Research In Motion offers free premium apps to customers following service interruptions

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2011 04:19 am EDT


Press Release

Research In Motion Offers Free Premium Apps to Customers Following Service Interruptions

Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) announced today that a selection of premium apps worth a total value of more than US $100 will be offered free of charge to subscribers as an expression of appreciation for their patience during the recent service disruptions. The apps will be made available to customers over the coming weeks on BlackBerry® App World™ and will continue to be available until December 31, 2011.*

“Our global network supports the communications needs of more than 70 million customers,” said RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. “We truly appreciate and value our relationship with our customers.  We’ve worked hard to earn their trust over the past 12 years, and we’re committed to providing the high standard of reliability they expect, today and in the future.”

The complete selection of premium apps will become available to download at BlackBerry App World over a period of four weeks beginning Wednesday, October 19th.  The selections over this period will include the following (with more to come):

  • SIMS 3 - Electronic Arts
  • Bejeweled - Electronic Arts
  • N.O.V.A. - Gameloft
  • Texas Hold’em Poker 2 - Gameloft
  • Bubble Bash 2 - Gameloft
  • Photo Editor Ultimate - Ice Cold Apps
  • Pro -
  • iSpeech Translator Pro -
  • Drive Enterprise -
  • Nobex Radio™ Premium - Nobex
  • Shazam Encore - Shazam
  • Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant - Vlingo
RIM’s enterprise customers will also be offered one month of free Technical Support.  Current customers will be offered a complimentary one month extension of their existing Technical Support contract, and customers who do not currently have a Technical Support contract will be offered a one month trial of RIM’s BlackBerry Technical Support Services - Enhanced Support, free of charge.  Additional details about the program and information about how to register will be available at

“We are grateful to our loyal BlackBerry customers for their patience,” added Lazaridis. “We have apologized to our customers and we will work tirelessly to restore their confidence.  We are taking immediate and aggressive steps to help prevent something like this from happening again.

* Please note that the availability of this offer will depend on the type of device, operating system version, access to BlackBerry App World and local conditions and/or restrictions.  

About Research In Motion

Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry® solution in 1999. Today, BlackBerry products and services are used by millions of customers around the world to stay connected to the people and content that matter most throughout their day. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. RIM is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ: RIMM) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RIM). For more information, visit or

Reader comments

Research In Motion offers free premium apps to customers following service interruptions



definitely! however too bad the media wont spread the great news, just like the whole sony PSN appreciation downloads, they never spread any good news

I would prefer mobile hotspot /wireless LAN and flash for OS7/my 9900.

In my eyes with this RIM would gain a lot more respect and TRUST.

Skype and or native SIP clients would be extreme usefull too

(I know, will never happen as RIM is afraid pissing off the carrier...)

maybe os2 is coming the 1st day of devcon(tuesday). which is why they allowing the free premium apps to be downloaded starting wednesday. bringing android app player(allowing access to android apps), maybe theyre hoping less BB premium app downloads will occur...saving them some of the big money that theyre willing to drop for these apps...yes? no? ...maybe i just want os2 really bad!

thats awesome.. I wonder how much they had to pay developers to make this happen? I doubt they will pay them full price for every download.

Just guessing, I have no basis for this.  But I'd say they likely got 60%, since RIM normally takes 40 any how. Least.. I hope they got at least that much.

It'll be much less than that probably closer to 10-20%. But the devs will still be making more money then before just from the ammount people will be downloading the apps. Hope this will also wake up some of the developers and realize you can make more money by charging less for your product and have a lot of customers then charging a very high price and only having a few customers.

Even 10-20% will be huge for one of the Devs, especially with millions of people downloading an app.

I can imagine that they were offered a single $ amount to cover the 4 weeks, but obviously a large amount of $.

This rocks coz BlackBerry dont have a stupid Cydia or Installous app.

Can I have more BIS down please? :D

No, it isn't. It allows for apps that weren't approved to the app store to be installed, and for a ton of other things (themes, file access, unlocking, etc).

Partly so. You can install apps that were not approved and in some cases, get premium apps for free.

