Research In Motion now showing off the BlackBerry Style before it hits stores

BlackBerry Style
By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 02:02 am EDT

Now that the BlackBerry Style is all official, Research In Motion and Sprint have been taking the device on the road and showing it to folks even before it gets into stores. Probably something that should have been done at DevCon but, hey we're not judging here. The fine folks over at Engadget had a NYC meetup and had the chance to get a little close with the BlackBerry Style. Of course, we'll be giving the device a full run through shortly here on CrackBerry but the lighting in the above picture does show off the device rather nicely. Be sure to check out the full spec sheet, image gallery and press release we previously posted if the 9670 is your Style.

Source: Engadget

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Research In Motion now showing off the BlackBerry Style before it hits stores


The style is a great phone which will make a lot of people happy im sure, but where is the notorious 9780 amongst all of this, its probably the most leaked pre release phone of all time and its expected release date for 2 carriers was yesterday!! Im sick of waiting....

this phone will be a massive upgrade from the previous flip, with good specs and all, but one thing that im weary of is the keyboard, and by the looks of it, its the same flush keyboard from the 9800 :(

alllright just in time. I was gonna pick up the bold but the style has my name alll over it. bbos6. cool! my Tour was getting on my nerves cause i was butt dialing ppl, even dialed girlfriend #1 while with Girl#2. not good. flip phone will do me fine. im diggin it. Old school meets New school.

I agree, I had a StarTac and that's just what it looks like. Maybe RIM is going for the Retro look since all it's phones look old and dated?

What about the Style resembles a StarTac? I had a StarTac in high school and it looked nothing like this. It was all black, had one small screen, battery on the top part of the phone, and an antenna that you pulled out. About the only resemblance these two phones share is that they are flip phones.

Just sayin'...

Is it me or.......
I have noticed in recant times that BB kepads are becoming smaller and overall BB experience is ruined with this.

I hope RIM comes up with 9000 refresh (trackpad,512 RAM+ROM)
Hope RIM reads this

I so agree, I'd love for RIM to make a 9000 refresh available to all............... I think the 9000 bold is the best looking bb by far. So frustrated with RIM!

I have an upgrade coming and the phone I have been waiting for is coming out!!!

The keyboard may look small but for anyone who had the lotus will tell you it's actually better sized than the candy bar style keypad!

Sprint will do well with this as they already had a market who use phones of this shape and style, now we get the apps to go with it!

Does anyone else find it strange and inconsistent with other current products that this unit doesn't have the product name "Style" printed on the back near the camera and flash?

Once I got into blackberry, I was out of the flip phone phase and never planned on going back. But after seeing this I have a whole new perspective with blackberry flip phones. This one looks much better than he last flip phone. Very sleek and beautiful looking blackberry. Love it!

looks to me like one of the free phones wiht a keyboard =\ thanks sprint. wish we were getting a better "new bb"

This is the phone that forced me to buy an android phone as it was my only possible *upgrade* for a Blackberry and I wanted a *real upgrade*.. I held onto my upgrade for months hoping for something... I refuse to buy a phone that offers nothing 'new' ... With the QNX tablet RIM has surprised me, if those specs hold true, and I am hoping they can transfer that to better phones.

If they have a red model, it might be enough to convince me to get one. The style is truely the best looking flip phone ever!

I don't like the design, at all. What happened to sleek, slim, sexy. I'm not looking for clunky and clammy (Haha). I DO like the color, but wouldn't want to stick with it forever, tastes change.

This phone needs to be made available to Verizon which I'm stick wit or if I could get one unlocked that would be great I have been waiting for a bb flip like this soo excited if Verizon gets it or if I get my hands on an unlocked one