RIM Still Loves U2; Sponsoring the U2 2010 N.A. Tour

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2009 12:50 pm EDT
U2 2010 North American Tour

This may be shocking to some, maybe not to others. RIM has signed on to be the sponsors of the 2010 U2 North American tour.  The U2 360 Tour which has been touted as the largest rock and roll touring production, is set to go on the road again as the U2 2010 tour and tickets have been sold out in many areas just after the announcement.

The press release has all the details for the North American dates expected. The surprise of this information comes simply due to the fact that throughout the whole tour, BlackBerry was not a very prominent sponsor aside from the U2 mobile album, which is available via BlackBerry App World. No huge BlackBerry ad's on the monitors, no one handing out BlackBerry schwag or offering up contests, just a few banners here and there. Not to mention, during the Youtube broadcast concert from the Rosebowl, I never saw one BlackBerry logo. So I'm curious as to why RIM would sponsor U2 again as opposed to looking at other artists that would welcome their sponsorhip and most likely allow the brand to be more prodominate during events.

Update: Reading through the comments, it looks the BlackBerry presence may have been pretty decent afterall. Guess I just missed it!

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RIM Still Loves U2; Sponsoring the U2 2010 N.A. Tour


There were Blackberry booths setup at almost every show outside the stadiums handing out very cool tote bags with the new BB logo on them. Plus a huge banner with U2 on it with Blackberry logos everywhere. Also banners with "Blackberry loves U2" are placed throughout the stadiums. And at the end of the Rose bowl show Bono clearly thanks Blackberry for their support.

Blackberry sponsorship was highly visible at the Boston show. Banners everywhere, several booths setup handing out BB totes, and displaying devices. Not sure what show you were at, but I think RIM got plenty of exposure at the concert.

I saw them in Norman, OK. There was BB stuff everywhere. You couldn't miss it. I got one of the BlackBerry tote bags as well... they asked if I had a BlackBerry and I said yes, so they gave me a tote. But then I forgot it under my seat when I left. Oops.

I was at the Pasadena show (amazing to say the least) and there were plenty of signs letting you know who sponsored the tour i.e. banners and golf carts galore bearing the BB logo. (you got a little satchel if you showed them your BB by the way! ;-) ) If I remembered correctly Bono even mentioned it during the concert (even though he uses an iphone)....

I went to U2 in Boston and there were HUGE BlackBerry banners and a BlackBerry booth displaying all the phones.

The HOT BlackBerry rep that I was talking to at the Rose Bowl show would not give me any info on the Storm2 but I really didn't mind it from her.

There were blackberry booths set up around the stadium where fans could play with devices and get free gift bags if you had a blackberry or said you were interested in buying one soon after taking a test drive. They were also taking pictures at the booths to be shown on the huge monitor after the show and posted up on a website called the future needs a big kiss I believe. Plus banners were every where and Bono did thank blackberry towards the end. Bye the way I think the campaign has been some what successful due to the fact when Bono told everyone to take out there phones and use them to light up the stadium 80 percent of the people around me had blackberry's. With the exception of U2 not playing "Pride"(my favorite song) the show was awesome. One I'll remember forever.

The U2 and Apple brands are intertwined in people’s minds, why would Rim waste their time and money with U2, trying to push a rock uphill?

The concert was one of the BEST U2 shows I have been to ( I have been to 7) and yes, you are right. Not much Blackberry things. But when you walked in their banners everywhere...Blackberry Loves U2. And they had a lot of Blackberry people caring Blackberry bags (I got one!) for free and offering them to everyone in the 90 degree heat!! And they had small Blackberry stations so you can ask the RIM representatives questions and get to play with the other Blackberries you don't have. But overall, not much Blackberry stuff =( maybe in 2010 we will see MORE!!!

Went to the concert at the rose Bowl. There were Blackberry banners all over the place and BB had kiosks at several locations with girls handing out BB bags. I did not see anyone actually explaining the features of the phones which I thought was a loss of a great opportunity to promote the strengths of the phones, especially considering there were 96,000 people at the concert. Also there were only existing released phones on display. No Storm 2 or 9700 in sight. So while Blackberry was visible at the event, they could have done a lot more to promote the brand name but didn't.

who thinks that U2 is garbage? sure its subjective, but ive never heard a song i like by them, ever. Bono is only entertaining when hes being punked on by family guy for helping "the starvin children", and in all honestly, U2 is the last thing i would ever think of in relation to my blackberry...U2 appeals to what age demographic 40+? im 21 and dont know a single person whos a fan...seems to me if RIM wants to usher in a new crowd of younger consumers to push their increasingly media-centric, social networking savvy handsets to, then they should ditch U2 and focus on something that is more youth-relatable.

I was at Both Boston shows at the Razor and there was BlackBerry signs all over the place. There was a number of booths set up handing out BlackBerry bags and BlackBerry information. One of my best friends has an iPhone and seeing BlackBerry everywhere made him want a BlackBerry. Perhaps it was just our two shows but you couldn't walk 5 feet without seeing a 20 foot X 20 foot sign that said "BlackBerry loves U2".

I just saw them back in SEPT in NJ and that show was AWESOME!!!!
but the shitty part was that i got late to the show and i missed MUSE opening act and i was fucking pissseeedddddddd.
Hope the tour with MUSE again this time ;]