WTF?! IS THIS FOR REAL? NIIIICE :D. Trust restored RIM! Lol. When I read "premium apps" I thought like business-premium apps not games O_o.

This also tells you RIM is very, very serious with surviving. No giving up for them :).

Oh btw, these are NOT for the playbook are they?

Well, the PB is technically tied to your BB email, so no email or BBM on the BB = nothing on the PB either.

I've noticed a 'Information Spot' on in my BB App World (Phone) however, there isn't a similar posting with the App World via my PB.

These leads me to believe that it may be strictly for the BBs. Never the less my fingers are crossed!!!

Thank you RIM!!!

I wish they put in BeBuzz cause I really want that app but a bit expensive. But thank you RIM!

Yesss! Even though I personally wasn't really affected that much, I'm still looking forward to getting free apps! Woo-hoo!!!

Very good! One thing RIM needs is to develop a pattern of trust with the consumer. Owning up to a problem and doing what you can to compensate for losses is a step in the right direction. Now they need to allow themes on QNX devices to show they are continuing to listen to the wants of the consumer.

here in SE asia we dont really experience any downtime but if this is available to us then sweeett!! RIM marketing team has really changed recently and they have been making all the right moves as of late. as much as i dont like apple gotta admit their marketing is one of the best. this sounds like what apple would do but not RIM in the past. keep it up RIM!!

Great to see some free stuff coming, though why people feel the need to ask for "can we have more free stuff" than what is offered astounds me. Give a dog food with one hand and the dog wants to take the whole bloody hand!

hoping my math is correct with this, but is that like saying technically they could be giving away 7 billion dollars worth of stuff? technically. thats a hell of an apology, but sure that wont be enough for alot.

yeah i feel you, thats why i said technically, at $100 worth, for 70 million customers. knowing half of them dont even have the service to download anyway. but yeah, im sure people will complain that even that isnt enough.

Great offer from RIM.

But lets see how much coverage this gets in the UK media since they were quick to jump on RIM while BIS was down. I bet I dont hear it on the radio once...

Finally ! They listened to us, thanks RIM! And thanks to CrackBerry for accommodating our complaint.

This is what I tweet few days back:
"@BlackBerryHelp shld give appworld free credit to us if sincere."

Never thought they will actually do it, bravo :D

Wow this is great they dit not have to give you so much :o very good I hope the media wil also spread thes news

Somehow made me eagerly lust for PlayBook. %)))))

Well done, RIM! I loved you anyways, but this one is a helluva nice step towards your fans! Kudos!

I just want Yahoo Messenger, OoVoO, Skype and Google talk already!!!! What good is a front facing cam if you can't use it!

Nice. I called this one. :)

Its a win win win. We get free apps. Developers get a lot more customers and will be getting some money from Rim. And Rim gets some good pr.

Wow gotta grab a 9900 soon and dload the sims for when boredom swings haha. But I want it in white! Can it wait? Hmm. 4weeks. No :(


with os v2.0 coming out soon (i hope), i also hope some of those games on the android platform will be available and any other apps that take advantage of the new(er) os will be offered as well.

RIM, don't be cheap here please...;o)

i'll hold out well after the new os is released before downloading anything...

I feel they hit a homerun with this compensation. They have to make sure the whole world knows they are doing this. Get some positive press going!!!!

I'm wondering if this also includes playbook apps or just the mobile versions that would be sweet if it also included the playbook apps too.

Yeah like other posters have said, I have a Sprint Bold 9930 and at least 50% of my apps that were on my old Curve 8330 didn't transfer to OS7, So hopefully for us Bold 9900/9930 users, we'll have some good choices to pick from. $100.00 worth of apps, KUDOS RIM.

As long as these work on OS7 all is good, otherwise it could backfire a bit!

Personally i'd rather them save the $$ and use it to invest in the datacentres to prevent further outages!

BlackBerry Bold 9930.....of course the apps that I was interested in are not available for download. This is really beginning to become a pain in the ass to me; great phone no apps. Sad to say, but my Storm2, rest in peace, had more of a chance of downloading the listed apps.

You should go to the app's direct website and try. I took a chance with my favorite Curve 8330 app, WunderRadio and even though BB App World said not able to transfer, I tried anyway and it works on my Bold 9930 :) Now I'm just waiting for SiriusXM app for the Bold 9930.

