Research In Motion details official BIS 4.1 features

BIS 4.1
By Michelle Haag on 12 Sep 2011 05:41 pm EDT
We heard back in March that we would soon see an update to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). As revealed back then, we will be seeing improvements to email including large email and native attachment support, inbox priming for new account integrations and additional language support. In addition to this, changes to the email flow on SIM swap means you'll want to be extra careful when switching devices, especially if you plan on selling your old BlackBerry. That's right, make sure you do a security wipe before passing it on. Who doesn't do that anyway? Seems like common sense to me. You can check out the full Overview from the BlackBerry Knowledge Base after the break.

For those of you wondering how you get the BIS 4.1 update, well, there is no way to get it, exactly. The update will be rolled out by RIM at some point and pushed to your device.

Source: RIM

The BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is designed to provide BlackBerry smartphone users with access to email messaging, instant messaging, Internet browsing, and more. BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers can receive automatic delivery of email messages from up to ten email accounts on their BlackBerry smartphones.

The following is a list of new features being introduced with BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1:

Improved large email and native attachment support
Subscribers using BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry® 7 installed can:
  •     receive email messages that are up to 11MB in size
  •     download attachments in their original format that are up to 8MB in size
  •     view up to 300KB in an HTML email message
No interruption to email flow on SIM swap
Subscribers who insert a new SIM card in to their BlackBerry smartphone, including SIM cards from a different wireless service provider, no longer experience email flow interruptions. The BlackBerry Internet Service only stops sending email to a smartphone when the subscriber deletes all data from the smartphone, not when a new SIM card is inserted in to the smartphone.

Due to this change, before selling a smartphone, subscribers must delete all data from the smartphone (security wipe) to protect personal information, including email messages and synchronized contacts and calendar events. Note: This functionality will be available when BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 is released in all regions.

Inbox priming for new account integrations
When a subscriber adds an email address to a smartphone, the inbox on the subscriber’s smartphone is pre-populated with up to 20 existing email messages from the email account.

Additional language support
Latvian and Lithuanian are supported by the BlackBerry Internet Service. Emails received in these languages can now be viewed on BlackBerry smartphones.
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Research In Motion details official BIS 4.1 features


Exactly! Seems like this is something basic! I hate having to open read messages on my BB cause i read them on my laptop! How about Activesync support or better OWA integration (contacts, calendars).

that's not the issue. the issue is emails that are read on the computer not showing up as "read" on the device.

EXACTLY! Make a real "improvement". RIM and Google fail to even acknowledge this. It is supposedly Google at fault, but RIM needs to light a fire under their a$$ about this already. It's really pathetic. And NO, jumping through the hoop of enabling IMAP does NOT solve this problem. Actually makes it worse as the delay is incredible.

With Yahoo Mail, everything usually works beautifully with no setup hassle even.

I have never had a problem with gmail & Blackberry. My emails are pushed to my phone often instantaneously & When I read the msg on my 9700 the msg shows as read on gmail as well.

No. Never. If I am at my pc and read a new email it still shows as unread on my 9900.

I'm using gmail and don't have google sync installed.

However the other way around holds true. Reading an email on my bb shows up as read on pc.

Not true at all, have a little patience. After you read it on your computer, your BB will eventually sync it all together. Or often times mine does it. If it syncs one for one instantaneously your BB's battery would be dead. Especially if you're doing a lot of reading, reply and etc. on the computer.

Your right about one thing, jumping through hoops does nothing. True two way sync is not working properly for me at all, not even with a delay of a few hours like others report, in my case it just simply doesn't work at all.

Where you may, or may not be wrong is about it being Googles fault. You see, this basic feature of two way sync works flawlessy on my iPhone, and has worked on three generations of iPhones in my experiences, so it's obviously something that's possible. The two companies just need to communicate better, either to themselves, or their staff, or us. Whatever. I'm sure we'd understand if it's a programming head ache for RIM, but they ought to invest in dealing with it, period.

Some of the features but some are limited to only BB 7 devices as noted in the previous article -

Nice, the best e-mail on mobile devices just got better. Thanks BB.

BTW, I used the YouTube app on my Bold 9930 to watch video and WOW!

