Replacement Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9860 / 9850

BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Sep 2011 05:21 pm EDT

The BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAh Standard / Replacement Battery!

Hopefully thanks to our Ten Tips and Tricks to Extend Your BlackBerry's Battery Life article you're finding yourself able to get through the day on your new BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 or Torch 9850/9860 with juice to spare.

If you're not finding that to be doable, you basically have two alternatives: re-charge part way through the day, or swap in a spare replacement battery. And as you might guess from the topic of this article, here we're talking about the latter, which is necessary if you're an always on the go type person.

The BlackBerry J-M1 battery is the standard battery that ships in the new BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 and Torch 9850/9860. It's a super slim battery, allowing the new Bold to acheive the status of thinnest BlackBerry to date. That thinness comes with a cost though. Compared to the 1500mAH battery in the previous generation BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700, this battery clocks in at 1230mAH, which immediately means that all things being equal, you have 18% less power to work with.

The BlackBerry JM-1 Battery has a list price of $49.99, but you can get it for less at We're even giving away a chance for you to win one for free JM-1 battery (details below). Keep reading for more photos and info on this battery.  

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More Photos of the BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAH Standard Battery

BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
Such a big box for such a little battery, but keeps consistent with other accessories
BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
The front and back of the battery - Love the black/green color combo
BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
Fits like a glove, but doesn't look as good without the battery door

BlackBerry Replacement Battery Final Thoughts

I'm obviously a BlackBerry power user and need to stay up and running all day, every day. Having an extra battery with me, especially when I'm traveling and tend to use my phone even more, makes that much easier and I don't have to worry about my device dying when I need it most. For the price it's really worth it to me to be able to stay charged that much longer and not have to search for somewhere to plug my device in. 

BlackBerry Standard Replacement Battery Contest - Win a Free Battery

Want a chance to win a replacement battery for your BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 or Torch 9850/9860? All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post with your review feedback or letting us know how an extra battery would help you stay charged. Contest entry closes Sunday, September 11th at midnight PT. Please leave only one comment.

Reader comments

Replacement Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9860 / 9850



When I'm running from client to client i don't get a chance to charge my phone and my blackberry is the center of my life. I definitely need second battery to get me totally through my day!

I have always had an extra battery for my BlackBerry devices. I want to be able to pop in a fresh battery and go. I can't stand being tied to a charger.

I can usually make it to about 7 or 8pm but being a college student, I need that spare to keep my phone going into the night when I go out!!

I am an outsourcing IT Manager and when on the road I use my 9860 and PlayBook through bridge to remotely manage my clients servers and fix problems, battery life is always a big problem for me and an extra battery will surely help!

Well, I spend almost 10 hours in school every day and I run through my battery pretty quickly (using 3G – need to search/bbm/whatsapp/im people) and an extra battery would definitely come in handy!

Since Im always moving around - winning this battery as a spare would be the best what could happen for me and my phone because I won't have to worry about charging my phone

I don't actually have the 9900 yet, but as soon as stupid AT&T gets it, I know I'll be getting one, so a spare battery for it will be awesome and much appreciated. :-)

I work outdoors most of the time and don't have anywhere to plug my phone in unless I leave it in a vehicle to charge. Then I miss calls and can't check the weather and radar. I'm picking up a 9930 this week & could use an extra battery.

The battery lasts for 1.5 days with my use of 9900. My 9700 used to last for 2.5 days so.... battery life has undoubtedly reduced! This is probably the only one thing I don't like of my new 9900. Definitely a good reason to win a spare JM-1 battery ! :)

I would like one for my 9900 so I can enable bridge to Playbook 24/7 without fear of low battery.

AHH man I'm gonna definitely need a spare battery! I already always run low on my bold 9700 :( It
s going to be a hassle remembering to bring a spare battery everywhere i go now :(

I could definitely use an extra battery. I work outside in emergency services (law enforcement) and sometimes cannot get to a charger for extended shifts (more than 24 hours at times) and I rely on my phone heavily at work to get my job done efficiently. Whether looking up policy and procedure, the law, or contacting victims or ADA's, I need my phone ready to go at all times. hope i win!

I'm often out all day and a couple of times my battery has not lasted, so a back-up would be great! :)

I'd love to win one for my 9900 (which I'll probably have by next week..Finally! :) ), because I hate running low when I'm on the road and it's just annoying to carry a charger around, especially when you're somewhere where there's nothing to plug it in to..

Thanks for doing these contest! Good stuff! :)

I'm on the road constantly and rarely have a chance to use my charger. A spare battery will help a lot. Thanks!

My battery runs out in less than a day, an extra one would be great and last me thru the day without me stressing over reaching a charging point

I would like another battery for my 9860. I was used to my Tour which could stand 2-3 days without having to recharge. My 9860 drops to 50% after a day.