Wonder what's supported or OS 4.5....(waiting to jump ship to iPhone when 5 comes). Stupi thing is full but are they avail to d/l to year's end or avail to use then you'll lose access?

This sucks GAMES for kids, I dont own a BB
for games. This is how they thank us, Rim
can keep it.

"The selections over this period will include the following (with more to come)"
Just goes to show that you can't make everyone happy. Only about half of them are games and they said more apps will come. How about we wait and see how this plays out.

In the list it was 7 serious apps vs 5 games, perhaps you should have tried reading to the end of the list before posting.

Realistically this is not about thanking anyone it is a pr exercise after the outage and ignoring games while they are trying to demonstrate that their phones are more than just about business would make no sense for them.

Good step RIM. Sadly it will take a lot of actions similar to this to stop the bleeding from your consumer branch, especially in North America. I for one will be taking a break from RIM when my contract is up. I'll try another OS (likely Android) and maybe come back in a few years when my contract is up again. Or maybe I won't. ....

I'll say it again though. Kudo's to RIM. You might consider doing similar things too keep new customers coming into the fold. (I'll only miss the nice keyboards....)

N.O.V.A. or N.O.V.A 2? First ones not available on PlayBook yet?

Also wondering is it coincidence that they've decided to do this with apps that have voice recognition and similar, is it an attempt to challenge iPhone 4s' Siri? Or show that BB can do the same thing?

Dave, I agree too, for example Shazam! Not OS 7 compatible yet! -.-

This was my update on Facebook a second ago:

"As an inconvenience to RIM's BIS outage, RIM is offering free PREMIUM apps to their users as compensation, what has the "other" companies done to compensate for their mishaps? RIM, a company that owns up to it's mistakes. Apple, suck it."

Good to see RIM be a good sport. You should list which apps are for PlayBook and which are for BlackBerries.

WOW RIM, that's awesome.. Thanx!!! Great!! Didn't expect that. But why u offer apps 4 free which cannot use on OS 7 Devices, like Shazam??? That's stupid!!! Or will it be an update 4 shazam, so i can use it on my 9900??? ;))) that would be sweet!!!

I'm curious what will happen when these apps get updates. I downloaded some games for my PlayBook when the developer had them free and now that they are paid apps I cannot update without paying. RIM might have found a way to help developers out by getting people the paid versions of the apps and then charging for later updates once we've all gotten used to the apps. Still, I have the free app and wouldn't mind trying out the full version. Vlingo also looks good.

YES! what's the catch? I see the dates they are available does that mean we can use them until then for free or d/l them and they are ours to keep?

Hi @BarracudaBob,
Alex from RIM here. To answer your question, all of these apps will remain free for life for customers who download them through December 31st. The downloads start this week. If you experience issues with downloading the free version of any of these premium apps, please contact BlackBerry Customer Support either on Twitter (@BlackBerryHelp) or on Facebook (
If you have any other questions, check out the FAQ on our Facebook page, which we’ll be updating on a regular basis:
Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I really did not expect RIM to do this! Im thinking of getting Sims3, pro, and vlingo plus. Thank you RIM for looking out for your loyal customers like myself.

This is the least they could do frankly. I'm not knocking it - there are a few apps there which I've wanted but the price put me off. Also, this sort of puts the lie to the many claims of 'why are too few good apps on BAW?' Well I say 'sort of', the proportion of significantly popular apps is still clearly lower than on App Store etc. Still this is welcome. [BTW, yes I griped about the outage, but no, I didn't for a minute think of going iOS/Androd. I just wish RIM would improve frankly, their phones are my preference for a good reason.]

THIS IS great news however...lets go back to school on this...

70 Million Users + $100.00/a head = 7 BILLION dollars spent.

Is Blackberry really going to spend/lose that much money? If theyre losing in stocks and not making as much money as they used to, I really hope they have a sick ass game plan to re-coup that money back. Perhaps they'll come out with a sick ass phone...BBX/QNX that blows the competition out the water to gain some users back.

