New visual style, improved performance, calorie tracking and more with the latest version of Retrace

By Alicia Erlich on 16 Aug 2014 12:16 pm EDT

A while back in the BlackBerry App Roundup I highlighted a GPS tracker to log your activities such as hiking, walking, and biking called GPS Tracker: Retrace. It was simple, effective and got the job done with respects to logging. Since that time the developer incorporated several new changes and features in Retrace including those suggested by users.

This latest version, which now stands at, is actually a complete rewrite of the application. Not only does it reflect the new BlackBerry 10.3 visual style but boasts improved performance, the ability to retrace old routes, adding waypoints, tracking specific activities, and calorie tracking.

Complete change log since first version

  • The primary activity can now be specified (e.g., run, bike, walk, etc.)
  • Calorie tracking (using primary activity)
  • Visual refresh showing primary activity icons throughout the app
  • End track confirmation
  • Backup tracks are written when the battery runs low to avoid data loss
  • Much more information is shown about tracks in the list view
  • More descriptive GPS status messages
  • New Help / Permissions description page has been added
  • Long track titles now supported without wrapping
  • The ability to resume track if Retrace is quit without saving
  • Tracks can now be uploaded to RideWithGPS (keep those suggestions coming!)
  • The elevation view is now interactive (supports scrubbing)
  • More descriptive permissions warnings
  • 'No Data' mode for when you are roaming on vacation
  • 'Keep Awake' option if you want to keep the screen awake (e.g., on a bike)
  • Elevation and speed units are now independent
  • Alternate grid units are supported (UTM/UK/HH'MM"SS/DMS)
  • Nautical units can be specified (knots/nautical miles)

With each update the application has only gotten better. The one thing I immediately noticed is how fast and responsive it is compared to the original version I reviewed. Retrace helps motivate you, displays elevation changes, shows your location on the map, and allows you to disable data usage to avoid charges. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handhelds and is $4.99.

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Reader comments

New visual style, improved performance, calorie tracking and more with the latest version of Retrace


It is primarily a nav app. They just added the calorie counter last update. I've had it for at least six months and use it extensively for my activities in Alaska. Cross country skiing, 4 wheeling, hunting. Works on stand alone GPS signal. Easy to use, accurate, easy on the battery. The dev is responsive to suggestions. Definitely worth the price.

No hate love, just waiting for other good apps that is still missing. Apologising to all calories watcher.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform to date.

Here is a BlackBerry dev doing a great job. Thanks Alicia for the heads up. Going to download it just in case I get lost in the mall

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This is a solid and elegant app. I use it to record GPS tracks of my boating trips. The average speed and moving duration summary results are very helpful to determine fuel efficiency under different trim conditions. Being able to view the tracks within the app or exporting them for use in Google Earth is a bonus. Kudos to the dev!

I'm thinking that if more people were prepared to drop a few shekels on the native BB10 apps, the devs would be more inclined to write them. We all bemoan the "app gap", but that will never change if the community isn't prepared to help remunerate the hard work that is required to create and support the professional quality apps that we all seek.

Exactly! That is one of my big complaints here: people who butch about the lack of apps and yet won't pony up a couple dollars for a good app. For crying out loud people, these apps cost less than a cup of coffee for the most part. How long does a good cup of coffee last compared to a good quality app?

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Dude what happened to Apollo in BlackBerry World?

I had issues with it playing so I uninstalled it, now I don't see it in BlackBerry World at all!

I might leave BlackBerry over this for sure! Music is a big part of my day!

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Really, you'd leave because one app is missing? Have you tried any of the other apps? I use the 7 Digital app or the HMV app, and they work just fine. Relax and open your mind to new possibilities. Oh, and let's keep the posts on topic please :)

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No I have several other reason to leave BlackBerry but that's a whole different topic right.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I checked Apollo developer twitter and they stated that they were having issues with the app and decided to pull it in order to figure out what the issue was. They have yet to figure out why the app would stop working periodically. I personally have it working..

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This looks/seems very similar to Nogago, which until recently was free but is now $3.99 but free as Android apk. Being native is definitely a factor, but having to shell out money first to see how it works, I'm not so sure, having been burned a couple of times recently. Anybody used this and checked it's accuracy? I have tried a lost of GPS apps (GPS Logger II was great on BBOS, but isn't too good, yet, on BB10) and find a lot don't track well, but Nogago is pretty good, and clean, but is a port, and trying GPS Essentials (apk) and finding it quite accurate, but cluttered with lots of stuff I don't need. Sure wish there was a trail/demo version for Retrace.

Edit: Reading some of the reviews, even very recent ones, and there are a number of ones report inaccuracy. I think I will stay with my quite accurate free options for now.

All BB GPS apps have access to the same position data through the BB10 geolocation APIs. These are limited by the GPS hardware in the phone and the quality of the GPS signal. Any differences between apps is more a matter of how the dev chooses to sample the geolocation data stream provided by the OS than 'innaccuracy' itself.

'Hello GPS' is a free app that does a great job showing the complete unfiltered location data stream from the GPS (aka as good as it can possibly get); these locations match exactly with those shown in Retrace, although Retrace only takes a point once every four seconds while the full data stream is once per second. The downside of the more frequent data points is that it can cause a lot of jitter in your track when you're not actually moving.

Hey, thanks ulti_org . I was wondering about that ("Any differences between apps is more a matter of how the dev chooses to sample the geolocation data stream provided by the OS than 'innaccuracy' itself.") since trying test uploads to Strava indicated 'duplicate file' when trying to load from files done at same time by different apps. For tracking routes/rides etc, it's a bit of a drag how different the various apps can be (speed and time are my main interests besides the actual track). But guess I will allow for a bit of 'room for error'.

I wound up shelling out the $5 for ReTrace only to find it, as you say, same as my other two preferred GPS apps (both Android apks). Since ReTrace is native, and paid for, I will likely stay with it for now. If nothing else I have supported a BB Native Dev.

Thanks for the heads-up about Hello GPS. I'm not how/if I can do tracking same as ReTrace with it, but will check it out once I'm out and on the move.