Research In Motion plugs rooting, Android Market loopholes

RIM blocks DingleBerry and Android Market
By Joseph Holder on 24 Dec 2011 03:41 pm EST

And so the cat & mouse game of tablet rooting continues. As one side moves to break security features, the other side moves to patch those flaws.  Rooted PlayBook owners want access to the hundreds of thousands of Apps available in the Android Market; Research in Motion wants them to get those apps via BlackBerry App World - and not root their PlayBook.

In an effort to stymie a certain CrackBerry blogger's attempt to create a most awesome guide to adding the Android Market to your BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion has addressed two major quirks in its Tablet OS. Perhaps I'm taking this too personally, but darn it, things were working fine Thursday.

In spending the majority of yesterday (and I'm not exaggerating on this) working on my guide, I discovered an interesting thing in OS In a rather clever - almost devious - manner, RIM managed to cut off access to the Android Market by disabling the Accounts & Sync functions of the Android OS that runs on the PlayBook. If you managed to root your device on OS; upgraded to; and then tried to install the Market, a user would find him- or herself with a frozen Market application. You get one guess as to how I figured out that tidbit.

Also fixed sometime within the last 48 hours is OS; it's not available anymore. A scant day ago, a user could sign up for the .4869 update from one web page and the .6149 update from a second. With the .4869 update, a PlayBook owner could still root the tablet using the DingleBerry rooting tool. RIM fixed that; both websites now only allow .6149 to be installed to the PlayBook. If you haven't yet rooted your PlayBook, you're out of luck... for now. 

In the world of rooting, developers always hold one card close to the breast. Generally speaking, they won't release a rooting/jailbreaking tool unless they have another security hole to exploit.  DingleBerry 3.0 is in the works and is said to include Hulu support and one-click rooting. It's anybody's guess when this cat and mouse game will escalate, and only time will tell whether it's worth the effort.

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Research In Motion plugs rooting, Android Market loopholes


Instead of wasting time fighting with Dingleberry, RIM needs to get the official OS2 release out, so there wont be any need to root!

To clarify on why it makes sense, people who root their tablets do it so that they can enable extra functionality (such as the USB hosting demonstrated recently), customize the OS, and other similar things. OS2 will bring some new features, but it won't eliminate the want or need for rooting in some situations.

What you forget is that BB10 is based on the PB OS. So such OS breaches spell trouble for BB10 from a security perspective, the so called blackberry strong point.
So RIM can not afford to take them lightly.

RIM wont give PB access to Android Market as it does not generate revenue for RIM. We will be able to run the rimdroid apps ported over to AppWorld. That is why we need to root. Even better would be a way to dual boot the PB! I paid big bucks for the PB hardware, I expect to choose how best to use it. If I want Skype so can communicate with nonPB users then I should be able to purchase that app for example instead of limiting communication to just other PB users.

RIM isn't fighting with them, Looks like there protecting the main product that's going to bring us the new platform. I always said this was a bad idea it's going to kill RIM before they come back to life.

thats just it. RIM wants blackberry users to get their apps only from blackberry app world. The way the android player is rooted in the lastest beta release, android developers must submit the same apps to app world. now that the adroid marketplace is disabled. it is my guess that RIM is attempting to adopt 'Apples' methods. iphones and ipads have apps for just about anything and make a great deal of profit doing so. i believe RIM wants a piece of that market. and releasing a final version of os 2.0 prematurely would empower playbook user to buy from the android marketplace and not blackberry app world. they would lose money from their own efforts. people need to understand that the playbook is still very new. and by creating a loophole to the android marketplace not only hurt RIM but also hurt playbook users for the future. jailbreaking sounds fun. however, the playbook's feet isnt even planted firmly on the ground. by cheating RIM out of money, you are cheating yourself of the possiblity of a even better product yet to come. does anyone agree?

Without rooting its like driving a car without having the access to it! That means you are just a passenger on your own car(phone/tablet/pc). If you don't like/scared to drive, then maybe its good for you to stay away!

When 2.0.x rolls out to the consumer base, I want access to the Android Market. I have a lot of apps I paid for and not going to buy them again via BB App World.

No way there will be access to the full Android market. We'll only have access to whatever Android apps are approved for App World. We just have to hope that we will still be able to sideload converted applications, so we can convert the apps ourselves. I'm sure a lot of working Android applications won't make it into App World for one reason or another.

I agree... I do like the option of having the Market, (even though I have never installed it), but if i wanted to pee into the wind and install half buggy apps on my device I should have that right... If I wanted Android apps, I would buy an Android tablet... QNX all the way though!

Style + Playbook 64gb

Dingleberry, smingleberry. WTH is wrong with people who think there's usefulness or utility in all this? Dingleberry has no utility in the mass market.

Based on sales numbers and RIM stock price, neither does PB.