As a bb power user i appreciate having he necessary power to get the job done. Usually its when we least expect it that we come up short| I would love an extra battery for my new 9930!

funny , werent BB drones always making fun of battry killing adroids? Now they have a phone with not even half the size of android superphones , and not even half of android super apps and the battery still dies because of Lazaridis being to cheap to put in a proper battery.

You drones fail!!

i need a new battery because my 9900 dies in less than 3 hrs.. with my 3 yr old watching tv on it and me doing personal business with bbm email and text i need actually two batteries lol....

It would help me a whole lot! The 9930 is an awesome device but the battery life isn't really the best. No chance it would last me the entire day! I'm constantly on the road so an extra battery would help me a lot!! Thank You Very Much Crackberry!!!

I would love to have an extra battery. I tend to run out of juice by midday. I somewhat a heavy user. Email, texting and BBM. Most recently beta testing BB music has really put the drain on. so please let me win this free battery. Thanks crackberry.

I am just like any other "freeloader' on this board with one slight distinction, and that is, I am a self-confessed one. I will not balk at a chance to consume resources without paying for them or simply pay less than full cost. This contest certainly qualifies, so here it is. I need an additional battery for my CrackBerry 9900 because it is FREE!!!

I need the extra battery for those heavy use days when traveling and I won't be near a power source for a while. Would really help out. Thanks!

Some people like to carry an extra battery and switch when the main battery is low on juice, but for me i prefer a integrated solution for extra juice, like a battery+case (mophie juice pack) that i can have it with me all the time. Anyway i don't think there's any product like that for the 9900, yet.

Also, constantly removing the cover to switch the battery seems like an easy way to spoil the delicate NFC antenna?

Thanks for the cool review! i'm such a heavy user, i guess having an extra battery is better than nothing.

I'm sure we can all use an additional battery for our new device since the 9900 consumes more power and comes with just makes sense to keep a spare handy

I'm the Director of a Rehab program. We have 4 different facilities that I have to drive back and forth from on an almost daily basis to make sure that everything is always running smoothly. I am rarely in one place long enough to charge up till I get home and a car charger is out of the question because the lighter in my car is broken :( I've been known to carry TWO extra batteries with me to get me through the day. Just got my 9930 about a week ago and am already seeing that I am going to have to invest in some power...I could REALLY use an extra battery for FREEEEEEEEE!!! Keep me in your thoughts when you're thinking about who to give this to :) Thanks! I'll be waiting.......................

If you've never owned a spare battery and you're a smartphone user, you should downgrade to a dumbphone. Enough said. Vote for me :).

"Crack isn't the worst thing that can happen to Blackberry"

If you own a smartphone and never owned a spare battery, you should go back to a dumbphone. Please send a spare my way! One spare sometimes isn't enough!

"Crack isn't the worst thing that can happen to Blackberry"

Having another battery when I am traveling for business would be great. The batteries on a BlackBerry are great, but it is always good to have an extra.

I would love this for work. I'm on the phone constantly and charge my phone up to 2 times a day.

I travel a lot and don't always win the arm wrestle for the few charging stations found in airports these days. But, man, can I chew through a battery while waiting. With my new 9930 in tow--with its awesome keyboard designed for fat-fingered types like me--batteries don't stand a chance. I implemented seven of the ten battery-saving tips but still not good enough. I'm going to need a spare. Maybe I'll score a free one.

I constantly use my Bold 9900 either for tethering, music, text messaging... I need an extra battery!

Since I start feeling anxiety when my battery shows even 40%, having an extra battery saves me a lot of worry! Which in term slows down the wrinkles and gray hair! (I wish!)

I usually buy a second battery with any new phone, but this time I didn't, so this would be a great help. Love your reviews Kevin; they are the best-wish you'd review other products too (maybe as a guest on other blogs?)

I have a Bold 9930 that usally lasts me until about 1 PM and I have to charge it. The extra battery would allow me to keep my phone with me all day before charging it.

A spare battery would help reduce road-trip stress. Watching the battery meter slowly approach zero isn't always fun...

It would be great if I can win a spare battery. I have long ours of school this year and I use my BB 9900 keep in touch with profs, family and friends. A spare battery will help me a lot.

Thank you.