Lifesaver for me. Lots of traveling around. In the states I'm on VZW. (A CDMA carrier). When I travel and buy and load a pre-paid SIM card, all of my BIS settings get wiped from the device. I must re-add all my emails accounts, etc. Only to return home and call VZW to fix the mess its made of my usual BIS account.

This doesn't happen all the time but plagues me in Spain and France in particular. Glad it will be (hopefully) addressed! :)

What's with these "Firsters" in the comments section of all newly-posted articles? Bunch of spammers !! Can these peeps offer nothing more constructive than "1st" or "First"??? >:(

Anycase, back on topic...
Thanks for the update Michelle! Looking forward to the update. But is there any word on when various carriers propose to upgrade to 4.1? Rogers, Bell, Telus, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Orange, etc?

Does this update mean when the setting is checked to load images, the email will actually load with them, instead of having to do the get images option from the menu?

Finally a BIS update its really a big hassle if BlackBerry users are unable to open large email attachments

______ and BlackBerry Rocks

None of the really useful email features (larger truncation limit and large attachment downloads) will be available for the majority of us BB users stuck on OS 6 (or earlier). Way for RIM to turn their backs on existing users who can't just pick up a new phone on a whim.

Oh yeah, just like Apple turning their backs on iP3 users by introducing a new feature like Facetime to the iP4.

So when are we allowed to get new features on our BlackBerries then? Should we penalise all new BlackBerry owners because others can't pick up the new phones?

If I'm spending my money on the latest and greatest device I want all the best features, otherwise I'd have stayed with OS6 on my 9700.

Wait till QNX comes out, or rather don't, you'll be furious! :D

First of all, your example is not comparable. You're talking about physical hardware changes on new models. This is about back-end software changes that shouldn't have anything to do with the OS. Especially since it is supposed to finally address issues we've screamed about for years.

And, sorry, but upgrading the email truncation limit from about 48 Kb to a whopping 300 Kb (oooh... that's so big...) just isn't going to be that taxing on even an OS 4.5 device, much less on my Torch running 6.

I don't claim to be an expert on the back end software or hardware, but I would assume there has to be a hardware limitation, as RIM has always been pretty good at rolling out updates to older devices wherever possible.

I hope RIM can do something to add editing/attached files functions on forwarded emails ! Kinda hassle and not efficient if you want to forward emails and edit the content !!!!

Sorry but where are the real improvements? Still no proper 2way sync of gmail / exchange mail, contacts and calendar. Something Android and iOs do out of the box. For BIS my provider always charges me extra, and I get less features than on another OS. And then we call Blackberry the king of email - ridiculous. It is the king of communication, due to excellent keyboard and notification system and the unified messaging box. But their mail services suck.

I don't know when BIS 4.1 start running, all I know is that i got yesterday my new Torch 9850 from Verizon and I can't connect to internet or open emails. It is just weird.

Now I'll be able to send 10 second HD videos via email to my gf...YESSSSS!!!!!...(extreme sarcasm was intended in the publishing of this comment)

I can confirm that the "Inbox priming for new account integrations" already works from my BIS provider Taiwan Mobile. However after account setup, I only got around 10ish emails, eventhough there are a lot more than 10ish unread emails in that account. I have confirmed this with two separate corporate (non gmail nor yahoo) email accounts, both were "primed" with 10ish emails only.

It appears that 4.1 has already been rolled out to Asia Pacific BIS carriers.

I will confirm later today whether "No interruption to email flow on SIM swap" works or not.

Also not that many would require it, with a secondary BIS account, I have been able to configure more than 10 email accounts on my 9900 on Bell BIS ( current limitation is 10 emails per BIS account). And yes, emails from both BIS accounts are being pushed to my 9900 without any problems!

I believe RIM updated BIS for Cellular South this morning, I received 40 emails dating back to February that my phone would not display or show received while Outlook on my PC shows them. All the emails were Microsoft Infopath emails that didn't show up on my phone. Prior to my BB phone I had a Windows Mobile phone and it would receive and display these emails. The only reason I received 40 emails that I had previously received on my desktop, now on my phone is the BIS 4.1 upgrade. I've been wanting this to happen for a long time.

Emailed myself a 8.24 MB file this morning and it came right through. I can't confirm my carrier(cellular south) BIS 4.1 was updated but something happened last night and now I'm getting all my emails and can send/receive large attachments.