Research In Motion does a superb job of communications with latest Q&A post with The Globe and Mail

How'd ya like that one, boyz?
By Chris Umiastowski on 8 Jul 2012 01:59 pm EDT

Earlier this week I expressed some frustrations with how RIM's executive team was communicating during its media blitz and offered some constructive criticism.

The gist of my post was that RIM's executives need to have well-rehearsed, consistent and powerful messages to communicate when doing media interviews. They should be prepped to know what is most likely to be asked, and be ready to pounce with an incredibly polished answer.  

On Friday, Thorsten Heins provided answers to the top 10 questions that Globe and Mail readers asked in response to his op-ed article from earlier in the week.  If you haven't read his answers yet, you should go do that.  

I read his answers on Friday afternoon on my BlackBerry from up at the cottage.  Perfect weather, perfect temperature ... and a perfect set of answers from RIM's CEO.  I felt that Thorsten's answers were extremely well written and obviously had some thought put into them.

Some CrackBerry readers have commented that these were softball questions.  I don't think they were.  They were relevant questions to the consuming public.  They directly address the weaknesses at RIM.  The answers he gave are the messages that RIM needs the media to disseminate to the public.  

This is the kind of RIM communication that I'd like to see going forward!  

To the RIM communications team, I highly suggest you get a CEO blog going ASAP. You need to control your message, and it is much easier to do this when you publish it directly. It is also much easier to clean up other people's messes (remember the brutal NYT article from BlackBerry World?)

Looking at Thorsten's replies to questions, here are some of my observations:

He made a bold statement about what will make BlackBerry 10 competitive.  Specifically, he wrote, "BlackBerry 10 will be the only mobile platform built from the ground up with the latest technologies in mind."  While he wasn't specific about any features or capabilities in his reply, it does suggest RIM is taking a strong tone regarding the premium nature of this OS.  

He's taking ownership of the BB10 delay. He clearly stated that the decision to delay BB10 was his decision, because he wasn't totally happy with the integration everything yet.  He could "still see some of the seams".  It may or may not be true.  But it's the right message to put out there.  It's a strong message of CEO control over quality.  

He said enough to bury the silly rumours that RIM is about to ditch BB10 in favor of Android or Windows 8.. It doesn't get much more clear than this quote from Thorsten:  "We have considered a range of options that included adopting someone else's operating system, but ultimately we rejected that idea."

He promised support for BB7 well into the future.  Considering how many people in the developing world are just starting to make the shift towards their first smartphone, BB7 matters to RIM.  It matters a lot.  It's important for them to go after that market hard with the BB7 powered Bold and Curve.  Average selling prices (ASP) will decline, yes.  But RIM needs to have an entry level product to onboard people into the world of BBM and all things BlackBerry.

He made a strong commitment to deliver BB10 on his promised timeline.  Remember that Thorsten did not originally promise BB10 would come out in late 2012.  That was Mike and Jim's doing.  The Q1 2013 promise is Thorsten's first timeline promise.  He says, "I am absolutely committed to this timeline, Joe. I made the decision to give our teams more time on BlackBerry 10 because I believe we must deliver an experience that is nothing short of exceptional to our users."  That makes him 100% accountable now.  But he sure seems committed, and he's putting the right message out there.

Reader comments

Research In Motion does a superb job of communications with latest Q&A post with The Globe and Mail


This is what laymen need to see. They need to keep the communication engine running. I'm sure not many people realized it wasn't Thorsten who made the 2012 launch promise. Build it. They will come [back].

"laymen" don't read CrackBerry or the Globe.

Technology is very difficult to work with, it takes time to develop and test products. Sometimes mistakes are not found until weeks have been wasted. It is BEST not to make promises! It is best not to let people know what you are planning to do, until you are ready to do it!

It is best not to fall so far behind your competitors that all you have is WORDS to keep people interested in you!

I think a large part of why the media is so hard on RIM & why there are so many mistaken & completely incorrect articles out there is that RIM never comunicated to anyone, not even to correct outright lies written by those with a vendetta against them (BGR)

A carfully written CEO Blog is a GREAT Idea!!!

