Research In Motion Q3 Earnings Report Live Blog

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2012 04:24 pm EST

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Research In Motion Q3 Earnings Report Live Blog


Let's hope you're right about the gap up in the a.m. The tide has turned just now. 'Only' down $1.22 (RIMM US$).

I believe at 6:30pm Thors is going to be interviewed on BNN.

WTF, somebody dumped over 11 million shares after hours, it was at $15.50 after Q3 numbers. Somebody playing games with their shares picked up weeks back on the low to try and re-write all the positive news already on the wires.

Now it will be a pitch to see who controls the news from good news already out to their slant.

Haha....don't invest in RIM indeed. I bought at $7 and I have doubled my money so far and the analysts were saying don't buy then. Most of these analysts are fools. Meanwhile Apple has gone from $700 to low 500's. Finally they are starting to get a little negative on Apple because worldwide they keep losing ground...mostly to Samsung in the mobile business. They are also going to lose ground in tablets with new tablets hitting the market. They also have an old mobile operating system. Furthermore their computers are now up against touchscreen Windows 8 based products. RIM will do just fine with BB10 in what is now a very competitive smartphone market. They have a good marketing plan.

Good lord....all you "investors" still "in" at $20+ from two years ago....haven't you ever heard of dollar cost averaging? I bought 200 at 14.45 then watched it slide all the way to 6. That's when I waded into the fray and bought ANOTHER 300, bringing my average down to 9.38. Sold at a little over $12 for a cooool G + some change.
Before THAT I was in at $90, watched it go up to the $140's, then DROP to the $30's, where I again doubled down....barely made even after it popped to $70....god, that was almost 5 years ago....jeez I'm getting old