Research In Motion welcomes social gaming pro Scoreloop

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2011 09:25 am EDT

Today RIM has announced that they have added another asset to their team in that of Scoreloop. Scoreloop is a company that offers cross-platform social gaming SDKs for developers, and their tools help make the social aspects (leader boards, gaming with friends) easier for developers. RIM already announced their BBM Social Platform, so we'll see what more Scoreloop has to add to the mix. We don't really know just how the Scoreloop team and tools will be put to use at RIM, but it looks like more good things to come from this one. Check out the video above for more.

Source: Inside BlackBerry



well here's a blackberry fan boy that hopes RIM pushes out this BBM Social Platform/Gaming thing quick... I'm already tired of reading all the "iMessage is better than BBM" crap...


RIM is definitely not a company on the retreat!


im losing my fan boy edge and loyalty. RIM needs to step it up and get some new handsets out in a hurry!


RIM is realling stepping up the game and adressing issues, together with the new hardware, they'l be great gaming platforms.

Athough i hope this doesn't come at the expanse of business functionality the reason i use blackberry in the first place.


is it bad that i just want to have the choice to play games like "words with friends" and the like on bb... im still rocking a 9000 and its not in appworld, so i dont think its out for bb, and this is not something that would keep me from getting a 9900 but it would be nice to have...