I wish RIM could find a way to shut down Geller and his anti-RIM posse over at iBGR. I'm not one to wish for anyone to lose their job, but the spin iBGR puts on every RIM article is downright sickening.

i don't think these reporters have fear so they write whatever BS they want. you never hear abotu mob related things in the news, if you did lives would end. up until now RIM has just sat there and took every bit of RIM bashing, if they had sttod up to the bullies like most dads tell you to do alot of it would be silented. only till last week when they opened their mouths to defend have results started to show.
defend yourselves you can rely on us to stop all the slander, BB loyalists are getting fewer and fewer we are out manned and out gunned

While I dislike Geller with every fiber of my being, in no way would I wish any physical harm to come to him. Honestly, your suggestion seems a little extreme to me..just shutting down his website would be sufficient.

i agree with you completely it was just something someone could do but it was meant as more of a joke. best way for RIM is the latter, is to speak up and defend themselves.

RIM is viewed as the "loser" in the school and people like geller are the ones that make them look stupid by duck taping them naked to the flag pole. every one bullied by them secretly wishes they choke on a chicken bone.

heres a story, in highschool (9th grade) some guy wouldn't leave me alone, i took his crap for so long till i eventually socked him in the chest and he fell back and smoked his head on the corner of a block wall. the crap stopped after that although he still would talk shit on occations, but this is the same guy who a few years agot tried to friend me on facebook, before i rejected the request.

sometimes a little self defense is what it takes for people to shut their mouths

Great to learn of your come back story from being bullied. People of all ages are bullies. On CB they can often be referred to as Trolls.

Unless it has an Apple logo on it, Geller and company will find a reason to pick it apart. The next BB10 device could be heads and tails above ANYTHING on the market and flip your pancakes and Geller would point out that it is a POS because is doesn't make your coffee too.

I really don't know what RIM did to Geller. I know I started looking at BGR when we was leaking BB's. After a while his tone changed and now sounds like Apple's PR company more then a technology writer. I took a stand and stopped visiting the iBGR site. No Advertising dollars from me.

In the last article I read on iBGR was about RIM and Geller trashing RIM, however all the comments were trashing Geller for his bias view and not actually reporting. I think people starting seeing his true colours and I hope iBGR website just ends.

Hehe the comments on his big-baby RIM won't give me a POS BB10 Dev Phone rant were priceless. Even his own faithful ifans thought he had gone too far & was acting very immature.

(btw I don't think the phone is a POS...that basically what Gellar was saying while complaining that RIM has refused to give him one....yes that's right, even though he hadn't touched one, he still "knew" that it was a wonder RIM refused to give him one)

Thanks, that was the "story" that finally made me stop visiting.

Everyone turning on him made me fell like he has lost credibility and it's time to stop visiting.

It will when there are Zero comments and clicks on the site. Don't feed the guy. It's tough not to because we want to comment just to set the record straight, but loss of traffic on his Site is way more effective in the long run.
From the virtual keyboard of my Neutrino powered Playbook

See, I think Apple saw BGR as an opportunity.

Read the Jobs bio, and you'll see instances where Apple had no problem playing favorites when it came to the media. Make Apple happy? You get more access. Make Apple UNhappy? Less access.

That isn't "wrong", and it's not illegal or even strictly unethical. It's Machievellian.

A twitter account would be good considering that there are some other visible accounts from RIM execs. It could be monitored by his comms staff.

It's funny to me that you guys keep praising Heinz, when he continually has to take to the airwaves/press to "clarify" earlier comments. This is just the latest gaffe. If he was a halfway decent CEO, he wouldn't have to constantly go back and re-state comments and he would have been prepared for the past earnings call, when the RIM team seemed mostly bewildered.

And what has he achieved? Squat! His first major act was to delay BB10! That sure inspires confidence...