Since I had largely given up on my 64gb (purchased with hope and excitement 4/19 at 699), I've rooted and installed market, and am glad I did. Much would prefer to have it do what was promised and suggested back on 4/19/11, but since we cant - this is what we're left with.

What if your PlayBook hasnt been updated on the 2.0 beta since DingleBerry was released. It would all be good still right?

So I just bought a blackberry playbook under the impression I could run all of the android apps. Is there any way to do that? or do we have to wait for people to root the device again? ):

so it's okay for the general public to find a way to exploit security holes, but it is not okay for rim to plug those holes?

lol, ummm, that - doesn't make sense, double standard, situational ethics, etc, etc...

if we can just be patient, 2.0 will simply allow us to do all the downloading of android apps we want, so, what's the point?

rim is gracious enough to bow down a bit to satisfy consumers desire for android applications in their official 2.0, but it is silly to believe rim is going to allow themselves or anybody else to continue undermining their security as well, by allowing a "dingleberry"

with that said, somebody might say, "well rim overlooked the exploit in the main os to begin with" - clearly, except the "security" rim has always been referring to with the playbook is with blackberry bridge, citrix in the enterprise, etc... this is the security that was likely certified and accepted by government, police, military, etc

now, they're focusing more on securing the main os as well. so, big deal, they're in a position where they have to listen to consumers and security oriented agencies who always use the blackberry platform, for security reasons

half the people out there probably have 3 tablets, a couple pc's, a smartphone, and a multitude of other technical wonders to distract, so, how about we just leave the playbook alone and watch other shiny screens for entertainment until 2.0 is official? think that is doable kiddies?

so enjoy your holidays, however you choose to celebrate - make sure you have fun and spread as much love as possible!

i will be curled up alone, with my blackberry and playbook, waiting for a bucket of kfc to arrive, mmmmm!!!!!

anyways, much love for xmas and new years! peace

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

being one of the early buyers of PB I was on board when RIM promised PB would run "our favorite Android and Blackberry Apps".... but we now all know this will never be.

I root because I want access to Android Market Android apps NOT the extremely slow in coming and very limited RIMDROID apps, ie the ones Developers port over AND RIM selects as financially valuable enough to put into App World.

I paid for the PB tablet, and I pay for my Apps. I dont let Toshiba tell me what software to run on my laptop ( windows, linux, or even a good old DOS box). I suspect people Root for two main reasons, like the mountainclimber "because it is there" or because there are apps in Android Market that RIM will never put in RIMs AppWorld.

i heard web os is actually open source, so maybe focus on that, lmao - i got nothin'

linux is pretty cool too, lmao, but i am thinking rim isn't going to be completely free from security, unless rim decides to allow the release of maybe their own tool that could possibly allow a person the ability to put linux, android, or web os, or whatever - so long as they agree to void all ties of that playbook to an enterprise or blackberry platform altogether, i dunno - like once somebody used the tool, they could only use another OS, until they re-register it with rim for a new pin, should they ever want to have or need bb10 back, hire the dingleberry's to admin the tool, lol, i dunno

i understand why people want to root, i'm not against it, i am just trying to explain how rim will continue to plug the holes, until either security no longer matters in the world, or rim finds a solution silimar to the one i have described

i agree how rooting could be cool, i'm not that big of a corporate nerd, lol, i just don't understand how people expect rim not to plug the holes - peace

i am gonna eat chicken now and chill out, peace


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

We have missing key features for the Bold 9900 and other OS7 devices along with a "Bricking" issue that has me shaking with fear every morning but instead of putting their resources on these key problems RIMM wants to make sure that a few hackers can't root their Playbook that no one gives a F*** about. They should sneak "how to" rooting instructions and "how to" get goggle every Playbook box along with a support number to help get it done....

Maybe you don't give a F*** about it but obviously there are plenty of other folks that DO! How would you like it if I said I don't give a F*** about your Bold 9900 issues.

Since they already give instructions on how to use the Android runtime, I don't see the point of rooting other than you can download straight from the Android store rather than loading use the developer loader. Also, you should know that the bbos 7 teams are completely different than the QNX and TAT teams working on the playbook OS.

only the future of blackberry, but you're right no one cares about that..not

remember this is the OS that is going to power phones so who the f*** cares about your 9900

bricking issue = fixed, fixable

7.1 has these mysterious "missing features", and is available, and will soon be more widely available


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

RIM released the Playbook in a "crippled" state, and should not now be expending its energy trying to stop users from finding ways to use more of the tablet's potential. Particularly irksome is that without rooting the device there is no way to use the USB port for basic things like connecting a flash drive.

"In a rather clever - almost devious - manner, RIM managed to cut off access to the Android Market by disabling the Accounts & Sync functions of the Android OS that runs on the PlayBook."

These functions were never available on any of the Beta OS in the first place. You were never able to set up a google account on the beta OS.

I and many of the other OSBB members and countless others have had no issue using "dingleberry" or running the android market on the beta

Not discounting anybody who is blogging or who has an opinion on things, but personally make sure this is an issue across the board, which it is not.