Note: I read how to take off the back cover of a Bold 99xx. But it seems my back door is glued to the phone. LOL Any suggestions?

i'm in an office most of the time so I can charge whenever I need, but an extra battery would be nice so I don't have to worry if I unexpectedly have to run out for long periods of time (sometimes it happens)

I have a couple spare batteries for my Bold 9650 (leftover from my Storm1). Spare batteries are great to have and come in handy. It would be great to have one at the ready for my up and coming Torch 9850 :)

It would be great to have an extra battery.I use my Bold 9930 quite often, here is a breakdown;
1) i listen Slacker radio around 2 hours a day, while driving to college.
2) check news on Bloomberg news every 2 hours.
3) browse internet about 10 times a day.
4) send and receive texts around 100 a day.
5) play some poker about 30 min for the whole day.
6) 7-10 phone calls
All of the usage mentioned above uses a lot of battery,I usually take my BlackBerry off the charger around 6:00 AM and around 2:00 PM my battery is at 27%. I don't get home until around 8:00 pm. I don't have an opportunity to get my BB charged, therefore it would be great to have an extra battery for the back up.

I keep two 9700 batteries busy, and keep a third as a spare. I'll definitely need more power for my new Bold!!

.. travelling and moving around for work really diminishes the chance to plug my 9930 for power.. an extra battery is just what is required... i wish i could have an extra battery to move around with.. sigh...

I enjoyed the extensive review of a battery :) seems nowadays everyone focuses on the device and not third party accessories!

I'v went through 3 Bold 9900's because my battery didn't last longer then 6-7hrs on light use :s ?? An extra battery would definitely be a big help. Otherwise, i'll give the tips on saving battery life link a look

Boy do I need an extra battery, I have a curve 8530 which Ive had for just over a year and this weekend after I charged it fully it died on me both Sunday and Monday while I was out smh. I definitely need an extra battery to carry around with me otherwise Im stuck w/ a charger and nowhere to charge my phone if Im out or having to annoy my friends by relying on them for getting in contact w/ people. I will definitely need an extra battery for my 9930 which I should be getting soon.

Got my Bold, new battery please! I asked nicely how can you say no? I'm gonna have to change my name to Bold_Tom haha

i would need this extra battery so i will be able to be comfortable no matter the location knowing that once my batter dies and can slip in a new one!

I'm running out of power mid way through my work day and I've had to stop calls and not be able to respond to emails and texts until I can get home to charge my phone. It's a very sad situation :(. An additional battery would be spectacular!

I've always had a spare battery and battery charger for my previous BlackBerry's so a free battery would be nice. Its always good not having to worry about charging your phone. And FIRST..... one to be on your mom! Haha

My little son Tim needs money for an operation and I need another battery for my Bold 9900, but I only have enough for one. Maybe if I won that battery I would be able to pay for his operation he would be fine...

An extra battery would be perfect for me. 8 hours into the day my battery is on low battery. I am not able to charge it throughout the day unfortunetly. By the time I can charge it my battery is pretty much dead. That is my only complaint about the Bold 9900 is the battery life I am getting

I'd like a second battery for my 9900, since the weak-ish battery life is the only downside of the phone so far and it'd be nice to not to have to charge it midway through the day so it doesn't die later on.

Best option is an extended battery (had one for my Palm Pre) but one is not available (yet) so an extra battery would be great.

Just send it to me.

With the correct tweaking and apps running (and not running), you can stretch this battery....but it's toooouuugh. Being that I'm a power user though (Audio Streaming? CHECK), an extra battery would help when I'm not tethered to a wall.

Thank you =)

Winning this would be great! At school for hours at a time and my Berry is a big part of my productivity, Some extra juice is welcome and necessary.

Since I'm on the go for what seems 29 hrs a day, this extra battery for my 9800 will work wonders in keeping me going on and on and on....

Let me first of all say that I'm in love with my 9930! Having a spare battery will help me greatly. 1 because I run a business, so I'm always out runnin here and there. So what a sigh a relief it will be to have a spare battery as apose to finding the nearest location for a outlet to charge my phone. I need that all day connectivity!!

the 9900 is the slimiest bold yet, and the battery life is that sacrifice. an additional battery is a must if u are a heavy user and don't like to live in fear.

i'm a juice addict, i have to charge my phone up to 100% everyday before i leave the house. if the battery starts dropping a bar. ima start dimming my brightness, turning off my data connection until i need it. love an additional battery!

I travel extensively and can't always charge immediately. A second battery for my new 9900 would make my life much easier!

I would really love to win an extra battery for my 9930. Unfortunately I don't have the strongest Sprint signal in the apartment, so the constant signal searching has my battery in a stranglehold. I am usually at 10% battery life by 7pm if I can't get to a charger at some point during the day.

