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Repurpose your old BlackBerry PlayBook for Halloween

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2013 11:28 am EDT

If you've got a spare BlackBerry PlayBook just lying around, Halloween is a great time to put it to good use. Last year I used mine to play a creepy video in my front window, but this year we're kicking things up a notch or ten.

I've never been a good pumpkin carver so my Jack O'Lanterns haven't always been the greatest, but thanks to my trusty PlayBook, this year I'm going to make some awesome tablicized pumpkins for the front porch. 

You'll need a pretty big pumpkin to fit the PlayBook - one that's at least 9 or 10" across and 8 or 9" tall - this may be the hardest part of the project depending on where you live. Of course you'll need a PlayBook (preferably an old one) to get this done as well. Some basic knife skills will come in handy too.

  1. To get started, trace the outline of your PlayBook on the front of the pumpkin. It doesn't have to be perfect but try to keep it somewhere in the middle. 
  2. Next, carve out the rectangle the best you can, then pull out the PlayBook-sized chunk. 
  3. From here, clean out all the gooey pumpkiny crap inside so you have a hollow pumpkin.
  4. If you're using a PlayBook that you don't want to screw up too much, you may want to wrap the back and sides in plastic wrap or tape just to keep them clean, but that's up to you.

AC Power

If you're going to leave this setup for an extended period of time and want to power your PlayBook, follow these steps. If you're going in short spurts on battery power then skip this part.

  • Cut a small hole on the back of the pumpkin near the bottom. This will be where you feed your power cord, so it just has to be big enough to get the small end of the microUSB cable through.
  • Feed in your power cord first from the hole in the back, then pull it out the front and plug in your PlayBook. I'd recommend turning the PlayBook upside down so the plug is at the top. 
  • Put your PlayBook up to the hole and see where the microUSB plug lines up. You'll want to cut out a bit of a notch on the inside of the pumpkin so the plug has a place to rest and your PlayBook can still sit flush. Cut out a small bit at a time by reaching inside the hole. Test for fit and if you need more then cut a bit bigger. Remember you can always cut out more so just do a bit at a time.

Battery Power

Push the PlayBook into the hole. Odds are you'll have to modify things a bit and cut out a bit more to get the PlayBook to fit all the way it. Don't push too hard - you just want the PlayBook to fit flush and stay in the hole. If it doesn't fit at first, see what's holding it up and cut off a bit more as needed.

Once you're done, use your jacked up pumpkin with one of the cool uses below or come up with one of your own!

  • Scary Photo Slideshow - Load up some scary Halloween photos and run them as a slideshow 
  • Scary Videos - Loop a spooky Halloween video. Check out some examples here
  • Trapped Inside - For a cool "I'm trapped in this pumpkin effect" record a close-up video of yourself on the PlayBook screaming and yelling that you're trapped in the pumpkin.
  • Jack O'Lantern Faces - Find some images of actual Jack O'Lanterns to create an inception pumpkin with a photo slideshow
  • Video Chat - If you have another PlayBook, video chat from one to the other and scare your guests in real time!

Have other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


Tung Vu1


Posted via CB10

ram ace

till the end of ios and android

via my ever loyal black z10


I like that lol

Posted via CB10


Me too lol

Posted via CB10


Don't know about forever considering the state the company is now in. I'll give them 2 years tops IF they continue doing what they're doing now. Either get quite being always "late to the party" and releasing products with outdated specs or quite wasting time and money. I know I know BB10 doesn't require top of the line specs but that is what most techies look at nowadays. And the history of their sales of proved that. In order to get people turning their heads, they need to match or exceed their competitors products and specs and in this case Android OEMs. Not trying to troll or anything, just being realistic.


No says "rock bottom" like...

Posted via CB10


Nothing says*

Posted via CB10


Nothing says rock bottom like a Winnipeg Jets Fan;)

Posted via CB10

Gord Cluthe

HAHA - great idea. Very creative !!


You're just asking for it to get stolen..


What??? You're already giving them free candy!! lol

Posted via CB10


Due to the feelings about Blackberry in general and the Playbook specifically...I don't think this is an issue worth worrying about.


90% of people don't like BlackBerry because of their past. Someone's gonna see how sexy the screen looks and say "what??! BlackBerry makes a tablet?! It's mine now"
And BAM it's gone.

Posted via CB10


If you display on the shelf on an electric stores perhaps. But when you make a cool pumpkin carving and put your pb in there, you are selling the idea! Knowing today consumers, they will take anything ready make that they desire. A playbook no. A playbook in a pumpkin playing horror video yes!! See what BB did wrong marketing wise?


That was my thought too. Or vandalized. But it's an awesome idea if you can secure the pumpkin.

Posted via CB10


Love the video chat idea.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.


Not in my neighhood!

Fired from my Z10


Thank goodness bloomburg and Forbes haven't seen this yet.

Posted via CB10


Urgh... I mean bloomberg.

Posted via CB10


Hahaha slow news day!




I'll be pimpin my PlayBook this season!

