Research In Motion vs. BlackBerry - Which name is better?

By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2014 05:52 pm EDT

A few days ago, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Bloomberg to discuss his briefings with the White House, MDM and most notable for this post, the changing of the company name from Research In Motion to BlackBerry. Chen noted he liked the name Research In Motion better but alas, was not there when the change over happened so he wasn't able to weigh the pros and cons of it all.

RIM for the company. BlackBerry for the device.Ron In Motion, CrackBerry Forums Member

Those comments have sparked a pretty wide debate in the CrackBerry Forums about which name is better and why. An ongoing poll has BlackBerry in the lead with 55.56% of the votes while Research In Motion has captured the remaining 44.44%. For me, much like John Chen, I always liked the Research In Motion name better though I do understand the reasoning behind changing the name.

Even when the company was RIM, everyone referred to their phone as a BlackBerry.454vette, CrackBerry Forums Member

In conversation, hardly anyone ever referred to Research In Motion, it was always BlackBerry. Even though the chances of another name change are slim to none at this point, now that we have time to look back at the change was it really for the best? Do you have any strong feelings on it either way or do you simply not care as long as they keep producing devices for you to use? Sound off below and let us know of if you're really feeling feisty over it the company being called Research In Motion, hop into the forums and help push it past BlackBerry in the poll.

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Research In Motion vs. BlackBerry - Which name is better?



I just think if they try to go back to RIM, it will hurt them more than just keep BlackBerry.Whatever they do, must be moving Forward, NOT backwards.

Agreed. If they change the name it will be reported as another desperation move. The company needs to show results and gimmicks won't help rebuild credibility or prestige.

Hiring Alicia Keys to be creative director wasn't a great move, but BB could benefit from more celebrity endorsements. What I'd do if I were Chen is quietly get a few Z30s and Q10s into the hands of some celebs, then let the techblogopshere discover they're using BB10 phones... and let that be reported. Also, the company should get BB10 handsets into the hands of national leaders to bolster their "national security" message.

In hindsight, it seems to me that changing the name to BlackBerry from Research In Motion was itself a desperate gimmick. A change back, imo, would be correcting a mistake. However, I'm not sure that the cost to do so would be worth it.

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Please. No more of these hail Mary celebrity non-endorsements. Wasted money.

Let's get down to some real marketing of the platform that can appeal to the demographic, and that is seen by everyone.

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Not a bad idea, just make sure the phones have 10.2.1 installed. Seeing as how some of the US carriers are still dragging their feet, maybe that's why BlackBerry has waited to do promotions along the lines of what you're thinking.

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Well said.

I didn't think it was a gimmick per say, changing it to BlackBerry instead of RIM was fine (even though I didn't mind the name RIM). It brought recognition of their longtime product branding inline to their company name.

Agree it'd be a mistake changing it now. Even down the road, however much they move into machine to machine, MDM, more BBM and other innovations, the roots of the company go back to the BlackBerry device so it's still fitting.

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I could definitely live with BlackBerry QNX. Especially as it would make people much more aware of what QNX is and how amazing it is.

It makes no difference to me but if the name changes again now that John Chen is at the wheel I think that people will see that as a sign that the company is still not succeeding at it's goals and is clutching at straws now.

The change has been made to indicate a fresh approach at BlackBerry's challenges, I say BlackBerry should stick to it's guns, forget about wasting money and time on playing games with names and continue fixing what really matters. Focus on the goal not wrapping paper.

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I always liked RIM as the parent name with BlackBerry as the product.
I understand the reason for the change, but RIM is preferred.

Totally agree!!!

But what's done is done. Just keep moving forward.

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Yeah RIM sounded so much better. Especially if they kept coming out with new innovations.

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Don't really get why they changed the name. Personally I liked Research In motion :)

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Has to be BlackBerry. Research in motion got stalled and the company needed a refresh.

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Total reboot.