I'm not going to do your research for you, buddy. If you're not up on things then you're a lost cause. You can also gtfoh. All the blog posters on this site, like Chris, have been critical about RIM. If you and others of the same mind still think the same, maybe you should come on CB more often and read with an open mind.

Hey Marko the clueless armchair you think even if a proven CEO like Gates, Jobs, or Buffett took over RIM, they would have been able to do anything better than what Thor has done? If you say "yes", promptly delete your CrackBerry account and never come back.

At surface value his first major act was 'delay BB10' but you are failing to realise that his first act was putting his foot down when he realised BB10 was not complete. Heins still remembers how incomplete products (i.e. those that fail to meet basic QA checks) have irreparably harmed the BlackBerry brand. If it is clearly incomplete it should not come out. You'd rather be burnt by something you have worked own to your limits than something you release and say we'll update later.
It seems your confidence is inspired by the wrong things.

Westex - I assume the unbelievably incorrect presupposition in your comment is a simple oversight on your part.’s-media-blitz-shouldn’t-have-been-needed-first-place 

 "you guys keep praising Heinz"


(Heins, BTW ... not like the ketchup) 

Chris - Heinz/Heins. That was a Freudian slip! Henry John Heinz. A man who built from nothing a successful global food company. With all due respect, Thorsten Heins is, in my opinion, his complete opposite. While Hein'z blog I would definitely enjoy, Hein's blog would be probably quite sad reading.

Heins has actually shown himself to be a competent manager, and I'd say for anyone in the RIM CEO chair just dragging your butt into the office every day probably deserves some kind of medal.

I've seen him speaking in a few different contexts, and he presents himself and the company well. 99.999% of what he says is intelligent, sensible, and reassuring.

Which makes it all the more unfortunate when some of these lines come out of his mouth; in the context, the comments might be explainable, but when you provide the right sound bite context no longer applies. Just ask Al Gore, who rightfully claimed credit for drafting legislation to open DARPAnet to commercial interests, and has gone down in history for claiming to "invent the Internet". He didn't use those words, and if you look at it the right way he sort-of DID, but who cares about context, right?

Heins is okay as CEO. I think he needs an assistant who does NOTHING but go over his communications.

Agreed that this was much better than the initial attempt to answer the call to the media. I hope his promises hold up. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one, as a faithful BlackBerry user and Abuser. Thorsten, I'll be here, but don't let us down. Continue to show us the RIM has changed for the better and cheers to RIM & BlackBerry for slow and steady wins the race.

I also saw people's response to RIM's communication. Although I knew the answers, I was happy to see RIM addressing issues to the masses especially since the press and analysts seem to not like RIM. The message was addressed to people that believe based on media news that "RIM is going to stop making phones" like I heard someone telling me at the bank (who I corrected of course).

You make a great point on the blog suggestion. This shoud be part of an IMC plan (integrated marketing communication).

RIM is a communcations device company, so please learn communicating your message through your devices to the media and the world. The Blog idea is great, let's set it up and every time any news positive or negative comes, respond with a message as fast and as well thought as possible. That way the media will see 2 things, that RIM is a communications device company alive and that todays devices work perfectly and that they control their message ,2nd that RIM is NOT a sitting duck for them to hit every time they wish.

Oh gosh, you called me stupid. Now the entire CB community thinks you're brave and looks up to you. Now I guess you can go back and play with your little phone, you sure taught me a lesson.

And by the way, I had read his previous post. My comment still stands.

You, sir need "Hooked On Phonics". If you had read his previous posts you wouldn't have sprouted all that childish nonsense. Go contemplate your navel. Have you watched all the episodes of Sponge Bob? Bet you have, little man.

If you read my previous post, I do say that I read Chris' first post before posting my sucking up comment, and he does suck up. He even admits that Heins doesn't say anything about the features or capabilities of BB10 in his answers, but he gives him a pass?

And leave Spongebob out of this...

Ok. Sponge Bob is out. I'm going to try and colour inside the lines. Got a new colouring book. Wait. I can use my Etch-A-Sketch to draw a new BB10. I'll attach it to my GoJo and use that ugly @55 Gola Bay Pouch.

