Replacement Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9860 / 9850

BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Sep 2011 05:21 pm EDT

The BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAh Standard / Replacement Battery!

Hopefully thanks to our Ten Tips and Tricks to Extend Your BlackBerry's Battery Life article you're finding yourself able to get through the day on your new BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 or Torch 9850/9860 with juice to spare.

If you're not finding that to be doable, you basically have two alternatives: re-charge part way through the day, or swap in a spare replacement battery. And as you might guess from the topic of this article, here we're talking about the latter, which is necessary if you're an always on the go type person.

The BlackBerry J-M1 battery is the standard battery that ships in the new BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 and Torch 9850/9860. It's a super slim battery, allowing the new Bold to acheive the status of thinnest BlackBerry to date. That thinness comes with a cost though. Compared to the 1500mAH battery in the previous generation BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700, this battery clocks in at 1230mAH, which immediately means that all things being equal, you have 18% less power to work with.

The BlackBerry JM-1 Battery has a list price of $49.99, but you can get it for less at We're even giving away a chance for you to win one for free JM-1 battery (details below). Keep reading for more photos and info on this battery.  

This Battery
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More Photos of the BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAH Standard Battery

BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
Such a big box for such a little battery, but keeps consistent with other accessories
BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
The front and back of the battery - Love the black/green color combo
BlackBerry Battery for Bold 9900, Bold 9930, Torch 9850, Torch 9860
Fits like a glove, but doesn't look as good without the battery door

BlackBerry Replacement Battery Final Thoughts

I'm obviously a BlackBerry power user and need to stay up and running all day, every day. Having an extra battery with me, especially when I'm traveling and tend to use my phone even more, makes that much easier and I don't have to worry about my device dying when I need it most. For the price it's really worth it to me to be able to stay charged that much longer and not have to search for somewhere to plug my device in. 

BlackBerry Standard Replacement Battery Contest - Win a Free Battery

Want a chance to win a replacement battery for your BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 or Torch 9850/9860? All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post with your review feedback or letting us know how an extra battery would help you stay charged. Contest entry closes Sunday, September 11th at midnight PT. Please leave only one comment.

Reader comments

Replacement Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9860 / 9850



Since Im always on the go winning this battery as a spare would be the best option for me because I won't have to worry about charging my phone! I love this Bold 9900 but I really wish the battery was a little better, I would love to win this from CrackBerry

It would help me because I religiously use my phone and can lose 50 percent battery in less than two hours of use.

I have 3 storm batteries in total, I cant imagine what it feels like to actually plug in a phone to charge it. Having a second battery for the new bold would continue that trend!

I would love one for my Torch 9850, it would help in 2 ways.

1. Keep me from plugging my device in half way through my day (after I purchase a battery only charger of course)

2. Give each battery a full complete charge

Thanks for all the great contests here.

This contest is genius I really need this for my 9930, I love using my bold with my playbook but the bluetooth really hurts my battery life, having an extra battery will be a god send and would let me use bridge as much as I want!

well done...good post , but want an extra juice to my BB without replacing battery to charge if i won , i will buy a extra battery charger too... ;))

I am always traveling like you, and need it.. With my need of using my Bold 9930 with work email, mapping around, fb, and especially browsing, this will help me even farther. I would love to have a spare!

I can usually make it through the day easily with my 9930, but it's always nice to have a spare. I had one for my Storm 2, so I never had to worry about running out when away from a charger.

I've weighed the pros and cons to conserving power of the battery, and for me, I would rather spend the money (or time) to get another battery than down my expierence on the ultimate social media device. I have RSS feeds updating constantly, facebook updating, not to mention messaging via text or bbm. Being in an office all day, either a podcast is playing or music is blaring. All this adds to my ultimate RIM experience and I would not give it up in fear of conserving energy. It is there and it is required.

My Torch needed charging 3 times a day by the time I was done with it! Don't wanna be stuck again with another cable!

I'm a power user and always on the move for work so getting an extra battery would be a great help for me. I had a few for my last BB but still only have the one for my 9930, I hope I can get a free one because it would be of great help to me!

Wish technology was able to cram more MaH into these batts.. going smaller isn't the best idea, but that the compromise for thinner profile. I charge it twice a day since I am a heavy user.. would love another battery!

