Researchers think 7-inch form factor is too small for a tablet, do you PlayBook owners agree?

By Jared DiPane on 8 Dec 2011 01:37 pm EST

Steve Jobs seemed to think that the 7-inch tablet was just to small, hence his decision to only release a 10-inch tablet, and now a researcher by the name of Jakob Nielsen has completed a study that he believes confirms this. Having had the BlackBerry PlayBook in hand for quite a while I would personally have to disagree that the 7-inch display is too small, and in fact it is quite nice to carry around, but we wanted to know what you think about it. So PlayBook owners, is the 7-inch form factor to small? Do you find yourself having a hard time navigating around, or are you able to do everything you need without issue?

Claiming that 9.7-inch is the ideal size for a tablet, would you PlayBook owners have to agree or disagree with this study? Making use of the bezels, and eliminating the need for physical buttons, and on screen menus to clutter the screen, could his research be off, and the 7-inch size could be ideal for many users? Be sure to share your thoughts on the ideal size in the comments!

Source: TiPb

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Researchers think 7-inch form factor is too small for a tablet, do you PlayBook owners agree?


what else did steve jobs say?


playbook is awesome, size is perfect, i'd dislike a larger tablet

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7" screen is perfect for tablet. I would prefer smaller bezel so something with physical width of 4.5" (instead of 5") and 7" screen is perfect.

I think it depends on the person. When I first got my Playbook (which was today!!), I was like wow, this is small. But it's not so bad.

But some people jsut prefer a bigger screen size.

I think its the following:
if you own a playbook, and switch to iPad, the bigger screen is unneccessary, and also heavy. then you get used to it, and playbook seems small, you prefer the bigger
if you own an iPad, and change to playbook, it seems small, and very light. then you prefer its small..

The playbook screen size could be 8 inches while keeping the same external tablet dimensions. All that would be needed to achieve that is to make the bezel thinner.
Going from 7 to 8 inches would increase the screen area by 31% which would be very welcome when browsing, typing or doing almost anything.
It may increase the power consumption however...

That would definitely be a sweet spot. larger enough screen for a better web experience yet still small enough to conveniently carry.

I think the 7 inch screen is perfect size, it is easily transportable and easy to use without needing a stand or desk to put it on. I have used the iPad and other bigger tablets and I find they are to big to use and carry around comfortably and easily.

No its not. There are times that the screen leaves you wanting a little more. I think Samsung is on to something with the 8.9" Galaxy Tab

The fact that they say 9.7" is the ideal size completely tells you where there bias lies. Why not an even 10 inches?

Whatever, these studies are worthless, I think 7" is a great size for mobility and holding. I have no complaints at all about the screen size. What I do think is that the tablet is too darn heavy, if they could make it lighter, that would be something.

Especially worthless considering his sample was JUST FOUR PEOPLE!!! What a highly scientific study! And it really focused around OS and functionality complaints of the Kindle Fire - just follow the source links back to take a look at it on

I'd like to see this done with a better sample size and with a playbook ... then see what the results are.

Too bad we have such a biased sample of respondents on this. I assume most Playbook owners would prefer a 7" tablet. That is why we bought one!

Personally I really like the 7" size. When I take the train to town and am reading Kindle books on my PlayBook I don't feel like a pretentious douche in the same way I would with a giant 10" iPad.

I wasn't sure before I got the playbook. Now that I do have one though, I much prefer the 7" size. I'm a little surprised by how much I enjoy it and I don't feel like I'm sacrificing at all.

I use one of my Playbooks daily, it is just right for me, larger, a la iPad, would be less convenient for work for me. If I have it connected to mine or any television, then the size is irrelevant anyway. If it was larger, I could make it work, but 7" is far more convenient for me. The iPad makes for a great entertainment device or toy, especially if you don't mind being another sheep, and doing what "The Jobs" said you could do.
I have never owned an Apple product, and hope to always have the choice to not ever own one. Pretty stuff, but I don't take well to dictators. Blackberry is far from perfect, but it is excellent tech for me, and of course it's a great Canadian company. If the day ever comes that I can't have a Blackberry, and I realize anything is possible, I will look seriously at Windows Mobile. But sorry iTrolls, never Apple.
That was my Apple dig for the day.