I don't know if we need Thorsten to start a blog. The person in charge of media relations and/or marketing might/should be options for delivering messages. I'm sure Thorsten has enough to do.

Rule #1 to understand:  The CEO doesn't actually write his own stuff.  If Thorsten had a CEO blog, he would't be the one writing posts.  He'd sign off on them.  

Did anyone else got the impression, from the answers, that BB10 is not going to be an available update to current BB7 devices? It doesn't affect me since I awaiting BB10 in order to buy a new device, but I bet if true, some will not be happy.

There are no impression needed RIM has been clear from the start. BB10 phones will NOT be upgradable

I would also like to point out to the readers who think that RIM picked easy question that it was NOT RIM who picked the questions. The Globe & Mail got almost 200 questions, and THEY picked the top ten. Then THEY sent the questions to RIM. RIM DID NOT PICK THE QUESTIONS! But they did do a good job answering them

Still in his defense, those are the 10 most frequent questions I've heard people raise over and over again. Was there something not addressed that you were hoping to have addressed?

It's true. From The Globe: "We received roughly 200 submissions and chose 10, which we offered to Mr. Heins earlier this week."

The confusion stems from the original Crackberry article on the subject, which contains the line noted by idiot001 which erroneously states that Heins chose the questions.

In this case, idiot001 wasn't such an idiot... he was just repeating what he read on Crackberry.

All though I appreciate the fact that Hiens is being more open. He should of never put himself in this position. The reality is these are still just promises at this point in time. Even Kevin stated in the mobile nations latest pod cast that RIM is on shaky ground and their is a chance by Rim delaying lunch till next year, RIM might not make it to lunching BB10. At this point we have to see how the shareholders meetings go next week before we can even start thinking about all this good communication and media relations. Might just be to late to do anything positive here. I hoping Rim pulls the fabled grand slam in the bottom of the 9TH but the next few months will really tell the story.

Why won't my 9790 Download songs and videos from the internet, it starts to download but its very slow and then when it looks like its going to complete it stops downloading and says Error

So since he said he was delaying it by 2 months, I think that implies that if they don't have the phone out by end of February then he missed his timeline, and that is being generous because they probably planned to originally release by mid November start of December which would really make end of January late. I'd like to see them get this out the beginning of the Quarter instead of barely getting it out by the end. CES is early January, how about a CES announcement and launch RIM?

a CES announcement seems likelym even if they plan to launch by mid Feb or early March. And perhaps show off the N and M series at BB world 2013.

But we have to remember, alot of times us fans impose self creatred deadlines on Rim and then freak out when they're not met. For example, alot of us were predicting an october launch, but NO ONE at Rim ever said october. If Thor hadn't announced a delay this early on, we'd see a lot of people getting upset at Rim missing 'yet another deadline' which they never actually promised.

As Chris mentions, Q1 2013 is the first deadline that Thor himself has promised. And again, thats Q1 2013, NOT Jan, or Feb or March. It could be any of those months, but even a late march release wouldn't be breaking his promise, although come january i guarantee you'll see plenty of posts calling for Thors head for missing his own deadline.

@inichols - that's the timeline I'm holding him to.  He said a two month delay relative to the prior timeline of "late in 2012".  So assuming late Dec 2012, we're at end of Feb latest.  Otherwise he misses his promise the way I measure it.



Where did he say 2 months???
I'm not questioning your statement, I just want to read it my self...seems I've missed something

The only thing I didn't like about it was the question where the guy says he has to do battery pulls because of freeze ups etc. TH says please inform RIM. Is he kidding anyone knows that blackberrys do this all the time. RIM would be snowed under if they had people calling or writing in everytime they got a freeze up.

He should have just said BB10 will be better and the delay is about stopping that kind of stuff. I think he also said in response that BB7 was sompetitive, well it isn't really in this regard it still has too many feeze ups. For me its mostly accuweather but happens in other cases as well.

I fully beleive that BB10 will be competitive with iOS but I think it has to be better. I don't have a lot of confidence in that.

