Research in Motion Statement Regarding December 22nd Service Outage - BlackBerry Messenger to Blame!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2009 08:35 am EST
Pheeww... Good to be back up and Running!

* Update: Been getting lots of tips, and we've received the same message ourselves, from the BlackBerry Network Administrator pushing you to upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger. We'll be paste the email in down below. Better upgrade! *

WOW. BlackBerry Messenger brought down BBM. Who would have thought. Our CrackBerry readers were first to pick up on the issue and we were quick to report that BBM was on the fritz... from there it escalated into one crappy evening with all BlackBerry data services going down.  But we're glad to be back in action.

RIM Statement - December 23rd

A service interruption occurred Tuesday that affected BlackBerry customers in the Americas. Message delivery was delayed or intermittent during the service interruption. Phone service and SMS services on BlackBerry smartphones were unaffected. Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure. RIM has taken corrective action to restore service.

RIM has also provided a new version of BlackBerry Messenger (version and is encouraging anyone who downloaded or upgraded BlackBerry Messenger since December 14th to upgrade to this latest version which resolves the issue. RIM continues to monitor its systems to maintain normal service levels and apologizes for any inconvenience to customers.

BE SURE TO UPGRADE to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger. You can grab it by visiting from your BlackBerry's web browser or from BlackBerry App World.

Email from BlackBerry Network Administrator

------Original Message------
From: BlackBerry Network Administrator
Subject: BlackBerry Messenger Software v5.0.0.57 Update Available
Sent: Dec 23, 2009 12:23 PM

A new version of BlackBerry® Messenger software is now available. If you are currently running version or of BlackBerry Messenger, please upgrade to version as soon as possible. This version addresses issues with versions and

To download the most current version of BlackBerry Messenger software, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that the software update is available free of charge, however downloading and using applications over the wireless network may incur data usage charges depending on your service plan. Please check with your airtime service provider for information about service costs. If you have any questions about this update, please visit

Thank you,
Research In Motion Limited

©2009 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.

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Research in Motion Statement Regarding December 22nd Service Outage - BlackBerry Messenger to Blame!


well that sucks..i don't even use BBM like most do because I have friends who own other cellular devices. Well I am glad that things are back up and running for all of us! Its amazing how dependent we've become on our smart phones(BBs)..remember the days of just being able to make phone calls? LOL Now we can do everything from one little device and if some of those functions(messenger, email, chat, internet) are taking away, we no longer know how to act. My how times have changed! We are held hostage by technology.

I second that my friend! I don't use it(BBM)either, yet still get the outages from the internet a lot this year! With all the $$ Verizon charges, you would think between them and RIM there would be some sort of rebate check or something - throw us a bone - when the only thing consistant is loss of service frequently.

verizon will never throw u a bone. instead they will increase your early termination fee (320 bucks i think) so that even if your unhappy u cant leave ..fuck those priks

BBM causes a system wide crash?!?! Glad RIM isn't responsible for y'know, security or Wall Street or something..

1. What did security have to do with this? It was a glitch in the new BBM they put out. Don't take yourself so serious.

2. RIM is a Canada based company, I would hope that they wouldn't be in charge of security for something in NY. It'd just be weird...

so was it really the old versions causing the issue or did pushing the new version break stuff ... HMMMMMMMM

So you're gonna...what?...switch to iPhone? have fun with AT&T. Hope you don't need reliable phone service.
With 10+M new BBs flooding the market in a short period of time, at the busiest time of the year, @#&! happens.
Merry Xmas.

You would have switched anyway, now you just have this outage to "blame" so you can get away without paying ETF.

You probably already had it in your head that you wanted to switch phones/carriers anyway so don't use the outage as a scapegoat. Flaws are gonna happen...outages are gonna happen. Unforunately, it had to be an extended one. I sucks balls. But if you wanna use this outage as an excuse then you're just lying to yourself and feeding BS to all of us. You already had it in your head to probably switch to a Droid, iPhone or whatever so what's the use of saying that?

RIM needs to fix these problems with outages once and for all. This should not happen at all, let alone a few times a yr!!!

It must be nice to be perfect and never make mistakes... I hate the outages too but blackberry is still the most reliable out there and I think we all need to get a grip and realize that shit happens...

If you're running any type of network, then you've got to be a little better at redundency. The end users shouldn't have to deal with these issues as often as RIM allows it to happen. RIM should be thoroughly testing their environment to prevent any foreseeable problems. And don't start with this was unforeseeable...pls ;)

Just remember to hold your utility/cable/internet/sanitation/sewage (choose applicable entity and enter here) provider(s) to the same incredibly high standard when they encounter their next unscheduled service interruption... Why don't we un-knot our collective panties and get on with our lives? The stink of feigned righteous indignation is getting a bit thick in here... Does anyone mind if I open a window?

I will be going to an Android device. I won't go to iPhone as long as they are strictly AT&T. Have fun bricking your phone everytime you install an app/theme etc. Oh ya, also have fun paying an insane amount of money for apps. Android > BB. It's a given

Haha I like that you are going to Android, because of an outage. How many times has GMail gone haywire?

These things happen on every platform, get over it, I'm sure you will receive all of your precious spam and p0rn in a timely manner from now on.

Android is an unproven fad. Do you see nearly every major corporation and goverment agency using Androd phones. I think not. Enjoy your toy.

But its a TOY. Trust me, I am a die hard blackberry user an can see the pros of the Android. But there are a ton of cons, the ONLY thing it has going for it is the apps. The only reason the apps are so cheap is because its completely open source. But as far as the phone itself goes, you don't have many options with the phone book or how you get your email. Once you have a gmail account set up on it the only way to get rid of that account if you get a new one is to do a hard reset on the phone. Its a great phone with a smooth operating system, but its got nothing on the Blackberry.

hey, remember when the new iphone came out and they couldn't activate any of them because the system went down from too many activations?

ya.. it's a good thing RIM isn't in charge of the worlds security.. everyone should switch until they fix this thing one and for all... *rolling eyes*

This is probably gonna be it for be and blackberry, it's inexcusable at this point, no data for a day, now RIM wants me to upgrade BBM but it won't restore contacts on either of my phones.

