Report claims NSA can access data on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices

By Adam Zeis on 9 Sep 2013 11:05 am EDT

Mobile security may not be secure as you think. While NSA snooping is nothing new, a recent report claims that the National Security Agency has the ability to access data on iOS, Android and even BlackBerry devices. 

According to documents, the NSA has set up specialized groups that work on specific platforms in order to tap into phone contacts, SMS records, notes and location information on devices. In the case of iOS, the reports state that user information has been obtained from gaining access to the computers used to sync devices.

The claims also say that the specialists had success hacking into BlackBerry devices back in 2009 where they could "see and read SMS traffic", though there was a brief period the same year when they were unable to access devices at all. The also had successful attempts at accessing the BlackBerry mail system during that time. 

We reached out to BlackBerry and this is what they had to say:

It is not for us to comment on media reports regarding alleged government surveillance of telecommunications traffic. However, we remain confident in the superiority of BlackBerry's mobile security platform for customers using our integrated device and enterprise server technology. Our public statements and principles have long underscored that there is no 'back door' pipeline to our platform. Our customers can rest assured that BlackBerry mobile security remains the best available solution to protect their mobile communications.

So while the rumors may or may not be true, BlackBerry is standing by the fact that their mobile security is second to none. We're not really heard of any big cases where hacking into BlackBerry phones or stealing data off them has come into play in grand fashion, so until we do we still feel totally secure with the BlackBerry platform. How about you?

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Report claims NSA can access data on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices


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No. Why follow someone for BlackBerry news if I'm already following CB which is THE source for BlackBerry news.

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I hate to break it to you being that you are a biased crackberry fanboy and whatnot but crackberry does NOT post every possible BlackBerry news and sometimes they tend to be late with very critical news updates. Facts.

This is not me bashing them in any way. They do work hard and have families after all.

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Just don't spam your armature channel here please. Make something original or work for something original. Your channel is shit.

Has BB really not updated their encryption methodology since 2009?
I would find it hard to believe that though the NSA might have solved earlier BB encryption methods that something newer hasn't been baked in since then..especially with BB10

Of course. I mean why would anyone on BIS think they're as secure as BES? If BIS was secure, BlackBerry wouldn't be selling the highly profitable BES. Even if they can't hack a BIS enabled device, most people are using Gmail/Homtail/Yahoo and those are already accessible to them so you're automatically hacked. Plus, the article says SMS was hacked, which again they can easily obtain from carriers, with Verizon already admitting to providing this.

And mostly, it's a question of being able to apply DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) protocols on the networks, and this, even your carrier cannot fight this. NSA and others are using those services coming from companies like Qosmos,who are able to work thousand of gigs of data per seconds, spying your mails,folders,applications,etc... it's not a question of Blackberry not able to secure something, it's a question of the internet being betrayed, and we're all in.

Spot on. They don't need to hack the device they just need carriers and email providers, which they already have.

Need to move to local or international service provider without US jurisdiction.

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I searched for "blackberry bes nsa". First result for me was a pc world magazine article how they cracked bes..

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True, but if the NSA can hack your server then they may be able to get your encryption keys and voila, they can monitor the BB traffic. Seems like a lot of work though for something that has provided zero intelligence so far.

Adam, we have not heard of any evidence with substance. BBM traffic is now internet facing so I can see them getting BBM's. Text is carrier dependent so you might get a text. However, BES email, good luck NSA.

Exactly. I have no doubt they can get my texts and phone records from the carriers no matter what phone I have. Not sure how it will all work now seeing as they don't use BIS anymore, and everything is regulated through the carriers. I'm sure things were a lot more secure when they had their own closed network.

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So they pushed the new technology and for most to leave our land lines onto the sheep's myself included. Now we all kind of wish we still had our land lines. Hey at least with land lines they can not track where you are every minute of the day.

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They are full of crap. They just say this so the masses don't flock back to the secure phone that they can't get into. The article itself is very vague.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

100 percent agree. Article was written by Spiegel, regurgitated by the Verge and then again by Engadget. All BlackBerry die hard haters trying to drag BlackBerry into the same mess as the rest of them. BlackBerry was not on the leaked documents from Snowden. It was Google, Apple, Verizon, Facebook etc that were the encryption key givers to the NSA. People should flock to BlackBerry, especially companies if they value a company that has always strive to keep your information safe.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

And mostly, it's a question of being able to apply DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) protocols on the networks, and this, even your carrier cannot fight this. NSA and others are using those services coming from companies like Qosmos,who are able to work thousand of gigs of data per seconds, spying your mails,folders,applications,etc... it's not a question of Blackberry not able to secure something, it's a question of the internet being betrayed, and we're all in.

