RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 4 Feb 2009 06:33 pm EST


"It's like Adobe® Reader® for your BlackBerry!" 

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This file format, created by Adobe Systems, dates back to 1993. So after 16 years, it's safe to say we've all stumbled across at least a couple (thousand) PDFs. Look at the name again, the P in particular, P for portable. With devices such as our BlackBerrys, portable information has become part of our everyday lives. When we were given applications such as Word To Go, a new world opened up for me. I was equally excited with Sheet and Slideshow. A solution for PDFs seemed to elude me, I simply wasn't able to view them just right.

RepliGo Reader allows you to view native PDF files, in desktop-like style, which are stored on your Berry or Media Card. Rewind back to WES 2008, and head to booth #601. For those who attended WES 2008 (lucky buggers), you may have caught a glimpse of RepliGo Reader. If you haven't seen the application yet, now's the time; RepliGo Reader is currently in version 1.1. This version boasts a few new features, let's have a look.

A brief look behind RepliGo Reader

RepliGo Reader is brought to you by Cerience Corporation, a BlackBerry Alliance Member. Since being founded in 2000, they have provided BlackBerry users with mobile document solutions, both for enterprises and consumers. RepliGo Reader is but a portion of their amazing RepliGo platform.

The View

RepliGo Reader currently supports the Storm, Bold, Curve (83xx and 89xx series), Pearl (81xx and 82xx series), the 88xx series and 8700 series and the 88xx series.

Why have PDFs on the go? Countless reasons come to mind. There are PDFs for almost everything, travel brochures, company overviews, and more. Download the PDFs now and read them later.

Before we get into the application, I have to point out that the RepliGo icon looks very similar to the icons for Word, Slideshow and Sheet To Go. I moved RepliGo over to the Applications folder, so it will feel right at home.

just one of the gang

The quality of the PDFs I've viewed is amazing, the clarity and vivid colours immediately stood out. Some PDFs did take a minute to load and optimize, but the results are worth the wait. What you first see is the Page View, where the PDF is shown in its original, Whole Page, form. The quality can't really be seen in this view, but you have a few options. RepliGo has multiple zooming levels, from the Page View, Page Width, all the way up to 300%. Another zooming option let's you zoom in on a specific section of the PDF. Use the trackball to scroll through highlighted sections in Page View, once you find a section of interest, then go through the previously mentioned zoom options.


You can also switch from Page View to Reading View. In Reading View, RepliGo's page recognition technology trims the page's content down into a single column, for easy reading and less zooming.

RepliGo Reader helps you find specific text within the PDF. In the menu, choose Find and in the Pop Up, type in what you want to find, choosing to match case or the whole
word only. The search results will be highlighted in green, and you can choose skip to the next result if there are multiple entries found. If you have large PDFs in hand, they may contain bookmarks, which RepliGo can help you use to navigate through the document.

use the Find feature to jump to any relevant information

While impressed with RepliGo Reader on my Bold, I have seen it being used on a Storm or two. All I can say is wow, well, that and hurry up and roll out Storms for the rest of us!


With only the time taken to load and optimize PDFs as the only downfall, I highly recommend giving RepliGo Reader a look. It offers more zoom options and more font support than other applications out there. I was glad to see the ability to switch from Page View and Reader view, giving you access to easy to read content. I'm definitely hanging onto this application. Cerience offers a free 10 day trial for RepliGo Reader and, once you are sold, pick up the application for $19.95.

For more information on RepliGo Reader, check out


  • download and store PDFs for viewing at anytime
  • multiple view, zoom and search options


  • PDFs take time to load and optimize

Reader comments

RepliGo Reader for BlackBerry Smartphones


haha. yeah. i think im going to wait till the app store is realease before i buy stuff. i have a feeling things will be better priced there!

When registering Datavis Docs to go to get file creation and editing functionality, PDFs to Go comes along with it. The icon for it looks disturbingly similar. The datavis version is 1.002 (002). Is there a relationship here or just coincidence? When I used the 7100i there were no programs to be found that could natively read pdfs on the bb. Now look! Don't forget Beamreader is out there too!