All devices have there Pros & Cons. The (playbook) can be considered a Toy more so than an iPad. I have Both,for one not everyone has a blackberry phone. So the lack of native email application is a problem, one that should have be resolved a long time ago. Also the lack of app such as Quick Office & other productivity applications

I have had the ipad and xoom. Playbook is better. Its portable. If you go 11 inch might as well get a netbook, macbook air, or small netbook. Not much of a difference. Playbook fits perfect and feels better then even other 7inch tablets. If's not a good idea how come others are jumping on smaller form factor. HTC/Samsung/Vizio etc etc

Totally agree. If I were to ever get anything like the ten inch it would have to be able to TOTALLY replace a laptop. Even then I would still travel with my playbook. The protability is untouchable. I'm curious about the new windows one. If it works well enough it won't replace my playbook but it will replace my laptop.

To add to that. Same goes for the 10" Playbook or whatever it's called. If it doesn't totally replace a laptop then it won't be owned by me until it drops hard in price.

I see a lot of Ipad owners, without their iPads. They talk about them alot, and how awesome they are, but they never have them in their hands. I always have my playbook with me because I can easily carry it with me anywhere. The size is also sturdy enough to avoid any type of flex damage. I haven't seen any ipad that have been flexed too much yet, but I can see people shoving them into a bag with a laptop and eventually zipping the case shut only to flex and break the iPad. I see my sister has an iPad case that rivals a laptop case and weighs close to it as well. It sits nicely by her couch. The connectivity of my BB 9900 and my playbook essentially give me a great combination of size and connectivity. I carried my playbook in the pocket of my shorts while backpacking across Scotland this summer and it was great. Captured a ton of great video and pictures.

its one thing to have it with you all the time but another to really get the full use of it. The playbook still lacks Hulu & Netflix

OHHHHH you mean the Researchers paid BY the Apple Inc? Why didn't you say so? One research in a Canadian university proved that oil sands in Alberta is much cleaner than oil from Middle East.... Why? because so called respected PhD researchers were paid by BOTH Bush and Obama backed lobby groups.

I never trust so called researchers unless there is solid proof. Remember powdered milk is so much better than breast milk campaign by Nestle in 1980s? Thank goodness my mom wasn't an idiot.

Yes and no. I see the benifits of both. I like the 7 inch version for the portability. I use my playbook for work, for manuals and to search the internet for manuals, and the 7 inch is great. Easy to carry around with my leather zip up case.

How ever I also wanted to use my playbook for blue prints, and the 7 inch just doesn't work very well. For something like that a 10 inch tablet would be much better. Bigger surface for drawing.

There is a reasonable take.
I agree the larger the problematic the portability and the smaller the overwhelming the scrolling. It entirely boils down to use. With the ipad shifting by the bucket loads we cannot just brush that form factor under the table because we are enthusiasts.
That said I think the PB bezel is unduly wide and that the PB form factor can take a larger screen without getting bigger (7.5"?). Seriously we do not need that large bezel.

I couldn't agree with you more. There are reasons the iPad is selling by the bucket loads and its not because all the buyers are just sheepz in Apple's flock. The iPad has support and a wide array of apps, something for everyone

It may not work for ur situation but why not hook into tv and get bigger screen.
my guess is that when u need to look at blueprints probably not a tv around(just a guess though)

7" is perfect for tablets. I can take it everywhere and use it everywhere without looking conspicuous. I can use it to take pictures & videos, play games, check out websites and it's not bulky or inconvenient. It's a lot more annoying to drag around an ipad around.

This post and discussion is pointless. For some, 7" may be perfect. For others, 9.7 or 10.1. For me, it's the 8.9" Galaxy Tab. It all depends on your needs and your own personal preference.

it would be so easy to repackage the cpu, camera and battery in a larger case with a larger screen. Same resolution. No need for software tweaks.

One of the main reasons i bought my PlayBook was because of the Size, 7" is perfect! i own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 too but i take the PB everywhere.

Jakob Nielsen is a usability advocate. He is well known by the web development community and I've read his work. While some of his principles make sense, I find he never factors in how a item is used.