A better title to this article could have been 'BlackBerry confirms there is no back door pipeline to their systems'. This way, CB would have added value to a rumour piece running around.

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I do believe the nsa can do all that this claims but it still proves that blackberry is secure because as of yet only one agency that has billions of dollars in equipment is even able to access blackberries. Sorry but no everyday hacker can do this. Only the governments best of the best

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That's what u think. I'm sure if the nsa can do it, the Chinese do it and the Indians do it and the Russians do it and so on. In the end it's just data and nothing is unbreakable. Of course bbry would like to make it appear like it's not happening but it's definitely happening and anyone who says otherwise is just blowing smoke out of his/her a**.

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One other point to note. Those who crack these apps, tools, logins, devices, etc. don't brag about it. Just remember that till Snowden came along we never even knew that all this was happening. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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Read between the lines only BES email is secure. Consumer email is not as protected and they're not defending it. It probably has been hacked.

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A BIS enabled device doesn't even need to be hacked as the NSA already has access to GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

BES to BES email secure but not BES to non BES. As soon as the traffic goes out of BES / BlackBerry control that's were the chink in the armour appears.

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Oh brother. Big brother! 1984. People are ridiculous to think they have any kind of privacy on the Internet. LOL. Everything you do on your cell phone might be encrypted - but it's still there and it's still a permanent thing. Everything digital is tracked and recorded and is permanent record, somewhere. That's the whole idea behind digital things, they're completely traceable.

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I really can't understand why people think that the NSA would be able to access every device EXCEPT BlackBerry.

I am sure that even BlackBerry don't have an issue with this.

It's life folks! Just deal with it.

well according to the article that said they can access BB, there was a time when they couldn't access anything on a BlackBerry (to me this is the biggest surprise)

Lies and propaganda.

FYI to anyone who cares:

Google Sarah Tew CNET + NSA + iPhone.

Explains how Apple is allegedly the favorite for NSA targeting. Even though, we all know that Android is the easiest!

It's interesting that the next iPhone is supposed to have a fingerprint scanner. Now all these agencies are going to start accumulating people's biometric information as well. Interesting indeed. Does that make you want a device with a fingerprint scanner more or less?...

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Just mentioned this to a colleague of mine.

I think you can keep you fingerprint scanner to yourself.

And once they have it, what's stopping them from using it and claiming to be me. Single point of failure and no way of changing it.

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I'm curious as to the impact of this whole NSA fiasco to non-USA Mobile users... I wouldn't doubt that the NSA would have the capability to monitor any mobile device they would choose, but would they really breach International boundaries (Virtually anyway) if the Physical device is not located within US borders?

I thought it had been long-standing that lawful jurisdiction was determined by the Originating IP?

Ya I think they will hack anything they can regardless whose soil it is on. If nsa won't one of their henchmen will. Just a reality

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I suppose that makes sense...

Quite frankly though, if the NSA is THAT interested in what i'm doing, they can HAVE my phone to go through byte by byte to find all of the horrible US National Security-affecting things I've been doing with it...</sarcasm>

I don't think anyone cares about security anymore, the answer to this always seems to be if your not hiding anything then what do you have to worry about. In fact when I talk about what the NSA is doing ,people think I'm talking about some conspiracy.. BlackBerry needs features and fast, BBM and security are great but the days of these "Features " selling phones have been gone for a very long time . Love my BlackBerry 10 please wake up BlackBerry.

Look, you have to think outside the "terrorist" paradigm. It's not only about that.
Companies may be developing strategic projects worth millions of dollars,tens of millions. I'm personally running a project worth 500k-1M and the company is pressured to finish it before the competition does or else loose big bucks big time. You think I should feel comfortable with someone, even from NSA, being able to see all of our internal communication with every single decision and step we make ?

Live with it. This is the world we live in bro.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Can't believe your a BlackBerry fan and you can't see why anyone would care about security.... Ok NSA if you need some cash just help yourself to those people who don't care bank accounts. Now, can we count YOU As someone who cares or someone who doesn't? :)

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I didn't say that "i" don't care about security.. of course I do... this whole thing with the NSA is pissing me off. I was just saying that the majority of people I talk to couldnt give a rats ass about how secure their phone is. Most people i talk to don't even know what the NSA is.

This is about BBOS, not BB10. Also, it doesn't state if BIS or BBM's were breached.