As far as everyone else goes, the "rooting" of the device is neither here nor there. Yes, it allows the installation of Android Market, but as of now offers little else.
Security holes are inherent when programming. You can't plug them all with all the lines of code that it takes to develop an OS, you can't avoid it.
RIM is making the right choice by "plugging" any holes that are known. But as many know once a hole is discovered you will find many more. RIM is not alone with issue with security flaws. Every OS to date has and always will have issues, whether its PC, tablet or a handheld.

RIM needs work with the rooting community and develop the PlayBook further. What I mean is the external USB support that was created using a rooted PlayBook. This would help draw more interest.

The USB support wasn't created by rooting. It was created by RIM but not yet enabled as the UI to do it isn't here yet. All rooting did was create a way to enable it before RIM had gotten to adding all the settings to the settings menu.

some of you simply dont think. under no circumstances will rim knowingly allow the os to be compromised. after all this is the os that will eventually run the handsets. in fact breaches like this may delay BBx.

Obviously having usb support is something we need since wi-fi file sharing is not possible right? Also, its not something that RIM is not aware that their own product has the ability to support such feature, as we saw TAT mess with that capability with their arduino rig way before root was possible.

Seriously, you want to be able to customize icons?

And lastly, all android apps, as iOS apps are not good apps. I understand the issue about not wanting to purchase the same apps at another store, but you cant just walk into a Sears and walk away with a free pair of jeans because you already paid for a pair at Macy's. I'm sure all those premium apps we all want yesterday will come, your Netflix, Hulu, Skype Kindle or what have you. There is a slow but steady progress in that front as we already enjoy popular titles from Gameloft, EA, and now Rovio. I'm positive that with the recent sales, the demand for Playbook apps will be noticed.

Whats more, there are quite a few new developers who are making great apps that are not available for other platforms. Keep in mind that although QNX has been around for quite some time, the Playbook platform is still in its infancy. Its been tirelessly mentioned before, but If another product suits your immediate needs, then you are welcome to use that product. As an early adopter, I'm excited to be part of this process of discovery and growth.

I've been wrong before, but in its current state, rooting does not provide compelling enough reason to execute at this point.

Now, If you'll excuse me, I have some green pigs i need to tend to.

Wifi file sharing? Its available, since day 1!! Lol lol.

But at this stage, while it shows promise, it needs to develop further. Remember when ios root was first out, it was similar, nothing much. Only later did more functions come.

What I hope, is that the these rooter know what they are doing and not compromise our security like what they did on ios!

All the apps we wanted yesterday? Or you mean a year ago. A rooted playbook gave us glimpses of what bb promised us.

RIM isn't going to make money on playbook apps because they just aren't that good. And apps that are staples to other platforms (netflix, skype, tango) are non existant and do not have any equivalent counterparts.

RIM should allow us to play with these apps they promised would be available to us, even if it means paying a surcharge of some sort, or until it becomes available in their app world.

Anyway, time to get back to watching netflix using my sons Nintendo 3ds. Frickn Nintendo has netflix! Damn u netflix! Damn you playbook!

Could it be that 2.0 is about to be released, and RIM wants to ensure it can capture all the revenue created through app world? Keep in mind, if 2.0 is as good as it sounds I would be more than happy to pay for great quality apps. Plugging the loop hole is just RIM covering their asses. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

the apps i'd like to work still don't. no netflix, no nook, I'd rather have the developers port apps over rather than having to sift through thousands of apps just to find a few that suit my needs that will work and wont break with incremental updates.

Good riddance if you ask me.

just did it because i was bored, not realy need it.
most apps in market top 200 are trash anyway

Too much reporting about gaining root access to a Playbook and not enough reporting about actual features, Crackberry. You are the #1 resource for Blackberry coverage in the world by many counts. Could we have some information on the key missing features of 1.0, please? New features of 2.0? We're 2 months from 2.0, (which I don't believe for a second, but that's RIM's problem, not yours) and I'd like to get some insidery recent information about the beta. TIA.

C'mon..I love my Blackberry. I can do without all those teenager apps, waiting patiently for my Netflix, but really.. can't say enough about Bridge and that awesome keyboard, online set up for my emloyees email instead of having to deal with employees deleting their email because they installed the wrong "fart" app. If you are looking for fun, don't buy a Blackberry, looking for real work production, with multiple app use.. buy a Blackberry. One thing I don't why Blackberry won't put the Playbook in the pre-teen market. I have a bunch of boys who absolutely love the full Sega games..push that..with the graphics they are ga-ga, with an addition of a video chat app and Webex or Go to Meeting app, it would be unstoppable. I'm for good apps that make Word and Excel work with email and conferences, if it doesn't do that it is a waste of money and time. Go forward Blackberry, make it work! I like full internet versions anyway! Apps never give you full functionality, something else Blackberry should push. What do you need an app for?