For an example, he believes fluff isn't useful. Check out his web site and you'll see what I mean:

His point is that without the fluff, a user can get to content faster no your site. Well, personally that is great but he fails to realize that a users like things that are pretty... (Doubt me? See Apple's user interface design rules and what it has done in their app space... That is one thing I will give Apple credit for).

Any larger than the 7 inch format and you may as well get a notebook, look at the latest tablets Nook Fire etc both 7 inch and if you check the majority of tablets are 7 inch. The Playbook fits in your pocket and you don't look completely stupid taking photographs with it. Also to me a Tablet is for when you can't or don't want to take along a computer. If you take along a 10 inch tablet you may as well take along the notebook, same size only the notebook is more use. They (7 inch) are not hard to read on, most actual books are around this size. So I guess Steve Jobs was wrong. OMG sorry apple boys.

compare the sales of both devices and you will get your answer. I like the Playbook don't get me wrong, but samsung made the 7" mistake also. They realized that and went to 8.9". which is not bulky or heavy. HTC Flyer, Dell Streak 7
and also the playbook had to do massive price reductions to start moving off the shelves. The Nook & Kindle sells because its in th $200 & under price range.

I dont have a playbook but I have a Kindle fire and 7 inch is a perfect size. I dont even use my ipad any more because its too big.

7" is a great size although typing sometimes is a bit... hard if half the screen is covered up (even with small kb in os 2.0). I think a bit bigger would be nice (paper sized)

The only thing this study reveals is that the Kindle Fire is too small at 7", or maybe 7" is too small for an Android tablet. The OS matters as well. Personally, I find the 7" PlayBook to be perfect. I've never had any problems hitting buttons and the like, the way the people in this study apparently did.

"Steve Jobs seemed to think that the 7-inch tablet was just to small..."
" the 7-inch form factor to small?"

Dear Jared,

It's TOO, not TO.
Google it if you still don't understand.

Steve Jobs

My wife and I bought playbooks because of the 7" size. I think 8" might be a tad better, but any bigger than that is too big for us.

All the people with tablets fall into two groups:

1. Apple iPad owners
2. 7" tablet owners

So I guess you can draw from that, that if the 10 inch screen is prefered then the iPad is prefered. But, that just goes back to it being a iPad market more than a tablet market.

Part of the reason I bought a PlayBook was because of its size. It's not cumbersome yet it is large enough to be a notable improvement over my phone's screen for things like browsing and watching video. I would never buy a ten-inch tablet.

Hi @shuabert,

Alex from RIM here. I couldn’t agree with you more about the size of the PlayBook. I’m always on the road and the PlayBook's 7-inch frame makes it easy to throw in my bag or jacket pocket, and get going where I need to go. I prefer the smaller size for reading books, too, which I do a lot of using the Kobo app.

I’m sure you’re a PlayBook pro by now, but this interactive guide can help you out if you have any questions. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I find the 7" screen good for typing emails, etc. If I want to browse the internet a larger screen is much better.

The reason there are different size tablets on the market is customer demand. On size does not fit all

I love the overall size of my Playbook, which is about 9" from corner to corner, so I would rather have the same overall size but say, an 8.5" screen! :)

+1 to that. The overall form factor is great, and I love that I can put it in my jacket pocket, but it would be nice at times to have a slightly larger screen.

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Depends what you need. I care more about being able to carry it around with me, so 7-8" is ideal. 10" is useless to me because for what I need, I may as well carry a netbook that cost half as much and has a keyboard instead. I'm a student who needs to be able to pull it out of my pocket quickly and use it. I don't care much about games and movies, but if that's what you want a tablet for then it makes much more sense.

When I got out of town, I take my PB with me so I don't have to shlep my laptop. It's just the right size for me. :)

I have a mini laptop for when I want something larger than purse size. When going to something that size, I vastly prefer a more "real" computer -- I love that it runs windows like my home PCs (and has a nice keyboard!). If I get a tablet it would have to be something VERY portable so it had an advantage over that, but easier to use and more powerful than a phone. 7" sounds fine.

I own both Galaxy Tab 10.1" and a PlayBook. PlayBook is great if you're constantly on the move - it's very handy and has great ergonomics. Gtab is good if you're sitting on your couch at home.

Different requirements, different form factors. How stupid can people get to say that there's a one-size-fit-all model for tablet size?