All my contacts were restored when I upgraded from .55 to .56 and now to .57 on three seperate devices: 8900, 9000, and 9700. Maybe you should back up your BBM contacts. RIM has given you several ways to back-up. They do it for you remotely or you can do it through Desktop Manager. You can also save a PIN in the address book so there's even a third option. So don't blame RIM because you don't want to back-up.
Some people really need to learn to use their phone before complaining.

This is the 12th outage this year, I DO backup my phone and probably know more about it than youn my point was that remote backup isn't working on a version they recommended to install, and I'm on vacation, you're retarded. Everything you said was ill composed and incorrect

Thank you for your wise answer, but you're not the only one here with BB knowledge. If you do backup and you have your contacts' pins stored in your address book, then stop crying. Besides, you are complaining and you haven't even attempted the upgrade. I didn't even have to restore my contacts after I upgraded. So calling me a retard instead of listening to what a fellow Crackberry user said... really, it makes you sound like the retard. And very mature might I add.

And you tell me that everything I said was ill composed and incorrect... so you are telling me that I am dreaming that I upgraded my BBM and I did not lose my contacts? I must also be dreaming that my BBM messages are going through as well.

You are on vacation yet you are very uptight. Maybe you should stop worrying about your BB so much and try to enjoy your vacation.

Don't become complacent, RIM needs to fix these problems with outages once and for all. This should not happen at all, let alone a few times a yr!!!

Frank, put down the torch and pitchfork. Look behind you and you'll see that the villagers have deserted you, they're not storming the castle walls at your back. If we were only so impassioned about other things...

There are outages in everything... lights..MTA....all types of services..even your cars break down sooner or later so tell me when your find the perfect you are all using your BB now.....Happy Holidays.

It's funny you mention that "It could be worse:
u could be running a windows OS" because while my Curve 8900 was reduced to a glorified dumbphone yesterday, my Windows computer kept working just fine... and with all data functionality.

In fact, I had to take my SIM card out of the 8900 and into an iPAQ 910c (yeah, Windows Mobile baby) to get usable mobile data. I know bashing Microsoft is trendy and people think doing so will make them cooler, but when a Windows Mobile phone can give you more reliable data service than a BlackBerry, something is definitely wrong with RIM. Heck, BlackBerry had data problems even via Wi-Fi, thanks to the dependency on RIM's stupid proxy servers.

Also, it'll be extremely irresponsible from RIM if something as trivial as BBM took their network down. As a user who doesn't use BBM at all (it's the first thing I uninstall), I find totally unacceptable to have my service affected by such a useless piece of software.

I discovered in one of the comments to the blog announcement yesterday that using the Bolt Browser can get you access to the internet even thouugh there is a system wide BIS outage. I think had the majority of complainers knew that, they wouldn't have been so quick to criticize RIM and threaten leaving the platform. Perhaps in the future when these events happen, the Crackberry Blog can remind users of alternatives they can use to get around the problem, or least minimize the inconvenience.

That all this new releases of BBM of 5.0 and greater are useless unless you have a 5.0 OS on your phone????

any smartphone will encounter problems eventually. unfortunately BB had to encounter it so close to Christmas. well at least its done and out of the way.

HEY RIM WTF is wrong with you? If I have BBM installed not via APP WORLD you should still know this.

It really sucks to install an app via OTA rather than App World and my BB is clueless that it's installed. So by installing BBM not thru App World, App World won't notify me of the new version.

And what happened to sending me a message about an update? For the first month or so after App World was launched RIM did they don't.


there is reason to be frustrated, but cursing up a storm over your phone not showing you an update only makes you look foolish. anyhow, i know that many people (myself included) got a update screen when i opened up bbm yesterday evening. you not getting one probably had to do with the fact that only certain users were getting data service at the time.

Anyone else having remote contact update issues? Mine has been stuck on checking email status for awhile...

I just went old scholl and re-invited my so far so good...but can't understand why an "upgrade" would cause me to resort to re-inviting everyone and not be able to restore from back up.

I have over 40 contacts on bbm so it'd be pretty hard to re-add everyone old school... but if it doesn't work at all by the end of the day I may have to resort to doing that :(

Might be coming around. I am 0n step 1 of 4 of recovering

Registering - complete
Requesting user profile - pending
Request contact list -
Notifying contacts -

Better than a kick in the balls I guess...will update when complete.

Sounds good... I will wait a little longer and I will wait for your update. Btw, where are you located? just so I know if you're anywhere near where I am so I can figure out how much time it will take

I actually got every single one of my contacts back... I found my bbm backup file on my memory card thank god! Once everyone gets their contacts back you should all backup your bbm contacts... Very happy that I got everything back!! I hope you all get everything back soon!

I've only been trying all morning to restore these contacts. It is terrible. If I'd known this I wouldn't have upgraded.

Ok.. I admit, I'm a crackberry (site and device) addict... but WOW.

Some of you people need to take time away from your devices to experience life minus the device. Getting violent and overly expletive because of an outage, is uncalled for.

Outages have to be expected... consider ourselves lucky that something like this doesn't occur more often. Having said that, a Blackberry Messenger update(s) caused the outage? I assume they have a QA department... I also assume they have a live test environment that mimic's production, no? WTF! I smell bullshit...

BBM began to fail intermittently, for me, on Saturday. Yesterday it was completely down (as was everyone else) but BBM was ALL that was non operational with me and my BB friends here! The net, email, etc., everything else was good! Actually, didn't know we had a problem until I read about it here on, just north of Tupelo, MS.

Screw this, I'm rolling back to pre-5.0. The new one seems to take up more space while providing less information, and I miss being able to send tiny pictures very quickly.

I wish people could understand that outages are going to happen sometimes. Although be it that 2 outages in 10 days is a GREAT arguement for wanting to switch but what's gonna happen if 10+ million BB users switch to Android or AT&T for the iPhone?? Hell....MSN had a story just last week that AT&T can't handle the data traffic for the iPhone now!! And Android is relatively new...only a year and a half old. I highly doubt that they are prepared for a mass invasion of their data systems. Face it...I believe people are screwed either way they go. If people start jumping ship all of a sudden...the networks are gonna go haywire then you'll probably have some outages starting to form there too.

Perhaps when the ship jumpers go to Iphone or Android, the loyal and reduced # of BB users won't encounter anymore outages due to mass uses....cup is usually half

LOL!! Excellent point....let the ship jumpers go ahead and jump. The loyal BB users will stay and when they start having issues on Android or whatever then we'll welcome them long as they are on their hands and knees begging! Hahaha!!

