Research In Motion looking for sale to Samsung?!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2012 11:26 am EST

Now this is crazy/fun news for a Tuesday morning.... With Research In Motion's stock price low these days, rumors of a RIM acquisition by another company have been whispered about for a while now. Behind the scenes we've heard company names anywhere from Amazon and Orange (the carrier) be rumored about and today BGR has thrown fuel on the fire adding Samsung as the company RIM would want to be acquired by.

According to one of BGR's sources, RIM is looking at all options right now, including potential sale of a division or even the whole company, and the company RIM's Co-CEO is targeting is Samsung. Asking sales price of RIM is reported to be in the $12 to $15 billion range, which is arguably a little high given RIM's current $8.5 billion market cap.

Pretty crazy stuff. I've said on our podcasts before that in terms of companies, Samsung is one of the best positioned out there. And heck, Samsung has already picked up quite a few former RIM employees. I love my BlackBerry and RIM and want them to succeed on their own, but if an aquisition were to happen, a Samsung w/ BlackBerry could be hugely powerful force to be reckoned with in the mobile space. We'll report more as the story develops. Stay tuned. In the meantime, sound off in the comments with your reactions on this one!

Source: BGR

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Research In Motion looking for sale to Samsung?!

112 Comments hardly doubt that anything in this article is remotely true. After all, BGR has a habit of reporting their wildest fantasies whenever there's a slow news day.

when it comes to RIM, BGR has a very good track record.

Do you think nothing is going to be done with the current stock prices? How about NOkia/Microsoft?


You might want to double check their track record. They are always eager to be the 1st to post anything that has to do with RIM and they often don't check their sources. They're right less than 50% of the time, especially when it comes to "trusted sources"

I've noticed the same thing. They seem to have a hate-on for RIM or have stock in Apple. They keep reporting this bs hoping to undermine RIM. Don't believe the hype.

If RIM had BB10 phones in the market and a playbook with native email, autocorrect and BBM, no one would give a crap what BGR said.

I too hate BGR for spewing it's crap but the only reason it can do so is that RIM has made serious errors.

I had read somewhere that BooGeR was purchased by a company owned by Steve Wozniak. I guess that would make them eyeBooGeR.

Dude... their "trusted source" is their imagination... they play ugly game on BGR... when ever they have nothing to post they post some "trusted source" information about RIM... :S

BGR blogs a monthly rumor about RIM for as long as I can remember, and it is out of Jonathan Geller's butt every time.

One of these days I hope RIM sues him and shuts down that joke of a web site.

It makes perfect sense. RIM's share price is in "takeover" range, and Samsung is looking for an effective way to enter the Enterprise market. Makes a whole lotta sense actually.
Think about it...A Blackberry with Android running BES/BIS with BBM built in? Compelling....

No way this will happen. BGR is always bullshit. Don't know why anyone bothers even checking the site...

If RIM sold to Samsung I know I would change my mind about buying any more devices. Samsung is pretty terrible. Have a Samsung tv that needed to be recalled. Samsung printer that has convinced me to only ever buy Brother printers. Samsung phones also have their special issues with android apps. I used to like them but I very much prefer having RIM quality devices over Samsung quality. The playbook is well built. Take Samsung's 7 inch tablet and you'll see its not quite as good.

I can't see the US and Canadian governments allowing this too happen. They have too much secret information invested in RIM. The Harper government blocked BHP from taking over PotashCorp to keep the company Canadian.

RIM has 2.0 coming, it has BB10 with TAT and QNX at least wait to see then if it picks up. I think the investors would rather just have Jim and Mike out of the picture or someone with the balls to do it.

Ditto... There is already a better 'feel' to BB this year. Get rid of the ones who put them in this position would make more sense as the first step.

Jumping to sell out the whole company seems like rash and would likely only favor the two who put RIM in this position.

Hope it doesn't happen.

I agree, I think investors just really want Mike and Jim gone. At the end of the month and into February we should be hearing about RIM's core efficiencies program.

I think that RIM should wait and so should the investors. If anything last year was the year to sell the company. You plowed through the crap all last year and now your almost at the beginning of what could be a turn around and then you sell? Would be another stupid move by Jim and Mike. But they are always 12 months behind...