I've had this app installed on my Blackbery for a few months now. It's a must have app for me. I also have BeamReader as well. This is a great price for Repligo Reader. It was previously sold for $29.99 before BeamReader was officially released. RepligoReader was the only PDF app that was able to open password protected PDF files.

Daaamn, 20 bucks? These app-creators really aren't looking out for the poor college students, huh?

Crackberry should do a review of the different PDF viewers. Docs to Go has there's, beam reader, and now this one. Just curious as to what the differences are.

Looking forward to this. The PDF reader that comes with Docs To Go Premium has a line in it's About screen saying portions are copyright Cerience. Cerience makes Repligo so I'm guessing DataViz is licencing it from them for their own use. I would think if Cerience makes both Repligo and has a hand in the Docs To Go version that they might be giving a lite version for the Docs to Go, but I haven't seen a comparison of features to see if anything is in one and not the other.

Repligo is a must for berry users in business, maybe not so much for you college folks. I have one of their products and it allows me to open EVERYTHING and fax anything from my Storm. Awesome! Very cheap if your a business person....

The average iPhone app costs $1-2, and they want 10x that for a PDF reader. No thanks. Besides, Documents to Go is standard on the Storm.

I have tried both RepliGo and BeamReader, RepliGo IMO is the better of the two currently.Both take time to render a page so neither of them can scroll smoothly between pages which is frustrating and is why I won't shell out the $19.95 for either of them soon.

I have tried the PDF reader in Documents to Go and though it was okay, I wasn't ready to pay almost $50 for an upgrade to Premium so that I could get the PDF reader. I tried BeamReader and liked it but wished it read the bookmarks that are included in most large PDFs. I tried RepliGo and WOW! I felt I had hit the jackpot! The overall look of the PDFs are more natural and polished looking. You can go to the next page with just a swipe of the finger. It sees the bookmarks that are already built into a PDF. It has more choices for zooming in on your document. You can go directly to a page. Best yet is that it has a standard “Reading View”!
There are some things that could be improved with RepliGo. When going directly to a page, being able to type the page number in without having to scroll through all the numbers would be great, especially in documents with hundreds of pages. As far as I can tell, RepliGo has no way for you to insert your own bookmarks into the document – this is a definite need for me. I could be a little faster loading pages.
In my opinion, even with the needed improvements, RepliGo Reader is far better than the Docs to Go PDF reader or BeamReader.

I just downloaded repligo about 2 days ago on a trial version and I am very pleased with it. I found it very user friendly and my PDF's loaded quicker then expected. The PDF's are pretty clear except for maybe some mostly text files. Scrolling is pretty smooth and page transitions were as well. This is much different compared to my experience with beamreader. With beam reader loading PDF's were extremely slow as well as scrolling. The program also caused my Storm to freeze up or reboot a couple of times. So I do plan to buy this software but I agree it would be nice if the price was lower. Oh well.

Late to the party, i just downloaded this one as i received a password protected pdf statement from my bank. unlike regular pdfs, my curve couldn't open this one as a result i had to try out this application.

i must say, whatever resistence i had to $20 app for pdf viewer just vanished after opening 1 password protected pdf on it. and its pretty fast too. i had tried dynoplex last week and thats a pain in ***

It looks awesome, especially with the quality of the PDF viewing. From the review and the comments, it looks like it is worth the price compared to Docs2Go and the free apps available. Great job!


With the prevalence of pdf's in this digital era, why this is not native on a Blackberry still confuses me. I am saved from my dilemma by great applications such as this that undeniably go beyond what would be installed OEM.

I have a set of blueprints that my architect sent to me, I wonder how well they will render on the Storm screen.

This app. sounds like it is definitely a "must have" for anyone who has ever had a PDF sent to them on their BB.

I am new to the work of Blackberry, but I use PDF docs in my job regularly. I have been trying to decide which PDF program to get. Looked over the available choices and enjoyed the video on Repligo. Right now I am definalty leaning towards Repligo. I am going to D/L the trial and see.

