Research In Motion's Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa retiring after 12 years

Research In Motion
By Michelle Haag on 28 May 2012 05:47 pm EDT

After a twelve year career at Research In Motion, Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa is retiring. Karima has been with RIM since 2000 and has not only litigated numerous patent disputes she's helped write many of the company's commercial deals. This decision hasn't come suddenly, as the executive has been in talks with RIM for some time planning her retirement and plans to stay on until her replacement has been found and trained.

A lot of other sites are reporting that Karima Bawa is quitting, and words like "parade of resignations" and "revolving door" are being tossed around. However, after being with Research In Motion for 12 years and her retirement being planned for some time now, it doesn't really seem that Ms. Bawa is bailing on the company. As far as other recent employees that have left RIM for one reason or another, as Chris Umiastowski pointed out earlier today, layoffs and staff changes suck, but they are also necessary as companies grow, transition, and realign.

Source: Reuters

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Research In Motion's Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa retiring after 12 years


Love that you actually reported she has been there for 12 years!

So many Blogs are reporting she has only been with RIM since 2010, but it was 2010 that she was promoted from SVP of Legal to CLO

I hope she has a wonderful retirement, She has headed some amazing things for RIM over the years

Hope she is able to make the transition to retired life after being a part of such a dynamic company. It is rare indeed that you get to be a part of a major, world class company like RIM. Best of luck!

I love that CrackBerry ensures to state that she's retiring. I use the BlackBerry Social Feeds for my news and had 5 different reports of the same topic. All the others:
"RIM loses another senior executive"
I don't like the word phrasing and bias these people are having against RIM and BlackBerry. Just waiting for BB10 to come in and blow everyone's mind and leave the competition in the dust.

Fear, chaos and negative headlines are the foundation of reporting psychology. They are essential to gain traction.

It's the job of the company being reported on to control the message. Some companies do this very well. Some get walked all over.

In the up coming weeks RIM has to brace its self for a media shit storm. Hoping someones been assigned to control the message. It will be a damn shame if not.

I am using a Galaxy s2 right now and love Android...but I love and miss my Blackberry too. I hope they make it through these tough times and come out with a kickass BB10 device! Come on RIM, you can do it! I want you to make it and I'll switch back if you do!

One of the main problem RIM is facing today is PR . I mean all most all news outlets are using RIM to make hot news. whether its based in silicon valley or in Toronto or else where all these news agencies are just writing atleast 1 article per day bashing RIM.

All these people should understand that we can not get better quality products if there is no competition.

And this company is not run by one person, it involves thousands of jobs. i am not worried too much about the lay offs coming soon but what i am worried about is if RIM can dumb these iDreamers.

It's funny how some sites make it seem like employees quitting/getting laid off means the end for RIM. They need some new blood at RIM and change is necessary, see Albert Einstein quote below.

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
― Albert Einstein

In RIM's case, it's hard not to get the feeling that it's a sinking ship given their utter decimation in stock value - sorry, that can not be spinned any other way - and the seemingly endless parade of individuals leaving the company.

When this is combined with the fact that there are some websites, news agencies, and various commenters on twitter reporting yesterday that the upcoming layoffs will be as high as 40% of RIM's total worldwide employees, it's easy to see how people would be speculating that this is the end of RIM.

I'm not saying that these commenters are correct, I'm just saying that it isn't actually that hard to understand why people are all prognosticating its the end of the line for this company.

I had the pleasure to sit next to Ms. Bawa on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver in 2003. This lady is the best at what she does - globally. While the leadership at RIM responsible for consumer and toy-like love from users has faltered, Karima has undeniably built an arsenal of patents that is the envy and in almost certainty the desire of many tech and product companies who will have access to RIM at bargain basement prices. Unfortunate to see her go, as it is for certain the untethering of the greatness that is left at RIM.

First time I learned them since that Options backdating scheme started to surface. Greedy bastards almost sank the ship and now are leaving it.

Not a good time. Ppl who really care about company and customers should not leave the company now even if it was planned long ago.

The thing I hate just about as much as retarded, misinformed bullshit from the media is the pontificating bullshit from the next-to-nothing consumer who thinks they have any idea what they're talking about. Sure, people are entitled to their own opinion - that doesn't mean their opinion isn't absolutely mental though...

Whatever contributions RIM legal may have made in the past they've become an impediment to business in their current form. Hopefully this indicates a return to sanity.

Man, I've never seen the employee turnover tracked in company so much in my life. Let me know when the janitor leaves RIM so I can add to the doom and gloom regarding their future as a company. Sheesh!

When so many senior executives leave a company, it "typically" means bad news, which is why the media is jumping on this. I've worked at a couple of companies where management started bailing, right before announcements of major layoffs and plant closures. One of these companies is now bankrupt and no longer exists, even though they tried to replace most of these executives. So it doesn't surprise me one bit that it's all doom and gloom in the media, that would have been my first reaction as well if I had just read the headline.