Research In Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirms BBX Platform Name, says it will leapfrog the competition!

BBX Platform
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2011 07:35 pm EDT

On the eve of BlackBerry DevCon 2011, RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie was quoted in an article in the Financial Post confirming the BBX name we exclusively reported on earlier this month,

For RIM's embattled chief executive tandem of Mr. Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, DevCon is their chance to grab the spotlight, draw developers back to the fold and silence the growing contingent of doubters with what Mr. Balsillie called the "BBX Platform." 

Reading more of the article has me pretty excited for what we'll see on stage tomorrow at the DevCon keynote. In the interview Balsillie said, "We've leapfrogged everyone with what we're announcing [on Tuesday] and you're going to see it on display." Exciting stuff. Be sure to keep it locked to CrackBerry this week for live DevCon coverage!

Source: FP

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Research In Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie confirms BBX Platform Name, says it will leapfrog the competition!


Noooooo! do not "bring it" at devcon!

RIM.. if you seriously have something that will leapfrog the competition do not show it off at devcon. Do not show it off at all. Do not tell anyone! Please please please take a page from apples book on this one, and dont unvail it until launch day, or maybe a week before. But i promise you if you unvail it tomorrow and dont launch it until next year like you always do, the competition will spend that time developing a device with better specs then yours!

I totally agree! I totally think they shouldn't unveil it until a week before so the competition doesn't have any idea what to expect specs wise. Show the phone thru a glass case with it off like they did with the PlayBook except don't show off BBX till launch time. As much as it hurts me to say it because I am so desperately excited to see what it'll be like but Perfection and beauty takes time.

sure it'd be nice in theory but its a double edge sword. how are developers suppose to design for it and have something ready a week before release?

RIM needs to take this chance. anyways hardware is nothing, its just a matter of having optimise software for that next gen technology. It really isn't that hard for RIM to release the most cutting edge phone tomorrow but without software to take advantage of it, it'll just be a waste of investment and costs.

have a little creativity... so you want developers to be able to code for it? release a simulator that has everything it needs to test apps and notthing more. the simulator dosent need to include the new voice recognition engine (example) or any other new or improved native features. just the basic os the developers need to code and test their apps. This way apps are developed, but any new features are not put out there for the competition to copy until its too late.leaving them 6 months behind for once.

Now lets talk of the hardware. you say its not hard to throw out a device with better hardware specs. i agree. BUT there is something in the tech industry called planned obcelecence. companies will not release a substancially advanced product until think someone else is about to. For example, we've had 5mp cameras in phones for some time now.. that became the smartphone norm, so thats what they used. Does Rim have access to an 8mp camera? absolutely. but they wouldnt use it because they didnt know apple was going to and they dont want bump the market to where they have no place to go. now apple keeps its secrets. it caught rim off guard releasing an 8mp model... so of course rim is going throw the 8mp camera they already have sitting on the shelf into the new model... but theyl be 6 months late. Now lets say rim truly does leapfrog, and throws in a 10mp. great! and if they keep it secret, and dont even hint at it. when it launches they will have the better camera for about 6 months until the competition can attempt to one up them. however.. if they annonce it today, i garantee the competition will poor resources into making sure to launch a model within a few weeks of rim projected launch that includes a 12mp design. Its extremely easy to better something when you know what it can tell any company your job over the next six months your job is to develop a 12mp camera for our phone and they'll get it done. no problem. tell that same company to anticipate the unknown and beat that.. a lot harder..

I have a reliable source telling me that playbook 2.0 will be available for download tomorrow, not just on display but actually released!

I'll bet you $20 your reliable source is wrong.  More like available to Developers who get a free PlayBook at the conference in "beta/developer" form, but not pushed out to PlayBook owners.