Last of the stage presentations before they changed the name, did you see how stale the RIM logo looked? Right out of the nineties.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I personally like Research in Motion better than Blackberry. I'm used to it being called RIM with Blackberry being their key product. Also, if they kept the RIM name they'd be able to have other products under the RIM family...

Who cares, they both have a bad rep. Why not name it just Berry! Or something else.

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Hi Mr. I never read the post but I'm gonna leave a silly comment anyway. How are you today? :P

Haha. It's a pointless post. No need to read it. Chen had the same response. No point in talking about it. It's just a name.

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But had you read the post, you'd know people ARE talking about it and even this post itself proves that with its right now 48 and counting comments. The whole point of the post is to create further discussion and highlight the already existing discussion.

If no one cared, there would be 0 comments and certainly not 5 forum pages of discussion surrounding it and people wouldn't bother. Even you took time to comment on what you proclaimed to be.. a pointless post. Mission accomplished.  ;)

Crackberry team wants this that and the other. Wants Blackberry phone to have swipe left messages, swipe down text, wants the phone to make our coffee.

Guys who gives a crud, let Blackberry, RIM, do their job and focus on mobile, instead of what the company should be called.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

You could put a poll out, asking the forum what colour the sky should be, and I'm sure you would get a ton of respondents. However, let's get priorities right.

Let's not just fill the forum with any junk just to get a response.

Hey, I'm still fun at parties

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They could name the company bippity boppity boo for all care, just get me a a few more high end devices lol.

Nice post Bla1ze. Names are important and we should discuss. I liked RIM but BlackBerry makes sense. If they renamed their OS then it could give them back the whole parent company / device name duality. But Powered by BlackBerry is too powerful of a tag line to give up.

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I prefer BlackBerry. Even when they were called RIM we would always refer as "BlackBerry said...".

Seriously focus on building market share and killer products rather wasting effort on company name.

Preferred the name Research in Motion. But who knows, maybe Apple will follow in BlackBerry's footstep and change their name to iPhone.

In my mind they will always be Research In Motion. That's the company, that's who they are. I think the change of name to BlackBerry was a bad idea because, as stated already, BlackBerry is a product, and the company is involved with many other products and ventures. No matter, I've known 'em as RIM for a long time and I don't see a need to convince myself otherwise :)

Yeah. It's always RIM for me to. It even says RIM on my LS1 battery for some reason.

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nobody EVER refereed to the brand as RIM, even when it was RIM. it was always a BlackBerry. so I see a reason for the rebranding, but I think they should of actually done QNX or something, if they wanted to new name effect.

When I was at UW the company was regularly referred to as 'RIM'. For example: 'I got an interview/job/co-op with RIM', 'I need to head to RIM to meet someone', 'God damnit I've lost all my retirement savings because RIM stock is in the pooper'.
At the same time, the phones themselves were always referred to as 'Blackberries'

BNX is available (although not as a ticker) but maybe prone to don't bunx...
Maybe it will be a time for féenx...
BlackBerry makes a lot of sense especially the way it was used.
not sure I understand the rationale of him saying he is preferring rim, but i agree with him saying that changing the name now is a waste of energy and resource and that if you put lipstick on a pig, this is still a pig (rephrasing here not quoting).

Robert-RIM...proper name.


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Blackberry. As someone else said even when it was RIM it was BlackBerry. So do I really care? Nope. Just keep the BlackBerry on the phone and the logo the BlackBerry logo and I'm happy

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I think 'research in motion' is better, it's sounds professional but blackberry something make us remember about the device.

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I like BlackBerry. It speaks for itself without having to explain what company you're talking about.

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I imagine this may have to do with BlackBerry wanting to keep that high profile business attitude and not go the way of apple. Products my 3 year old niece uses.

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Apple Inc.= Iphone
Samsung = Galaxy
RIM = BlackBerry, QNX, BES10, BBM 10 etc

I vote you leave the name and rebuild the image of the product.

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The name change to BlackBerry doesn't mean anything if the company is still making the same mistakes and failing it's customers.

The company has to have a radical change of methodology.

No missing targets EVER.