Trust me One isn't normally like this. I've had a BB for two years now and until the last week, I've only had maybe 2 or 3 in those 2 years. Their network is very reliable but, for some reason, something has been going on the last week or so. It's normally very good. Give it a chance.

I know this...I'm just stating a simple fact that for the majority, it isn't like it has been. Be it true that they have had some outages, usually those outages are fixed pretty quick. It doesn't take 8-12 hours normally. I'm just as frustrated as everyone else is but part of the reason so many people are getting so worked up and frustrated is because this has been going on alot lately when it NORMALLY doesn't. In laymans terms...what is normally and historically very reliable has been having issues. When you're use to something working great then, all of a sudden, it starts having issues then you're gonna get worked up. We are creatures of habits and live in an age of "gotta have it now, want it to work now...faster faster faster". Just my opinion ;-)

Glad I'm not the only one... I hope this gets fixed FAST. Did you back up your contact list? the remote contact restore feature is not working

So BlackBerry goes out on the night of my birthday. Lovely. At least it is back and running for me. Time to re load my apps :)

I have to agree that I was going through withdrawals yesterday and this morning, and i missed talking to to my a lot of people on bbm, but hey all I could do was laugh. it happens. dont like it, but it happens. just a coioncidence that it happened a couple times so close together. we all love our blackberries. all this getting irate and shouting expletives does not change that. move on. if you are going to change devices, you were going to anyway, and have something to blame it on now.

It may have changed but I used the from my berry browser and it worked. When I went to App World, the emailed download link me to the page for version

Just out of curiousity, have you gone to your options menu, mobile network and run a diagnostic test?? Mine wasn't working this morning either...had 1xev instead of 1XEV so I ran a diagnostic test and services took off! If you haven't tried that then give it a shot. If it doesn't work...I hope ya get back up and running soon!!!

So everything looks good except that I am not connected to my hotmail email. My email is connected....any ideas? Maybe that's why I can't retore my BBM updates as my back ups are sent to my hotmail email.

Blackberry user (I've only had this, my first, for 5 months). . . . I'm highly disappointed. . . . While I'll probably never leave Verizon (they've come through for mr on multiple occasions) . . . . I will leave Blackberry and RIM in the past. . . 2 outages in approx. a week??? Is unacceptable (on top of the expensive apps, lack of a flash capable browser).

The sad thing is I love my device - Tour 9630 - I just hate all the things behind it that should be supporting it (Network, Apps, etc.)

I think we should all go back to using quill and ink. No blackouts, no updates, very simple and easy to use. We can even use those little post it notes. Write a note, lick it, stick in on the wind and wait for a response. Silly? Ya. So is the fact that people want to jump-ship because of a technology glitch. If you want to jump-ship, then do it. I really can’t help but wonder … with so many companies afraid of the ‘kicking-the-cupboard-jump-shippers’ is this why they keep pushing out products before they are fully tested? To keep them happy? Quill, ink and post it notes. I just wrote you one. Let me know when you receive it.

Well it was a very nice day yesterday.. The usual deluge of emails and messages was replaced, for a while, with an almost eerie, yet peaceful and relaxing quiet. What better holiday gift than one of tranquility in the midst of the most stressful and hectic of holiday seasons. I start a new day feeling well rested, having enjoyed the delightful sounds of silence.

Thank you RIM! May your entire staff enjoy a safe and warm holiday season and accept my very best wishes for a wonderful new year!



All of you saying "this happens" you need a reality check. Apple hasn't had ONE SINGLE MOBILEME OUTAGE IN 2 YEARS. And they get WAY more traffic than RIM. RIM can't call themselves business oriented and have an outage every month (which is what they averaged in 2009


Apple, had problems with the migration from .mac to me, and also had problems with email which at one point was up and down every day. MobileMe doesnt have as many subscribers as RIM, not by a long long way, and btw RIM have more corporate (enterprise) users than Nokia, and Apple.

Another uneducated user, may i suggest checking your facts before posting rubbish, i found 3 outages in the last month, we've not had a single outage on BB this year, maybe were lucky over here in the UK and Europe...

Hahahahahaha apple sees literally 10x the data usage on their servers as RIM, my facts are correct sir, and you, are a moron

so I am a moron.... me thinks not, you really do begger belief, when you spout such claptrap, you obviously do not work in IT or comms, other wise you would realise that MobileMe is a consumer product, whereas BB is both a consumer and an enterprise product..

Hope you manage to work out how to turn you berry on.

Btw... in future use a website such as

I've got many friends and a couple of kids with iPhones... after reading your post I sent a quick email and made a couple of calls to ask how many of them use

The results so far: 15 replies, 0 subscribers.

One (1) of the repliers indicated that she tried to use MobileMe, but after losing several of her emails during a major (3 or 4 day) outage in mid-July of last year (2008), she opted to cancel her account after the trial period.

Looks like they had problems this past May as well.. I guess Apple is staffed by humans as well... oh the humanity.

You could have done a quick Google search on "mobileme outages" and saved yourself the embarrassment from making such a stupid assertion.

if you think mobileme gets more traffic than RIM's servers recieve, you clearly don't work in IT.

why do you think Steve Jobs is so ashamed of MobileMe? do some research before you post gross and wrong generalizations.

Hey crackberry nation! First off happy holidays to all that celebrate and a happy new year to all! (a little festive ;-D) I just downloaded the .57 and sent a few trial messages...went through perfect. About 20-30 mins after downloading though i see the lag is back. What's going on RIM. You are supposed to be solid in all that you do ha ha or at least that's how i see you guys. anyone else have the lag issue again? In the North East...ha hence the user name

to quote a technical phrase sh*t happens and unfortunately not everyone can be 100% or up like so many of you seem to think, as someone else said earlier, you really need to get out more.. and use either text messages or good old voice :). Can you let us know when you carry out your idle threats, as im sure RIM wont miss 2 customers, out of the 10+million that have been added in the past quarter...

Data traffic has to jump between the cell network and the internet, and in RIM's architecture that happens at only a few places called Relays. The first Relay was and still is in Waterloo. Other Relays are in the United States and Europe I believe. The interesting thing to watch is if RIM can recover the traffic that they were unable to switch between the two systems during the outage.