Whoa Kev, getting pretty crazy with that bet when your in the know. Thats not very convincing if you ask me;)
If i remember correctly amateur hour was suppose to be over with the Playbook and look what happen there. Balsilly needs to learn to stop making these ridiculous statements. The only time the are leapfroging anything is maybe the next leap year when they finally get everything figured out with BBX. RIMs first iteration of anything has never proved to be solid enough to leapfrog the lily pad in front of them. How about some baby steps here Jim and maybe catch others off guard? Um, you know kinda like the iPhone did to you and Mike....

Ill double your $20 Kevin it will not be for Regular Users for the first day of DevCon, it will be more like in a "Try this new BBPB for who ever participate at DevCon" Most likely will be a beta first and after Pushed to Consumers.

pretty bold statement there but i really wish it is true. getting one either way tho. my only concern is the time that RIM will take to actually release the platform after tomorrow's announcement. if it is too long it would give the competition the chance to leapfrog the leapfrogger,

True!! look what Amazon is doing to BB with this Kindle Fire!! Rim took so long to release it and when they did it was raw and so half baked!!!

Lets see what happens tomorrow last year i was so excited when the PB was announced, now i am like ok whatever moving right along.

"Less than an evolutionary leap, more like a triple axle." Anyone remember the OS 6 launch?

RIM is good at making bold statements Convince us with great products.

I really wish he would stop making those empty statements. The competition isn't previewing an OS that won't be available for six months.

Agree. In a fast changing market like mobile, the key is to under-promise and over-deliver. The problem is that, with bombastic statements like these, it's almost impossible to live up to them, no matter how awesome BBX is.

bbx is the qnx OS for the bb superphones that are coming out in 2012.

I am very excited to see what they show off tomorrow.

BBX is the reason for all the negative press blackberry has been getting as of late. Both Apple and Google are scared to death of BBX, so they have launched a multi million dollar smear campaign against RIM using viral marketing tactics and main stream media as weapons.

It won't work though. RIM "will" bring BBX to market. And RIM "will" dominate with it. That's just how it is going to be.

Here's hoping! I love my BB and PlayBook and I really want this all to succeed and blow everyone out of the water! I look foreward to a day when someone sees my BBX BlackBerry holding their iphone/android dripping icecream sandwich and is wishing the weren't locked into a contract with something so "dated". Go RIM go!

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I love the enthusiasm. I am a bit more cynical though. I think we will see some cool stuff but they have settled into (hopefully) third place in the US. That being said there is a world outside the US, though mainstream media and bloggers seem to overlook that. Excuse me while I keep hitting the back button on my PB as my keyboard keeps disappearing and I end up tapping on an ad...

I have said it before it is uncommonly fashionable to bash RIM. It's as if everytime I look at my BB it will fire poison in my face. Could there be a sinister force at play?

I am EXCITED and WORRIED at the same time LOL. Just hope after this last year /summer that RIM corrects all it's mistakes and goes BALLS OUT with QNX/BBX. I been waiting forever for this years Devocn. Yea baby!!! RIMPIRE!

Hopefully they are not over-hyping the BBX platform like they did with the Torch. I don't think that's the case, but their recent track record has me worried. That said I hope we see great things tomorrow and get some dates that RIM will stick to.

Hmmm, I wonder if the new phones that were just released will be upgradeable to bbx? Otherwise I could see some ppl being mad that they just spent up to $600 for a phone that is soon to be "outdated". Anyways I'm glad I kept my 9800 and didn't rush to the 9900, I will wait til bbx phones come out and see what's up with them before I spend a buttload on a new phone.

Knowing the way RIM takes their fanbase/ customers for granted, I am 1000% sure that the OS7 devices will not be upgradeable to BBX.

OS7 was out within 7 to 8 months after OS6, yet RIM ensured that none of the OS6 devices (esp a $600 Torch 9800) were upgradeable to OS7.

Apple doesn't take it's customers for granted. They have ensured that iOS4 customers are able to upgrade to iOS5.

not completely true, RIM very much supports and provide the updates for the older versions too, my wife's 9000 got a OS update like 3 months ago which is nice for a 3 year old device, and just last week 9780 and 9800 got OS 6 updates..

don't try to troll by comparing to others, what do you have to say about Apple not supporting SIRI in IP4 and what abt gazillions Android vendors releasing a new phone every 2 months and then forgetting about them in the next 2 months..good example Moto Atrix debuted 6 months and already Atrix 2 is out with exact same specs or even worse..