They probably paid each developer a flat rate for an unlimited number of downloads within that specific period of time. They're not paying $6 billion.

most likely the apps will be able to be loaded through BAW's website on your computer. which would benefit also those who have an bbm/email/social only plan

This is what I thought was going to happen following the outage. As with any inconvenience, it generally slows down, but doesn't stop your productivity in some instances. Nice way RIM to make good with us as their customers and our devices that much better with some decent free apps in the coming days +1.

Wondering if we ever need to re-install these in the future will they? Or will they be "trial periods" like the other paid apps that were for a time free.

Nothing like a freebie to restore confidence, just don't make this (service interruption) a regular event!

Nice move from RIM... but I hope to see some dedicated UK/European apps added to that list, considering we were the ones who suffered a full 3 days without BB services.

When Apple screws up, your told your holding the phone wrong; its all your own fault; and then gives you a free condom to wrap your phone. When RIM screws up, you get a
true apology and over $100 dollars of free apps. And what company is arrogant?

HINT - its not RIM. Well done RIM. Brilliant!

Love it!! Not only do we get free apps, but all those that say that RIM doesn't have great apps can now get them for free. This pushes apps into the hands of users out there! Great news.

The RIMPIRE strikes back!

really amazed at people being excited for RIMs bs deal for "paying" customers back. u lose complete productivity for over 3 days and are happy with a bunch of free games??? seriously???

lost productivity? i was sitting in my office while BB email was down, i received all on my computer, sure some suffered more but the vast majority experienced just a small inconvenience.

I bet both... Appworld uses bbid... When I purchase an app on either my phone or pb it is downloadable on both (providing its supported on both)... Try it, it works

i knew i shouldn't have bought bejeweled so soon, all things become free in time, this is great though been wanting to try nova

Why $100 worth of just apps.. Why not a $100 voucher for a new phone? Some of us have old BB, and with all these apps, it just slows the phone down... Its a nice thing, but let us coustomers be able to choose, $100 worth of apps to slow the phone down, or $100 towards a new phone..

What an excellent way to more than handle the situation. Generosity like that makes customers feel truly valued and RIM deserves all the good PR that will come from it. Way to turn a bad note on their history into a good one!

This is great. Thank you RIM.. Now, how can I get Shazam Encore on my 9900 USA, if it is not supported. However, I see 9930 is supported.
Anyone, how can I get this premium app???

Vlingo pro and drive safe pro that's 40$ and i still have 60$ left to spend.How in the hell can anyone complain over this? I would be willing to bet the ones complaining about the free stuff are the ones who really weren't affected by the outage too!! Thanks Rim Free makes me happy!

Way to be noble, RIM! That's taking care of your customer. I'll be getting Vlingo again I think; haven't used that since I rocked a Pearl.

I guess this means that AT&T should give it up everytime someone can't get a call through thier clogged network, or when the drop ten calls in a row...

Rather than apps I would never use, I would happily, graciously and gratuitously accept a Playbook. Just saying.

Is it me or is sims 3 not available for download yet on the BB phone or Playbook? I just did a search for it in app world.

If they're available for playbook I do believe they will count. Like I said earlier, if you purchase an app on either your phone or your pb you can also download it on the other... Try it out, it works that way for paid apps, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for these...

Awesome RIM! Look forward to spending some time in the App World.

Can't wait to see how BGR spins this. They're becoming the Fox News of the smartphone world.

Unexpected and excellent gift. Thanks, RIM!

Pay no attention to whiners. When you read their posts they all have a child-like, one-dimensional view with no understanding of how things work. Just greedy, noisey little mouths wide open. RIM would not (could not) intend for everyone to get $100 worth. They are offering a geat gift where customers can look through a menu and hopefully find something they like that fits their device and OS. The only legit question is from those wthout App World and I am sure RIM is going to come up with a way to handle that.

As to the "more to come" part .... my guess is RIM sent notices to developers with some kind of flat rate offer plus requirements for their app as far as OS and functionality. Then if a developer is interested they can apply to be included. What do you bet we see some upgrades before they are released to include OS7? RIM might even be offering a little bit of tech support to developers. It would also make sense to announce things that would add to the fun and excitement of DevCon. That goodness would ripple through CrackBerry straight to us.

