Research In Motion and BlackBerry being honored with commemorative stamps in Canada

By Michelle Haag on 14 Aug 2011 09:47 pm EDT
Canadian Innovations stamps

There is a large number of people out there that don't realize that Canadians have invented tons of awesome things that we use every day. Basketball, electron microscopes, IMax movies, instant mashed potatoes, JAVA, odometers, and the telephone - all Canadian inventions, and that's barely even scratching the surface. Canada Post is honoring this long legacy of innovating and inventing with four new stamps commemorating important milestones along the way: the pacemaker, electric oven, electric wheelchair, and the BlackBerry!

While many people lately have declared that RIM is dying and has no future, it's nice to see the inventors of our beloved BlackBerry being honored in this way. Whether you are a fan or not, it's undeniable that Mike and Jim created something that revolutionized the way the world communicates. The stamps will be available in Canada starting August 17th, and more details can be found at the Canada Post source link below.

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Source: Canada Post via BBOS

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Research In Motion and BlackBerry being honored with commemorative stamps in Canada


Nice sharp and clear closeup!! Wish I could click these kind of images with the Bold 9900. Guess I'll have to use the 'apple innovation' for that - called the iPhone4 (with Auto Focus)! ;)

instant mashed potatoes are not an innovation. They are a giant step backwards, and should make all Canadian's ashamed

says you. powered mashed potatoes are awesome... they taste soooo good. I wish all foods could taste that good by just adding hot water.

Woohoo Canada! Now when is the T-Mobile Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 going to be released? I am American, but if T-mobile releases the Bold Touch this week I'll wear a T-shirt with the Canadian flag all next weekend. lol a time when the price of the stamp matches their stock value.

...sorry cheap shot, but just had to. I STILL LOVE YOU RIM.

Lol, nicely done :p

Anyone else find the blackberry image the odd one out?

Its way too new compared to the other innovations. You'd think canadians stopped innovating after the inventing/improving upon an idea.

Maybe the 850 two way pager or one of the first of the modern smartphones with a monochrome screen would have fitted perfectly to the rest of these images.

Anyways, nice work. Blackberries have definitely made an impact and innovated mobile communications.

Agreed. Why didn't they use an older BB? Perhaps Mike and Jim paid the postal service a $hitload of money to be featured.

just looking at it at It won't be released until the 17th. I'm still trying to figure out if i want the "first day release" cover. :p

Anyone see the irony where email is phasing out snail mail, yet Canada Post honours that which is all about the email? :)

This is pretty awesome to see though. Go Canada!

I have gotten to play with all 3. go RIM... excellent phone all around but my personal would b the the new keyboard and what a screen....hang on excited for all of you.... Jonathan K
Blackberry Rep (SFL)

The wording is pretty implicative. 'Commemorate' is usually used after something is done or dead. I hope this doesn't mean anything. To honor is a different word, with a different meaning, that I think would be more accurate to describe the stamps. They look nice though! GO RIM!

"Commemorate" in this case I think is more along the lines of "to mark by some ceremony or observation" or "to call to remembrance" - And the subject of the commemoration is essentially "Canada: We invent cool stuff!", something I am sure is just as ongoing as a town that commemorates an anniversary. Clearly the BlackBerry itself has been invented, that part of it's life as the device some of us (like me!) love and some of us hate is, well, done. To read in the definition that only applies to things that are dead or finished I think is... not what Canada Post intended.