I think 7" is great. It works very well for portability, especially if you have a laptop, better for an e-reader than 9"+. A 9"+ is great for sitting on the couch, as a laptop replacement and decent at best for a complete laptop replacement.

The entire reason I own a tablet is because it's small enough to fit in my back pocket. My girlfriend loves the Playbook I bought her because it fits nicely in her purse. Otherwise we wouldn't end up taking it with us anywhere. Incidentally, my aunt uses an iPad for work (Realtor) and she always comments about how her iPad has all these apps she uses that she couldn't get on my Playbook, and then follows that with, "however your Playbook is here with us and my iPad is back at home on the counter so what good is it doing me now?"

You raise a good point. If it's too big to fit in an "average" work purse, there's a good chance it's not coming along, is it?

I know my playbook goes into my wife's purse easily...hence it comes along frequently.

Unless a guy has a "euro sachel" or otherwise known as a "murse", we need our wives/girlfriends's purse to store our stuff like keys, wallets, and playbooks!

I wonder if any of those researchers know anything about women?

(Insert joke here). Lol.

Edit: my wife owns an iPad...and with the collection of leather Roots bag she owns, it's just way to bulky and therefore stays home.

I wouldn't mind *slightly* bigger, but 10" is too big. I like that i can comfortably hold my PB with one hand and not be in someone's face with it. I've watched other people use their iPads on public transit and because they're using two hands to wield it, their elbows take up more space so sitting next to them can be a little annoying.

Blackberry nailed it with the 7 inch tablet. I carry mine everywhere and love it! The iPads are huge and more like a laptop. I have 2 of those already, I got the Playbook for the size and the power it holds within it's little case :)

I'll have to admit that neither the iPad or the Playbook is ideal. The iPad is definitely too large. My laptop is 13 inches, for crying out aloud. But the Playbook is too small, especially given that the bezel eats up quite a bit of the real estate. I believe 8 inches would be ideal.

It seems we all agree 7" is the preferred size for portability. The ipad is ideal for reading content rich magazines, but at the same time this kills its portability. That's why the ipad stays at home to read ipad exclusive content. The PlayBook goes everywhere.

Powerful, portable, PlayBook.

«Powerful, portable, PlayBook.»

Very catchy. RIM marketing should use it. (or do they? I never saw any Playbook advertising anywhere...)

A friend of mine just bough an ipad and the first thing I thought when she handed it to me (my Playbook was on the desk in front of me) was wow this thing is HUGE. It doesn't even feel portable.

If apple came up with a 7" iPad it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread...same as netbooks were horrible ...well i guess unless apple makes one and calls it air...then it becomes amazingly's all a personal preference...but just because the screen is bigger doesnt mean u can fit more on it...i prefer a portable tablet, if i wanted a 15" screen id bring a laptop ...

On here we all seem to agree 7 is good. In reality though the numbers do the speaking and apple sells a lot more ipads then rim does playbooks. That's the only real way to tell what people want. At the end of the day like any smartphone,automobile,watch, or clothing agrument it all comes down to what you want and need.

The playbook size is a positive factor to many. There are other differences that can explain why sales numbers are not the same. The current playbook is a test bed for BB10. Very promising, yet still in beta stage. Not everyone like unfinished products. Also, numerous media (like the Globe and Mail) seem to be paid to bash it at every occasion.

The playbook feels great at 7". I love it.

We have several iPad owners in our company who it would not be suitable for, due to it's smaller size. They appreciate the larger screen for reading and digesting information - partly due to age/eye wear. I have perfect (close) vision, so the smaller profile fits better for me.

To say that there isn't uses for different size tablets is just wrong. To me 7" is perfect, to my boss 10" is necessary. Neither of us are wrong.

one would have to use a playbook or other to understand that 7'' is the perfect size for a tablet and the others are too large.

I would not have bought my PB if it was as big as an $PAD. I bought mainly for it's size and the fact that it ISN'T an i-something. And personally I couldn't care less what Steve Jobs thought is the right size for a tablet.

Not at all! The 7" screen is amazingly clear, bright and portable it's easliy brought into meetings and conferences without the bulk and hassle. You can access the tablet while remaining relatively discreet.