HOPEFULLY RIMS's marketing people are looking at many angles, including a press release.


doesn't help those with older models, now does it.

if it weren't for the physical keyboard and more secure server, BB would be nothing.

Good news -- may relieve pain for some BB users (I am one). A $50.00 rebate from RIM on my next purchase of BB device would interest me more than apps.

That's great RIM, really proud of you going the extra mile when not many would. Good job! Make sure you put that out to the press as well, get some positive news for a change.

For a one day outage (US), this is pretty good. Let's hope they follow this up with good news tomorrow because they need it if this pullback in the market is real.

While i appreciate this gesture, I feel frustrated still because most app's that I would be interested in still aren't even available for my bold free apps aren't really good for me when I can't even get them even if I was willing to pay for them. :S

As much as I am a supporter of RIM and recently returned to the fold, I feel a return to Apple is in my near future given that the support for my device still isn't very strong at this point. (Not trying to be a RIM debbie downer, just my honest feeling at the moment!).

Wow! What a great move on RIM's part.

When the post went up a few days ago asking people what they wanted to see, (which no doubt RIM paid close attention too, as I imagine they do with a lot of crackberry posts) the most common request was a $5 dollar app world credit. Personally I didn't want anything, most of us would have been pretty satisfied with the $5 dollar credit (whinners need not apply) but for RIM to knock it out of the park with $100 dollars of free apps is a great marketing move.

Now for those of you thinking RIM is giving away 7 billion dollars. No. Chances are developers are being likely being paid pennies per download, AND I would estimate over half of blackberry owners, business etc will not download any apps, but that still leaves 10's of millions of potential downloads which is a great opportunity for developers to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and for RIM to not only get some great press but hopefully really boost developer confidence and total app downloads in an effort to entice for developers to bring apps to the BB OS or at least make sure they offer up their andriod apps to be signed for the andriod app player.

I love RIM and Blackberry and i'm in it for the long haul, but hey, I do like apps..and it does bother me a little when I see a cool app and then find out its only available for IOS, or andriod or both but not blackberry. Now is RIM's time to stand up show the world that their hardware in the BB7 devices as well as the playbook are on par or better and can handle AND will get the downloads of all the apps developers are currently making for its rival platforms, and bring those developers on board!

I really appreciate the gesture. However, I have theBold 9900 and many of the apps that I would like are not avaialble. So, what do people like me do? Maybe they should have offered a $50 cash refund to all bb account holders via thier providers and a $50 bb world credit.

Why is RIMM down 4% on the markets? They are reacting to there customers desires for action. Even if this costs them 100 million, RIMM has 0 debt and like 5 billion in cash. This will be good for app developers too, give them more cash to continue to develop great apps for BB and PB. Good on you RIMM for addressing the issue in a short period of time.

Why is it down? Because every time RIM gives signs of life, the markets don't like it. The markets want RIM to be sold. That's why every time there is a sell out rumour, the stock goes up 10%. Welcome to the World Casino.

Amazing! Not only does this go a long way in reimbursing blackberry customers but it also rewards developers too.

I wonder if this will also entice some more people to buy the Playbook especially if they can take advantage still of the Radio Shack/Circuit City promo.

I had a feeling they'd offer up some free apps, I knew I should of said something earlier lol, oh well, nice.

Too bad Shazam encore isn't available for OS 7. Devs, hurry up and release an updated version for us!

I was so happy when I seen this. But as I read other members' posts, some of them made a good point about some of the apps listed not being supported on os7. I love my blackberry 9900 but I'm afraid some of the apps listed might be useless for us os7 users.

Remember folks.. the promo is good until the end of December! and Devcon starts tomorrow.. I would imagine you will see most of your favorite apps updated for BB7 thereafter ;)

Just hearing news stories on the radio and tv breaking now about this - finally some good news for RIM in the press. News1130 and CKNW in Vancouver have been very positive on reporting this story. Nice to see.

NICE :-) This makes me feel a bit better. It gives me hope that they're taking this seriously and that it won't happen again--at least not for several days straight!

I already purchased a bunch of these ... what happens if you already own the premium apps they are offering???