It would help me a whole lot! The 9900 is an awesome device but the battery life isn't really the best. Drains 15% or more an hour with BBM Music. No chance it would last me the entire day!

Studying full time and working part time really takes its toll on my battery. Sometimes I use my phone to get started on papers while I'm on the bus to work or school. Its the best way of keeping connected to everything I need....let it be for school (documents, pdfs) or the downtime I get on the bus to catch up with friends. I've beeen pretty happy with my battery but I try to use it less because of draining battery near the end of the day. An extra battery would really help me!!

I could definitely use a spare battery for my 9900. I am a very heavy user and usually have to charge halfway through the day. Been meaning to get a spare battery but winning one would be awesome!!

I would love to win this battery for my Bold 9930. I am on that amazing device all day and between all the usage I also sync it with my playbook so my battery goes fast. I think the review is spot on and goes to show how important it is to have a spare. Please enter me! Thanks for another great contest!

when i'm on wifi my battery lasts almost all day. but when i'm not in a wifi zone i can't even make it past half the day, this extra battery would be amazing to have!

I love how slim the 9900 is. Therefore, even if an extended life battery were available, I would not get it because I don't want to add extra bulk to my 9900. Therefore, a second 9900 battery would allow me the best of both worlds - extended use of the 9900 while maintaining the super slim profile of the 9900.

Since I work out of a car most of the day, I don't have the battery savings that comes with a constant WiFi connection when I surf with my 9850. A second battery would really help for those days I forget my car charger.

i have to drive 2 hours after school to get to my hockey practice so my new blackberry torch 9850 doesn't make it much into that 2 hour drive. It would be great to have the extra battery so i can listen to music on my phone!

Great to have extra battery now that I have a playbook as well.. Will help when bridging playbook with bold 9900..

I would love to have this for when I'm on campus. At UC santa cruz, there's literally no reception anywhere and it takes its toll on battery life. Having an extra battery would help me worry about one less thing

Good review! I'm exactly the same way, I use my phone a whole lot more than I already do when I'm traveling. I'm always living in fear when on the road that my battery will die. Especially when i see that battery indicator turn orange. That's when panic starts to set in. An extra battery would remedy that!

I try to use a car charger but for some reason, it will give my phone power but it doesn't really charge my battery. As soon as i unplug it from the car it powers off. Must be my car... Anyway and extra battery would save me some money instead of buying a new car... Thanks for the contests!

I'm more likely than not in some place of the world that precludes frequent use of a charger. Just got back from 3 months in places that electricity is scarce.

Would love a spare 9930 battery for my upcoming trip to Central Asia!

An extra battery would be key. I spend a lot of time at the cottage, camping, and traveling... While I usually have elextricity, with the amount that I use my blackberry, it is not ideal to be stuck on a 6ft cord to the wall...

Thanks crackberry !!!

The review was great!, good info if you are a power user... I am starting to think that I will need to carry around an extra battery in order to get thru the day..

A spare battery would allow me to keep using my phone while I'm away from home. I wouldn't need to worry about what percentage my battery is at or if I need to recharge or not during the day.

Would love to win this battery for my bold 9900,,,I find I don't get much battery life with just one battery & another one would definitely fit perfectly in my life!! :)

I would love to win this for my new bb 9900 from tmo! It would be great not having to worry about battery problems! Great contest as usual kevin!

There are days when I'm out of my house for 18-20 hours at a time. An extra battery would really help me get through the day.
Its ahrd to find places to sneak a charge for 5 minutes at a time

Having left my Bold 9650 for the iPhone 4 and then coming back to BlackBerry with the Bold 9930 and I addicted all over again to BlackBerry. I find myself using it so much more than the iPhone 4 that an extra battery would be so beneficial and allow me to use my device so much more!

Feedback #1 - I never won anything here so please pick me
Feedback #2 - You get excited about smartphone battery coluors... Dude.. that's... deep...

I love my new 9930 but battery life is something to be desired. This would really come in handy when away from charger for long periods of time.

Having a spare battery would help me stay charged by being able to store energy and being of the same dimensions as my current battery. If I run out of juice, I could just swap in the spare and I will remain charged.