The PlayBook's 7" screen is the perfect size in my opinion, it's so portable and easy to hold with one hand. People just don't want to admit that RIM did it right when they made the PlayBook.

I have an iPAD2 (actually the wifes but...), HP Touchpad and a Playbook and the Playbook is by far my favorite tablet. I get tired of holding onto the 10 inch tablets and prefer the 7 inch (although you would think the playbook would be a bit lighter)

Granted the Playbook needs the OS update and some friggin apps but for web browsing, youtube or at work I have my Playbook.

Missed a TV show? or want some mindless games to kill a few minutes or hours and I grab the iPAD since it has the TV Station apps that work great (granted the sound sucks out of that tiny little speak on the back)

The Touchpad is a great tablet that will probably never get much better thanks to HP (fingers crossed they keep Web OS) but I have it in the TV room and only really use it for IMDB or internet browsing when the Playbook is upstairs or charging.

They all have pros and cons and to each their own but to say the 7 inch is too small is just BS.

I am sure we could find another small study that proclaims that a 10" tablet is just too cumbersome too carry around and that a 7" is fact, I think we could conduct it right here. ;-)

The market requires both. Depending on customer requirements.
One day we will have a one scroll device that pulls out from 1 inch to 20 inch flexiable screen.

I had a Samsung Galaxy 7" before the Playbook came out, then when the Playbook came out I got it. I love that I can put it in my purse and have it with me at all times. I can take it out in a store and not look conspicuous. If I was going to have a bigger tablet, I wouldn't want anything bigger than about 8" but I love my 7" tablet!

I use my laptop when I need big (and heavy) but resent hauling that thing anymore since I found out how great the PlayBook is. My PB goes virtually everywhere with me. My daughter's iPad is just too big and heavy to be practical, so it gets left at home most of the time.

Honestly, I justified buying a PB based on what it could do for my business in the "near future." I am just hoping that 2.0 is all that has been promised.

I figure my laptop is my last. In the futre I want a tablet to completely meet my portable computing needs. I might have a workhorse desktop so I don't have to store everything in the cloud.

Jakob Nielsen is the same guy whose "research showed" that webpages shouldn't be built "below the fold", (making people scroll down) because he said 80% of people won't do it. I don't credit his research much more than an Apple fanboy.
I don't get my Playbook until Christmas Day (my wife said I can't open it even though she bought it in the $199 craze) but my Nook Color is 7" and the perfect size by me.

Steve Jobs could say "jump off a bridge" and 3/4 quarters of the world would jump off a bridge. In my case, I prefer to think for myself. 7" is perfect for tablets.

I love the PB size. That was the main reason I bought it. I went from carrying a notebook to a netbook to a PB when I ravel and I'll never go back.

Plus, as much of a visionary as Steve Jobs was, I will point out that another visionary of a different kind, Gene Rodenberry, predicted a lot of things that came true. In the original Star Trek series you saw them using clipboard size "tablets", then in the newer series the tablets got smaller to about 7". Coincidence? LOL.

The size is perfect, it is comfortable in the hand and offers a great deal of estate when viewing movies, photos, etc. Plus, the typing is so easy, because Blackberry faithfuls are so used to "thumbing." If it were bigger, the thumbing experience when typing would be obsolete and tiresome like the

I was surprised that the playbook fit into my columbian jacket inside pocket. How many ipads can fit into a coat pocket? The size is perfect!

The 7" tablet is great. I wear cargo pants a lot for work and it fits right in there. now would i love to have a 10" tablet to play with? Hells YEAH! but the overall experience needs to be better to support the larger screen real-estate. Maybe after native email and more android apps get ported it would make more sense. until then I am am very happy with my very portable tablet.

RIM should have two versions, a ten inch for commercial applications with a ruggedized form factor and the current seven inch for more consumer companion use.

No way this is the perfect size for me. The i-pad is way to big. Hard to hold up for longer periods of time. Gets annoying. I own both Playbook and i-pad. I prefer the Playbooks size. More convinient and its size makes it easier to type on. If i want some thing that big i might as well get a laptop or something. Playbook is awesome to throw in a small case and go on a trip or what ever. Thats just my opinion though. Take it or leave it I dont care lol. :)

The 7 inch size was a major part of my decision to buy a playbook. A 10 inch tablet is pointless, might as well buy a laptop.

