Research In Motion buys Ireland-based Digital Content company NewBay in $100 Million deal

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2011 09:34 am EDT


According to, Research In Motion has acquired Ireland-based digital content company NewBay for $100 million:

NewBay staff were informed of the company's purchase by the Blackberry maker yesterday.

It is understood that RIM intends to keep NewBay's software development centre in Dublin, which employs about 200 staff. It will be the first facility for the Canadian firm in Ireland.

NewBay develops software for use on mobile phones which enables users to create and share digital content such as pictures and videos, as well as updating social networks.

It signed deals for its software with a number of major networks including T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica O2, France Telecom Orange, US Cellular, ATT, Telstra and Verizon.

I'm sure we'll learn more about the intent behind this acqusition at the BlackBerry DevCon coming up in less than two weeks. RIM has made a number of acquisitions in recent years, including QNX, T.A.T. and Torch Mobile. QNX has given BlackBerry a new platform upon which to build it's OS. TAT has given RIM ea design talent on the user interface side of things, and Torch has greatly improved the BlackBerry web browser (to the point where people don't even complain about it anymore!). With NewBay, it looks like RIM is filling a gap they have on the distribution of digital content. Awesome.

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Research In Motion buys Ireland-based Digital Content company NewBay in $100 Million deal


Vlingo would be awesome!

Bought it once years ago, well several Blackberry's ago anyway.. And refuse to pay another 20 bucks for it.. What kind of app dosen't include lifetime updates at the 20 dollar price point??

Great move. RIM is on a roll here with the number of aquisations made in the past few years which means they are moving in the right direction. Go Rim Go!

Hopefully RIM has a plan to put this new asset into action and make a compelling overall user experience.

well it does not look like
RIM is going under like many people say
i am a business man and when you invest in your company is cos you belive in it
it seems to me that RIM is geting ready for somenthing big
i m glad with this new buy


Can you do an analysis of RIM's recent acquisitions? Say since 2008, and where they fit into the business?


for 100 million dollars *cue dr evil*

seems excessive for a digital content company that handles social networking content but then again I've never used their software (i think) so they could be pretty awesome :P
But like the article says, we'll probably have to wait for devcon to see the real reason behind it. I guess it's quicker than starting from scratch or not having it all your way with a licensing deal...

Having a client that seemingly works well with digital content makers/communications companies that allows content to be published, processed and distributed through tablets, pcs, tv's and smartphones using a cloud based storage system is intriguing to say the least.

Now with amazon gearing up with their kindle and their cloud services and apple with icloud, rim doesn't want to be left behind in that area too.

let's just hope the software doesn't suck and works seamlessly as an eco-system :P

Especially a company that lost almost $4 Million dollars last year....

But the "cloud" is the future, and when you can not create a thing, you must buy it.

Companies that are looking to get bought out or are mulling over being bought out do not go and drop 100 mil on an aquisition.

My sister does the exact same thing. She goes on a shopping spree every time there's some bad news.

Well done. I love RIM's strategy of small acquisitions that fill the need, as opposed to the Google "buy everything" approach (of course the difference is that they can afford to). As Kevin talked about on the last Mobile Nations and I've heard a few others say recently, RIM's biggest problem now is content.

I hope all of these acquisitions are worth it. The next bb should wow us, even if its just on par w/ the rest of the market. Seems like they're trying to focus more on the average user more than businesses like they have in the past. So I guess the rumor of being bought out by Google won't happen now.

My thought exactly. Now is the time make everything to fall into place and gel into one awesome product.
With the lawsuits swirling around maybe they are covering all bases.

Just finished a 5 min quick check of newbay products and solutions. This definitely looks like a smart acquisition! This one specific feature (beside many interesting features) caught my eye:

"Tracks user activity across all client devices - Web, WAP, mobile Internet, handset client, Desktop Notifier Client & TV - in order to determine the best device and channel to send notifications to"

RIM making all right moves these days!

So when is RIM going to show off some cool stuff from TAT? TAT should be cranking out cool apps for the Playbook.

Yea for all the hype, TAT hasn't realy shown us all that much. The new Playbook UI ended up being made by tetronic (or whatever their name was/is) & not TAT...

Great news for sure. Hopefully technology will go into BBX.

Now we just need those QNX phones yesterday!

Nice, looking good RIM. Keep the developer adquisitions comming, but more than that, it's time to work in app development with newbay, that other swedish company they bought earlier on the year and anything could help. It's all about the apps, and we need quality apps no angry birds apps.
I agree, we need the QNX phones yesterday, the specs of the Samsung GALAXY SII are quite impressive, anyway I'm going to buy the Bold 9900 in 3 months I end my current contract with Telcel. (I use a Torch 9800)

Hope they do a good job integrating it into BBX. They need to make it simple & easy to use, just like Apple's icloud.

Hope they have already been working on it before the acquisition because if they get the QNX phones out on time they don't have much time to integrate it

hmm currently "Available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms"

one very important platform seems to be missing there...That will mean they will have a lot more coding to to....

rim is a dying platform... nobody is buying blackberries... rim doesnt have money.... the playbook sucks... blackberry 7devices arent good... rim should sale... sale rim sale oh wait did you just say they dropped 100mil sayy whattttttttt??? all the haters say hoooooooooo.... blackberry for life baby!!!

So RIM told us their new BBX phones will be able to run android apps. Now, RIM has show their cards on BB Movies, NewBay, BB Music, TAT, JayCut. Movies, video editing, social music, cloud storage, it is clear Blackberry has learned that they want to provide a rich, pleasant and easy to use media experience.
The naysayers will say "it is just catching up to the iPhone or droids" but BB users will know that the iPhone has still not provided push e-mail and the iPhone is trapped in the form factor 3.5" screen, android still has not plugged their security issues.
So, here is where the road leads:
the BBX BlackBerry and Playbook will provide a rich multi-media experience wrapped in an awesome UI courtesy of TAT that give consumers more than a 3.5" screen, besides a screen that I guarantee will be larger than 3.5" there will also be things BB has always had the advantage on. Reliable, secure, push info on great hardware.
What will take it over the top, if that is not enough, is that with RIM you will be able to use a Mac at home, a PC at work, and just be more open, like they are with Flash, instead of trying to trap you in one eco-system.
I think the choice of the 2012 consumer is obvious. BlackBerry continues to lead in choice of models, secure, reliable communications and does so in a nicer form factor than the iPhone but also now adds awesome multi-media on any device you want to work on. That will make the phone even more open than the current androids.
RIMPIRE Strikes back. BIG TIME. This last iPhone4 release shows how they have painted themselves into a corner with their app friendly form factor. No major changes expected for apple. 3.5" is going to be around for a long time.