Research In Motion, We Day and the "We" BlackBerry experience

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Nov 2011 08:52 am EST

Before visiting Research In Motion's headquarters in Waterloo this past Wednesday afternoon to check out the BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry Curve 9380 and Porsche Design P'9981 from BlackBerry, that morning I attended the We Day festivities that we're taking place. 

We Day and RIM: If you're not familiar with We Day, it's an initiative of the non-profit organization Free the Children, and RIM is a big sponsor of We Day and believer in their mission. We Day brings youth together in an unparalleled setting to show them that they are not alone in their journey to make a difference in the world. We Day encourages youth to Be The Change.

Representing RIM at We Day was the company's former Chief Operating Officer, Don Morrison (no, he's not returning to RIM - he's just passionate about the initiative and was eager to take part in this year's We Day). You can watch his presentation above and you watch until the end you can also learn the We Day dance by the instructor of the day, Shawn Desman. The energy of the youth in attendance was amazing - oh to be young again!

Like We Day on Facebook and $1 will be donated to We Day by their sponsors: If you want to contribute to the We Day cause, all it takes is a click. If you visit and click the Like button, $1 will be donated to We Day by their sponsors. It doesn't cost you anything (it costs the sponsors!), so go there now and do it! Do it now CrackBerry Nation!

The notion of "We" in the BlackBerry experience: Having visited Waterloo twice now and also taking in We Day, it's become apparent to me that the concept of "We" plays a major roll in everything BlackBerry does and will do going forward. It's all about Community, Connecting and Collaboration. Look at services like BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger Groups and the recently introduced BlackBerry Music. More than putting an "I" in front of the word phone, RIM's philosophy is about putting the "We" into the phone. It's about connecting people and allowing them to do more together.

Moving ahead, I think the notion of "We" could be a brilliant marketing strategy for RIM. Think about it. Apple has the "I" phone, or ego phone as I like to call it. How do you compete against a portfolio of I products? With a portfolio of products that focus on We! There's definitely something in this notion for RIM to work with... I'll be curious to see how We manifests itself in future BlackBerry products and marketing in the months and years ahead!

Reader comments

Research In Motion, We Day and the "We" BlackBerry experience


I never knew sponsors actually paid money for liking something on facebook..Maybe all those cancer posts were actually true!!!

On a side note I feel terrible about myself now.

Marketing around the word "We" may cause confusion with a Nintendo product and and also leads to jokes about being wee - as in small - or taking a wee - as in a piss - neither of which is good to have associated with the brand through online parodies and whatnot.

While I agree 100% that RIM really needs to remind everyone that is is the most social connected platform on Earth and that Blackberry does bring people together, I'm not sure "we" is the right word. It would have to be a mind more brilliant then my own to really nail that campaign.

But I really haven't seen a Blackberry ad so far in Q4 at all so ANY marketing would be better then what they currently have going on.

"I'll be curious to see how We manifests itself in future BlackBerry products and marketing in the months and years ahead!"

Kevin, before really getting excited and waiting for what could be nothing, why don't you ask Jim B. to see what's BlackBerry's marketing strategy going forward and to see if this is even on the radar...

If they manage to overcome their failures with the 'WE' over the 'I' and reach people like Apple did (without the crap) it would have been a work of pure genius.

There is hope in this company.