It's a much bigger deal to suggest the NSA aren't engaged in domestic spying.

Adam wrote: "We're not really heard of any big cases where hacking into BlackBerry phones or stealing data off them has come into play in grand fashion". Have we heard any big case with Android or IOS?

This is bullshit. Till Snowden came alone we thought everything was about breach and secure. Now we know this is really not so. Maybe it's time to stop being ignorant sheep.

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I laughed at the article. I'm glad it's being covered, but at this point all I can do is laugh.

And to the privacy sensitive, yes I'm concerned, but not enough...yet.

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This is potentially a huge point for BlackBerry which could be used for advertising. The fact that they return with a mediocre message probably means that their system not more secure than others.

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They didn't state anything about BES only calls and SMS. Those aren't really protected in any way.

But it's a given that our calls and SMS are being monitored anyways.

Read carefully, it's not surprising that sms has been breached. Secondly, your security's only secure as your weakest point. They may not be able to cracking BES but they "apparently" can crack the PRISM email members.

" The slides — which show stills from the film, former Apple Inc. chairman Steve Jobs holding an iPhone, and iPhone buyers celebrating their purchase — are captioned: "Who knew in 1984...that this would be big brother...and the zombies would be paying customers?. " this was taken from a Cbc article. I don't understand how that is not used as the headline for most of these articles. Prime example of the negativity toward blackberry, look at the verge headline for this topic to see what I am talking about.

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Nothing is 100% secure. How long does it take to crack? Everything is time and resource sensitive. The longer it takes to do the less of it they are able to do. If it takes 4hrs to read a BBM message then 99% of messages are useless to decode be cause they are time sensitive. But is it worth it to determine a terrorist cell or base. Yes. Why they go to Internet companies to hand over data and have them sort it. Limited resources

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I would like to see a statement from BlackBerry, apple, gooogle, facebook etc for why they allowed NSA in the back door while claiming so such thing was happening.

Lawsuits all around I say.

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All governments are doing it. How successful they are most likely depends on the amount of resources dedicated to it. The US has the most resources but don't for a second think that the governments of Russia, China, UK, France, Canada, etc., etc., aren't trying stuff.

True that. Those that don't have the resources bullied bbry to set up servers in their countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and others and bbry caved. So don't for a moment think that bbry will stand by their promise of security and all that. Just do some internet research into how bbry just gave it all away when they were threatened loss of access to a few lucrative markets.

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Who cares – BB itself logs into your email account with the account data you provided within the app. I don't care who else (=the NSA) gets the data from there, BB has NOTHING to do with my account

It's probably just one more media propaganda statement bringing down BlackBerry. "Don't buy BlackBerry it's not secure". Give me a break. BlackBerry is the best, secure or not!

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The key word here is SMS traffic. SMS is insecure no matter the platform. If they're able to read "BlackBerry email" (BIS or BES), then they've gotten a hold of your providers (or company's) encryption keys. That's NOT the same as BlackBerry being "hacked" or "insecure". That's a problem between you and your provider.

This is actually great PR for BlackBerry, if they can make a PSA that the media is talking about consumer BlackBerry and not Enterprise.

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I said this on another site - I'd bet my last that (IF) any SMS "hacking" happened surrounding the BlackBerry platform, it probably happened in the valley between the carrier and the device/BlackBerry Services.

There is no the US government would allow any communication device pass through its ports without having access and control over it. It's a matter of national security.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Even if the device is secure, the NSA etc will get the same data from somewhere else. Carriers, your email provider are two examples.

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9

I saw the other day on CB (?) an interview with a guy that stated that EVERYTHING going through the net (air) (whatever) stays recorded. Then it's only a question of time to uncrypt it... Hopefully they'll take more years than I have to live. :)

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Apple: Than you Mr President.
Obama: You welcome! Now go sell millions of your Iphone 5s and Iphone 5c.
BlackBerry: Mutter....mutter.....mutter.....

Unfortunately this is what comes with a digital age. They make going off the grid so hard as well. Many places now require you to even fill out job applications online. It's like be connected, thusly traceable, or be left in the dust. Convincing us with paper free and making it seem so great just so they can have easier access to the information.

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Hey if they want to read my emails, such as my wife sending me a list of groceries I need to pick up on the way home from work, or me coordinating carpooling for my daughters dancing... then have fun NSA. Hopefully they are spending their time monitoring email trying to catch bad guys versus someone who lives a pedestrian life in the burbs.

I don't suppose that people still on BOS7 who still have data encryption are any better off than those on BIS with BB10?

