Research In Motion launches the BlackBerry Torch Smartphone in Hong Kong

By Yousif Abdullah on 18 Oct 2010 03:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9800

When it comes to launching the BlackBerry Torch in other parts of the world, RIM is spreading the magic like butter on a big, tasty toast. The BlackBerry Torch is heading to Hong Kong next, where it is expected to be available from RIM authorized carrier partners and retail channels at the end of this month. As far as pricing goes, the recommended retail price is 5,988 HKD (roughly 770 USD).

To make the BlackBerry Torch more interesting for Chinese consumers, it will feature Chinese handwriting software to make a great BlackBerry 6 experience even better. I am interested in knowing how efficient the handwriting software on the BlackBerry Torch will be, as a friend of mine has noted the difficulty in using Chinese handwriting input on his iPhone 3GS. Maybe I can get him to purchase a BlackBerry Torch, but I will leave that matter for another day. Live in or around Hong Kong? Picking up a Torch soon? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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Research In Motion launches the BlackBerry Torch Smartphone in Hong Kong

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It's cool to see the Torch being officially released in HK, which is where I'm at. Although I already got my Torch from the States soon after it was launched, at only 500 USD...

It'll be good in a way of product support though, I had a problem with my Torch earliest (and magically fixed itself), I brought it to my carrier and they just said they don't know how to fix it because they don't carry any OS6 units. Maybe I'll also download the HK carrier's OS to try it out.