It's because of blind RIM fanatics like you that RIM has become complacent. And it's we, the true RIM fans, who are at the receiving end of RIM's complacent attitude, thanks to people like you. Mike Lazardis is not GOD. He is a human being and Humans can err at times. Please try and understand this.
The OP was not asking about the minor software updates like to
He was asking about an OS upgrade, like from OS6 to OS7.
Try upgrading your 9780 & 9800 to OS7 and you'll get your answer.

So READ before trolling.

It's because of blind RIM fanatics like you that RIM has become complacent. And it's we, the true RIM fans, who are at the receiving end of RIM's complacent attitude, thanks to people like you. Mike Lazardis is not GOD. He is a human being and Humans can err at times. Please try and understand this.
The OP was not asking about the minor software updates like to
He was asking about an OS upgrade, like from OS6 to OS7.
Try upgrading your 9780 & 9800 to OS7 and you'll get your answer.

So READ before trolling.

did I say ML is a god? You were trolling here and not me..get a life dude and I know you are one of the isheep here to troll. RIM is aware of it's issues and doing as much it can and we as it's supporters are here no matter what and how many of you leaches leach around here are not going to deter us, they came a long way with OS7 devices (incase if you not used go to a nearest store and check them out). QNX is a different chapter in RIM's history and nobody is expecting OS 7 devices to run QNX.

Apple is the master at taking advantage of their customers, because their customers just say thanks when they get shafted. I just upgraded my iPad thinking I was getting Siri and bezel gestures but I got neither. If I want a nice UI I have to upgrade to iPad2. If iPhone 4 users want Siri, they have to sell their phone and buy a new one.

Looking at the way RIM is climbing the Technology ladder downwards, I wouldn't be surprised if the BBX devices sport an even lower mAH battery OR a 3.2 megapixel camera to make the phone thinner..

at the last conference Mike stated that the BBX phone will be an additional device line. The OS7 phones are awesome and will continue to be supported for years to come.

The BBX phone is going to be a multi-media marvel but the OS7 phones are the "get'er done" workhorses.

I knew this and I love my Bold 9930 today and I'll love it next year and the year after that. However, this new phone can increase the base. My wife is not interested in BlackBerry and I hope this phone brings her into the BlackBerry family because it provides what she is looking for in a phone.

Just more choices from RIM. Choice is good.

OH BOY!!!!!!!!! I sure hope the BBX really does LEAPFROG into the front of the pack!!! I can see RIM shifting into high gear with the success of the BBX (back up the statement big time)! I'm ready to spend my money now!

Leap frog the competition?

QNX on the Playbook has been less than exciting. Call me cynical but if bbx is just qnx on a phone then I think RIM has already failed.

But I'm going to hold my judgement til the end of Devcon and see what they have in store for the future. I believe this is RIM's last chance to instill confidence in their investors and Blackberry users. They'll need to hit this one out of the park and lay a solid foundation for their future products.

Good interview with Balsillie, hope it's not just hot air marketing talk!

"Matt Hartley: I think everyone’s really excited to see what RIM has up its sleeves tomorrow. RIM does seem to have a lot riding on the QNX platform and what it’s going to look like on BlackBerry devices, but there are already some people out there who are worried this may not be enough to really wow the tech industry. Does that concern you at all?

Jim Balsillie: Impossible. Impossible. This is quantifiable. It’s irrefutable. It’s impossible. If you take HTML5 scores, we have the highest HTML5 scores. It’s quantifiable. If you take the performance aspects and the scalability and the certifications of the BBX platform, it’s irrefutable. You take the security, you take the scalability, you take the standard tooling, you take the performance aspects, you take the compliance scoring … I mean, if that’s not enough, do you want a time machine? You realize how huge a deal we are around the world? I hope you guys realize. I mean, I met three heads of state last week, 12 carrier CEOs. We are at 50% odd market share in many of these markets. We’re the number one brand in South Africa, and number one in the U.K. It’s funny, this whole narrative doesn’t fit. Where does that $20-billion of sales come from?"