It does not matter what he says, Heins is not the man for the job. He will never succed to save RIM. He is just a messenger boy. They should have hired a CEO coming from outside. Someone not so deeply connected to RIM as Heins. He joined the company when "the boat" started to sink so he is also partly responsible for the fiasco.

I'm hoping you won't delay anymore beyond this point for your own, as well as the consumers benefit. I'll be using my Bold 9900 till the BB10 keyboard variant comes out. Cmon RIM pull an Apple. I believe in you just don't disappoint!

Everyone from CrackBerry nation should bash Sam Biddle on Twitter, Facebook, and via comments in the article. I thought Geller was a f_cking douche.. but this guy takes the cake.

But here is my question: why was Candian media the only focus. The cynical reporter in me quips that only Canada will let RIM use the media as their PR megaphone, but in all seriousness -- aside from an interview in German, did RIM even bother to do any outreach in the countries that are currently carrying the country? Or is the thought, we're going to hope and pray the developing world continues to use us for our cheap data plans and don't want to rock the boat?

And while I'll agree the answers to the selected questions we're better than we've seen in the past, I'm not willing to say go overboard with the praise. I mean, great, the PR handlers finally got everyone making public statements about the company making consistent statements with a set of talking points. It's truly pathetic it took this long for that to come together.

What this Q&A didn't answer -- and what RIM must own up to to shareholders tomorrow is the bifurcated talking points that still exist. Namely:

How can the company pretend that evening is fine when the only markets that are growing are low-margin and low-profit markets with no brand loyalty. And how can they tread water until BB10 is out?

So what you need to understand is most company advertising and most company comments to the media are comments to their own employees. Hence the use of Canadian media.
And in case you are wondering yes I get paid the analyze this stuff.

On the low-margine stuff, ya like China is a low margin market. Yes I understand that India and Indonesia aren't China now but they will be before you know it. China 5 years ago isn't what China is today.

Basically your comments show you don't know half as much as you think you know.

I get paid to analyze this stuff too. I'm not going to get into a pissing match on a web forum, but if you want to play "who understands the mobile and consumer tech markets better" -- you're going to lose.

Yeah, China isn't low-margin (more specifically, China is big enough that it's high margin market is extremely lucrative, proportionally), but China also isnt a big BB market (regardless of margin). Ignoring the question of whether India can actually become China, assume that they can -- do you really think huge customer base will stay loyal once cheap data no longer matters? Or will they move to Android like every other country.

That's the challenge RIM faces in these markets and it's a true challenge. Just ask Nokia.

I don't know the costs involved, but perhaps promising a free -- or nearly free -- upgrade to the BB10 Bold for anyone who buys a 9900 after August 1 would help. Before dismissing this out of hand, it might be prudent for RIM to consider some questions, including but not limited to: "How much do we lose in projected sales without the promise of an upgrade vs. how much do we lose if we promise the upgrade? Is the projected loss associated with the upgrade worth it given the number of customers we anticipate retaining if we offer the upgrade. What time limits would be put on the offer? And so on."

On top of that, RIM needs to put out a strong and compelling message to its customers, to developers and to analysts. I would argue that part of this effort should be to leak, tease and occasionally demonstrate parts of BB10.

Disagree about the leaks/teases. If they leak parts now, everyone will have forgotten about it by the time it comes out anyway. All that will do is give competitors ideas to copy. And since their execution has been better than RIM's lately, they will probably put it out first too.

I agree on the upgrade path though. Depends what the cost of making the phones are too, since effectively they would be giving you two phones for the price of one.

Agree with you about the leaks/teases. Everyone went gaga when Samsung kept the S3 under wraps and Apple creates lots of free advertising by media guessing what is being announced next. Lets keep the surprises as surprises.

More words. No matter that RIM says it falls on deaf ears.
The time for talk is over.

Stand and deliver now or go the way of the Palm.


If you both believe RIM can't deliver and it's all just empty words, why do you still have a CB account? Why not just give up all together?