Don't you think it makes more sense if RIM gives us $100 worth of free apps/game credit so we can pick anything that is useful for us?

The thing is I have a 9900 and most of these apps don't even work on my device.

It might make more sense to us as individuals, but not at all for RIM, they will have agreed specific deals with particular devs/publishers that are costing them a lot less.

This is not about handing out an entire new set of apps to each person it is about them giving us something they have no obligation to do so and rather than whining about the ones they can't get, people should be glad about the ones they can get.

I think with the outage it will result in RIM improving their systems and email handling making the company much stronger over the long run. ..looking forward to the many Android apps that will be eventually made available in the near future. :]

You guys are actually happy about this? $100 worth of terrible apps for free. I've been a BlackBerry user for 7 years. My first BlackBerry was the 7100t, I now have the Bold 9780. This is a telling very desperate move. I don't need a "thank you" for continuing to use the product. I like the product. I need them to release a desireable and competitve handset. Plain and simple. OS7 is a total joke. If BBX doesn't compete RIM will be in serious trouble, and I will take a very serious look at an Android handset with a physical keyboard.

Thank you RIM! I didn't require anything for your troubles but it is nice to see you did something for all those that did. I have an os7 phone and if none of those apps work- I am cool with that cuz I feel my phone is better than the older phones (no offense to anyone with an older phone). I realize that you are in the tech business and I also realize that sometimes things happen in that business which are beyond anyones's control. I don't feel betrayed because something went wrong and my emails weren't coming thru. I didn't lose trust in YOU as a company and service provider.
You will never please everyone all the time. Just keep moving forward and again- THANK YOU!

What happens to all the people that don't have or want App (Crap) World on their phone? Are we left out in the cold?

This is nice! I didn't expect or want anything but it is a very nice gesture by RIM. I'm very appreciative! Thanks, RIM!

I already love Vlingo, Shazam, and Photo Editor Ultimate!

Well my Blackberry is through work, and they block App downloads. So I guess I'm out.

I'd rather they use the $100 so I could get a free early upgrade, I'm already sick of the Torch 9800, I want the 9900!

RIM you got character. When the iPhone was confirmed to drop your calls SJ said you can bring it back or we will give you a $5.00 case.

I love RIM, I love my Bold 9930, and I love how they don't try to force feed me their stuff only.

Thanks RIM.

Mike L. I think you are the man! For those who say you can't innovate I just think they should look at the Bold 9930. It rocks!

Thank you so much RIM i am truly appreciative that you are trying your best for the past service outages that is excellent news i never expected this wow RIM!!

A loyal RIM customer you earned it.

I really don't think that this is necessary I'm just glad they got service up and running again in relatively short order. That being said who am I to say no to free games and apps. What I really woulld like to see is them guarantee that this never happens again and take whatever measures needed to assure this.

okay, you all may hate me for this but i just want to be Honest here.
i don't need your free apps as i already bought apps that are important for me.
and i don't need free games either as i use my Blackberry for businnes phone, not leisure phone.
if i want to play games, i should get and iPad instead cause the games are much better on their paltform.
i just want to say that RIM don't really need give free apps or games (as the apps for their phone is limited anyway)
instead give us , Blackberry users, reliable service
and just to add up.
can you please do something about your 9900/9930 devices ?
your quality control is very very bad for this phone.
i'm on my fifth device right now and still have some problems, like the squeaky ktrackpad, and trackpad like to move by itself.
and instead of giving us free apps worth of $100,
why don't you make a "good" OS for 9900/9930 ?
your flagship phones, that battery life is not even enough for half a day!

this is your flagship model for God Sake
and this is bussiness phone.

if i have to charged it everywhere i go, i might as well bring my laptop with a built in modem instead.

sorry if i sounded harsh,
but i really dissapointed in your company, after i've been a long time loyal customer.
i just releasing my steam now.

do something or you gonna lose more of your fans.

I certainly did not expect this. My only wish that isn't on this list is some games that make use of OpenGL (for the OS7 devices), and BeReader ($10 >.>). But I'm stoked to try out all of these are that compatible with my Torch 9810! Thanks RIM!

