Research In Motion Limited OFFICIALLY renamed to BlackBerry Limited

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jul 2013 10:36 am EDT

Back at the BlackBerry 10 launch event in NYC it was announced that Research In Motion was being rebranded to BlackBerry. RIM was out - BBRY was in. While the name had been adopted it couldn't be officially changed until it was put up to a vote at the Annual General Meeting. So while BlackBerry has been trading under the BBRY name for a few months now, the RIM title was still hovering around.

Today at the AGM the vote to change the Research In Motion Limited name to BlackBerry Limited was carried as it was approved by more than 2/3 of the vote count (99.37%). So from here on out, BlackBerry is OFFICIALLY BlackBerry. No more RIM -- though we're sure to slip up and still drop the RIM name at some point.

So just as Kevin wanted over a year ago, BlackBerry is simply BlackBerry and that's that. 

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Research In Motion Limited OFFICIALLY renamed to BlackBerry Limited


I spent such a long time calling them RIM and correcting people who should have known better than to call them Blackberry that this could be a hellacious change for me.

Serves me right, I guess.

Sell, take your loss and buy something else. Then since I'm sure you will make piles of cash, use the loss to offset the taxes due out the huge profits. Then we won't have to listen to your whine and cheese routine

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Funny cause you're all *yawn* just saying the same s*$# with the same replies. The pleasure comes from your ignorance.

What's funny is all the morons coming to exclaim on high ground how BlackBerry and/or CrackBerry is going to fail and go the way of the dodo. After four years it gets pretty lame.

I don't know whether it's bad luck hanging over BlackBerry this past years or is it good luck that BlackBerry managed to stay even after the storms

STL 100-1

Now do the right thing and drop thor. Then lets keep blackberry moving forward by not focusing and waisting valuable company resources on legacy bb7 os.

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@ tmanCanada...Please go away. Thank you and have a nice day, go to another Site and try be more positive, you can do better than hanging with us, you obviously deserve better.

Why the he'll do I care about this? They can't even roll out a software update. A branding name change us in significant to me. C' mon really..???

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Wow Kevin has amazing powers of go tell the marketing monkeys to stop throwing their feces on the tv

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Now that the fluff is out of the way....there are bigger issues facing BB. find a way to rock this 8ich.

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BlackBerry needs much more than a cosmetic operation ...
changing the name is good, but the crap stills in!

The reason why they changed "Research in Motion" to Blackberry is because They Stop Researching and the Motion "backwards" RE: 9720

not a troll, just being funny hehe

They need to get the name BlackBerry off the new BB10 powered phones. Either that or they need to dump tons of money (*that they don't have) to build the name back up again. Sorry but when people think BlackBerry phone they think of a locked down BBOS device that couldn't do much beyond calls and e-mail. Keep the name BlackBerry for the BBOS devices and BES, and make up something new for the new phones.

If BlackBerry are serious about partnerships, HTC wouldn't be so bad.

I think this could be of mutual benefit to all parties concerned. Imagine a BlackBerry smartphone with Beats Audio and a much improved display.

That would be a device that would make people sit up and take notice.

I'm sure people would pay for a device of that quality.

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RIM rest in misery! Now, how about a rebirth with a wicked new marketing campaign?

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I do like the name Blackberry sound sophisticated, I think BB users are class people a diffrent breed. Just wish those Bozos in charge get a good marketing approach and promote BB10 instead of taking 10 steps back. I hope they make it but I feel they might tank in 2014.

Good for BlackBerry with name change, I can't stand moaner's, if you don't like something shut up move on. Re blackberry being dead, my thoughts go back to Nokia who were market leaders and now where are they tagged to a very confusing windows phone which I had the misfortune of trying out for a day. If they had not jumped into bed with Microsoft they would be dead. Now HTC ok nice phone good adds but their shares I think dropped to rock bottom and now on the way back up. Their are in my mind only 5 major phone players so why all the doom and gloom I think that blackberry has a lot to do with regards to branding but they are far far better than than the competition and Thor still has to prove him self.

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i'm curious to know who the 0.63% were who voted against the idea and why...especially since there was no option to abstain

Actually, this move might not be as smart as everyone thinks. Most people currently associate BlackBerry with a failing product line, the "BlackBerry". Stocks don't lie. Keeping the original name "Research in Motion" would allow the company to move easily (without baggage) to pursue other lines that may replace the smartphone business (i.e. automotive computers).

Why would a company associate itself exclusively to a failing product line? Hey, I don't like it either, but it might be a reality now. It would have been better for RIM to simply create a "BlackBerry Division" for their smartphones (now that they don't make tablets anymore) and then use "Research in Motion" for other product lines that can lead (such as QNX automobile computers, military and space IT, etc...).

I have updated long back, i have, still it reboots atleast 2 or 3 times with out doing nothing. I made a mistake by buying blackberry10. This is my last blackberry phone. I will never suggest people to not to buy blackberry anymore. They are soon dead. This time for sure.

RIM/BlackBerry or whatever else you want to call it, is dead to me the minute they quashed my playbook with no intentions of returning my Bridge. I own shares and will keep them till they go to zero. Want to be reminded how BlackBerry turned its back on the BlackBerry faithful. Android or Apple purchases are not far off in the future! Just DIE BlackBerry.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I've been calling it that for years. It only make sense to change the name.

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there is a new incentive plan in form of equities.. BlackBerry used to not have stock options or RSUs for non-executive level employees which is so common in other tech companies. These incentives are viewed as a very important to keep employees loyal towards company in long term.. good for BlackBerry

I don't give one f*ck less about the hatred and jabs; I loved Research In Motion and have bought their products because I loved them, wanted them, possibly both, and chances are I will still call the company that from time to time anyway.

If so many people want to spend their time dogging BlackBerry, why oh why do you bother continuing to talk about and even purchase BlackBerry products in the first place? You talk and talk about how miserable a previous device was, and so then you buy another and b*tch about that while trashing the company in the process, and all while hoping to accomplish....what?

Rest In Peace Research In Motion. Welcome back BlackBerry :)