Radical designs that push the boundaries ALWAYS.

Beef up the security on all Blackberries ALWAYS.

Make mind blowing technology advances ahead of the competition ALWAYS.

I know I am writing in absolutes but this is what it will take to get BlackBerry back up.

Otherwise a name change is just letters.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Research in Motion, with BlackBerry as one of their brands, QNX as another, etc. BlackBerry as the parent name with BlackBerry also as a product doesn't make as much sense to me. Also think the name BlackBerry is more recognizable and as such has more negative association right now than the name Research in Motion.

I get why they did it, to unify the brand, but I don't see why they'd want to unify a brand under a name that wasn't in a good light (and still isn't).

On a psychological level, the name BlackBerry doesn't mean anything, whereas Research in Motion sounds like a company focused on progress and development.

Anyway, aside from nostalgic analysis, it's done now, who cares?

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BlackBerry does mean something.

A black object made out of tiny little bits, whether it's a fruit or a phone with a keyboard, like a black Bold or Q10. The fruit resemblance is probably even stronger with the earlier models.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

What the hell research in motion means ? It is just similar to the puerile (and what joke names!) such as "jelly beans or kitkat...". Grow up Blackberry and keep it as Blackberry.

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Lol you should grow up and read the article, so your comment actually pertains to the article.

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Call the company BlackBerry. Consumers are lazy and three! words for a company name is too long. No one wants to use something constantly referred to as Rim (only being slightly sarcastic here).
While both BlackBerry and BB have a nice and casual ring to them.

But do not dump the Research in Motion name completely. Just attach it to the R&D and enterprise sides of the company, where it actually adds a nice flavour to the kind of service they provide. Using it as sort of a tag-line:
BlackBerry: Research in Motion.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Research in Motion has always sounded pointless to me because the actual 'brand' was BlackBerry, and RIM didn't exactly have a whole bunch of other brands knocking about on the side.

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I always preferred Research In Motion as company name. BlackBerry is ONE product and limits who they are. RIM was a company that owned other companies. It's like apple renaming themselves iPhone. Or samsung renaming themselves Galaxy. It's just not right.

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At first i liked how it pulled everything together. BlackBerry devices, TAT, QNX and RIM. In the end calling it anything but obsolete is fine w/ me. (I will rock a BlackBerry as long as they are available in some part of this world)

But if I could choose. It would be RIM.


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I will always refer to the company as RIM/Research In Motion.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Don't really care. They can call themselves Candy Phone for all I care, as long as I get an updated Z10 next year or, even better, a portrait slider with Z10 dimensions!


I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

I like BlackBerry, however, I thought it was funny when they made a mistake and had the job search mini url of Rimjobs haha

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It does not matter how you call it. It only matters what you associate with it.

Crackberry would be a nice name.... would explain why so many like to Rim....

Right now it is just fresh, fruity and delicious....

Insert innuendos as you see fit and you get my point.

You can name it however you want. As long as people have a negative connotation, you are lost.

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It just makes it harder to drop the name now. Before if RIM wanted to drop and sell off its assets but maybe keep some of their Subsidiaries it wouldn't be tied to the tarnished BlackBerry name.


Actually, like both, so let's settle: BRIM [BlackBerry Research in Motion] - Get filled to the RIM with BlackBerry and add a little BB10 to sweeten your cup of life!

RIM Was better to my point of view in order to diversify from the product names.

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BlackBerry Definitely.

As a brand, you need to pick a name, and stick to it. While RIM had a long hail, and is arguably still alive - for new users, (Which is an essential Market presently) Research In Motion is confusing when I'm buying a
BlackBerry branded device.

For simplicity, and understanding, keep the BlackBerry treatment - and stick with it.

BlackBerry. A lot of people I know think that's the name of the company anyway.

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Research in motion has a cool sound to it. But everything RIM did was for BlackBerry so it's best to change it to BlackBerry.

I like Research in Motion, but not RIM.