Governments have been able to steal data and listen in on both BBOS and BB10.0.
If they can't do it on their own, they buy exploits and it's entirely possible those are sold to enterprises as well.
I'm pretty sure BlackBerry patches holes as they're found/bought, so it's always a good idea to install the latest leak ;)

Don't store your company secrets on your mobile devices or on the cloud unless it's an encrypted form, separate from what the service provider is offering as standard. Right now that means using Android sideloads funnily enough.

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If those pieces of sh*t tap into my data, there will be hell to pay. Americans have allowed their government to pull crap for a long time and this is the result of it.

Thanks for nothing!

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How save BlackBerry? It made by human, why it can't be spying? Do terrorist use BlackBerry to communicate? Where always they operate? Jungle and far from city and police.

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Oh no... that means they know about my plot of taking over the world.

Bombs, airplanes, suicide, terrorist, hack, nuclear, public mass transportation, war, religion.

Are those enough words to catch nsa's attention? Haha

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I'm sure NSA has no clue to break into BlackBerry Phone. The reason they said they can break into BlackBerry phone, just to let the world know that we can break into anything. I think it is just the warning to the world so that NSA don't look dumb but I think they have not found the way yet. Remember, they said they can break into BlackBerry phone but it is very difficult. This this the clue that they have no idea.

If you have an Internet presence or mobile you are never 100% safe. Any company that says they're secure from any threats are full of crap.

This article is loads of bull... so why has the US gov approved the handsets safe to use in their defence depts and other gov areas... didn't approve android or ios as they are too easy to hack...

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Sometimes rumors such as this are seeded by the agency.
The bad guys thing that they can and will be watched, even in a 'secured' environment.

The shame in thé whole story is, that the NSA has the constitutional order to enable a secure and private communication exchange in the USofA... but building in backdoors in order for them to access everything, they open a door for everybody, no matter on what purpose, spying, organised criminality, the russians, chinese... does the NSA really think that such backdoors only allow the access for them...?? how stupid and naive!!!!!

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Honestly, no matter how secure something is, if it is connected to the internet, it can be hacked. Just some are harder than others. But a determined group like any government agency will be able to...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Wrong. NSA is not profit motivated. It's about the information, not money. NSA wants to be able to tell State, DOD, Justice, etc., what both our enemies and friends are doing.

I am at a Fortune 5, and they only allow BlackBerry and iOS to access their network and email. If BES was insecure, I'm sure it would not be allowed.

Unfortunately their BES is not upgraded to accept my Z10. I am hoping the uncertainty around BlackBerry goes away soon and more companies will install the new BES10.

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They allow iOS? I thought everyone here was saying that it wasn't as secure as bbry. So is it or is it not?

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Of course they allow iOS -- iPhone and iPad. The IT person commented that if I had an iPhone, they could connect me immediately.

So the talk of iOS being completely unsafe is not true, although they need to push some layers of encryption on those machines before they connect.

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The actual type of phone doesn't matter, access to the servers does, and access to the servers is the key. However, the BB phones are much more resistant to Man-in-the-middle attacks than the other phone types.

The NSA is spying on us all. GPS and app permissions are a convienent facade for the government to spy on all our personal data. The government is corrupt. Heres something that is way above the NSA spying on us...

The government is also trying to make us all sick with chemicals in processed food so we can get sick and feed the big pharma machine and buy prescription drugs. If you eat healthy there's no reason to get sick when youre old. Just look at Jack Lalaine. He ate 100% natural and was 100% healthy till he died in his 90s'.

Aspartame causes neurological disorders, brain tumors, lupis and fibromialga to name a few. Watch this link below about how aspartame is literally causing countless diseases, and yet this poision is in literally 100s of products today, so something as minor as the NSA spying on us is childs play.

I'm not sure this is a thoughtful approach by government, just one outcome of poor public and economic policies.

You are accurate though around the very old living simply and more healthy than most people do today in North America. They worked hard, played hard and ate steak, drank booze and smoked cigarettes.

What they didn't do is eat McDonald's, look at a series of glowing rectangles all day... sitting on their ass.

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This is exactly why I was so shocked BlackBerry left USB sync to Outlook out of 10.0. I am surprised how casual otherwise tech-savvy people are about using cloud-based services. If the most sensitive data you have on your phone is the grocery list then not a concern. But my Licensing and professional organizations have issued very specific restrictions on how I have my data. BlackBerry targets business users then fails to provide basic needs to the small business community.