When I first looked at an iPad [my daughter worked for a Mac dealer] my immediate impression was 'Too big to carry around; feels fragile'. I've never wanted one.

The Playbook can fit in a coat pocket or the side pocket of a carryall bag. As my wife says "I can carry it in my purse'. Sure, it would be nice if the screen area was a little larger, but the overall 7-inch form factor is exactly what I want.

If the PlayBook is SO great, why does RIM have to practically "give" it away?! If all 70 million BB-users agreed with each other, it still wouldn't make a "significant" difference. The company would still be sinking into "dark" waters! lol! LOSERS!!

I'm going to go a little against the flow here. I own a playbook and enjoy it, but truthfully I could use a slightly larger screen myself. For most things the screen size of the pb is large enough, but I find sometimes especially while web browsing I really could use larger. I would like to see RIM come out with a second gen tablet which would be the same overall size of the playbook, but with smaller bezels and a slightly larger screen. It would still maintain the portability factor, and I personally don't feel minimising the size of the bezel would take away from user experience with the swipe functions.

It's not really the size that counts. for me; i love the playbook because of the screen dimensions. 16:9 is magical. Ever since I bought a 1080p TV and 1080p laptop, I just LOVE everything with a 16:9 dimension screen.

Ipad is like 4:3 WTH IS THAT... it's like a 10 year old tv screen =.=; The hdmi out for playbook is perfectly adjusted to my tv screen. I just love the dimensions. If playbook came out with a 10 inch screen, just make sure its 16:9

For me the smaller size of a playbook means I am able to take it everywhere with me when I go out as it is small enough to fit in a jacket, whereas the larger screen of my ipad would need me to put it in a bag instead and so it gets used mostly when I am out home instead.

The idea that one size of tablet is right or wrong in absolute terms is just idiotic really, it all comes down to how and where you intend to use yours.

Its the perfect size. I like the ability to carry it around, unlike the 10" tablets which
are a pain to lug about on a daily basis.

Yup. Have to agree, depends on the persons requirement, on the move, the dimensions of the playbook is definitely better. On the coach at home, bigger screen is a definite plus.

if i consider the full size of the playbook, then i think a bigger screen may fit in especially when considering that one hand grab with full thumb one bezel alter touch (no more scrolling unless funnily enough, you wre already scrolling), so that you learn not putting your hand on the bezel. Then what bezel is needed apart from the camera? Well the nokia meego N9 is a good answer... That being said, i wouldn't mind it getting slightly narrower so that it fits in my inside pocket of the jacket rather than in the larger outside pocket and ease a bit more thumb typing for my small hands in portrait down to 7", maybe not... So that in the 8.9 could be a good deal and preserving the same pixel density for 1280 instead of 1024. However introducing a new resolution may be too much fragmentation... so maybe down to true 7" could be fine.
The main attraction of the portability of the playbook for me is too use it as a camera, or a camcorder and weight matters especially when a case cover add on top of that. So lighter is needed (but also better low ligt condition support even with flash) and a lot more of camera setting features where phones are quite ahead for now but not as good as the playbook when it comes to show the takes. I by the way regret that no cases anticipatewell the camera use case, as when folding out the case, the rear camera get hidden...
At last playbook is weak when it comes for interaction with it with two persons, and then a bigger screen can be a plus. But chances are that 2 playbooks can be used front 2 front... just need a smaller bezel and devices sync to make 2 screens behave like one.

7" also has limitations when it comes to accurately set the cursor in a text such as the one I'm currently typing. But keyboard arrows with shift combination could do miracle if only it was supported. Would love using it with the bluetooth touchpad keyboard i pair with the playbook as playbook doesn't have its own. But i wouldn't mind not having too root the playbook to make it fully aware of the touchpad keyboard so that i can use french accent letters. But i may seem going offtopic, but will jump back.
I still want the playbook being a productivity tool,and 7" is not enough for drawing schemes or slides. I would do it on a monitor through hdmi. And i
I don't mind then carrying a wireless keyboard but i would mind carrying a mouse as i could then use the touch screen as a pad...
Thanks for these who read until there.

Right off the bat, since we're only deciding on size, let's just say price and OS don't factor into the our decision (7" is cheaper, IOs has the best implementation/performance for scrolling and zooming and Playbook has better task switching).