I agree with you. The Canadian gov't will not let RIM be sold. The Canadian Gov't tends to cater to its national champions (ie, RIM, Bombardier, etc) so if RIM ever wants anything from the gov't (like subsidies) they'll get it and this will happen as long as RIM is a Canadian company. You can call BS on this story.

If it doesn't pick up, the company will be worthless. They are selling high (relatively to their recent stock price)

Agreed, plus has anyone noticed RIMs stock price today. It's up near the $18 dollar mark. Yes still way below where it should be but up double digits since it bottom out at $12.80. RIM is set to make a come back in 2012 providing the media reports with out a bais slant against RIM and short sellers focus on someone else..

If it is the best that can happen for BlackBerry users and abusers, it's all good, Kev. This would add awesome displays and way better responsiveness to future BB Superphones!!!

How can you assert that if you never had a chance to try the first BB10 phone?

Let us see the phone first, and then we'll discuss.

Assert what? First, I never said the current (cause even if they're not in the market, BB10 phones do exist) BB superphones won't be responsive enough or their displays won't be good enough. I said, based on the fact that Samsung is a leading manufacturer and is always launching innovative devices with cutting edge displays and great responsiveness which is something RIM hasn't been able to achieve on time , that given a purchase of our loved Canadian company from this Korean giant, we would have way better devices. That's all. I have a OS6 Bold 9700 and I don't complain a bit about my smartphone.

In all honesty, I have yet to see a Samsung smart phone, or any feature phone that doesn't feel cheap. So if they start building BB's, then I see that going the same way. I personally hate Samsung products and refuse to buy them. I bought a Sylvania TV over a Samsung and it has better build quality and was cheaper. :s

Boldly sent from my 9930

Seems to me like a rumor meant to temporarily raise the stock price (which has gone up about $1 in the last hour) so somebody can make a quick buck.

UPDATE: RIM up roughly 5% from yesterday at the moment.

Oh man, I see communist around the corner. Kidding.

But with all seriousness I think RIM has its hands in too many things with obligations to fill as well as a different working atmosphere compared to most companies to make it a company you would want to purchase if you have your already have your own obligations to fill here and there.

Samsung makes some really nice products. I guess if f there has to be a merger, this would be as good as any, and better than a lot!

"Reports that RIM is currently in talks to license its software to other vendors are accurate according to our trusted sources, though we have been told that RIM is most likely leaning toward an outright sale of one or more divisions, or even the whole company"

So they are licensing software? or selling a division? or a few divisions? or the whole company?

Oh please! Sounds like BS to me.
Kevin if this information were to hold any merit wouldn't you have caught wind of this through your own sources? Who is BGR? I mean, what kind of source could they have in RIM that would not have went to Crackberry Kevin first?

REALY? BGR's "inside source" said last month that RIM can't get email working. 2 weeks later we saw it at CES.

BGR reports all sorts of rumours. Eventualy they get one right after having made 100 guesses. It's got nothing to do with their sources, it's got to do with the laws of probability.

Actually this does make a lot of sense for Samsung.

Samsung has just tied in two open-source projects into their Bada platform. They clearly want to have their own OS and they want that OS to go into everything from cars to windows. Not to mention that Samsung is a massive company with lots of divisions for which they could use QNX, if they already don't.

To be honest, I personally wouldn't mind this at all. Samsung can produce great hardware and fast--need better designs. If they combine all their platforms into one QNX based platform it could be a stellar platform--and possibly ward off apple since QNX has been around a long time. Think of having a BlackBerry phone that ties into all your home gear from your TV to your thermostat.

Now just imagine if they did all this and made it open-source. Android would have some serious competition.

But it's all rumor for now. . .

I agree this would make a lot of sense for Samsung. I can see them being very interested in QNX. BUT I'm not sure it's a great for Blackberry :(

BGR = Bullshit Generating Report

But I digress.

I personally don't want RIM to be purchased by anyone. I think 2012 will be a positive year for them.

