RestartMe 3 now available for BlackBerry smartphones

ReStart Me 3
By James Richardson on 23 May 2012 02:00 pm EDT

We all know we have to pull our batteries from our BlackBerry once in a while, some more than others. S4BB dropped me an email to let me know that Restart me 3 is now available in App World to download. Some people may not be bothered about pulling the battery but for those of you who find it a hassle or use your BlackBerry with a case, this application may be perfect for you:

The app allows for the following features:

  • Easy to use: restarts your device with just a single click.
  • No-Brainer: avoids complicated key combinations to restart your device.
  • Quick Reset: you can auto-restart your device or do it manually.
  • Free your Memory: kills all the unnecessary applications running in background freeing your RAM. 
  • Daily Restart Schedule*: e.g. wake up with a freshly rebooted smartphone every morning at 7:00 a.m. - * this feature is only available in Restart Me Pro 

The application is free or there is also a paid version which is set at $.99 and will allow a scheduled restart. Need more info or just looking for the download? Click the link below.

More info and to download Restart Me 3

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RestartMe 3 now available for BlackBerry smartphones


+1 The list of features on the non-Pro edition was taken directly from S4BB's webpage so it should be there.

Timely post! I've been having to perform Battery Pulls on my VZW 9930, and I'm tired of it! Downloading the Pro version NOW!

Does anyone know if the paid version get's rid of the adds that I see on the bottom of the picture shown in this article? If so, I'll gladly pay that as I hate adds in my software.

Why do people continue to write these restart apps when you can do it on your blackberry already by just doing the ALT-SHIFT-DEL key sequence? I mean, is three buttons to much to handle? If so, you may need to get an iPhone, 1 button for simple minds.

You can't do it on the ALL touch screen phones...

Believe me I've tried. Even a Blackberry rep told me to download a third party app to restart my device without having to take out the battery.

the IRONY is the playbook has a on board restart button preinstalled.

I cant wait for blackberry 10...jeesh

Ivan S. Harris

Just a reminder that a soft reset (alt shift del) or this app are not replacements for a full battery pull that stops all activity. The only true way to simulate a battery pull is to physically do a battery pull. When in doubt yank it out.

The battery pull fully stops all activity going on with the device. Old school battery pull was to pull out the battery and wait 60 seconds then re-install to reboot.

Like on your PC, a restart (soft reset, three finger salute, etc.) doesn't stop everything. Only a full pull does.

I decided to use another type of reset app, I got tired of "Restart Me" telling me "unable to complete at this time, manually reset device" . Maybe this version will be better, but I've gotten used to the better looking icon of the reset app I currently use

I just upgraded to 3 Pro...I had the free version before this upgrade but decided to pay that 99 cents for the pro.

I hope the pro version is all its cracked up to be...I hate buying apps because they are never worth it. Well except pattern lock pro...that was worth it! haha

Ivan S. Harris

Well just like every other automatic restart program the schedule restart fails when you have a password lock on the device. What is so hard about making that feature work with a password?

Worth the 99 cents unless you have a business required password on the device.

QuickPull scheduled restarts work for my device. And I have it password locked. If I'm not mistaken that's the field under options that you type in your device password. It unlocks your device, restarts it, then you're good to go. I've never actually watched it (5 AM Schedule) but when I unlock my phone in the morning, I get the memory status screen showing me how much the restart recovered and what it was at before the restart.

'Alt - Cap - Del' buttons at the same time on ANY BB Phone with a hard keyboard (will not work with onscreen keyboards) will do a re-boot.

But it will not accomplish what occurs with a battery pull. The best battery management app is the BB user and a pulled battery.

I got Quick Pull on my phone - why spend .99 cents on an app when there are other(s) for free. Or just don't be lazy and pull the battery out yourself.

I have my 9800 perform an auto on/off via Options - Device - Auto On/Off. Would this provide the same functionality as this app or QuickPull?

I used to have the old RestartMe app but it was very fickle, kept giving errors. Then I started using Quickpull, which seems to get the job done.

Does anyone know if the new RestartMe is any better ?

Or should I just stick with Quickpull ?

Will- Why do we need an app for this? BlackBerry has the best solution for a frozen berry. Alt Shift Delete. I never pull my battery, and when a fellow Berry user has a locked up phone and I show them how to do it they are like.."Whoa!" lol.

With one exception. The three finger salute is not the same thing as a battery pull and may not insure that everything is reset.