I could live with R.I.M. though, hope it won't R.I.P. anytime soon

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I like the name rim better but whichever one gets them more popular the better

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BlackBerry hands down is the only logical choice. Kevin even wrote an article about it, didn't he? Only old school dinosaurs like RIM and change is hard for them. Everybody knows BlackBerry and what it makes. Making BlackBerry the company’s official name was the most sensible thing they did.

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The brand RIM was ZERO all over the world: the change in BlackBerry is the only right thing of the past year!

My girlfriend still calls her Bold 9900 her "RIM". I think I preferred the difference between the two and actually liked Research In Motion better. But, alas, it is what it is now.

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RIM is better...they are a software/enterprise company...BlackBerry is negative to most consumers

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Old school, RIM did everything and BlackBerry was the phone brand they made. At least it is not Research in BlackBerry's, BlackBerry in motion, etc. Well if you get angry at your BlackBerry for some reason BlackBerry In Motion may be more accurate. ;)

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RIM - "Research in motion" that was that philosophy and idea of that company! And that's what Mike wanted it to be!

BlackBerry was "just" a product, what came out of that!

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A lot came out of that lol. RIM was on top of the world for many years because of their BlackBerry products. No one knew what the ef RIM was they recognized BlackBerry. Apple makes multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, macbook etc. RIM made BlackBerry. That is all. So why not change the name of the company to what it's basically all about. BlackBerry is the reason why the company ever succeeded and will be the reason if it succeeds ever again

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RIM. Going forward or looking back, it was the right name for the company. It was a waste of money and a sad day when TorqueWrench decided that the rename was necessary. He's gone and he was wrong. But, changing back would be an expensive waste I think.

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I like Research In Motion but the fact if the matter is, the only thing RIM was known for was BlackBerry anyway. Even now that they're separating the parts of the business, they are making BlackBerry handsets, BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Enterprise Service. Even QNX is refered to as BlackBerry QNX and is driving force behind, guess what, BlackBerry 10 OS.

If everything the company makes is BlackBerry, why not name it BlackBerry. RIM was a cool name, but the change makes sense.

RIM because it communicates they're not just BlackBerry phones but a business of handsets, embedded products, services and instant messaging. It pigeon holes QNX with BlackBerry brand.

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I think to the average person BlackBerry is a better name to use. It's the name of all their devices and what they're known for. Most of us have been around BlackBerry / RIM for a long time have more of an attachment to RIM and it's history but to the rest of the world BlackBerry is BlackBerry, the device. I don't see an issue with keeping the name as is. Especially since they just changed it last year.

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Why would we run in circles!! Look forward and keep moving!! This feels like a bad break up and we don't know how to move on or let go! I.e the crazy exgf who doesn't know how to let go or move on! Do we want to be that person? Sigh

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I liked RIM better than BlackBerry and when they went about adopting BlackBerry I thought it was going to be a mistake... BlackBerry at that time was considered a procrastinating and not delivering company.
However, as already pointed out in my former comments:
The reason why bb10 is the best and most secure mobile os on the market today, is thanks to the mind blowing QNX rtos that runs its kernel.
If BlackBerry should ever change name once again, it has to be some that stands for state of the art technology, and that should definitely be QNX... with different divisions.
QNX rtos for all the metal, real-time, high reliability and high performance stuff (it's been ruling there for decades)
QNX automotive
QNX mobile.
Just my two cents...

I prefer Research In Motion but feel BlackBerry is well suited as well and perhaps resonates with more people.

As it stands now with the Four pillars I would put BlackBerry as the division name for devices and use RIM as the umbrella for them all.

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Blackberry just sold its US headquarters in Irving, Texas. Maybe we should talk about things that matter. Honestly who cares what the company is called

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I like that they changed their name to BlackBerry but they sure squandered the fresh start they were trying to have. Maybe they need another name change lol. Pay off the company that owns the rights to BBX and change it to that.