Okay I woke up this morning with an email and a bunch of facebook notifications... I upgraded to the new BBM and now I'm not getting my email anymore and it wont remotely restore my contact list? wtf RIM I thought this was fixed? Someone help?

Hmm everyone complaining, but I just thought of something, what if all the outages are happening cause of 5.0 in general? Maybe they trying to prep everything for 5.0 (all phones and what not) for the near future and f'ing up along the way by accident? I could be wrong but it is getting annoying though. At the same time I'm sure RIM is working like he!! to fix too...

The conveniences my blackberry has brought me far outweigh an evening of service interruption.

Happy we're back.

Upgrade successful but whipped my contact list still trying to restore it failed the first time. dunno if i really shold have upgraded

Did you back it up to your email? I backed mine up to hotmail email and it seems I just can't connect to it, hense the check email status.


1) I backed up my BBM contact info.
2) DL ed the new ver of BBM.
3) Installed.
4) Restored my contact info...

.....and my BBM group is gone.

It's 4 steps that seemed to go flawlessly so I know there is nothing I did wrong.

Way to go RIM!

Each of the OTA BBM updates from worked perfectly on my 9700.. no contacts lost, no messages lost.
Simply said "yes, please upgrade" and two minutes later it was all set. Are the folks having problems using another method to update? Not backing their devices up either to the SD card or a desktop with BDM? Just curious.

I do both a remote backup and to the SD card, with the default to the SD card. I backup before installing a new OS. Also backup to BDM when I use the USB cable to charge every now and then.

Just talked to Verizon Wireless because my email is still backlogged. They informed me that they still do not have a time for full recovery.

I see people blaming RIM and saying RIM should test more. I bet these are the same people who love to download and install leaked OS's and apps. Wonder why the OS's and apps haven't been officially released? It's because they're still undergoing testing or have failed RIM and the carriers testing. Stop blaming RIM, it's the thieves that leak the unreleased apps and OS's that cause RIM to rush out updates. Everyone loves updates, it's even better when the updates work the way they're supposed to with no surprises.

I had BBM version .33 on here when I read about the cause of the meltdown. Forgot to back up my contact list, although I had a recent archive. Used the link in the blog article to upgrade to .57 and rebooted when prompted. The conversation I'd forgotten to end was still there, as was my contact list. This was far easier than upgrading from the old 4.xx version to 5.0.

Can't help but wonder how many of these BBM upgrade issues are related to leaked/unapproved OS versions and/or operator error. That's certainly been the cause of a number of PC/Mac issues over the years.

We crossed that threshold many years ago...
Back in May of 2000 a few lines of VB script code infected more than 50 million PCs and shutdown email services for countless huge corporations world-wide.... all beginning with the three words "I love you". The infrastructure that satisfies our growing need for communication is far more fragile and vulnerable than most folks realize... the RIM network is no exception. Given the levels of data flow through the RIM infrastructure, I'd say congratulations are in order for keeping it as reliable as it has been over the years. Service interruptions are a part of the game... fortunately a fairly small part in the overall picture.

I don't use BBM, as a matter of fact I deleted that APP long time ago. I was able to connect to the net this morning, but after that I've had no success. Is the issue with the new software 5.0v??? BC before I upgraded I was fine, now I can't connect to the next, my keypad is all funky (letters sticking, delete function sticks and deletes everything or space bar OVER spaces.), even had instances where my fone won't let me do anything if I touch the screen other than open the clock feature.
Am I the only one with this issue or what???

I have seen the number of users threatening to jump ship, using expletives, etc...well I say to you...good riddance!!

Yes, I agree that the outages have been one too many, but this hurts RIM more as a company than it does to the individual...bad publicity for their core competency is not good for business. I hope they resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Btw...I do not entirely believe the public statement on BBM5 being the main cause of the problem.

Have a great holiday everyone and keep smiling :-)

Anybody else having issues downloading the new messenger? I keep trying, but it keeps coming up with error codes, and stops.

I am still having problems receiving company emails. It sounds like this is a continuation of last nights issues.

Same here, I am still having issues. Although, I am now receiving my company emails. I am unable to add any contacts in BBM. Everything is stuck under "pending authorization".

My BES is working, at least it seems. My Yahoo email is coming in random but nothing is going out.
Los Angeles AT&T

Upgraded, contacts restored successfully. I'm not jumping go where? iPhone? Droid? Nevermind, I'll stick to what I know, I remember people wasn't getting their CALLS on 9/11...from any phone company and we just lost data. It could have been worse.

do we have to upgrade to .57 or can we stick with something like .33? I tried .55 and .56 the other day and had problems with both, would rather with this whole outage going on stay with the one I know works.

Go to 57., RIM is saying that there were issues with .55 and.56. I backed up my contacts to my SD card and upgraded with no problems...and fast.

Nice comment but I'm still w/o email and messenger on my Storm. Luckily (I guess) I have 2 other cell phones that I can get my email on. Thank goodness I have a Google Voice Number I can move between my phones and a "non" blackberry device that can access my email w/o Blackberry services.

Think it is getting really close to the time to move to the DROID.

I'm having major problems restoring contacts using the "Remote Contact List Recovery" option in bbm .57

I've went through this process in the past, and have never had a single problem. I'm getting stuck on the "Checking Email Status..." step.

I know this won't help you now, but for future reference always backup to your SD card as well. Especially when it comes to data outages.

Well, it seems that I had to pull the battery on my STORM and now I'm getting my emails for the past 15 hours. I would much rather have a "Direct" link to my email rather than run it through Blackberry servers. Yes having some filters setup are nice but not as nice as having "Service".

I am trying to restore using email and it says:
Please try again later. You are currently registered with the Blackberry Messenger Service. This is an automatic process that will complete in a few minutes.

Exceot its been like 2

I am getting the same thing. I guess the servers are being overwhelmed by everyone updating.

Same thing here, no BBM yesterday, and today when I do "rims solution" I lose all my contacts, and they won't remotely restore, and my backup files are at home and I'm on vacation for 2 weeks. Thanks RIM, android looks better by the minute

I think I have .33 which is listed as 2.8MB on App World, and .57 is 3.6MB That's quite a jump, and a big chunk out of my 8310's paltry memory. New Berry is only a few days away, I think I'll do without for now.