That should be:
BGR - Bullshit Generating Reports

It should be plural as they are always making these BS reports

I think BGR need to understand the Canadian Laws before spreading rumours like this. I have to agree with Kingkracker. Boy Genius isn't really a genius at all, I can come up with better rumours than he can but who has the time!

This wont happen. Slow news day at BGR for sure. However this will be good to boost RIMM's stock price, which needs any boost it can get.

Kevin... Why are you enabling BGR by posting this crap on CB??? I come to CB for BB news, not rumors from other sites with no sources to back up their info. Shame on you, Kevin.


Kevin, any crap, er I mean 'news' from BGR really needs to be taken with a large grain of salt before you post it here. I would consider it poison control.

while BB10 would look sick on a Samsung device, I highly doubt the rumor to be true. And if it were, will Samsung keep the Blackberry design form in future BBX phones? A Blackberry is easily recognizable anywhere and I hope that RIM or whoever will take over keeps this design. We really don't need another generic looking device. The iPhone is recognizable anywhere because of the look and so is BB. Android devices are all a generic blob and I hope RIM will do the right thing...

RIM must somehow think these rumors are helpful to them. The temporary boost in stock price is nothing to the lasting damage done to their image as a risky IT investment.

All over the country IT departments are meeting this afternoon to discuss what a purchase or RIM bankruptcy will mean to their investment in BES and blackberry. Canada is not the US. If a Samsung deal happens could Sammy shutter the RIM servers? If a deal does not happen, could the stock price plunge under $10 a share? No BB10 handsets for another 9-10 months means a few more dissapointing quarterly earnings calls. With the US government (not so quietly) and many industries already exiting the BES infrastructure RIM is supplying nails to the overly anxious undertaker.

BGR is a 50/50 news source that comments on rumors. I wouldn't put too much faith in this information unless some creditable resources come forward.

Also for them to reject Amazon only to go with Samsung isn't to believable. Amazon had the cloud infrastructure they needed, trusted in the business and could benefit from the QNX. Samsung has adopted Android and WP7, I doubt they want another OS.

Kevin: "Asking sales price of RIM is reported to be in the $12 to $15 billion range, which is arguably a little high given RIM's current $8.5 billion market cap."

Analyst have already stated for investors to even agree to a sale, it would have to be a high valued offer as investors with the buy and hold strategy are looking to recoup there losses. A submission at market value most likely will be defeated at the investor level before even going to the government.

great move samsung. with android and bbx in the pocket, lets beat iOS, viva samsung, definitely gonna buy any samsung bbx device.

Nope; I'm a blackberry guy, but if RIM goes for a dive anytime soon I'll be snapping up one of those Galaxy series phones by Samsung. It's the best in the Android market, and far better than the iphone.

I doubt it, but I agree with the statement that from a technical viewpoint Samsung is quite possibly the best fit. They're huge with products across the board so they can compete as an ecosystem, which BlackBerry can't on its own. They don't already have an established OS of their own, and ever since Google bought Motorola I suspect some of their other partners are skeptical about sticking around paying patent fees to be a part of a very fragmented marketplace. I'm still hoping that if they have to get bought out (and I don't think they will) that it be from Microsoft, though, and that they create some hybrid OS with the QNX power, the Metro interface, and the Microsoft ecosystem potential.

Wow, I hope not. I'm really happy with the Bold 9900 as it is. I've used plenty of Samsung phones and I can only imagine a Samsung Bold would just be disappointing by comparison.

who said BGR is accurate when it comes to RIM.? isnt that the same site that had a 'trusted source' swear BB10 and PB OS 2.0 was a fail and incomplete, only to have RIM shut them down by showing off 2.0 at CES? I call bs rumor all day

Rim's been showing off a native email client for how long now? Like 8 months ago the showed it. No? Just because they re-showed it doesn't mean anything is done. BGR could still be correct

well seeing as how Kevin has access to all of this on his own pb and this was the first official press release on it, i'm inclined to stand by my statement.

lol i was about to post the exact same thing, their last fail of a rumor wasn't even a month ago. kevin dont you have a way to contact them? ask them what their "trusted source" is saying about native email etc. now.

i wish people would stop posting about bgr's rumours. they have hardly been close to true lately, and i'm pretty tired of it. got so bad that i just removed bgr from my rss reader.