This would be an extremely useful app to have on the BB.  Sure its a little pricy, but hey if your going to get the use then go for it and just buy it.  Of course wait to see if you've won it first Lol

If I had to pay $20 for every app for my storm, I would have been better off getting an iPhone. Seriosuly, can't someone come out with a $1 or $2 app for a storm? be a cool app I could use.

I have to agree with sn05py though. There should be better native PDF support.

I just watched the YouTube video; this would really help me out with my job in the Army. I get ton of .PDF files sent to me through my personal e-mail on my BlackBerry.

This is a nice program. Im always being sent pdf files. This would be great for me. Nice interface with the storm.

Man I need for school, good software.

Hope something cheaper comes up when the app stores opens up or that they charge cheaper.

I would love to have a free copy, With the economy the way it is buying applications is on the bottom of the needs list, so please pick me...Thanks

this seems 2 be a good,solid, robust pdf reader for tha storm but considering tha fact that its can read pdf files out tha box,a stand-alone option that is pricey is not much of a deal.

I downloaded the trial version about a week ago, and I love it. It is very easy to use and the quality is great. Now I am waiting to win one of the free copies so I dont have to pay for it.

I remember when everyone would have viewers for you have to pay? Dang, verizon is already sucking up too much of my fun cash!

I too think this looks like a great program, but the cost is definitely a factor. Do you think the blackberry store apps are all going to run a bit more than the iphone apps based on different clientele? Or do you suspect they'll run about equal?

Well anyway, here's hoping my first post gets welcomed by a freebie!

Is this the same reader that included with Repligo Professional or is it a stand alone product?

It will be great to win one of these. I then then read all my pdf file on the go and electronically compare to having print it out on paper and read in on my commute.

For twenty bucks it better read the pdf to me!!! hehehe It does seem like a really cool app. I cant get over that adobe makes a mobile app but not for blackberry and its free and iphone apps are so cheap. I guess I will wait for the price to come down or a cheaper version becomes available.

This looks like what I need for my PDFs when I am out of my office. I was about to buy D2G premium just for the PDF support.

Being fairly new to the whole Blackberry concept, and having purchased one several weeks back for the productivity benefits for my (very) small business, I am really happy to read that there is an ap out that will let me take my PDF's with me. In many cases, PDF's weigh a whole lot less than other formats, making them ideal for taking them along, so this is really good news for me. Thank you for this review! I will be checking into this ap for sure!

I think $20 Is a little steep for an application on these little devices. I would love it being that I get a lot of e-mails with PDF attachments. But $20?... Come on now....

I tried the trial for Storm, worked great! Nice to be able to read PDF's at a reasonable cost.

Just wanted to say this looks like a great product and I will be trying it out. Thanks for the OP to win a full copy.

Nice Video! I do believe I need to win a copy of this as it looks like a cool app that I would very much put to good use. Otherwise, probably won't buy it until it gets cheaper.

It seems strange to me that RIM didn't put in a useful pdf reader. In my area of work, pdf are very common. There are also a lot of pdf you can download from the net (such as handset manuals). With an OOB BBold, I can't save them and I can't even read them properly. Big hole in the RIM product offering.

I hope my employer (as my BBold is a work phone) get a volume amount of a package such as RepliGo.

Perfect for my line of work. Would love to win one...either way RepliGo Reader will be on my curve 8900.

I use pdf's in my business constantly....I've just upgraded to a BlackBerry and have felt practically naked, until I found the trial version of this program.....Love it.....

I downloaded the trial and thought the displayed fonts and graphics were very good, there is a slight delay between pages.

I'm haven't made the purchase yet because I'm looking around to see what other PDF readers there are. I also have tried Beamreader but currently RepliGo is the more polished app.

It sounds like a good program. I would be willing to pay the $20 for the software, but I don't have cases where I view PDF files that much. This would be a good item to consider though. =)

Basically you get what you pay for. But that said I wouldn't say 'No' to winning a copy as I do have a need to read pdf's.

Me, me, me please! Seriously, I think this is the best one of them all. WOuld be better if it were free though.