I have ditched alot of my devices now that I have a BLACKBERRY 9900. aside from using it for everything from pictures and video to music and GPS it is also the coolest flashlight I have ever owned. That being said when combined all these uses it gives the battery a butt whoopin. I would love to have a extra battery on hand to keep me on the go. I attemped to do a " blair witch" style movie and had to cut it short do to the light draing the battery. got my fingers crossed :)

from checking my twitter, to my AKO, to listening to slacker i'm draining my battery at an alarming rate once I wake up. Yes I tried the 10 tips on how to conserve battery life, but this new slim battery is not cutting it ..... or maybe I need to wait until the new OS update? Anyway, i'm on US Cellular, you know the same carrier that wouldn't allow the 9630 Tour to upgrade to BB6 but all the other carriers did ..... Well i have the 9850 Torch .... the phone is better than I expected really, but I only type in portrait mode .... go figure huh? Well I was priming myself for the switch to the 9900 (switching to TMO at the end of month) but with all this talk about how the Bold eats up battery I don't know.....? Anyhow, would like the battery for my current device, and I need to get over to CB store for a REAL protective film, US Cellular carries zagg, which I researched. But the line it carries doesn't cover the WHOLE phone .... what kind of crap is that? just front screen, BATTERY COVER (can u believe it?) and a thong for the upper and lower rear metal contours. Nothing on the sides ..... nothing on the top and bottom plastic to stop it from getting scratched (oh forget it, it already has a couple of pits from everyday usage and pocket travel) .... oh well, PICK ME

The good... I get to use my 9900 more :-)

The bad.... They may expect that I get more work done :-(

So, I'll never tell them I have another battery... ha ha...

I depend on my 9900 for my business and I am a very heavy user. I keep it in the car charger when I drive to ensure it is topped. But when I am out, I still can run low. I use it a lot.

So it would be nice to have that extra batter for those kind of days.

Having a spare battery would help me stay connected when I'm not near my office or car.

I do a lot of traveling and I seem to always forget something whenever I travel. With a spare battery, I'd be able to leave it in my travel suitcase just in case I forget my charger so I don't have to buy a new 1 every couple of months

I travel from montreal to states a lot.
Yesterday because of roaming my bold 9900 could not make it past 4 00 PM. I had to take my plane with zero juice no txt no nothing.
If you roam or heavily use your bold 9900 like me this extra battery is vital to stay connected !

I'd love to have one for the 9900. An extra battery, for me, means that even if my day doesn't go as planned, i'm always at the ready. Too often I look at my calendar and can basically plan how long I'm going to need my phone on the go. just doesn't always work that way. lol
an extra battery means that even if my day is still going (when I thought it was going to be over), my BB is ready to roll.
thanks CB!

I got stuck riding a train across Europe last year when the Iceland volcano erupted. Unfortunately I had nowhere to charge my phone, and it didn't last my full trip. Ever since I have always carried a spare battery with me, and it has saved me on multiple occasions.

would love an extra battery as i am always on the go and mostly away from home, flying. a backup battery will always be a welcomed addition to my flight bag! thanks CB!

My 9900's battery lasts just over half a day for me. I am constantly checking up on social media, bbm'n, and searching the web ( Plus I am lucky to have a wall outlet to use while at work, an extra battery would be great.

Dad's 9900 business phone! definitely very useful if theres other spare since he always forgot charging his ;)

I will love to get an extra battery! Sometimes my phone gets discharged and I am not able to charge it because I might be outside. With am extra battery I wouldn't have to worry about that

my work requires me to travel out of town all the time, hence the extra battery is a godsend. i don't have to carry around my charger all the time.

i have lousy 3G signal at my work place, so my battery is always working harder to compensate for this. An extra keeps me from charging my battery excessively. :)

I am always out between working and leisure, constantly having to remember to bring my charger with me at all times... trying to steal a charge here and there even if its from someones computer. I do love the bold 9900 and would not trade it for anything just wish the battery was packed with a bit more beef. Winning this battery would stop the constant need to make sure my charger is on me wherever i go.

This would be good so that I wont have to charge my phone every night slowly killing the battery. Just swap them out wait half an hour for it to restart and go off.

having an extra battery totally makes it easier for me to be able to keep up on all my social media sites and be able to keep in touch with loved ones without stressing for battery life

Would love a extra battery for my bold 9900, Have class from 7am-3pm and then 4pm-10pm i have work and battery barely lasts me in class as i use it for some lite note taking and recording audio notes, would love a extra battery!!! Thank you guys!

i would love to have an extra battery for my torch 9850 . i rigged a car charger to charge my phone on my forklift at work .. i usually turn my phone off for about an hour just to charge it up, but if i would have an extra battery i wouldn't have to turn my phone off for an hour to charge ..

The review is ok, it made me feel like getting a new battery :D
For sure I need one, especially when I travel around Europe :)

I need an extra battery because I listen to music all and never make to lunch before my new phone that I'm madly in love with dies on me

The battery would be very helpfull i just had my bold 9900 and its my baby only the freaking battery life is sucky. It would be so much easier to have a spare of battery

My Bold 4 Battery doesn't last at all I which I could get a super battery that has 25 hours life to be using now.