"Leapfrong the competition" ?? Really?! Those are some pretty ballsy words Mr. Balsillie.

Doesn't RIM have a history of shooting themselves in the foot? It's one thing to say "We will leapfrog our previous devices" but you're taking things to a whole... 'notha.... level, when you that other statement. It would be epic if it happened but I don't see it happening, especially since their FIRST BBX device will not have the iconic keyboard.

On another note, why is it so hard for RIM to realize that the "JUGGERNAUT" device that would change everything is a 3.5 inch screen (iPhone size) with the 9900 keyboard? No, not a sliding Torch. The keyboard would be exposed at all times. This my friends, would be epic...

I agree with your comment about a larger, exposed keyboard device - I'm surprised something like it hasn't appeared from any of the usual suspects. I would absolutely be interested in a device like that.

I continue to enjoy my 9650... being able to do lots of IMPORTANT stuff much quicker than possible on a slab phone.
If BBX can offer something faster, more stable, and with the capacity to do the same sorts of things (keeping with the idea of efficient ways to get things done).... and then some of the fluff apps to boot, they'll have a winner.
Even if the phone includes only a new kind of software doing much the same stuff.... I'd be happy to see a new super durable, rugged phone.
Request: Do NOT focus on making the phone thin or light. A chunky phone that WORKS and has long battery life is far preferred.

On the Playbook, I don't care if they leapfrog the competition or not.
I would be happy if they just got the basics working:- VPN into corp network (cisco vpn), Skype, SIP, wifi into enterprise, so we can do more than "open" or "WEP" networks.
All supported by others, but not playbook - so looking forward to these basics.

Oh for the love of God - when will RIM learn not to say anything. Leapfrog the competition? Come on, that statement alone will be ridiculed from the technology community, blogs, and media if it doesn't actually come to pass, i.e., the Playbook and its lack of missing email from day one that was the biggest leapfrog....backwards....this company has ever made. Or what about the apps on the Playbook that supposedly would leapfrog over the competition - you know, quality, native developed apps. Opps, sorry, the NDK still has not be made available to everyone.

Not to be pessimistic, although its hard not to when it comes to RIM, but their key to success is to under promise and then over-deliver. After all, it's clear they have mastered the over-promising and under-delivering market campaign perfectly.

I hope that this time, RIM is right and that what we will see will be impressive, revolutionary, and surprising. I grow weary of seeing my favourite brand crucified in the media and the public.

I don't post here often enough, but i had to chime in here.

I think the CEO made a huge error. RIM has some learning to do before they leapfrog anything or anyone. Everyone who posted here knows that while the BB is the best phone on the market it is not the best mobile device. Therefore, RIM should do a better job of looking at the market and make one device for phone lovers and one device for mobile device lovers. Lose the encryption, lose the network reliance for the consumer devices, those device seekers don't care and more and more folks are feeling that way. I feel that RIM can compete for both audiences but they should do it with different approaches. On top of that, PLEASE stop showing up to a gunfight with a stick. The marketing is sad, under whelming and it right or go home. The user base ( me) is embarrassed by the lack of a brand, lack of fight, lack of spirit. As a Canadian, it's a bad showing. BB owners will stick by the company,but the company needs to fight for itself. I have owned BB's, Iphones and Androids. Nothing comes close to touching a BB when it comes to the core features a smartphone needs to have.....but, the group I fall into are fading and fading fast.

Mr CEO, do some real research, it not that hard, then give the market a real device.

If only it wasn't Jim Balsillie saying it, I might even believe it.

Poor Jim, he doesn't realise noone believes a word he says anymore.