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Seems to me there's a prime advertising moment being bypassed here.

If blackberries truly can't be hacked by the NSA then they need to get that message out and let the world know that blackberries are the only hack-proof and secure platform out there.

They are losing sales by keeping quiet.

That is if they really haven't been hacked by the NSA.

maybe 6 months ago i might've believed that,,, right now, as things stand, they've been saying everything they need to have the perception that all is well, only to find out later that such statements weren't the case, (sales #'s, playbook BB10, "greatest launch ever", etc.),,, if they know their os is susceptable to intrusion, do you honestly think they'd say so??? that would just great news for any prospective buyers...

Every encryption system must be approved by NSA before released in the USA, which is why you see software that carries encryption cannot be sold outside the USA. Anyone that thinks any system can't be hacked by NSA is mistaken. It is hacked before it is released. A former SPOOK.

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The only way they can get into BlackBerry's is if and when they request the data from BlackBerry, regardless what they tell you. BlackBerry is secure and the securest of them all...

Of course they can hack into the SMS from BlackBerry or any other phone because SMS is a clear text message sent & this is Easily hacked through the carrier network.

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Let's see. SMS messages go through the carrier, and we already know they are cooperating with the NSA, so reading SMS messages should be an easy task. It's not going through the phone, but through a back door already open to them.

Email can be somewhat the same way. If it's not encrypted, it can be monitored at the carrier or email server. Once it leaves the first server, it becomes easier. Anything over BIS is probably easily handed over via warrant anyway. Over BES, probably not as easily (other than by the corporation hosting the server when they receive a warrant). Now with BB10 no longer using BIS, unless you are encrypting your messages, they are probably straight text anyway.

BBM has one global key (outside of BES), which the NSA probably already has.

I doubt that BES has been decrypted. But if you are not on BES, data is easily accessible. If not on the device itself, then through other points along the communication process.

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The facts:
This report is full of holes...
BlackBerry Internet Service is secured with Triple DES encryption, secure for the average user but if your hiding industrial secrets go to BES secured by AES 256 bit encryption which is completely secure. Text messages are transported through the carrier infrastructure so the security is up to them once you send a text and it hits the carrier infrastructure. When using BES: The BES secures the email transport from the BlackBerry to the BES server then it is passed to the Exchange / Domino / Group Wise and from that point your relying on the companies internal security, or if the mail is leaving the company (going to another company) your relying on the security protocol of the mail leaving the company, once again not the BlackBerry.

Whoever wrote the initial article was an idiot and did not do their' research.....

I believe their secure. But I'm not going to be too confident I'm not using all the security settings on my phone.

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Hey guys checkout my secure p2p social network coming to BB10. We don't store any data anywhere so it can't be hacked.


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Why are we still talking about the NSA like they don't know and collect and save every single thing you do online and on your phone?

Encryption does not protect you either they just crack it or already have a backdoor into it like Microsoft any product, Google, Apple, every Co works w the NSA or they get shutdown.

Wake up ppl you have no privacy at all. You live in a police state. You have very limited rights. When they take away your right to free speech it will already be too late. So start using it while you still have it.

And don't say anything I wrote is a conspiracy theory. It will only show ur ignorance and lack of research into the subject. The Guardian has all the info you need from the Snowden leaks if you didn't already know.

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"Report claims NSA can access data on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices"

Surely, Windows Phone too?

My impression is that SMS and calls were not as encrypted as BlackBerry's proprietary software. I personally would never send data that i need to be ultra encrypted via universal methods and would use the available software that has kept BlackBerry's from being allowed to be sold in many countries still!

If countries refuse to sell BlackBerry devices because the paranoid and/or controlling governments/dictators cannot access the data then that sounds pretty secure to me!

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Of course the NSA, GCHQ, and CSEC (Canada's "NSA") can hack into ANY cellphone, with or without a backdoor into the software. This has been indisputably demonstrated by Snowden's documents. The leaked NSA internal documents reported in Der Speigel, where GCHQ agents celebrated their "cracking" of BB in 2010 by calling their report "Champagne!", is pretty revealing, suggesting that it was more difficult to break than IOS or Android.

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I fell safe and secure with my 9930 Bold and when I upgrade to the Q 10 I will also purchase three Z 10 phones for my wife and children.

All the supposed data being captured is carrier and mail server side. Not surprisingly, no pun or bbm

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For anyone that has a bes server I would be interested to know how many have it hooked up to a MS exchange server. The NSA has back-doors built right into so they don't have to break into the BES server at all. Why bang away at a locked door when you have the keu to the back one.