Bgr is saying bulls so that people can read their crap. Basically in simple terms, I don't want to be owning a samberry. What an ew... Name...


I sure hope that RIM value will rise to more than 12 billion once it gets its act together. Even $15 billion seems like peanuts compared to what it used to be a few years ago.

i'd only continue supporting RIM as long as they stay independent, or sell to Microsoft or Asus (or one of the less evil companies). If it becomes Korean, i'd certainly walk away in disgust

I doubt any of this would actually happen. One theory would be that RIM sees a positive aspect to its stock price going down: buy a boat load of RIMM stock at slashed down prices, create good products, hype here and there, couple rumors, and bang. Stock price already up more than 6% today, similar rises when previous 'false' rumors turn up. I think they have a lot of faith in themselves with a good fan base.. They aren't going anywhere

While I'm not a huge fan of RIM being sold, Samsung would probably increase their hardware, supply chain and therefore profit margins. Microsoft also makes sense to me. I'd prefer to see how this year goes and if they can't compete with BB10 then sold they will be.

I hope this does not happen as I think Samsung stuff is mostly mediocre at best. RIMM should be buying back their stock and take the company private. That way they don't care what the idiots on Wall street think.

Well I think hardware is a goodthing but there will be a time that you will only need to change the inside. The iphoe ha outlasted a lot of forms with only one facelift. If RIM Is going to be bought out I would preferit to be by someone that brings omething more than OLED displays and whatevver hardware that can be bought in the open market. I have a PB 64G ad a many of you I won't change it for anyof the tablets out there so that is not the problem. I believe is content and a Jeff Beznos said at the a tablet will be just something else to access information. I would prefer a transacionn with Amazon or Microsoft because they bring more things to the table than hardware which Samsung succeeds at.

It would be interesting to know if the staff at BGR are trying to make a quick buck by flipping RIM stock.

The $8.5 billion in market cap as mentioned doesn't include the market value of RIM's patents Those alone are worth a few more billion.

Anyone looking to buy RIM would need more money than god for all that sits in RIM's huge vault of and non cash.

If u bought shares anywhere below $16 per, can u say cha-ching!!!!!

BGR is not a reliable source.

This is not a good hypothetical scenario for RIM. It's obvious Samsung would want patents and know-how...BlackBerry would cease to exist with a Samsung buy-out.

Hypothetically, I would think RIM would sell-out to Microsoft first. Samsung would also buy into government contracts and this is a security risk for North America.

Rumors like this do one thing and it just happens to be the one thing rim needs right now...a jump in stock..publicity stunt and its working :)

I supposed BGR figured they can't short RIM anymore and bought some stock cheap and figured they give it a boost with some rumors! Investors are falling for it! Check out the stock price, it in the $17 range.

For the comments where the Canadian Government would not allow RIM to be sold, I have news for you. The Government may have some stipulations but as for an actual acquisition they do not have any control over. If Balsillie wants to sell RIM to Samsung or whoever then he will go ahead and sell the company if it is in the best interest. I only ask to keep the RIM offices in Waterloo to stay on Canadian soil.

Some examples of Canadian companies being bought out - Woolco to Walmart, Molson to George Gillette an American, Zellers to Target, two NHL teams (although one came back).

That's incorrect as the Canadian government could in fact block this alleged sale if they wanted to under the Investment Canada Act. Although Rare, in recent years both the Potash Corporation and MacDonald, Dettwiler & Associates have been prevented from being sold.

Basically, the act allows the Canadian government to block foreign investments if they don't provide a net benefit to Canada. My understanding is that the investment must be of considerable size (over several hundred million dollars rings a bell) and there may be some other considerations if the investment is of a security concern or is the sole player in a market.

Seeing how Samsung has become a leader in many markets, I would only be glad if the acquisition actually happened.