What he needs is to pay some nice "independent" journalist or analyst to say it - the same way Apple does - but for some reason RIM still don't get how the game is played.

For the record I'm sure the new OS will be remarkable - but they're still just devices.

@bbinsight - I want the security even as a consumer - because I can't afford to be the schmuck that gets caught when criminals realise how easy it is to steal from those other devices.

And don't believe all the negative PR out there. Go to the UK for a trip, and realise that in text obsessed Britain, BlackBerry is the number one and not seen as technically deficient. During the outage the BBC had RIM as headline news every day. And today the $100 apps offer was also headline news yet again.

You said it yourself, "nothing comes close to touching a BB" - so why all the negative press? Work it out for yourself. The information is there if you choose to look at who backs a lot of the experts and analysts generating the negative PR.

I already know how the game is played and I know how BB is getting played, however in case you have not been watching the lack of real offense is affecting the company, both in results and user affection. The negative press is both manufactured and sad to say somewhat deserved, did you buy a 9800? I sure did. #Fail, now i have a 9900, it's awesome, unbeatable, why not roll this phone out last yr?

The security issue is an important one, but it's not what keeps the growing smartphone market interested. So while you and I care about that, the buyers are opting for Apps, web, music, video and games.if you produce a technology product it must a) lead the pack, not lag b) bring excitement to users befor they even expect it. Our brand looks like it's had it's day....BUT (HUGE BUT) other companies has been down and turned it around think Audi, think ummmm Apple.


I agree OS 7 devices are on par with the competition, I was a 9800 owner and was underwhelmed and got a 9810 last is just above and beyond what RIM has done so far..smoother than Android and matches IOS. I agree the negative publicity is manufactured..

Todays leapfrog is tomorrows old news. Software can advance quickly and if they drag their heels with releasing these phones they may be the ones getting leapfrogged. However, I am still looking forward to this and will be a Blackberry user for the foreseeable future.

This is it guys. This is the last chance for RIM to make a comeback. Everybody, push together for a big scrum against those Wall Street zealots who want to see it down.

Unless 2.0 has the ability to select OS versions after a wipe, I doubt that the DevCon Playbooks are coming loaded with a beta. If a developer needs to wipe the device (which can happen quite frequently during development), RIM would need to inventory the PINs of the devices to allow them to restore to the beta instead of the latest 1.0.7.xxxx. Then after the beta period, scrap the entire system.

RIM wants all Playbooks on the same OS which is why you can't load a prior OS once you upgrade to the current. It's too much cost and effort to temporarily put this into place. I think that a new set of SDKs and a simulator running 2.0 will be rolled out tomorrow. The developers who are not fortunate enough to be at DevCon will also need time to recompile and test their apps in the 2.0 environment (hopefully before the launch of 2.0).

As far as a general 2.0 rollout tonight/tomorrow is concerned, I would assume that by now (10:25PM EST) we'd have seen a Bridge update. Tomorrow won't do anything to alleviate the pain of waiting. It will, however, answer many questions that, as of right now, have been just speculation.

Manage your expectations. After all, the iPhone 5 was not Apple's intent for their recent event. But because of bloated expectations and media absurdity, the iPhone 4s was instantly a disappointment - And that was for Apple fans!

yeah i'm stressed for tomorrow... I'm scared they screw it up and that it goes all down from there... I do think too that its the last chance to make a good come back

I do think RIM is going to show some awesome stuff tomorrow. Still, I agree with those who say Jim should be a bit more humble.
I love BB and my Bold 9930 and Playbook are the smartest and best phone + tablet combo IMO. But, RIM launched the Storm and that was not optimal. I think the Playbook was cool with better specs than the iPad2 and with Bridge a no brainer better deal than the competition but still the claim that it is a bit light on content is valid.

I just think Mike is awesome and his apology was incredibly sincere. Way more than Steve J. did with his screw up with antenna gate, but nevertheless, Jim should be careful with his words.

Show us with action and products and if it is that amazing (which I sincerely hope) so much the better.

