Sneak Peek: Retrieve Your Stolen BlackBerry With GetItBack (Formerly Known as FindIt)

By Adam Zeis on 24 Apr 2008 09:02 am EDT

I've been lucky enough to test the new beta version of GetItBack (formerly FindIt 2.0) from Convenience Software. The app resides in the background and automatically starts when you power up your device. The idea behind the app is simple - if your smartphone is lost or swiped, you simply login to their one page web interface and report it "Stolen". From there you have multiple options to activate your BlackBerry's alarm & ringer, send a custom message to the phone (I'm a member of the CrackBerry army!! Return my phone or pay big!!) and activate a callback to a number of your choice. 

FindIt Web
Web Interface Options for Retreiving Your BlackBerry

The page also displays SIM information, tells you the last time your phone's backlight was activated and displays remaining battery life. More options are in the works during the private beta. The GPS feature will be enabled, as well as the site sending an email to your phone as soon as you report it stolen. The coolest feature will be the ability to record a custom audio file that will sit on the server, and when the phone is reported stolen, the message will play over and over again. All in all some good stuff here.  Pricing isn't available at the moment, but it should hover around the $4.99 price point of earlier versions. If you don't want to wait for GetItBack (aka FindIt 3.0), you can check out version 2.0 today - it's a solid and easy to use app as well.

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Sneak Peek: Retrieve Your Stolen BlackBerry With GetItBack (Formerly Known as FindIt)


Why doesn't it have a feature to remotely lock the Blackberry while displaying these features? For those of us not on Enterprise services, it would be an invaluable tool if it not only remotely locked the device but did all of the above (send GPS coordinates as soon as position is locked, display messages, sound alarms, etc.).

I am very keen to see this app installed and working but man there download site is so freaking slow it's taken over 5 minutes to download 20%

I've been forgetting my phone everywhere. In my car, in the coffee shop, at my friend's place and I always recover it because I'm using BerrySnooper.

BerrySnooper not only allows me to find my lost phone, but if somebody steals your phone and changes the sim, it'll alert me of it's location by sending me text messages and you can actually go catch the thief. Pretty impressive!