Never would have guessed BBM would have been the cause of this.

They are a bunch of clueless souls. "we are sorry sir, but this is out of our control" "yes we will be billing for this time since it is out of our control" Wait are you serious, my phone is down for the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

Can someone tell me what happens to all of the messages that were sent (back with red x's) and then resent? As well as the bbm messages which are ticked but not delivered or read?

I'm a little worried that I now HATE my blackberry because of what this piece of s**t with the F**ked up roller ball (again), and the broken f***ing charge port which was soldered back, that this device is now costing my business and me money because of what was LOST in transit during this latest outage....I've gone from 100% in love to 50%, and looking around...I almost threw my blackberry against a wall today in frustration.

I'd really like to know what happened to emails that were "in transit".

man, on a day like this with a joke for a company from my country, it makes me ashamed to be Canadian, bring on the flames, blind followers, I don't care, I'm VERY Pissed off.

Please respond with "you're screwed" if all was lost, or "you're only partially screwed" if I can expect messages to trickle in over the next 2 to 20 days, f*** you RIM!

I don't even use BBM, either, like so many posters above.
Will really have to consider going to the iPhone when and if VZW gets it or a similar product. From what I've seen it is head and shoulders above this poor little Storm 1...

......service levels and apologizes for any inconvenience to customers."

I'm not amused and neither were my clients.

2nd time in a few weeks.

yeah, don't even use bbm. oh well, not going to hassle for a credit since i didn't even know there was an outage til i tried to check twitter at like 9pm

Ok, so it really wasn't a good time for a short bit there. The problem in my expert opinion is the shear numbers associated with RIM servers. This kind of stuff will happen until they completely update and make there servers larger. By larger I mean at least triple the size. BB is presently the WORLDS leading seller of smart phones. Each and every day it becomes more and more popular. In other words more people join the system that can't handle what is already there. In time it will all be good. The people that say they are jumping ship will come back and regret ever having made that decision. There may be better phones out there but who is really willing to take a chance on some of these newer smart phones. Not I, the only new smart phone I want will be the Storm 3.. Which will hopefully be dropping right around the time I am due for an upgrade. So until that point I will remain faithful to BB, RIM and the best smart phones out there. All others can bite me... haha...

ok so data not working on cell service BUT why no WiFi??? I can understand the internet thing not working on the cell side of things but why could i not use the wifi for at least the web at my home?

well since rim's connection affects wifi so i cannot connect to my wifi either, and seeing that when i go into browser i can only access, hotspot or my wap option for internet browser is available anymore...then how will i be able to upgrade to BBM and fix all issues?

Hey guys~

I updated to the new version and I am still unable to add any of my contacts. I have sent invites and even though, my friends have accepted the invite, it remains in a "pending authorization" status. My friends have also updated to the latest BBM version.

Anyone else having similar issues?
Emails are now working fine.


I have been using BBM with a friend of mind and although we are messaging, the status is still

Only suggestion I have is wait it out. I am sure it doesnt help that everyone is panicking and trying to download the new BBM or accessing their back up contact file....Its Christmas! Go get those last minute shopping done, spend some family time and check back boxing

Not directed at you per say just but to everyone thats ticked at RIM.

In the words of BArt Simpson...Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of this day (Christmas) , the birth of Santa?

All data working for me on the Rogers network in Toronto. Emails, web browswing, apps are all up and running.

Truth is, despite outages and all this talk about leaving BB and switching to whatever, we're all incredibly reliant on our or not. Admit it people, the moment BB decided to not be j00 anymore, we were all incredibly annoyed, as well as extremely ecstatic that we were connected to the world again. I find it a little pointless to go on ranting about whatever when in reality, despite the issues, Blackberry is still a great phone. I'm just saying that no phone is perfect and some people have to be realistic. You're going to encounter problems with no matter what type of phone you choose, and trying to compare an outage that happened yesterday to any other phone is unfair because crap doesn't all happen at the same time. One day, that "other" phone is going to screw up and all the people on that forum are going to say similar things like this forum does. So please, people, for the sake of the holiday spirit...can't we all just get along? :)

Out here in Ft.Lauderdale,Florida....on SPRINT. I still love my Blackberry! It just has a little cold right now..

I thought the outage is over? My phone can't connect to the internet/etc (though I'm getting emails, some several times..grrr). App World won't connect (keeps timing out) so I checked Network Status and it says BES not connected. I rebooted, turned network on/off. NADA.

Is it just me? IT's 9:15 a.m. in CA. Helloooo, RIM, it's been nearly 24 hours.

no! not jus you i am having the same problem, except i am on BIS so it says my BIS is not connected. do u have the option in your browser to select the internet browser?

BIS is connected, BES is not. So I tried BlackberryAppWorld again, it just connected. But it comes/goes and reading what everyone says on here about missing contacts with the new .57 BBM, um, I dunno if I want to download.

And no, I don't see that options on my browser...grr. Headache.

so im the only one on bis, that is not connected...argggh now im mad. and the wierd part is that i can sign into yahoo and msn messnger and all but once i click app world its telling me to upgrade to a plan that includes browsing

I did...and I have no idea if that did the trick, but try. Also, once you've rebooted, turn off your radio/receiver and then wait 1 minute, then turn it back on. Maybe that'll work? It's not a fix, but it might do the trick.

Ok, I'm pissed now. The outage I understand. Didn't like it, but networks go down. I'm pissed that I was being a good BB user and installed the new BBM .57 like RIM asked and it is stuck in the install cycle and rebooting and redownloading doesn't fix it. Now I don't have any BBM at all!! :(

I did it this morning and 3 hours later my contacts are showing a diagnostics to make sure you BB is working properly, if it is, it will show p...just tales awhile cause everyone is trying to do the same thing at the same time...

I have not yet updated, I have tried, but I have no internet so I can't really try lol.

Atleast the phone still works for making calls, hope they fix this soon!

Sprint Chicago

email was up & down yesterday, today logged onto my desktop, all emails sent and received yesterday from the Blackberry are GONE

So many angry people because of an outage (for a few hours)... Technology is awesome but things go wrong and sh*t happens. A few missed emails or messages is not going to kill us!

...but 24 hours later is not a few hours. And some of us conduct a lot of business from our phones, so it's not "no big deal".