I don't even think what where Mike Lazaridis and Jim thinking when they promised to launch BlackBerry 10 in Q1 2012, then they promised to deliver it at the end of 2012 because they "were waiting for new LTE chips" rumours stated that they truth was that they had nothing usable to release, I didn't believe it. After all that was the true, at that time (2011) there was no compatibility with BIS or BES. There was no usable BlackBerry 10.

I like the way Thorsten expresses the reality of the company, no lies, he actually said that BlackBerry 10 was not ready, and didn't tell media they were waiting for new antennas or cardboard to pack the new devices, he told us the true. That's a good point.

By now, after the last CEO's with 0 commitment in their timelines, I see good things in Thorsten although to believe in him, I will have to see results. Results that us (end-users) can see, no more background commitment all we have to do is wait to 2013 to see the results of their 3 years of development in BlackBerry 10.

In your previous blog outlining your frustrations with RIM's communications you wrote:

"There was far too much discussion of how BlackBerry 7 still has legs to deliver more growth. Save this for an investor day or industry analyst session. Don't talk to North American media about BB7. Save it for Asia, LatAm, and other markets where you expect its life to be longest."

Now you write approvingly:

"He promised support for BB7 well into the future....."

Why is it okay for Heins to discuss BB7 this time?

Again, previously you wrote:

"Don't throw in vague descriptions about what makes BB10 unique. It seems to me RIM tried to explain how BB10 is more complex because it has built-in hooks for automotive and OEM markets. But that's all they said. They left a technology-focused comment hang there in thin air without any adequate explanation to make it believable. I'm sure there is a lot of truth to what they said, but how is any journalist at CBC or the average consumer going to get excited about this?"

And this time, even though you acknowledge that he still wasn't specific, you write approvingly:

"He made a bold statement about what will make Blackberry 10 competitive"

No, he didn't, so why the praise?

I'm thinking that Kevin came down on you for writing negatively about RIM, and in a rush to write something positive, you got sloppy and contradicted what you had previously written.

i think you need to read it more thoroughly of what chris wrote.

for your first question, "Why is it okay for Heins to discuss BB7 this time?" it's because chris mentioned "Considering how many people in the developing world are just starting to make the shift towards their first smartphone, BB7 matters to RIM."
that i think does not contradict his previous article because chris did mentioned BB7 is meant for "developing worlds".

second question, "No, he didn't, so why the praise?", oh but yes Thor did. at least about the "up with the latest technologies in mind." part. for me that's bold enough because technology is dynamic. that means it will always be updated at least to match the technology at any time. or it will have more state of the art technology. or maybe what chris wanted to say is that it only mean Thor once again is not giving any spoilers/leaks more than what already spoiled/leaked. Thus "They left a technology-focused comment hang there in thin air without any adequate explanation to make it believable." I see no contradiction too there.

well, that's what i get from what chris wrote, maybe he can answer your questions more clearly :)

Sorry, the view that "this" CEO wasn't the guy who promised BB10 in 2012, i.e. that was the previous CEO's, does not fly with me. The CEO is just the representative of the company, so it's the company that made the promise, and the same company that changed it. Also, it was the company that replaced the CEO, and they were fully aware of what the previous CEO said at the time, so RIM is not off the hook. RIM declared 2012 and now RIM is changing it to 2013.

Maybe they should have gone for a customized version of Android, that's working great for Samsung. Will RIM's pride be their demise?

I was not impressed with Heins' answers to these hand-picked questions. We are simply beyond the point where I will be swayed by words alone. We need to SEE what is going on. People are waiting and they need to know what they are waiting for or else they will buy something else.

I read on a few comment threads that the questions that were given to Heins were either "scripted" or "massaged".

I was the author of one of those questions, and I can tell you that only punctuation was edited.

The questions were written by "real" or "everyday" people.

(Just for the record).

Is that why Crackberry reports: "In the end, ten questions were chosen by Thorsten . . ."

Sounds like RIM hand-picked the questions.

