reQall Upgrades Standard Service - Announces Pro Version

ReQall Pro for BlackBerry Smartphones
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 10:31 pm EDT

Back in October '08 we brought word to the CrackBery blogs of reQall, a memory aid app built specifically for the BlackBerry that allows users to enter in reminders via voice or text and easily edit and share them. Today the folks behind reQuall released a premium version, called Quall Pro. reQall Pro is an advanced memory system which provides location-based reminders, voice-to-calendar integration and the proactive reQall Memory Jogger to boost productivity and enhance memory. While reQuall pro will cost you $2.99/mo or $24.99/yr, the free reQall Standard service is still available (and has received some upgrades as well).

New Features in reQuall Pro include:

  • Enhanced Memory Jogger - This unique, patent-pending feature constantly watches for opportunities to keep users sharp and well-prepared. It analyzes a user's situation (calendar, time, location), predicts when they'll forget, and automatically delivers relevant, up-to-the-minute reminders.
  • Places - Organizes items based on where they need to be accomplished. For example, a task such as "Remember to give Joe the brochures" can be assigned to a geo-location of "Joe's office" and reQall will automatically display that item when the user is near Joe's office.
  • Outlook and Google Calendar integration - Enables direct synchronization so that users can add an item by voice or text to their Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar or Outlook Tasks.
  • Recurring dates - Allows the creation of ongoing reminders such as weekly meeting notices and anniversary or birthday reminders.
  • Universal sharing - Users can send reminders to friends, family and colleagues-even if they're not reQall users.
  • Integration with smartphone contacts - For iPhone and BlackBerry users, reQall can access the contact list stored in their device.
  • Helping hand - reQall not only helps BlackBerry users remember their tasks, but also helps get them done. reQall recognizes phone numbers, email addresses and links in the content of reQall items so users can call, email and browse directly from reQall.
  • Email reQall - In addition to reQall via voice, text, web, Firefox and IM, users who "live in their email program" can now add and update items by sending an email.

For more information you can read the press release and visit You can visit from your BlackBerry's web browser to download.

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Reader comments

reQall Upgrades Standard Service - Announces Pro Version


seems like this would be coo and as always i like that we can do a trial incase it's just not for you

reQall is a pretty nice program. When I was trying it out, I liked the features of the basic program. The way it sorts tasks is very well done.

My only complaint about reQall is the constant communication it has to do with their server. Although it seems like data may be stored on your BB (for when you don't have a solid connection), it only uses the local information if you don't have a data connection available. So, if it sees a data connection, it downloads each and every entry as you change screens. This really slowed down the program a LOT.

It didn't matter whether I just checked an entry or not, it would always go back and download the entry again. Although this program has a lot of potential, and keeps track of everything very well, the constant communication with their servers slowed the program down so much that I found it unusable.

The add by voice command did not work with the storm, or at least there were numerous complaints about 0 length recordings. As of tuesday it still did not work. I will download again and see it there has been an update.

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