I also use my Bold for my small business. It's one of the main reasons why my company ditched the "cute" Iphones. last night my business partner (wife) and I ventured out of our office for some much needed rest and dinner. While sitting at the Olive Garden, I took a peek at my mail and nothing! Now, I know we should enjoy our meal but not answering some email might tank a contract and our new little business can't do that. It is a big deal for me...

A few days ago I caught the back end of a segment on the news about a group or (coalition) that was mad at AT&T and wanted people to crash their system or servers down on purpose. Any truth to that? Or did I imagine it or got the news clip wrong. Regardless, I love my Bold and I'm sticking with RIM just like I did my teenage kids. Stuff happens with growth.
My two cents.

After upgrading to the new bbm, I was waiting for my phone to reboot and actually got frightened with everyone complaining their contacts are gone. I was scared to look when i opened BBM. to my luck, contacts were all there plus the convo's i was having before I rebooted.

Everything seems to be working normally now. I think e-mail is still a little slow but since I'm @ my work computer now it shouldn't be a big deal.

I agree with the peeps who were saying outages are going to happen. My blackberry, by far, is the best phone I have ever used in my life. Sometimes I think I over-rely on it and yesterday freaked me out when BBM, my browser, e-mail and Ubertwitter failed me. But, I understand sh** happens. It's going to happen. RIM or any other network isn't perfect. =)

ROFL , its not so much that outage that gets me as the fact they always act like "Duhhhh" what happened(what can we tell them this time ?), and gunno charge you if their "stuff" is working or not .But yeah for those downloading the .57 bbm I bet its overloading to dont blow RIM up again all trying to get the new bb, at once(I got .57 right before the crash ) . Wonder what they would say if that happened? :p

So far everything is still working for me,but thats what I said yesterday just before it went boom!

I have a friend that complains about the lack of memory on her curve - and refuses to install the microSD card that she bought and has sitting on her kitchen table...

There are complaints on here from people that txt maybe 10 people in their lives about having to change 10 numbers to a certain format.

Now the "I'm done with blackberry's because there was some system downtime"

I say good riddance to you all. Go get a phone that you don't actually have to learn how to use - you'll be happier and we'll be happier not having to spoonfeed you when you can't figure out why your OS is slow because you haven't restarted the phone in 6 months.

Opra mini was working just fine for me during the outage. I could check my email accounts on yahoo and gmail. I do not use black berry messenger. So other than not having push email and push HTML, I would say the outage was a non issue for me.

I've always wondered what the hell "Level 1" was in the sound profiles but I set a special tone for it anyways. I finally heard that tone today for the first time ever when I got that notification to upgrade to the new bbm and I thought my phone was wigging out. I think Level 1 is RIM.

It was a flippin' outage not the end of the world!!! Trust me I am addicted to my bb just like the next person but have some prespective here folks!! Do you live in Utopia? If so please provide directions to the place that has no PROBLEMS whatsoever!!!!

So your BB didn't work for a time...pick up a lan line...log on to a desktop or have other options for communication!!!

All of you complaining about the outage are stupid...yeah I said it!!! You want to leave BB's for something else good..GO!!! There will still be is technology...sometimes it fails!!! Nobody's perfect except for Jesus Christ and he has not returned YET!!! DEAL with it...crap happens!!!

Such IDIOTS!!!!

And a lot of us are sick of it! But go ahead and keep sticking up for the corporate giant (your probably an employee) while the rest of us grow weary of all the issues with are garbage berries dumber than regular dumb phones. Lol.
Merry Christmas

I understand that every once in a great while I can undertand an outage. But its now getting out of hand. Stop tinkering with new updates and things when everything is working fine. Rim I don't know how much more of this I can take. I can see maybe 1 bad data day a year 2 at most but 2 in one week that's a problem. A serious problem. Quit tinkering around with the system already. A typical blackberry user doesn't even use bb messenger. Wow!

How do you figure a typical user doesn't use BBM? Its one of the safer ways to communicate rather than text. (more secure). This is surely your own opinion.

If a typical user doesn't use BBM, then how would BBM be responsible for the downtime?

I don't think you've thought this through.

I remember reading something a user said that blackberry really isn't a smartphone. Reason being is because blackberry isn't blackberry without a third party involved (RIM). If they're service goes down then your "smartphone" is now a "dumbphone" because it won't do anything but phone calls and text. Yeah phone service wasn't interrupted because RIM doesn't handle that part. If they did then all I would have is a paperweight.

It was amazing how much faster the browser was and oh google maps? Streetview was loading instantly whenever Blackberry catches up maybe I'll come back.

after reading all of this i realized how pathetic everyone is. you're seriously going to threaten to cancel your service and change to different phones because of a couple outages? why don't you send a text message or make a phone call i mean how dependent are you on BBM and the browser.. seriously blackberry's are such great devices and outages happen, nothings perfect. you should be happy you didn't go through the t-mobile sidekick outage where tons of people lost literally everything on their phone.. pathetic.

oh even though my browser wasn't working, my MEdia net still worked, you can still browse the web with that so next time this happens all of you psychos can get your fix with using MEdia net..

That this is just the icing on top of the huge nasty nasty cake of many glitches bugs always slow 3g (1XEV) but fast 3G if you use a third party browser I just want this expensive device to do what it's supposed to as fast as its supposed too. Merry Christmas RIM you suck and your $50.00 for one technical issue sucks too.

I can say since buying my first BB last November, I really dont understand why people still buy them? I guess its because they are soo cheap. Many carriers have buy 1 get 1 deals all the time. I have had more problems with my phone in 1 year than I have ever had in 10 years combined. I bought into the whole "Storm is a great phone" hype(lie) I really really want to hate the iPhone but the more I own this peice of junk the harder it gets. And its the simple things that blow my mind. like memory leaks? battery pulls every day.WTF. I guess I just want more than what a BB can offer and after yesterday I think my mind is made up, now I will just wait for what android phone is going to be the franchise player then throw this peice of junk in the trash where it belongs.

I guess apple were right to knock the man in the middle approach at their keynote. 3 major outages in less than a month doesn't bode well.

Isn’t this at least the third or fourth outage this year? Two of the outages were within a week or two of each other? Totally unacceptable. We pay a lot of money for the service. It should be more reliable than this. I don't buy the excuse for the outage.