"Disclaimer - Former RIM fan who has sadly lost all confidence in the company"

I think the Q&A was reasonable and well written. Clearly RIM is trying to improve the communications and market messaging...all good and perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, the market has come to the point with RIM that anything they do is irrelevant and is simply too little too late. Thor can carefully explain and be as open to comments all he wants, the fact is that RIM has simply continued its poor delivery performance, which we've all unfortunately come to expect.

If RIM was to save itself, it needed to deliver an excellent product in time for both the back-to-school and Christmas seasons. They will do neither and will be launching the BB10 product(s) which by that time RIM will have virtually no market share at a time of year when retail sales are at their softest.

This means the company will have sunk Millions (or Billions ?) into to a product that has limited market potential and this huge expenditure may never be able to be fully capitalized.

Sorry guys but when you "bet the farm", you better know what you're doing and for god sakes......deliver !!

I saw a 32 GB Playbook/Bold 9900 bundle for $249 on saturday. I'd pick that up on the spot if I had a kid going back to school in september.

RIM has the potential to do so much more in PR and Marketing.

They always seem to 'miss the boat' on their media campaign. It used be said that a great piece of engineering will sell itself. However, these days if you don't 'wine & dine' the media with great parties and movies stars you just won't get the press coverage you need.

Sadly enough at this point, with everyone in the media owning stock in Apple either directly or through a mutual fund as well a having their own iPhone, iPad, or Mac, I wouldn't expect a good review even if BB10 cured cancer. A good review might begin the downward spiral of a tragically overpriced stock which would destroy so many portfolios.

While BB10 will most likely be a superior device to it's competition, Apple has such a stronghold I just don't see much hope as much as I'd like to see consumers drop their Kool-Aid cups and look around.

Anywhere outside of the good ol' US of A which unfortunately has developed a hate-on for BB's.......(Shrugs) We all knew the American consumer is a fickle animal. Ooooo! What's that shiny new thing over there? When Blackberries again are the devices that do stuff that nothing else can do maybe they'll enjoy another round of "must have" status in the States.

I wonder what new products that RIM will sell between now and Q1 2013? If BBOS 10 is delayed then does this mean PlayBook 4G / LTE is delayed? Latest roadmap said Q4 2012 of calendar year.

Will the decline of BB unit devices sales level off at some point due to international markets?

No one knows the answers to these questions, not even RIM's CEO, until the events transpire and we look back in Q1 2013.

No....when he announced the BB10 delay he also mentioned that the 4G PB was in the final stages of carrier testing

I think the major push right now for RIM is (should be?) to make a major effort at increasing market share and owning the mobile device management market. They've got the best product in Mobile Fusion, and this is where they can get more of the recurring revenue streams that create stable cash flows for the long term. That is where sales efforts should be directed, to the product that is actually in the marketplace that is better than any competitors product, and that bring in recurring, not just one time, revenues.

First, I want RIM to succeed and grow again. But I have jumped off the fanboy wagon and will say it once again. The BB10 delay is totally ridiculous. To make it compatible with future devices that and ecosystem that are not here, have not been announced or committed to? Miss the upcoming holiday season for this reason, some seams were showing???

Come on, cut the crap, another delay when RIM needs to be worrying about marketshare, sales, profits and public opinion/perception. I am glad that the reason is being addressed (their for those of you who insist on the positive) even though it is one of the most galactically poor excuses.

Because the New York Times is such a reliable source with regards to this company. They showed with that crap from BlackBerry World that they don't have a clue, nor do they seem inclined to do any work to get a clue.
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All CB's and tweepls out there pls spread the msg. I have tweeted this post and the globe article as well. I don't have much following on twitter but atleast done my part. The average Joe needs to read this msg. So let's trend #blackberrybychoice

The primarily negative bias in the media towards RIM is just like the behavior you see around celebrities. If a celebrity is "hot" right now, you definitely see more positive media attention: they're on People Magazine's Most Beautiful People list, they get sugar-coated interviews, "best beach body" designations, etc. But, if it's a struggling celebrity, you see all this negative press, ugly no-makeup photos, "worst beach body" designations, etc. Unfortunately, it seems like human nature to kick 'em when they're down...

