Research In Motion website mistakenly shows off BlackBerry Bold 9780 info

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2010 12:07 pm EDT

Let's face it, Research In Motion never really has been great at keeping secrets on their website. With UAProfs for unreleased devices easily accessible by anyone who knows a model number it's rather easy to confirm some devices that are out there before announcement. One thing they did manage to keep secret though was the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 however, well that's not really a secret any more especially after today when information acknowledging the device showed up on the site. As you can see in the photo above it looks like Research In Motion is getting the site ready for launch of the device as demos and links are being set up. All of it appears to have been cleaned up now but, we're sure it'll all appear again soon. Must have been a glitch in the Matrix that made it all show up suddenly then disappear again.

Source: BGR

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Research In Motion website mistakenly shows off BlackBerry Bold 9780 info


Don't suppose there is even the slightest chance this is a Duel Bandwidth BB... I love my Verizon Service, but their BB Selection is Severely Lacking!
I want something to Rival the 9700 and the 9800!

I think it would be awesome if it was a verizon phone and everyone just assumes that it is at&t or tmo (I have tmo and a 9700and another 18 months to upgrade so I can make jokes like this)

Takes a lot of work to place that on a website. Its not like pressing the A button when you meant to press the S on a keyboard.

This phone needs a stand out feature. I guess 6.0 out the box will have to be it. But with the 9700 with it, whats the diffrence?

5.0MP Camera that more than likely offers just as much improvement over current market standard camera's - this IF the senor is LARGE - as the 9700's 3.2MP wow'd us with its performanc.e

Battery, Charging Pod, sheilds, pouches/cases are ALL compatible - saving HUGE investment dollars. purchases of apps are retained and not respent allowing END users to save more money for more apps or future larger retail priced devices in the future .... think PlayBook which will ravish this 9780 outright!

Are you high? Have you not seen the vid of Kevin at DevCon with a RIM display unit of the white 9700 on OS 6?

Its up to the carriers. I bet it won't be long for leaks for the 9700 to show up since RIM has said it will get it, but that the carriers will take their time to officially release it to try to push people towards the 9780 instead.

Isn't there more memory in the 9780 compared to the 9700? I thought I saw that once before. I also thought I saw that it has has 2 different sections of memory kinda like the 9800. I hope I'm right.