My wife is always on her phone it would be handy to have a spare battery for her so that I don't have to buy one :P

Sounds like a great option, but I just wish that they had a phone/battery charging pod to go along with this.

I've never really used my blackberry as much since I've changed from a 9000 to 9900. Tethering to my Playbook (waiting until WiFi hotspot comes out *sigh*), social media that I never really to use before as well as new facebook app with chat integration that doesn't blow and a keyboard that keeps me texting and bbming all day long.

im a heavy user as well, an extra battery would really help me get through the day
i use im clients all day long

bbm, im+, fb, twitter, foursquare, stuff like social feeds, browser, sms, email

and ALL kinds of other stuff... all the time
would love to win an extra battery

to be honest, i dont have the 9900 yet, i'll get it in about 20 days over here in germany, but i already now that i'll need an extra battery with all the stuff im using
currently still enjoying my 9700 <3

I own my own business and my phone is my "factory". It has to be charged and ready to go all the time. If my phone shuts down so does my business. I could really use a spare battery.

A new battery would assist me when travelling to rural areas of australa. There are times when I don't have the convenience of a power outlet when visiting some friends and families. Having another battery really give me a sigh of relief and have a phone that would be available for about 4 days no charge. All would be a-ok!

When I first saw that the new bold's were shipping with a 1230mAH vs a 1500mAH I was shocked and disappointed. I immediately started contemplating buying an extended battery when they became available.

However, after a couple weeks of use now I am fully satisfied with this new battery. It can easily last me two days with medium use.

But there are still the days where this device is attached to my hand and towards the end of the day the battery is dwindling. These are the days where a backup battery would leave me feeling a bit more comfortable and take the fear of going dead out of my mind.

I LOVE my new Bold 9900 so far. It's really powerful compared to any of my older devices. This device is built in with twice the processor strength of older BB devices and for that reason requires more juice to power it! I find the battery hasn't been holding up to my expectations. Love how thin the device is and how thin the battery is too but when it comes to its functionality, the bold 9900 doesn't even run me a full day with a charge. For that reason, I'd love nothing more than a second battery to power up this baby and make sure it lasts me until my next charge at night. The thinness of the battery will easily fit in my pocket so it won't be a problem to carry around. Thanks CB!

I need more juice! Just like you Kevin, I'll need the extra battery when I travel. Day to day, the battery is sufficient. But there is always a lot of Google Mapping when I'm on the road and I don't want to be stranded somewhere when my battery runs out!

Now that I have awesome big touchscreen on my 9930 - I want to use for surfing - which is killing my blackberry battery. A spare would solve my problems!

It would be nice to know that if I talk and surf longer than usual, I'd have a spare if I needed it. Plus saving the $35 on a spare battery, I could get a charger for it....

I like to alternate batteries on a monthly basis: i.e., use one battery this month and the second battery the next month. I think it extends the life of the batteries, at least enough to get near-full performance all the way through my two-year contaract. And, at that point, I'm looking for a new BB anyway! So, how about a free battery for me, CB?!!!

I need this for my upcoming trip to Europe so I can use the camera and video as much as I want without having to worry about running out of juice!!!

I need this for my upcoming trip to Europe so I can use the camera and video as much as I want without having to worry about running out of juice!!!

I have a complaint of batteries... er-- a battery of complaints. That is, give me battery now. Thank you.

Having a 2nd battery is always nice. I go through my daily charge before the end of the day and having a extra battery would be awesome. I hope to win this contest for my Bold 9930.

This would be a life saver for me. I use my blackberry NON STOP so this would so appreciated and help me get through the day. Thanks Crackberry!!

I found that with my 9860, if I do a FULL POWER OFF using the Power Off app, it still drains that battery quite a bit, almost as much as when I'm using it! The TURN OFF option doesn't seem any different.

Is there a way to power off the device so it's not active? At night, I'm asleep so I would like to think the battery won't be drained by morning, but that is what happens every morning. I'm forced to charge it all night long! Perhaps the only thing you want running is the clock so that alarms will activate the device. I thought that is what FULL POWER OFF means, but apparent it doesn't.

Does any one have a clue how these things work as I sure don't!

Also, does anyone know if I can buy something to charge the 2nd battery while I use the first battery in the phone?

