentally dropped it and now it has a scratch on the corner of my bold!

Good Lord,...wash your hands. I dont care that you just got off work. How could you put those dirty paws on that beautiful phone? I think I taste a little vomit in my mouth. YUCK!

its not like this is the only company making this kind of case. incipio has the feather light case that's similar

i had the incipio for my storm1 and it protected what i wanted...the back/sides. I even dropped my phone in the parking lot, the case split but the phone came out perfectly fine.

Also because of the smooth plastic it slides in/out of a pocket easy. So for those who put their storms into pockets its also a bonus.

I was hoping to get another feather light, but they have been on back-order since November. So this is a nice alternative that i might consider.

My one question is...besides the smooth case being two pc...what is the difference between the "barely there" and the "smooth case"

This was the first accessory I purchased for my S2 and it has protected exceptionally well. This case is not for those of you who are as clumsy as "Bambi on ice" . . . it is only good for those occasional low-height drops, setting it down on various surfaces, or putting it in the same pocket as your keys. The edges are slightly raised so the screen will even be protected when laying the phone face down. The screen protector that accompanies the phone is the first I have seen that FULLY covers the screen. The case is so thin and lightweight that it adds no noticeable bulk or weight to the phone - a plus as it is bulky and heavy enough.
The only drawback to the case is the texture. The case will slide on some uneven sufaces because it is a little "slick". This is very minor compared to the advantages that this case has over others.
Order soon and often - in all 5 colors.

Just recently bought this for my 8900- it has an amazing feel to it. It was ok for my first hard case on a BlackBerry. The screen protector couldn't have been put on more perfectly. One problem. I used this case for about two days and since it exposes the bottom silver besel and the top buttons, the bezel has gotten scratched a bit too much. I take SUCH good care of my phone. Ever since then I went back to my old OEM clearish-white case.