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I prefer BlackBerry but I have to admit seeing "RIM jobs" in articles was pretty hilarious

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I think they should stick with the name BlackBerry why is a very better name that everyone know it as just like the name QNX

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RIM is better for business and blackberry is better for us normal people

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I really liked research in motion!! It sounded innovative. I two understand the need and desire to chance the name to blackberry. Unfortunately, it sounds more like an Apple name. Where everything is apple. Everything under one name is smart, plus if it we're to sell....

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BlackBerry is perfect !!! BlackBerry QNX sounds good to me but if we change the name again I quite !

Like both names. Thought the name change was a good idea at the time but if they ever move away from devices then blackberry won't be the.most logical name.

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BlackBerry but I can careless what they are called.

As long as they do what theybare suppose to do, call them whatever you want. Its just a name.

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What's the point of this post? And why is CrackBerry bringing it up?

It's been talked about to death in the forums give it a rest!

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Rim is a better name, it's like research in motion has always caught me and is extremely catching, but BlackBerry is also nice

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Research in Motion Ltd was defined by Blackberry.Blackberry is the only word that does a Blackberry phone Blackberry is better

The issue was not the name research in motion. The issues were the associations with BlackBerry as a product. They should haves used the name - Black Works.

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Outside of North America it was mostly known as BlackBerry anyway with Rim being used more often in connection with the word jobs than anything else as people went for the lame old joke.

Research in motion was the best in my opinion. It covered the focus that they originally was trying to do. Not just be a handset company, but also security and messaging.

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It's a mute question, really. The decision has been made and I suspect there's no going back. BlackBerry it is. I'm good with that. Makes sense to me.

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I Vote's a known name like iPhone Nokia...many people won't recognize if BlackBerry name changes as this may become another reason to loose more customers

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Tough call. Chen's logic makes sense. RIM for the company and BlackBerry for the device. But since it has already been changed, might do more harm than good by changing it back.

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Stop talking about stupid crap like this. It's DONE!

Let's talk about something meaningful. Break some NEWS Crackberry!

Too many how-to and question posts, not enough real breaking BlackBerry news!

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Not suggesting it should be RIM again but I always preferred Research in Motion over BlackBerry.

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Changing it back wouldn't be a good idea but it should have stayed research in motion in the first place..

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Research in Motion..was a great name... but not worth cost to everything, brand recognition. Etc. to attempt to go back... Keep moving forward

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BlackBerry, tout le monde c'est de quoi on parle... blackberry C'est peut-être plus attachant que RIM. Au bout du compte ce qui est important c'est que les blackberry restent des GSM performants et efficaces. Plus que la marque c'est le produit qui compte non?

On devrait tous avoir un Blackberry !

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The company should have stayed as Research in Motion, RIMM. They wasted time and money, which probably could have been spent better marketing BB10.

Maybe once they pick up again they can return the name for old times sake ;)

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It's better to stick with BlackBerry and look forward to a better oppurtunities.
And also I think they need advertisements. More and better advertisement with people or celebrities that will help to rise BlackBerry again and be back at number 1 spot in the market.

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I prefer BlackBerry (BBRY). QNX is a software company so it doesn't make any sense to change the name to QNX. Research in Motion sounds like it should be the name of the Research and Development (R&D) division.

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RIM for the overall company, BlackBerry for the LEGACY style devices, and some NEW name (don't know what, not my job) for the new devices that are more like Your typical Androids and Apple phones.

I really thought that when they did BB10, they should have changed the name, and RE-BRANDED their phones. "BlackBerry" has such a stigma to it amongst a lot of people. (Silly as that is) I thought that they should have kept the legacy devices, developed them more with better hardware and software, but then ALSO have the Z10, Q10 and Z30 style under a new name.

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BlackBerry!!! It has a certain distinction in the name as a company and a product!

These words are brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10

Some ppl said moving fwd would be changing their name back to RIM. How's that work? It's BlackBerry, n that's the way it should stay. RIM failed BlackBerry. BlackBerry can carry it's own name. BlackBerry

BlackBerry = Security
BlackBerry = Getting Things Done
The device makes the statement.