I guess the real question has to be if all the big companies Google microsoft etc have let the NSA in whats in it for them? Is there corporate espionage going on too? Does Google, microsoft etc benefit from that. Maybe that's the real reason they are all on top.

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My question are they also viewing BBM? Can they? I thought that was one of the purpose of BBM it was suppose to be more secure way to communicate other than SMS? I am at a point where a land line is starting to sound a good idea once again. Not that they can not tap into your land line but there are still laws and warrens they need to tap into it. At the very least they can not keep tabs on me or where I have been throughout the day. This is BS!

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Is there any evidence at all that BES + elliptical encryption has been hacked? No. If the best that NSA can do is SMS and 'some' emails (web mail and BIS mail) then yes in fact a BlackBerry end to end is by far the most secure solution available. For comparison, look at how NSA loves all the iPhone 'zombies' out there.

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Secondly, if hedge fund thugs that operate outside the law have been able to corrupt the FDA drug approval process, what makes anyone think the NSA is so pure and untouchable? They've already hacked Al Jazeera, which basically puts them in the same boat as the Murdock phone hack thugs. There's probably a reason why BlackBerry is being taken out as a company, but I digress. All of the conspiracy theories I ve ever remotely believed in haven't even been close to the truth in the end. It's always way way worse.

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It's my understanding that the carrier owns anything we do on their network. None of us hold the privilege or Right of total security of anything we transmit or receive over our respective carrier's network. Therefore, if ANY government agency wanted our emails, sms, or anything else, which most of us know is recorded somewhere, it would be forked over in an instant. The idea behind BES was to provide security for company secrets and confidential information. It was Never, at anytime, meant to keep our information private from government or law enforcement agencies.

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Don't think NSA can tap into a BlackBerry if you turn on device encryption. It could take 100s of years to break the decryption.

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This is not how it works you don't attack they key you attack a weakness in the algorithm used to generate the key. Google RNG (Randon Number Generator) Linux etc. We all want maximum efficiency and brute forcing encryption is decidedly not fall under list of most convenient methods of decryption. If they really want the data they will just use "$5 Wrench decryption" anyway. As in one agent says to another "Drat he has encrypted his drive with a 2048 bit key" and the other agent says, "No problem hit him with this $5 wrench until he gives up the passphrase". This was a paraphrase of a cartoon panel on xkcd

The NSA can not get access to BlackBerry encryption. The only was they can access Sms is through the carrier and contacts through you carrier backup app. Other wise they can not gain access. Especially if your using bb10. This is a scare tactic. Otherwise the US govt would not have confirmed that BlackBerry is the only device secure enough to be able to access there network.

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Adam, did you not see the article about one of the Snowden releases that the NSA had access to everyone's phones and emails at a diplomatic meeting in Germany, in 2009 I think, monitoring everyone's (friend and for alike) communications? The Germans were really p'd off about that one.

If you think Americans have any privacy whatsoever you are on a cool aid kick. Post constitutional era and all anyone cares about is Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and Miley Cyrus twerking. Its sad to be honest.

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Anyone that actually believes that BlackBerry has some leg up on security vs. other platforms, especially in the face of the NSA, is simple kidding themselves.

Posted via CB10

really??? you're wishing for strikes against the U.S.? well, i hope the NSA gets a tag on you & sends a team up your ass...

They work with the government!!! Thats who their main income comes from!!! Theres no back door to walk into, they use the front. P.S. Battery door sucks ass. I should be able to start a text with any phone # when in the phone app!! Anti productive!! Especially when i have to put the battery door back on every time i take my device out of my Pocket! WTF!!!!!!!!

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Would be phone to know the government are listening to my phone see conversation and watch my sex videos. At least able to get NSA hackers aroused perhaps Mr president himself. I'm a STAR. Please come hack my phone everyday u jobless people!

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Would be fun to know hackers or Mt president is listening to my phone sex conversation or watching my sex video. This is what they do in Washington now. The new democracy

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Not cool! I want the NSA off my back!

To Obama: you're a cool president. Keep it up dude! Very pro Obama care and whatever else.

Hahahahaha lol

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It seemed to me that there was no way that Barak Obama would have been allowed to keep using a Blackberry as was the case for even non classified information back in 2009 unless the alphabet agencies could access and verify what type of email, sms, etc. that President Obama was using his device for. If you consider that Security for President Obama's BB works the same as any other BB handheld then we have to assume that all bets are off and Blackberry security has been bypassed at some level to allow for such monitoring.