I also tend to love the comeback kid story so here is to you RIM. Good luck tomorrow!!

The one thing I do know, is if they show off something earth shattering tomorrow, it will kill their OS7 phone sales until it comes out.

Wish list for BBX:- 2.4GHz quad core processor, 64GB internal memory, LTE, Gorilla glass display, 4" Touchscreen, Full voice command. Ok last one is tough but one can hope.

I would really like to see BBX available to all OS7 users. I just bought my 9900, love it and have no interest (or money) to upgrade so soon. Even if they release it in some form of "Lite" version, I would still be happy.

This is the best news ive read since becoming a Crackberry member.i cant wait to see what they have so i can go on a smear campaign with all my friends that love to talk about how much better their Android devices are then my blackberry,this is gonna feel GOOD!!!

You guys crack me up, with your endless unfounded optimism. Why would any reasonable person enter that conference with very high expectations after the debacle that was the Torch 9800's launch?
Remember RIM promoted the 9800 as the 'next-generation' and 'game changer' yet went on to release a flagship device with a low res screen, miniscule RAM and a 600 Mhz processor with no GPU acceleration (or even any onboard GPU for that matter).

Also, it's worth noting that there's so far nothing in the QNX OS for the Playbook that 'leapfrogs the competition'.

Let's see what RIM can cook up, but i'm going into this with low expectations.

I wish some of you would remember that most of you who post here are in the top 2% of CB abusers. Most people who use these phones, including me, don't really care about ? Ghz processor, gorilla glass, whether it is 4G or not. (Most of the US is not even 4G so really?)

I have had an 8130 Pearl, a Curve 8330, Curve 8530 and now the 9850. I am loving the 9850. I don't want a toy (Android and iphone). It is a PHONE; albieit a Smart one. I need it to communicate and in that arena a BB outperforms all other OS platforms.

BBM is being picked up by teenagers....a demographic you all seem to ignore. While you are arguing over whether or not RIM is going to disappoint with BBX, it just well could be the teenagers who 'save' RIM.

RIM needs to best the competitors (Apple, Android) in specs on the phone but most importantly...the OS needs to be SUPER, and every single thing that Berry addicts love about their Blackberrys needs to be in there and add the features that others have that they lack. Also, battery life needs to be better than the competitors. Bottom point...BBX phone needs to be not just another BlackBerry but a Super Berry!

i tend to agree with the posts above about not letting the proverbial cat out of the bag too soon. RIM should wait till BBX is distribution ready before letting it out there. but who know, maybe it is closer to reality than we think?

This is a great, I cant wait. this is the coming together of our understanding of the future for RIM, Tablets and smartphones. One Os. Lets not forget that the superphones of the near future are being actively developed for!! PB OS is QNX is BBX. The media will miss the ball on this one, lets not forget, the media with the world wide reach has already picked their side. Don't let them ruin the day.

I'm looking forward to the BBX platform as long as I can get a qwerty keyboard in the process; don't make us wait forever for one. I really don't want an all touch screen device.

I refuse to believe it until I see it. I heard a very bold statement at BlackBerry World that the Playbook would have a mail client 'within 60 days'. That was FIVE months ago.

I get the feeling that BBX might be going down the "all your eggs in one basket" route!

If this thing goes off half baked then RIM's credibility is going to be at rock bottom!!

Well like many say BB always talks about new big things and at the end they cant deliver. What annoys me is I have a PB and still there is no word correction support while writing emails etc.. I mean this is the most easiest Fix or not?

I have my new 9900 exchange of my old 9800 I was expecting a much better device.

Rim can do better , If they look 2 steps ahead and not one.

What I hope for in the new BBX device ?

Better camera and Optics,better picture stabilizer, faster lag free performance ( My 9900 has some lag) , Front facing Camera for Video Chat , and better touch screen performance that the Playbook. there is also some annoying lag there too.

I have invested a lot of money on BB devices and I have always stood up for them its time that did something back for us!

Give us a tool to be proud of ;)