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RIM is better. Leave BlackBerry as a device trademark. Would leave room for new and exciting projects, as well as encompass other hardware and software such as QNX. They changed the name officially but I'm still seeing "Research In Motion Ltd" in correspondence emails and also in travel notifications from BlackBerry Travel. Changing corporate names comes with large costs, and divisions of the company that haven't changed their names yet are not properly representing the resolve of the board and decision makers when they decided to officially switch the BlackBerry Limited. It also shows inconsistency across the company.

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When your kid doesn't do well in school, you don't just go ahead and change their names. LOL.
I'm fine with either name.

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It seemed right at the time but since Chen is taking a more services approach vs branding the company as a handset maker company I can understand why RIM makes more sense at this point for his philosophy.

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Blackberry.... No one knew what RIM even was outside of the readers of this site, industry insiders, and the residents of Waterloo.

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Makes no difference at this point. And, might hurt them further if they suddenly do a name change with no substance. Fix their problems first. Then worry about names and labels next.

I always preferred the name RIM. just my preference. Apple the company iPhone the device. Research In Motion the company, BlackBerry the device.

Can I ask why we care? Already been changed and is this the issue with BB. God so many things to focus on....and we dig up the past.

forget about all these names we need something to focus on security I like the new rook trusted bb logo in app world how about : Black QNX, real time operability and security

Neither name has much cachet and, since the name change, they haven't done much to market the new name. They'll find something better

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By having the company and the name the same the brand will be stronger because the word BlackBerry will be used more often and appear in print more often. All the top brands have company and product connections. Many the same name or derived from the name like Apple and Mac. Many times if the product is not obvious it has to be qualified with the company name like Microsoft Windows, but I never had to tell people I got a new RIM BlackBerry. Plus RIM was never on the product of late except maybe the original pagers. My pre-rename phones just say BlackBerry.

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I think they failed to realize how tarnished the word BlackBerry is, and changing it was not only a waste of money and a distraction, but a move in the exact wrong direction. I always wondered what would have happened if they brought out BB10 under a completely different company, and they could have got close to that by picking an entirely new name.
For now, I think the best move is to wait to see what parts of the company survive, then spin them off with a new name when the time is right.

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I prefer BlackBerry, I'm not convinced that general consumers even realize the two were even the same company. I didn't realize BlackBerry wasn't anything but BlackBerry until I became more aware mostly due to CB back in 2007.

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Rim was a better name

But instead of calling the new OS blackberry 10, they should have called it blackberry QNX

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

BlackBerry gets my vote. Since the release of BB10, we entered a new era and took on a new corporate identity and paradigm. BB must continue to demonstrate its commitment to the industry,shareholders and supporters. I just got my first smart phone, a BB Z10 two months ago and will not give it up. BB gives me what I want, productivity and security, so compromise is not an option. It sounds to me that BB IS listening to us. Keep up the great work BB.....we're all watching and supporting your every move forward.....AND...Thank you Crackberry for keeping us informed!!...

blackberry is a way better name in my opinion, and a lot of people didn't even know the company was called RIM.

Changing the name back to rim will be a desperate move. according to me the company is aiming at the rise of the brand "BlackBerry " and is progressing in it!!! I would love to see BlackBerry rise again!

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To be honest, I didn’t know anything about RIM. All I know that BlackBerry is BlackBerry. So in my opinion, I say " BlackBerry " stands out.!

"Initiated from my Q10 "

I understand why they renamed themselves to BlackBerry, but I don't think it was the right move. They should have kept it Research in Motion and reorgd with all the business units under them(BlackBerry, BBM, QNX, etc).

I don't see them changing it now so no reason to cry over spilled milk =)

I don't think RIM is as iconic as BlackBerry. Besides, when you refer to the phone, you say BlackBerry not RIM. Just my thoughts.

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Prefer BlackBerry. Probably cause I prefer the prefix BBRY over RIMM.

Personally, I had no issue with the name rim. Well, other than the lame rim job insinuations