Retailers in the UK discounting BlackBerry PlayBook by £150

By Michelle Haag on 23 Oct 2011 04:19 pm EDT
BlackBerry Playbook
If you're living in the UK and looking to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook, there are several retailers that are discounting all three sizes of the tablet by £150 this week. This means you can pick up a 16GB PlayBook for just £249, 32GB for £329, or 64GB for £409 at Best Buy UK, Dixons, Curry's, or PC World. You can find out more details on the websites at the links below. Thanks for sending this in Martin and oliverlock!

Best Buy UK
PC World
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Retailers in the UK discounting BlackBerry PlayBook by £150


or you can try simply amazon where it is available for 229 GBP and i found also some link for 32GB version for 250 GBP without VAT (

Amazon seller is selling American Playbooks so if you had warranty issues you'd have go through them and not RIM. Might as well spend the extra £20 for UK warranty, in fact everyone should spend a little more still and get 32GB (recommended minimum size IMHO).

True, but the Amazon seller is DigiGood - a reputable eBayer and Amazon seller who sell lots of products and have great feedback. If they don't help you sufficiently with warranty issues, Amazon will sort them out. I see this as a better option than Currys etc. who have AWFUL support. My 2 cents/pence. - Crwblyth (p.s. I agree with 32GB being minimum)

Still some good discounts available in US at Staples, Walmart, Office Depot, which are all $200 off again this week and others have similar deals not to mention eBay of course. ;)

Yep got mine today 32gb curries via PC world £329 just awesome, playing tomorrow and the next day, and the next day ...............

My recommendation: Don't download the OS 2.0 beta which is spoke of in the Forums. I have it and it is very unreliable compared to 1.0.7. Wait until general release - it'll be amazing. Like it now? Then you'll love it then.

Good time to buy indeed but have a feeling they might just get a little cheaper yet with the run up to Xmas.

Yes, they're owned by the same parent company, which is probably why the discount applies across all 3 stores.

It would need to be £150 to tempt me..... iPad 2 is the kiddy ive had it since a month after they came out (its the earliest i could get it) & it just keeps impressing me more & more. Im sorry but 7" screen #LeaveIt

Soon they'll stop selling them.

Blackberry is the one to blame, they're killing this amazing tablet. Giving false promises to the public. If they didnt release OS2 before xmas they will lose even more.

I would love to buy one, I think this price is right. I want a Tablet to do 3 things:
- Skype while travelling, in airport lounge, hotel room etc.
- Download programe on iplayer to watch while on the road
- Kindle apps, to read while on the road
Unfortunately, playbook cannot do any of those, I fail to see what benefit I will get by having one, or that any apps I can't use on my 9700 or 9900 soon. I think I will stick with a laptop and paperback for now, or an andriod tablet if they start knocking down price, at least they do 2 out of 3 of my needs at the moment.