I can't help but laugh at some of these complaints... We were without a few functions for what? less than a day? I switched from T-Mobile Sidekick to VZW BB due to an outage that lasted a WEEK.. and not only was service out, contact, emails, texts, were LOST entirely. Think they offered to waive the ETF?!? hahaha.. Just gotta put these things in perspective... ALL carrier/devices experiences glitches/data loss on occaision. I think RIM does a pretty good job responding to such issues. Just my opinion...

So everytime internet and cable tv goes down you switch? Or if the power goes out you move? Give me a break. Better yet give RIM a break. They fixed the problem and lets hope we wont see one for awhile.

PREACH!! I work for a cable company, reading these posts remind me of the customers who call in furious about an outage. Its always the same thing "I'M SWITCHING!!!" and 30 days later they're still a customer. It was one day! I used to have a sidekick once upon a time...try going an entire summer in a data outage. T-MOBILE is the OUTAGE KING/QUEEN!!! I saw a post that said this was the 12th RIM outage this year...funny I've only experience 2. Technology will FAIL at one point or another, period.

only upgraded to .57 because RIM pushed it to my phone. I'm surprised that it upgraded with no problems. everything was as how I had it I didn't have to restore anything. Of course I backed my BB up just in case. I hope this is it RIM!!!

Some of these comments are way over the top! OK it was an inconvenience, twice in one week. But it's hardly worth freaking out over. Some of you do business with your BB so it's a major pain in the behind, but, really, some of the comments here are just plain freakin' ridiculous! Tell me which platform is 100% free of issues. There isn't one.

Even with the outages, the BB services have still been more reliable this year than my work's (gov't) exchange server and internet access.

You know, they have been having problems for the last couple of weeks. Now after 2 separate days of losing both work & personal emails, the servers seem to be full & I can't even d/l the newest update of BBM!

They really need to get their priorities straight or they WILL start losing customers.

I was already running it and still experienced the crash yesterday. My husband, who had the older version (.33?) did not. Hummm.....

I got bitter for a little bit as well yesterday. Started threatening to go Droid and all that. Then, I came to my senses. I'm not a corporate representative (not that anyone will believe me) and I live in the Pacific NW.

It happened. I missed my BB as much as anyone else, but I knew that RIM knew I missed it as well. I didn't envision a bunch of workers sitting in offices with their feet up on the desk laughing at us; I'm thinking they realized the importance of regaining service in this outage.

The ONLY thing I can think of that I would want is an explanation from RIM when this happens. If there is an outage and you know there's an outage, then find a way to let us know. CB/Twitter was alive yesterday once it began trickling in that an outage was happening.

I agree with other comments-how many times has your cable, phone or other utilities had issues? Did they refund you or let know what was going on? I'd bet not. It's technology, and we learn to live with it.

Oh, and I downloaded the new BBM and it installed and restored my contacts flawlessly on my VZW Storm 1, as well as my wife's VZW Curve 8330. No problems whatsoever. If you're having problems with e-mail restoration, you might want to make sure that the e-mail isn't going to your junk/spam folder for the account. Just saying.....

I just got a urgent message sayin to update immediatly to version .057 Blackberry Messenger......Guess they really want people to update now?

I can use the BBM, but if I click on the app world program or anything to do with the program my freekin phone freezes completely!!! this is rediculous!

do a battery pull. Ever stop to think that maybe that's a phone/software issue, and not a RIM issue. Not everything that goes wrong with your BB is the fault of RIM...Ex:I downloaded Pandora from App World and it BRICKED my phone. I didn't blame RIM, I call VZW and got a replacement.

Just got an official email on my BB from RIM stating if I recently installed BBM or versions to please upgrade to and instructions on how to do so. Kevin was on top of it as always - good job! Now the world is revolving again...

Is anyone else having e-mail issues still? Everything else on my BB is functioning great. Except, my e-mail is still lagging. I'm receiving the e-mails on my BB, but they're late and some are actually missing.

I'm also not receiving any sent confirmations when I'm sending out e-mails from my phone. Did a reboot and still the same problem. Double checked my e-mail settings to make sure everything is copasetic and it is.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems...

Thanks. =)

This info isn't accurate as I haven't updated my BBM since Dec. 14th, I was just running the stock one that came on my 9700 which was .33 I believe and I still had issues. Just upgraded now and I'm still not able to reply to my BBM's, I can only receive them. When I try to send any out, that pending clock comes up.

First of all,I still love my bb and I an not switching. But, yesterday in the evening all of a sudden my BBM icon just disappeared. I was unable to successully install .57 until this morning, but I can't seem to restore my contacts (remotely). All it says is "checking email status" and just sticks right at this point.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to solve this? please.

But I also do backups to the SD card, and that worked just fine. I'm sure that the remote backup, is well backed up, with all the other things in the que. hehehe

Are you kidding me? People flipping out just because they lost service for a while? Again I ask, name a platform that 100% trouble/issue free. Just one! Those of you sounding like you're ready to jump off of the nearest bridge need to get a grip. You don't like RIM? Get rid of your BlackBerry. There ain't no anchor on your behind! Not everyone who is still mostly pleased with RIM works for them. Give me a freakin' break! What do you think? It's a freakin conspiracy? LMAO!!

After being in IT for 25 years, I don't know of anyone who would make an change to their infrastructure (unless absolutely critical) during this time of the year, and especially in their business with some many customers relying on their service. I can only imagine with all the holiday activities that families are pushing the service to its limits. Besides, with Christmas vacations, staff is usually down to support any issues like the one they had, so most "changes" are pushed this time of the year until January. It's for the very reason that a change was made that no one suspected any impact that it should not have been done at this time. I know any outage at any time of the year is not desireable, but isn't this the worse time?

Ok so I upgraded to BBM .57 this morning, and all seems OK. I have NO intention of leaving BB because of outages, because frankly, I've only been affected by 2 or 3 in the last 3 years. Is it annoying? Yes. Inconvenient? Absolutely. HOWEVER, I'm on my 3rd BB now (9700) and I wouldn't change for any other platform. I mean seriously, before we had cellphones we had landlines, and honestly we had WAY MORE issues with weather-related outages (floods, frozen lines, etc). I work for a phone company in NYC, and could EASILY switch to another platform. But I won't.
Hell, I didn't even have to restore my contacts! I never use remote backups, only local backups to my media card so I have immediate access in cases where I don't have data svc.
Well, so far so good...