Portability? 7" obviously wins. I don't know about the "it fits in my jacket pocket" comments, though. I'm 5'8", I'm not a '90s gangster wannabe, and my playbook does not fit in any of my pockets. If I can somehow squeeze it in somehow, it would annoyingly hinder movement. It might fit in the outer pocket of one of my suit jackets, but then I'd just look stupid (some pocketbooks fit in there to, but you never see anyone put books in those pockets).

The problem I have with 7" and portability is that it just doesn't offer any marginal benefit to the alternatives in any situation. Yes, it's small and portable, but so is my phone (currently iPhone 4), and my phone fits in my pocket and does all the same stuff. (If you're going to respond with "flash", then you're special. No one I know ACTUALLY needs flash in their pocket. If you do, I would love to hear it. Maybe realtors and their MLS access?)

If I need more horespower, or need to do some serious data entry/work, then my laptop is the best option (10" tablet is just as useless as 7" in this scenario). Even a netbook is better (and is very portable).

For me, tablets are best for sit-on-the-couch sort of things, and in this capacity, 7" doesn't cut it...yet. The reason I say this is because I've had 32 GB playbook since release, and too often I've found myself too FRUSTRATED with the display size of what I'm reading and had to switch to my laptop, or even my iPhone 4 (because of RESOLUTION).

To make 7" truly usable two things need to happen in hardware, one thing in software
- as others have pointed out, decrease the bezel size, increase actual screen size. This is a no-brainer.
- HIGHER RESOLUTION. I think 7" would be fine if the screen resolution was higher. I prefer reading text on my iPhone 4 for this specific reason, even if the screen is much smaller.
- Better rearranging of web pages and other content. Nothing is more FRUSTRATING than having to scroll left to right as you read lines in a sentence AND scroll up and down as you move down a page. <-- this type of performance is garbage. You know how the Wii rearranges text in articles when you zoom in and out? That would be nice.

Try holding your Playbook in Portrait and reading a few web pages in the default browser. It would be a much nicer EXPERIENCE if the above three things were implemented. (even Landscape would benefit highly).

RIM: I hope you're listening, for your sake and mine. Also, please fix scrolling in your browser. It sucks compared to the other tablets I've tried.

FYI: I own a Playbook and briefly owned an iPad 2.

I've owned a Motorola Xoom since July, 10" Tablets are too big and very uncomfortable hold for any length without proping up. Now we own two Playbooks and I sold the Xoom yesterday on Amazon. I'm not missing any of it.

I guess those same researchers wouldn't mind carrying around a 10" phone as well. Its about portability in my book. If I wanted a large screen I would carry around my laptop ........duh!

Jacob Nielsen did his test on the Kindle Fire only.
The main concern he had was the following:
The problem with a seven inch screen is, according to Jacob Nielsen, that it is not working particularly well with general web pages. "Access to the full desktop pages on the Kindle Fire was a prescription for errors, in our test. Users fared much better, when they used the mobile pages. "
Jakob Nielsen is not concealing what is needed for the many new seven-inch tablets to not end up as a failure.
"In order for seven-inch tablets to be successful, the service content providers have to design specifically for these devices. Reuse of content from the print, mobile phones, 10-inch-tablets or desktop PCs will fail, because it gives a horrible user experience. "

I actually prefer a slightly smaller tablet with smaller bezel...the bezel gestures was a bad idea...doomed the QNX devices to wasting screen size...but to me even the 7" is just too big for pocket to be portable.

However, a 10" tablet is redundant, it makes it virtually a keyboardless notebook.

Smartphone is already a device bridging between phone and computer. I honestly do not see the need for a spectrum of devices catering every size between standard notebook and phone, all claiming to be portable. A bigger smartphone or a small notebook could easily get the job done.

I like 7inch. However, the poll should include a size that is slightly bigger/smaller. Its a bit biased for only having bigger the better because anyone who chooses that would be agreeing that a 20 inch tablet is better than a 10 inch tablet.

