Research In Motion extends free BlackBerry PlayBook offer to March 15th, 2011

Research In Motion extends free BlackBerry PlayBook off to March 15th, 2011
By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2011 03:52 pm EST

With the announcement of the new BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Research In Motion has extended the free PlayBook offer for developers. Developers now looking to get in on the offer have up until March 15th, 2011 to get apps in, reviewed and accepted into BlackBerry App World for launch of the PlayBook. Pretty awesome if Adobe development wasn't your thing, you can now leverage the WebWorks SDK to your advantage.

Source: Blackberry DevBlog

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Research In Motion extends free BlackBerry PlayBook offer to March 15th, 2011


Better question: what does this mean for apps that'll be available at launch?? Sounds like they haven't gotten enough or what they were looking for, therefore they're extending it to try to entice more developers to come up with more apps. Not a good sign to me

Doesn't really have anything to do with that.. it's just to basically highlight the fact there is more then one way to develop for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The fact is, some folks don't like to work with Adobe tools and are more comfortable with developing on other tools such as WebWorks. So, in an effort to give everyone a shot at it they extended it. If anything, it's a good sign because maybe they never intended to have WebWorks ready this early which is why it started off with Adobe.

Let's hope. I can't wait to get one of these. So much so that I might break my "never buy the first gen of anything" rule

But I lack the knowledge, cannot even hack! lol

Linux really is good on my netbook, I could be seeing people hack this thing and get ubuntu runnin on it :D

Thank you! iPhone users always brag that their browser is so superior, yet they also brag how great their apps are. Most apps are nothing more than a portal to the internet that become necessary because doing that same function on a mobile browser would either be impossible or extremely cumbersome.

Tablets are even more like laptop computers, so if you still NEED an app (unless it's a game or something), that's more an indictment on your browser than a true benefit.

Personally, I hate web apps (think gmail and youtube). I think that they are largely inefficient from a processing standpoint and encumbered by the current limitations of web standards. Web based applications have their advantages, but given a choice, I would pick a native app over a web app in most cases. I'm not just talking about mobile environments, I am also talking about PC/desktop based environments too.

I'm the opposite. After having gone through a few hard drive crashes and been on the road without my home desktop (before I had a laptop), I would gladly choose something cloud based over a native application. Now if I was playing Quake, it would obviously be different...

You're right! As I've said before, apps are good for "push" notifications. Other than that, they a web site is as good or better. Most apps can't even replicate the entire experience available using a web browser so really, what's the point? Anyhow, we don't need hundreds of thousands of useless apps. We need quality apps and the full web experience.

Hoping the Java SDK is around the corner, too.

It has been interesting learning ActionScript, though...