Research In Motion Removing Older Versions Of BlackBerry Desktop Manager?

Research In Motion Removing Older Versions Of BlackBerry Desktop Manager?
By Bla1ze on 27 Feb 2010 08:41 am EST

Certainly seems that way. Above you can see the AT&T download site where BlackBerry Desktop Manager is to be downloaded for AT&T customers. This list, not too long ago was filled with versions as far back as 4.0 but no longer offers anything less then 4.6. Now while some might just say that's just AT&T pulling them off of there to avoid confusion the same thing can be witnessed across multiple carriers.

Even the Research In Motion website has abolished all versions except for 5.0 iterations on their download page. I'm quite certain this is nothing more than just a little bit of house cleaning, but it was rather surprising to see for the first time. It should help some folks out, that's for sure. Rather then 10 different items users nowhave less chances of downloading an incompatible version.

[ Hat tip to Banthon ]

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Research In Motion Removing Older Versions Of BlackBerry Desktop Manager?


RIM trying to avoid confusion? Who would've thought the day would come! Now if they could only work with the carriers to move all devices to 5.0, then they'd really be on a roll...

Nice work detective CB! Although, I wish rim would be the one that rolls out official products instead of waiting on carriers to do so (let's rid of the middle man)

Fixed. And for the record, I am by no means a "professional writer" nor do I claim to be. I'm your average BlackBerry addict who enjoys writing about BlackBerry smartphones. So yes, I may make some grammatical errors. You could just simply let me know I made a mistake in a civil manner.

I love how you’re attacking someone’s writing skills and at the same time you don’t start your sentences with a capital letter and you put a period after a question mark.

The old versions from Rogers Wireless download has been removed too.
Is it just me or is DM 4.6 better for leaked firmware over DM 5.0? I have a Rogers Bold 9000.

I don't see why they would have more than one version at a time. Just make one compatible across all Blackberry OS if that's the issue.

I think some of you who are saying "why is this news?" because you don't quite understand the implications of it.

This means that people who are using older versions of Microsoft Office and Windows are now going to be out of luck as the new versions of the Desktop Manager do not all work with Office 2000, etc. This is generally not an issue anymore, but some companies are still using these older programs for various reasons, including compatibility with hardware, or because they simply don't have a need to spend the money to upgrade (or they don't have the money).

Obviously, it isn't an issue for most companies, but it can be for some.

i apologize if i came off as an just really tired of seeing are right i could have posed it in a better manner and for that i apologize.btw i didn't check my writing because i know i used the right words.take it how you may.thanks.

I honestly see no real reason to keep anything but the latest online for download. Still offering 4-5 year old versions for download just confuses users allows corrected deficiencies and vulnerabilities and outright bugs to stay "out there" for that much longer. Huzzah to RIM.


why this is news? I mean the only reason older versions have been available so long is pure laziness on the part of RIM. They finally got off their buts and did some long overdue housekeeping . . . big deal . . hardly newsworthy.