ReplyGuard - A quick way to prevent reply to all accidents on your BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 7 Dec 2010 10:27 am EST


ToolBerry released a simple app for those quick on the trigger finger when replying to emails called ReplyGuard. Have you ever accidentally hit ‘reply to all' to an email and realized what you wrote was not meant for everyone's eyes? ReplyGuard gives you the opportunity to correct that mistake by stopping the sending process with a quick, convenient pop up box that gives you a choice on whether or not to continue. Take comfort in knowing you won't inadvertently let everyone know what you really think of the boss the next time you hit reply.


  • Protect yourself from embarrassing, offensive or potentially career-ending ''Reply All'' accidents!
  • Receive popup confirmations when you are about to send email to multiple recipients.
  • User configurable confirmation settings.
  • Runs quietly in the background.
  • There when you need it most!
  • A "must-have" app for any BlackBerry user!
  • Fully functional, FREE 3-day trial!

ReplyGuard by ToolBerry is available from the CrackBerry app store for $2.95 for touch and non-touch devices running OS 4.5 through OS 5.0.

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Reader comments

ReplyGuard - A quick way to prevent reply to all accidents on your BlackBerry


I don't need this, but I know some people who could. Then again, there are people who insist on replying to all EVERY TIME, even when it doesn't need to be all.

Is it just for "reply all" accidents?

Anything for a sales rep who accidentally hit "reply" when he meant to hit "forward" and inadvertently let the clients know, instead of the boss, what he really thought of them even though he panicked as he saw the e-mail being sent and threw his Blackberry against the windshield in an emergency battery pull attempt?

Not that I ever did that.

Ooh yeah, wilcuadros - hitting "reply" vs "forward" could be very bad indeed!

Not that you ever did that...

mmmm... my Reply to All is very far away from "Reply" >.> like two down from Reply. In between we got Forward, Forward As, and finally Reply to All