Rescue the crew and save a planet in Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home
By Michelle Haag on 9 Nov 2012 03:00 am EST
Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. We first took a look at Hidden Galaxies back in September, when Bla1ze got a demo of it from Troy of Magmic at BlackBerry Jam Americas. While this game falls in the 'search for the hidden object' genre, the approach is pretty unique, and the graphics are incredible.
Oh no! While returning home with valuable cargo to be used to power the core of their dying planet, the Eepmons' spaceship has been sucked into a wormhole. Now the crew and the cargo are missing! The only one left onboard is first technical officer, Eep. Help him search the galaxies to find his missing crew and precious space junk, so they can return home and save Planet Eepmon from certain destruction. Hidden Galaxies is a challenging hidden object game featuring the stunning art of renowned international artist eepmon. Find all the hidden objects and missing crew and you can save the planet.

I'm not normally a huge fan of this sort of game, but once I started playing Hidden Galaxies I couldn't put it down. The high-resolution graphics are fun and a little twisted, and the unique parallax view the game takes on while searching for objects is like nothing I've seen before. While BlackBerry App World lists Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home at $1.99, when I purchased it tonight it came up at just $.99, so I'm guessing it's on sale and the price hasn't updated in the store. You can grab this mind-bending game at the link below!

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Rescue the crew and save a planet in Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Hmmm, I remember the good old days with Waldo. Maybe I will check this out, something for my nephew to try.

im not really into games like this but i went ahead and bought it....its pretty cool with graphics and all....

Very cool looking game. I just got three stars on the first level. This should be an awesome game for my 5 year old.