Reserve Your BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy for $50!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2008 10:15 pm EST

Pre-Order your BlackBerry Storm from Best Buy

Want to guarantee you're able to get yourself a BlackBerry Storm on launch day? Effective immediately (err..or maybe/hopefully tomorrow - November 6th), you can walk into Best Buy and leave a $50 refundable deposit which guarantees they will have a Storm waiting for you when it is officially released.

No exact pricing or release date have been confirmed by Best Buy yet, but you can click on over to BGR for all of the other details regarding the pre-order of your BlackBerry Storm.

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Reserve Your BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy for $50!


refundable deposit FTW! Guess I'll head over to BB on my lunch break, or later tonight to complete the transaction. This way, if I can't pick one up at a Verizon store, or BB is offering a better new activation deal, I have options!

Just preordered mine and saw that the pre order document expired 11/22/08. Kinda seems that the latest release would be the 24th. 22nd to stop preorders and the 23rd to send in orders and overnight them to stores. So the 24th seems it could be the release date.

What's with the anger? I'll walk you thru this too Palin, Of course the BB Storm will be exclusive to Verizon but when UNLOCKED, you can use whatever phone carrier desired. Happy?
Thought you left for Alaska? Jeez.

Since you're only 13 I'll take it easy on you.

First off sport, it is NOT the VERIZON STORM, it is the BLACKBERRY STORM and it will be carried on a number of networks to include: verizon, vodafone, rogers, etc.

Second, in what perverse universe does a phone remain monogamous to a single carrier? They are unlocked SO THEY CAN be used on other networks, hence, UNLOCKING.

Finally, how about we live in a FREE COUNTRY and can do whatever we want to do? Grow up, go to school, and have your mommy proof-read your posts next time she lets you roam free out in the big scary world.

First, I wasn't even refering to you, idiot. Do you not know how the 'reply' system works? I was responding to the original poster of this 'thread within the comments', not your response to him.

Second, your threat of violence on the internet is as pathetic as your poor grammar. Go lose your virginity. That might help ease some of your pent up frustration.

Took the words right out of my mouth! I didn't know someone could get so upset about a phone. Geez! It's not like you can call Jesus on it. He only excepts knee-mail anyway. Let us pray . . .

Always purchased my Verizon phones online or in the VZ store. If I buy it at BestBuy, will I get my New Every 2 discount and any other discounts (corporate) that may be available. Thanks in advance.

Just heard from Verizon Wireless. They can not guarantee that you will get the New Every 2 promotion if you purchase at BB, Radioshack, etc. Only guaranteed if you order from them on the phone, their internet store, or an actual Verizon Wireless store.


I'm a bit confused here so hopefully someone can lend me some knowledge. I'm a bit of a noob but I stopped by a Best Buy 2 weeks ago and couldn't find a Verizon phone anywhere. I was then notified that they no longer sold Verizon phones anymore..

Is this just this location or is this in the Dallas Market? That would be horrible :(

I just signed up for this, and they gave me a release date of 11/23, which is longer than I was hoping for.

Does anyone know if Best Buy honors corporate account discounts or do I need to go to the Verizon store? My company gets 14% off all hardware (phones) but one guy I spoke to at Best Buy said they can't honor that discount.

Best Buy does not preorder the storm for coporate accounts, let alone deal with business accounts that will be handled through Verizon Corporate Store, however the Best Buy rep was very knowlegable about the storm and release date. Most corporate stores dont even have a fake storm to look at, at least best buy did... if you want a storm i suguest you preorder @ bestbuy and for the midwest area for fact coming from best buys destrict manager, they will arrive some time friday and prepare the store for the release on sunday 11/16. Keep your fingers crossed because the release date for Verizon is 11/24 and Verizon is doing whatever it takes to have best buy hold off. however district manager stated they will release on 11/16 if product is there.

Just came home from Best Buy where I put a Storm on hold with an unknown release date and no set purchase price. Am I crazy? I was the third person today to do so. I also has checked out two local verizon stores before I went to Best Buy. One verizon store rep took my name down and said they have a list so they know how many Storms to request. It would guarantee me one. He also said the release day was pushed back to the 23rd yesterday. The other store rep had no list or any idea of when they would be realeased although he guessed the mid nov. Well at least I am getting one through Best Buy.

Since I must not have won the Crackberry What Would You Do For A Storm Contest, :( I reserved two at Best Buy in case I don't get them through Verizon first. I'm getting one for myself and another for someone for Christmas. I can't wait! I love Blackberry products! RIM rocks.