Well so glad I tried to keep my BB up to date! Downloaded the new BBM (5.0.57) and it bricked my phone! So glad I am on the third Tour. errrrr

Given all the hype of those threatening to leave BB.
I wouldn't want to be married to any of these.
I still love mine and will keep it as long as I want.
Despite its technical hiccups every now and then. It's a growing product and thus situations are bound to be expected. It's got character :p .
Downloaded the update with no problem last night through app world on my S2. Tried doing the same on my daughters Tour and it wouldn't take until today.


I was online last night and all of a sudden my internet connection was cut. Had to reboot the modem to establish a connection again. Using Verizon up here in Jersey.
I know I'm going to sound silly on the matter but I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar thing happen ?
Just coincidence, just me being paranoid, or is there a connection ?

im now having my doubts about BIS, 2 data outages in the last week they're happening a lot more frequently.. fix your S**T RIM!!

Verizon in NJ... Blackberry Curve 8330. multiple email accounts down, internet down... is this ANOTHER outage, or is it just being spotty again?

upgraded BBM this AM, as was told to do, now running ver 5.0.57... everything was working after this for quite a long time, then around 5pm everything just stopped... ugh...

I tried to upgrade to the new BBM. My phone froze, and when I did the soft reset, the icon was gone. I finally had to redownload it through App World and it worked.

Is it really that big of a deal that you didn't get your emails for a day on your BB, or that you had to use SMS instead of BBM? OH MY GOD THEY TRIED TO UPDATE THINGS AND MY PHONE DIDN'T WORK! Can you go to RIM and tell them what they did wrong so it doesn't happen again? Yeah me either.

I would also like to add that anyone that complains about how their phone freezes or that is junk might want to research a little more about using their BB. It is not just a phone its a tiny computer and needs some of the same things done to it that a normal computer or laptop would need. Such as closing your apps using the BB button instead of just hitting the back button or end key. Also as much as one might think it shouldn't have to be done the BB needs to be rebooted every once in a while by pulling the batter or downloading the quickpull software. Gotta maintain your stuff can just use and abuse and expect it to work properly. I know some of you know all of this and that it has nothing to do with the outage yesterday. This is for all the ones that constantly complain about how their phones don't work or they freeze or they can't download without a problem. I know a lot of people at work that have no clue about some of this stuff.

Those of you that are pi$$ing and moaning that you're going to leave your 'Berry and switch to "the new best thing" (whatever to hell that is this week) please just do so, that way a) You'll be OFF the damned RIM server and stop clogging it up and crashing it on the rest of us, and b) You won't have a reason to be on a 'Berry specific forum/site anymore, so we won't have to listen to you moan's been nice knowing you, please don't let the door hit yer ar$e on the way out. Oh, btw, if you live in NY or San Fran...good luck with the iPhone...hear they work GREAT during the peak business hours in those two areas...really.

Now, toddle off like good little kiddies so us adults can go back to what we were discussing.

Probably most of the people pissing and moaning ARE the adults. I NEED those emails. You're the one who sounds like some kid.

That's me...I'm a kid. One who works a 50-60 hour week, buys all my own toys...and actually found the silence yesterday to be kinda nice this time of year. Being able to get my own work done, instead of fixing everyone else's issues was kinda nice.

OK, I understand that it was inconvenient for some...but if you have one piece of tech as your ONLY source of communication with your clients, and employers/employee's, then you're asking for trouble. A business (or anything else) needs to have backups in place, and if you don't, then that just shows lack of foresight.

I live in an area where bad weather often causes havoc with mobile devices, so I have other should to, and if you don't, don't bitch when a company that serves multiple MILLIONS of individual accounts, has an issue with their gear. It happens. Tech malfunctions, I see it all the time with my job, whether it be comms, surveillance, or mechanical gear, it ALL breaks sometimes. If you can't accept that fact, then maybe you need to re-examine your opinions on how you do business.

And just to deal with your opinion on my age...I'm in my mid 30's, and work as Head of Security for a Federal Government Facility.

If you are still having problems with your email, specificly gmail, you may have click on your email icon and reaccept the user agreement. Mine was hidden and buried, so it took a while to figure it out.

Now, it seems to me that a lot of these people that are complaining so loudly are the same ones that constantly returning their phones for every little problem.

I am constantly texting, messaging, and surfing, and this is the first outage that I have even noticed in over a year. Yes, I was irritated yesterday, but that all it was, a mild irritation.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what caused this outage and people are blaming it on server overload. There is no evidence to support this assumption. If I had to make a wild guess, I would that there was a glitch in the backend server software supporting the rollout of BBM .56 and once enough people came online it caused the servers to crash. Hence, the quick rollout of .57. That's just a guess.

If you are still having problems with your email, specificly gmail, you may have click on your email icon and reaccept the user agreement. Mine was hidden and buried, so it took a while to figure it out.

Now, it seems to me that a lot of these people that are complaining so loudly are the same ones that constantly returning their phones for every little problem.

I am constantly texting, messaging, and surfing, and this is the first outage that I have even noticed in over a year. Yes, I was irritated yesterday, but that all it was, a mild irritation.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what caused this outage and people are blaming it on server overload. There is no evidence to support this assumption. If I had to make a wild guess, I would that there was a glitch in the backend server software supporting the rollout of BBM .56 and once enough people came online it caused the servers to crash. Hence, the quick rollout of .57. That's just a guess.

If you think it's unacceptable:


1 wave hello to your ego

2 design a better smartphone

3 build it

4 design the software for it

5 code it

6 make it PERFECT because you think it should be and ALL software is completely FLAWLESS

7 build a worldwide back-end network for it to run on

8 make that network PERFECT too

9 parade it around for all the world to see and have you and only you to complain to/about when it screws up

10 leave the rest of us the hell alone with your bitching and moaning

any questions?

I downloaded the new updated version of BBM and it just kept on clocking and clocking for aprox 45 min. Then I had a bright idea to malually reboot the phone, well that resulted in loosing all of my contacts! Updates are supposed to ease things but it didn't ! Wonder if President Obama has these issues with his BB? I should have read the reviews on BB apps, the vast majority of comments were complaints of the same thing I just stated.