Posted via CB10


Video Chat is hilarious. Almost as good as my buddy who dressed up as a Reaper and looked like one of the dummies we had on the porch. He sat down next to the dummies and would move when little kids were leaving, hah.


Once again totally unimpressive. The CRACK berry site could probably be run by one cat. Yet I imagine there are a plethora of you there. Spewing useless advice and lousy reviews. Your coverage of the z30 is ridiculous. No one even owns the thing. You are like rim itself, decaying un fresh and never changing.
If BlackBerry wanted to make month ey they would do lime apple and make 1 ONE DEVICE. What they have done is ruin a good Canadian company. Why when your share of consumers is low would you fathom bringing in a last gen device as well? Still trying to get revenue from os7? Lol. This phone is not even a year old and the battery life is like four hours on standby. It's horrible clunky interface needs an update badly. Yet they doddle with the updates. Me thinks BlackBerry needs new blood and new representatives. Clearly this company is sinking fast. I tell ya them Samsung units even the 4s is looking better than this BlackBerry z.10 vibrant colours changeable interfaces fluid graphics and long battery life make the Samsung a better choice with Sony close behind. Maybe the best thing is for RIM to be broken up and sold. Obviously the dinosaurs running the company can not get it done properly.

Posted via CB10

Adam Zeis

So you're not a fan of Halloween I take it?


Apparently he is not a fan of spell check either.

Posted via CB10


To be fair, his post reads cleaner than what you get from the predictive text keyboard on a PB. (That was meant to be truth-based humor. It's funny because it's true.) And before you blast me for flaming, please note that I am typing this on my PB.


He probably had a terribly negative attitude like this when he was a kid and all the other little ghouls and goblins would beat him up and take his Halloween candy, forever tainting his vision of Halloween.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!


Classic... he trashes pretty much everything BBRY in his comment from BB10 to the devices to CrackBerry....yet posts it from his CrackBerry app on his BB10 device. SMDH

Posted via CB10


Tell em why you mad son

Posted via CB10


True Canadians dont go around saying EH all day, you must be american.


If you can spare one for this send it my way instead.


This is awesome :P
Thanks for sharing.

Posted via CB10


Rather than silly things such as the one described in the article, I used my PlayBook yesterday to watch an out of market NFL game. The PlayBook is a flash champ.


I laugh at how many people trash it. Personally, I love my PlayBook and so does my wife. Because they dropped drastically in price, we ended up buying a few for the kids as well. I wish BBRY would have continued to pursue the tablet market because a spec'd up PB2 running BB10 would have been top of my "must have" list.

Posted via CB10


+10, I totally agree with you!



And if the Damn thing is stolen who care!

Posted via CB10


Used mine last year to loop 3 Halloween animations on my flat screen TV during a party!

Posted via CB10


also check out http://hallowindow.com/categories
its what i found this year to play


Is the photo below the headline real?


Adam, you forgot Screamager :-D!

Posted via CB10

olalere adepoju

Finally :D follow me in twitter at BlackBerry growth

Posted via CB10


Vid chat in the pumpkin, gold!!

Posted via CB10 / Z10


Dumbest post ever, stupidest thing ever, PlayBook in a pumpkin? C'mon!

Posted via CB10


Ok I'm gonna do this. Last year I used two PB's running video chat with opposite cameras and placed one on the front of my chest, and the other in the back, underneath a ragged bloody hole cut through my shirt. It looked like I had a hole going straight through my body.

Speaking of PB uses. When they were fire saled, I picked up some extras and now my kids have individual in car entertainment systems mounted to the headrests.

They love it.

Posted via CB10


+10000000 @droggy

Posted via CB10


Some cool ideas

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


Pumpkins are a little small in the uk... but, hey. I'll do the same idea, but using my Z30... (Not!)

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


This could be a good idea

Posted via CB10


for a Halloween contest to giveaway some of those fine Crackberry goodies.....trick or treat!

Posted via CB10


Hahah a bit too #crazy for me. But that could be sexy to look at. Especially if you could control it with your bb10 device. :p

Posted via CB10


Great idea! Video Pumpkin!

Trusted Member Genius


Just don't put it out in your front lawn, those punk as kids who smash pumpkins will appreciate your free gift

Posted via CB10


I was thinking I'd gather the neighbourhood kids around the campfire and tell the story of the evil corporation that made promises and when they couldn't deliver, just turned their back on them and didn't do anything to make up for breaking the promise... but I don't need a bunch of kids crying and wetting themselves and having nightmares, so no.

Posted via CB10


Probably the dumbest idea ever

Posted via CB10


I was actually a little disappointed to see the Playbook displayed in such a way. It's really a sad reflection of the state of RIM/BlackBerry. Who would have thought two years ago someone would be putting their prized Playbook in a pumpkin today. It's just amazing to me that even the BlackBerry Bold fetches more money than a Playbook.

Posted via CB10


Uh there is an app to make your own Jack o lantern in the playbooks app section.

Posted via CB10