I called all 4 Florida Best Buy stores in St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay and all of them did not have the Blackberry Storm Pre-Order. Could anyone tell me if they are in Florida and successfully pre-ordered the Storm?

I too went to a store and the sales person was clueless. BUT I went back and called the 1-888-Best-Buy and had the guy call the store where I was going to pre-order the phone. He talked to them and told them I was coming and is able to tell them how to process the pre-order. Hope this helps. I'M GETTING A STORM YIPPEE!!! Oh I thought I overheard the sales cutie say the day after Thanksgiving Release Date but that could just be me being nosey. PEACE

It took 2 trips and 2 clueless sales people, but I have one reserved. 100% refundable, got nothing to lose.

1st to order at my local BB...was told Sunday, 11/16 release date but they would call me when they get them to take a look at it before the 16th...yeah right. Anyway plunked down the 50 ccan't wait!

Just made my deposit at my local Best Buy in NYC and it will be available on November 23rd!! Just thought you guys would like to know :o)

Just made my deposit in north NJ best buy, couldn't give me a date but said would call to make an appointment to pick one up. I think I was one of the first because the head guy had to show the others how to do it.

I just reserved mine! The BestBuy I went into didn't even know what I was talking about at first. The cell phone dept. rep. had to go in the back room and talk to her manager and dig out the forms. I was the first one to ask about it and sign up.

Apollo1969 thanks! I called 1-888-BESTBUY and they confirmed that they ALL BESTBUY's have the pre-order. I then called the sales person and guided him towards the flier. I will be heading to the store right now!!!!

I went to my local BestBuy and reserved my Storm today. When I asked the agent helping me (apparently he is the BestBuy Mobile manager for this location per his card) said that they still expect them on the 13th, but that they wouldn't likely have them ready for customers until the 14th.

I was given an appointment of "Anytime" on the 14th.

Let me just say that I wasn't blown away with his confidence in the dates ;-)

This blackberry is exclusive to the Verizon network in the US and will remain that way for quite sometime. I can guarantee that even a small army of "grandma's basement dwellers" will not be unlocking it anytime soon. Verizon was given the exclusive rights to this phone because they sell the greatest amount of RIM products month after month. I just wanted to dispell any rumors.

P.S. This device is amazing I just played with it yesterday...

I spoke to a Verizon sales agent today. He told me Verizon canceled their contract with Best Buy. I went to two different BB stores (Dallas Area) and sure enough they don't handle Verizon.

He also told me the latest release date is Nov 24 but that the date has been pushed back three times.

I just did my preorder. Please note most best buy employees are not aware of the preorder. You must make them look it up in the system or call 1-888-bestbuy.

I was the first pre-order in the system.

got mine on pre order as well to, he had 3 emails for his vzw rep stating the procedures and was pretty excited when i asked him about it. he called his manager and the rep and they both said to schedule my app for 16 at 10 am.. idk how it will hold up. just glad i was able to preorder one before there on back order. i got to bestbuy a soon as they opened.

I went and pre-ordered tonight. They told me that their Verizon rep had just told them that the release date got pushed back to Nov 23, but that would probably be "worst case" type scenario.

(Side note - The Verizon stores are supposedly taking "waitlists" for the Storm, but my local store did not inspire confidence.. Half their staff didn't seem to know they were doing the waitlist, and they ended up just having me write my name and phone number on the back of a random scrap of paper. Feeling a little more confident with Best Buy's pre-order setup...)

I went to Best Buy last night and reserved My Storm. The guy at Best buy said that all signs are pointing toward the 12th of Nov..... I am not getting my hopes up about that but he did say that they would be getting their UPS delivery of Storms 2 days before they can sell them, and will begin to make the appointments as soon as they arrive UPS.... I just wish that they would announce the date already if it's the 24th or 25th whatever, not knowing is KILLING me!!!!!!!! If the Storms screen in as bright as the Bold we are all in for a nice treat!!!

I just got off the phone with Best Buy reps here in the DFW (Dallas / Ft. Worth) marketplace and confirmed that Verizon phones are no longer carried at any of the 49 stores here int eh DFW metroplex. Sorry guys.....

I work for a major airline and we deal only with Verizon. Called our Corporate Verizon salesman today and was told that the Storm Release date was pushed back to Nov 23r and will possibly be pushed back again. There are some major software issues that Verizon is having. This is not a prank. I was all ready to get one next Sunday!!!!