Samsung is the largest seller of smart phones in the world. Their own Exynos chip in the GS2 is considered world class. With allshare your smart phone doesn't just work with your tablet, but both (tablet and smart phone)with the big screen tv as well. My first thoughts are that the merger of a company that absolutely understands where media/entertainment is going (Samsung) with a company that completely understands what business needs will be would be a marriage made in heaven for both that would improve the product and keep it competitive with what comes from Cupertino. Melded with world class hardware Samsung has access to both in and out of house, I think you can sign me up for the 2013 Bold Nexus 9990. (yeah I know Nexus belongs to Google but I am trying to make a point and I didn't have another word that would illustrate the point as well :-) ).

Anyone acquiring RIM will have to pass the US security scrutiny because of ECC acquired through the acquisition of Certicom, which is one of the 4 security cornerstones of US security for the next few decades according to the NSA as presented in a RSA Conference. Amazon is interesting but hard to see the synergy. Intel and IBM are the dark horses and RIM can add a lot to these companies.

The US govt. has been seeking alternatives to the BES platform for more than a year and that pace has recently accelerated. If the NOC was shuttered today, the govt would be caught flat footed, but within a few more months they will have a full contigency plan in-place.

BGR is one of a group of Apple sponsored PR outlets.

Their owners are backed by Steve Wozniak.

This is calculated to generate negativity toward RIM by enterprises and government organisations that trust RIM precisely because it's North American based.

Apple are desperate to grow their market and facing massive competition from Google.

no that would be a bad idea, don't mix android with blackberry, especially since RIM is Canadian

I don't know how this can be considered a good thing. Samsung is an okay company, but they may not necessarily want to drive in the same direction RIM does.

If RIM were to sell out, I'd switch to Android no matter how good BB 10 is. I'm sick and tired of every semi-successful Canadian company selling out. When standing on any street corner in a Canadian city, I don't think Canadians realize just how few recognizable brands are even Canadian anymore.

Canadians are among the wealthiest people (as a nationality) in the world. They do just fine, brands or not. I wouldn't cry for Canada if RIM gets bought - although I doubt that will happen.

RIM will not be allowed to be sold, it's never EVER going to happen. It will fold first. You should know this... C'mon....
Gov simply will not allow it.

Samsung only makes good Televisions, their other stuff is cheap crap! Rim makes a great product, don't want to see them get bought out

RIM cares about its self- image and makes all its phones feel of superior quality, regardless of what they're meant to be: low- end, high- end, consumer or even enterprise. It doesn't make a difference they got in here to make better phones and they won't end up as a sell- out industry or in this case "for sale" industry. If they ever intended on ditching their work, it would be either by shutting it down or giving it away for someone who regards what he offers as self- respect, and not some sort of Samsung- ish company that regard an AMOLED- stuffed plastic case as cutting edge.

On the topic, I'd like to see RIM adding some bells and whistles to its phones, too. I mean I know it's ultimately business phone makers, but RIM itself said they intend to create a balance between our business and personal lives through what they offer. I can't relinquish my berry because nobody does business as efficient as it does, but I'd like some FullHD screen or some dazzling superior speakers on my phone, too.

It's a garbage story. RIM is trying to sell it's platform to other vendors and Samsung appears to have expressed an interest. This was reported a little whiile ago so nothing new there. Nokia provided BlackBerry Connect for years.

The "trusted source" is probably an ex-RIM employee who appears to have been supplying BGR with information (limited) for years and now works for Samsung marketing.

BGR published this story at 11 am and within minutes over a million shares in RIM were purchased.

Nice way to make money - assuming you have a cool 20 million to play with.

OOooh, then I could control my Samsung Window with my playbook! or make my playbook into a window. One or the other, lol

I'm a fan of both companies. Samsung makes great products. They should be flush with cash. Korean or Canadian, I suppose it would be okay for a "Kornadian" combo to save RIM.

Maybe change the name to Rimsung.

I would love to see the stock trading history of the of the BGR editors, friends and family.
BGR is the only one posting these "exclusive" stories, positive or negative and wonder if they buy stock after a bad story and a day before a positive story.

The Securities commission should investigate.

bgr operates to generate readership and attention. it deflects any accountability by quoting anonymous sources. that in it self should serve as a warning that the validity of any "breaking news" should be considered pending until officially announced by the subject organization or corroborated by a reputable named news source.

while it makes for interesting reading, anyone gullible enough to believe every single printed word on bgr isn't anyone we need to worry about.