My preference is towards portability, rather than screen size. The main thing is that a 7" tablet, 9 times out of 10, has all the same functionality of a 10.1" or 9.7" tablet. With that in mind, the portability of a 7" tablet encourages me to actually take it with me anytime I go somewhere, whereas a 10" tablet would only be taken if I know exactly what I'm going to use it for. It's too cumbersome to carry around a 10" tablet. Also, I already own a 10" netbook, which is just about the same to carry around, but offers more functionality, and actually cost less (even with SSD and memory upgrades) than the average 10" tablet.

7-8" is perfect if you want to put it in your pocket but who the f*** wants to put a Tablet in their pocket. For gaming, video, Web Browsing, apps EVERYTHING iPad 2 rules the only thing a playbook is better for is portablitly but who cares everyone carrys some kind of bag now anyway.

If ipad is your first device then playbook is gonna seem too small, but if playbook is your first device nothing is better, i prefer to use my ipad at home, but if im on the go and need to take my tablet around, its playbook everytime.

Current Devices:
Blackberry torch
Blackberry Playbook
Ipad 2
Iphone 4

i what in hell says.steve jobs.... i love my playbook as it is!! i hope steve jobs is still burning in hell for be so bad a have is butt kissers paying ridiculous prices for his stupid technology!!... i love tha fact of walk around with my little power machine and in fact does more things than those bulki dumb apple stuk without flash and much and a lots of restrictions.... i hate greed and apple is greed and slick.... they are the one doing all this bad review behind the scene because since the begining and they only had back then ipad 1 only they got worried about playbook because they knew it would necame the ipad killer.. and im sure they are the one paying every researcher to talk smack about pb. researches say in the beginig pb was not good enought because of the native email thing and others and im sure when february arrive and playbook have what was missin i can bet you they will find something so they can still talking smack about pb!!! they are just follower of whatever is good for apple... all i know is im a greatfull pb 7 inches tablet owner able to see and use whatever i want with my little powerfull machine... thanks crackberry for allow me to espress myself... i wish steve jobs still burning on hell for the eternity

I have experiences in trying tablet for 7", 8.9", 9.7", or even 10.1" display sizes. Every tablets has its own purpose I guess.

7" is great for mobile purpose. Light, big enough screen, and fit with small bag. Typing experience is great. But for reading ebook or play a game, 7" tablet have to admit its lack of screen space.

9.7" is best for reading ebooks, online magazines, or playing games. What about typing experience? You have to use extra effort to reach letter in the on screen keyboard.

One thing for sure that I really like from playbook is its capability to run many application in the same time (multitasking). No tablet can do the same way with playbook did :)

One more thing, you can take pictures using front camera. Others? They cannot do that :)

Had an iPad and always found it a little bit too big in terms of using it as a eBook reader and was hoping they would release a 7" version. Picked up a PlayBook and it's doing me great, even fits in my pants with bigger pockets, which is great.

I decided to buy a Nook Color as my first tablet because it was about half the price of the Playbook. It has the same size screen and number of pixels. My plan was to sell it and upgrade to the Playbook if I liked the whole tablet experience.

My next tablet will be a 10" tablet. I currently use my Nook Color to read the local newspaper and it just doesn't work for me. The screen is too small.

There is one huge advantage to the 7" form factor. I can fit it in my pants pocket. I couldn't do that with a 10" tablet.

I personally would love to see a 8.9" version with the inclusion of full size SD card Slot and a Full size USB slot.

I can conveniently take my playbook with me everywhere and anywhere I go "conveniently" "conveniently""conveniently""conveniently" 10 inch tablet??? Um...that's what my laptop is for. :)

I like the change from the iPad to the Playbook. It is easier to carry around and lightweight compared to the iPad. I read PDF files for work and the size is fine. I also edit Word and Excel documents. Now with 2.0 and an Android app to mark PDF I am able to leave the iPad home instead of carrying both around.

the size of the Playbook is perfect. i love using the keyboard, the lack of buttons is why i went with the storm and will be all over the London! Gorgeous. keep the updates for the playbook coming

sent by my fingers on glass.

I like the 7 inch size. As others have mentioned, it fits in a man's sports coat pocket, and does so even in a slim case. You can easily hold it in one hand and easily hold it with two hands as you thumb type.

The size is one of many reasons why I love it. I hate the bulky retarded ipads. And the zoom is a mistake all together if you watch the youtube videos comparing tablets.