Research In Motion Updates BlackBerry App World Developer Agreements; Adds Carrier And Credit Card Billing

By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2010 06:33 pm EDT
Research In Motion Updates BlackBerry App World Developer Agreements

Just a few days ago Research In Motion updated their BlackBerry App World vendor portal to include some new features. With those changes now in place, Research In Motion has moved onto the next level of growth. Notification has been sent out to developers advising that the terms and conditions of BlackBerry App World been updated. The update, outlines the addition of carrier billing and credit card billing to BlackBerry App World as was mentioned at the most recent BlackBerry Developers Conference.

As it stands, these changes and additions open up a lot of doors for BlackBerry developers considering it potentially leads the way to more sales. With carrier billing added, the push on carriers to preload BlackBerry App World onto devices will now be higher as they will also be turning revenue off the sales. The changes also bring BlackBerry App World in line with its counterparts (such as Apples app store and the Android marketplace) as they will now be sharing profits on a 70/30 split with developers.

At first glance, some may see it as Research In Motion taking a larger piece of the proverbial pie. But in the end, the market for developer created applications will have grown and sales are expected to increase as the apps will now be displayed around the world with the help of carriers. Maybe next we'll see the push of BlackBerry App World 2.0 out to users at WES or soon after. Developers what do you think? Good or bad?

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Research In Motion Updates BlackBerry App World Developer Agreements; Adds Carrier And Credit Card Billing


I wasn't a fan fan of what seemed like an exclusive contract with paypal and app world, I will definitely like to ease of billing through my carrier now and I can forget my stupid paypal account FOREVER!!!!

I doubted them will applied paypal payment for all over the world like mobihand had in this near future.
it will make developer gain more costumer for they applications.
what they need is, take paypal payment or credit card, and let people to download apps even thought their country or carrier didn't support payment to Blackberry App world.
well if they still like that, I bet other apps seller like mobihand and handgo will gain more profit than them.

I'll avoid mentioning specific platforms, let me just pose the question.

How many apps do you think are deleted immed. after installation?

Just because the apps exist in vast amounts, doesn't instantly equate them to useful or great.

I think it's the same for all platforms. The large majority of my BB apps get deleted very shortly after installation :(

Mobihand do 80/20 for sales processed through, and 60/40 for sales processed through third-party portals such as the CrackBerry Superstore channel and others.

I don't have a Paypal account and I didn't want to set one up just for App World. Why they didn't include carrier or credit card billing in the first place is a mystery to me.

They had to move on from just paypal, but I was expecting them to just add cc billing, the carrier option is a nice alternative and quite fitting for rim.

There are more Blackberries out there than iPhones yet Apple and their app developers make so much more money off of the app store. One reason is the dollar store effect, those $.99 apps are cheap and people don't have to think twice about buying them. The more people that buy them, the more the word gets out for your app. Developers need to rethink their pricing and understand that charging $9.99 for an app is detrimental to the growth of app in the long run. If you're a real developer you continue to innovate and make new ones. Stop sitting on your $9.99 app and hope to get rich. Don't even get me started on $7 themes. It obvious the current growth of smartphones are based on applications because they highlight the features and specs of the phone. Make better quality apps! Honestly these unpolished half-assed $9.99 are going to be the death of Blackberries. IMO.

Probably you don't know this, but the minimum price for an app in BB App World is 2.99$... So blame RIM :)

Further you get charged 20$ for every app submission, including free apps. Moreover you get charged 20$ even for app update, this is valid for free apps too of course

Initial sharing was 80/20, so the income decrease is 12.5%. I hope that the market growth will compensate this, but I'm not sure if it will happen in next 3-4 months.

Compared to what Mobihand/Crackberry offers (support, flexibility, exposure) - BB App World has a looong way to go.

Just my 2 cents :)

Just a quick point. I develop apps for the iPhone and Themes/Apps for BlackBerry. The iPhone revenue is not greater than the App World because of the 99c price point. the 99c price was a race to the bottom and is the main reason that for every great app that is priced that low, you have 1000 fart apps that bury it. Remember, the iPhone also only has one source for purchasing Apps, where BlackBerry has many. this effects the earnings from the App World in a big way too, not to mention the Carrier specific app stores coming out that will limit App Worlds exposure (ie Verizon)

I might actually purchase something through App World now. There's no chance I'm every paying for anything via PayPal. Carrier billing is definitely a nice option.

Ive always hated paypal because of the amount of control that they have. For an ebay auction a buyer can open a dispute and claim they didnt get the package. Unless you can provide tracking information they get their money back. Meanwhile that person is the one that requested no tracking and no insurance on the shipment to save money. Paypal doesnt care though. Tracking or they get their money back. Really stupid.

So some of you are willing to pay more for an app because you don't like paypal? Is that smart? RIM's percentage increased so prices will go up OR developers will have less incentive to support the BB platform.

Yes, App World and the developer community have a lot of work to do but who cares how you pay for it?

A 70/30 split for carrier billing would be unprecedented and would have likely required direct negotiations with each carrier involved, but it's unfortunate that RIM had to change the model across the board. Bango will be handling carrier billing for RIM and their general commercial terms for carrier billing are definitely not this competitive for developers. Why not 80/20 for PayPal and Credit Card billing where transaction fees are much lower, and 70/30 for carrier billing?

App World 2.0 will be due by June '10. So relax two more months and then we'll see if all of this will pay out...

Why update if all the apps suck for blackberry. How come the facebook app for iphone is much more advanced than the one on blackberry. Every app sucks on blackberry. If you want more blackberry users you should release phones that have as much memory as the iphone and you should add openGL to every newcoming and in use phones. The app UI sucks so bad on blackberry that once an app is made it comes out on iphone and then two years later they come out with a blackberry one.

I've been waiting for carrier charge forever. I don't feel like going through the headache of paypaling everytime I want an app. 2$ charges are a waste of my time. I for one, can't wait until it carrier charges.

THANK YOU! The reason, primarily, that I don't have any apps is due the the dearth of options to pay. I am used to paying through my carrier and trust that method the most. I'm perplexed as to why it took RIM and whoever this long? Tmobile and its Sidekick series allowed this since 2005 and maybe b4...

In conclusion, I am happy. :-)