I totally agree with the suggestions around getting Heins out there more. He has an affable quality to him that RIM should capitalize on. And to me, his BB World keynote negated a lot of the criticism around his appointment as CEO. He came off as confident, excited, and--at least at the time--sincere. But now, I can't help thinking that the JP Morgan and RBC business review calls that sincerity into question. Is there any kind of timeline or end date on their review or can it go on indefinitely? As long as that's going on, it casts a shadow of doubt over all BB 10 plans and makes it hard to take Heins' comments at full face value. It could all be just an act or "going through motions" while the company plans its sale, breakup, or another "alternative option."

The earnings call was tough, and I agree with Chris around Heins' editorial: actions speak louder than words, but right now, RIM needs strong communication. Taking ownership over the BB 10 delay was a big step in the right direction. "Why was BB 10 delayed? Because *I* didn't think it was ready; it didn't meet *my* standards." I guarantee there was a contingent inside RIM that felt it should stick to the Q4 release plan.

It's easy to lead when everything is on the up and up; it's times like this that test true leadership. Hopefully Heins gets the chance to see this through as I like what I've seen from him so far. A good act of faith on the board's part would be to conclude the banks' business review--assuming the majority of investors agree that RIM is still a viable business if it goes at it alone.

This gives me hope for the future of RIM. It's is only because of Thor and statements like this that keep me waiting until BB10 rather than choose another OS.

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I was screening and I was convinced. Now I know Chris is.
Well ... it's even a stronger feeling.
Thanks Chris for tempering your previous article.

If you're going to post and reference articles like this please try to form an informative comment/opinion of your own when you do post it.

This article has no base value - Media trying to make up news that isn't there. For instance the guy referenced in this article states that RIM "will" or "should" get sued for delaying BB10; he is also .. wait for it .. a former Apple guy who has no ties to RIM. Yeah .. I'm going to believe him - insert sarcasm here.

And there would be crapload of investors sueing their companies if deadlines were missed during product development if this was the case. Planning involves estimates nothing more.

I hate it when media take the time to write garbage articles like this.

CEO blog I'm 100% in agreement with if it helps morons like this writing these types of articles...

It is only a phone man, no reason to get so agitated. I am sure there are bigger problems in life. Anyhow we'll see how the meeting goes with the shareholders.

Lynxs_claw unfortunately the bad press continues. Now is BGR
You might say again that the article has not base value, that the author is an Android user, etc etc etc. But it is almost like an avalanche of bad articles. The only way to stop it once and for all is to just come out with the damned device but it has been delayed. So I doubt there will be a change in coverage from the media until the device comes out, if it comes out at all.

All I know is I drank the Blackberry koolaid a long time ago and I have not been without a blackberry since. I have worked in the wireless industry for years now and I will tell you complainers will always complain. That's the nature of anything sold in retail, you can't please everybody. You either like blackberry or you don't! Regardless, I see a lot of us are excited to see the new device. I personally hope they stick around. I would hate for any company-- idevices or droids to have the monopoly. The world would get quite boring with only a couple of devices to chose from. That being said, I am an American and for that comment alone I have to say. America is built of all different cultures and countries. We are not what the media makes us out to be. So basically folks whine all you want, but this world has bigger issues than a blackberry. I back Blackberry 200% and I pray they find a way to make a home run and a double play!


Not sure why you "caved" your angst of last week is far more productive to "help light a fire" .

After my last 7 phones being BlackBerrys, listening to the "disasterous pushing up of BB 10 til next year, listening to the "media bash by RIMM Executives" last week, I am so confident in the leadership of RIMM


You all can sit around and listen to the deceit which has, unfortunately, been the norm at RIMM for about 3 years, but until enough people get disgusted - why should anything change???

I think you are 100% right but boy you will now be the recipient of the wrath of the BB cult followers on this website. Good Luck! LOL