Nice gesture but the app world and apps are not why most people use a blackberry...Apple and Droid have that market snuffed out.

Give us all a 100 dollar voucher for a qnx phone if you are real sorry...

I asked a question earlier and now have another 1. Are these apps going to work on os7 2,are they available in uk where we actually had the 3 day outage ??

Would love UMA/Wi-Fi calling, & NFC, on my TMo Bold 9900.
This phone ROCKS; battery life is iffy, compared to my 9700
Guess the 4G drains the life out of it

this is just total B.S for P.R, seriously, if i wanted apps i'd get an iPhone, I have a BB for stability and getting my emails to me faster than they get into my Outlook, stick the free apps and invest in failover network topology and provide the services that you're supposed to

Pftt. Rubbish... Games on bb are poor, gaming on a bb is worse. These apps suck, it makes sonys "welcome back" look appealing.

I wasn't expecting anything, but it is nice of them to offer free apps. Too bad my 9000 has no room for apps & I still can't get the 9900 from AT&T!!! I wish I knew why. Are they going to have a better one at AT&T?????

I wasn't expecting anything as well. I'm getting a Playbook soon and I read the apps are good for Playbooks as well. Woohoo! Thank you RIM! You guys ROCK!!!

BlackBerry fan forever. :)

Funny part is some app don't work on every OS for example Shazam don't work on my 7OS yet... That's one of the many prices owners of BB (like me) have to pay... That happens to iPhone or android?

I just wanna say that i am pleased with this news but i got some great apps that i can't download on this bold what is very annoying..

Great idea but in a couple of weeks all those apps are going to need an upgrade for them to function properly and yes we all will have to pay for that upgrade!!! Its all about getting people to DL the apps use it for a few months and then pay the full price.

Good try RIM but guess what i will be downloading those free swags Wednesday morning!!!!

In my country there are not available some apps, is there a way I can create a US account or what will happen in this case?
Thank you!

I didnt vote because the poll doesnt have my answer. $100 in apps is blah, i have been a BlackBerry user for enough years that if i wanted anything they're offering i would have bought it already. I stand by my statement that updating BBM to let users block broadcasts would have been better than apps i don't want

ya its nice of them, but i can honestly say i dont need or want any of those apps, and this just goes to show the incredible lack of app support on the BB platform. bejeweled and the sims? cool..

I think it's a great offer. They're betting for a low take rate since most folks don't get the memo. You wouldn't believe the number of business users I know that have never been to App World and wouldn't even know how to use BBDM. Here in the tropics of Canada we at worst marginally impacted so there isn't much bad will. I don't think my Enterprise ever hick-uped.

The outtage was just part of what society is today.... We cannot live without technology!!!!!! this is a great gesture from RIM. They did not have to do anything.... things happen. People need to stop complaining.... or get an iphone dammit... and I just heard the news here in California, SPANISH News and they are promoting this! so RIM is finally out there maybe not in the best situation but many many who maybe did not know what BLACKBERRY is about now they do!!! sometimes bad publicity can turn out to be a good thing!!!

just my 38cents

This is amazing not only did I expect anything but to go above all our suggestions of a small credit in app world and bring us $100 worth of apps is awesome.

Although I was one of the lucky ones to only have my service down for a day, I am extreamly grateful for this offer from RIM to build trust (Mainly for the people looking for any reason to "Jump Ship", as I am a true BB Fan and will not get discouraged with any little hiccup that RIM may have) with their customers.

Again, Thank you RIM for being a great provider and for taking your blows and continuing to FIGHT.


While it is great they trying to make us happy with some freebies......the way they are going about making them available leaves a bit to be desired. I personally would love the Vlingo app, it was awesome on my last device which was an android. But why make them available one or two at a time? Just put them all out. Now I have to keep going back and checking to see when the one or two I want to try out are available. Which honestly is more annoying than anything else.

Here are some free apps, but you can only have these 2 for now.....I mean come on RIM why do you have to make everything so damn difficult and frustrating?

It's been awhile now and there are only two complimentary apps available so far and it's now October 24. What's the timeline? I was hoping to see Vlingo post on the list, is that still going to happen??