Research In Motion Q3 Earnings Conference Call Today

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2009 10:34 am EST
RIM Q3 Earnings Conference Call Today

Just a quick note for those among you who are wanting to keep up to date on the Research In Motion financial news. Today, Research In Motion will be holding their Q3 Earnings Conference Call at 5:00pm ET. Anyone wishing to listen in on the call will need to register in order to gain access, which you can do via the Research In Motion website.


Kevin Michaluk

woohoo! i'll be listening to the call. any questions you guys want asked??


Hey Kevin,

I may listen in also, although I'll still be at work. I don't know if this question is appropriate for the Quarterly Earnings Conference, but can you ask RIM if they will be offering more jobs in their legal department?

I'm an attorney and I would love to work for RIM in one of their U.S. office locations - preferably California. I visit RIM's website everyday and search through their legal careers offerings. Unfortunately, virtually all of the legal jobs they post require 3-7 years experience or are senior-level positions. I'm an entry level attorney so I'm waiting for an entry level position to open. I will keep my hopes up.

Thanks!! I love CrackBerry!!


Interesting day to have a nationwide BIS outage.


So funny and yet so true. You think they had to do with eachother? Too much mad emailing going on for the day? :P



Can someone e-mail me a transcript of the call?



Oh...wait. You'll have to Bing it.