I do a lot of traveling and I don't like to charge my phone with the cigarette lighter charger because of fluctuations in voltage. A spare battery for my 9930 would help get me through some of those long stretches across ND where the signal is sparse and it drains my battery faster.

i have to go to different retailers to charge my phone for an hour or 2 because i only have one battery as of now for my phone would make it so much easier just swapping the battery out

Im a student and i also work in Tech Support for my University. I live in the suburbs, about an hour long bus journey from my school. I have to go every day as I have classes some days and work the others. This battery would make my life a whole lot easier as I know that if i run out of battery (which i do being far away from my home zone and being inside a huge building) i can just pop in a spare and be good to go! I love my bold 9900 to DEATH and was even offered to switch to iPhone 4 for free but i opted to pay the $600+ bucks and bought this magnificent device. The only thing bothering me is the battery life. If that could be fixed id be even happier! Good luck to all!

If you've never owned a spare battery and you're a smartphone user, you should downgrade to a dumbphone. Enough said. Vote for me :).

"Crack isn't the worst thing that can happen to Blackberry"

I spend most of my day working in an office that's inside a cement building. I burn through 2 batteries a day, on a good day as I have a weak signal most of the time and I can't have a wireless router on my company's network. I really need to win.

This would be awesome to keep me on the go with my clients. Never having to worry about a dead phone is always a great thing. hope I win this one.

A spare battery is never a bad idea. Now to search the CrackBerry Market for the spare battery travel case.

If I had this battery I would not have to worry about running out of battery life since I am always on the road for my job. Good luck everyone!

I make and receive a lot of phone calls during the day which drain my new 9900. So a spare battery would be soooooo useful!!

Id love a spare of battery for my blackberry bold 9900. I've had 2 bad days without a phone because i didnt have the chance of charging... it was probably the worst 2 days ever!!!!! Yu cant live without a phone ....


1. I work 10-14 hours a day.

2. Always have 3 bars of lees of service.

3. Don't have acces to wifi to save battery life.

4. Stream music and podcast all day.

5. I BBM and text alot because i hate calling people! lol

6.Last and most importaly I have never won anything off of Crackberry and this would make a perfect frist for me!!!!!!!!!!

Since i'm a new student in high school, i always use my blackberry to stay organized and on task. So that extra battery would definitely help me!! Great review too!

I would love to win one...FREE is good...Kevin should design/market CrackBerry Accessories...cases/pouches/charging pods...CB Brainded!!!...PLUS stickers!!!!!!!!!!

Woot! I would love this battery. Would mean while I'm out @ the college I'd have a spare. Good thing since the campus doesn't have an on-site cell tower for my network(there's one 'close by'), so my battery life tends to suffer due to carrier searches!

Not to mention that the day the contest closes is my birthday!Would be a great birthday gift!:D Also, love these reviews + contests. Now all I need to do is win one!

I use my bb 9930 every waking minute of the day. the first thing i do when i wake up is not to put on my glasses, but to check my messages and my social apps. I have to charge my phone at least twice throughout the day to keep it alive!! An extra battery would definitely make my day more efficient!!

I'm always running around receiving calls and emails from 8 differents email addresses! I wish my battery lasted the whole day but it doesn't. I'd love to win this it would help a lot. At the same time would help shopcrackeberry because I would need the battery charger to go with it!

I'd love to win a replacement battery!! Can you magically make it 1500mAh in the size of the current wafer? :D

I'm looking forward to September 15th to get my touch 9850 from Verizon. I could sure use an extra battery!

Please, this would be perfect. I'm a med student on rotations at hospitals now. sometimes for absurdly long hours at a time. An extra swappable battery would make life so much easier for me!
Thanks CB! Go RIMpire!!!

What else can I say except for : pick me pick me! ;) . I already spent a fortune on my 9930 importing it from USA, so this could save me a nice ammount of cash, since accessories are not available yet in my country. An extra battery is always handy, I have one for my Bold 9700 ( now retired), that saved my skin countless times. So far, the 9930 has enough juice to keep me alive and kicking at work, but always almost at the edge ;).
Thanks ;)

I spend most of my days with my Torch 9850 surfing the web, listening to music and chatting with friends on BBM. Using wifi tends to drain my battery badly, so a spare battery is a must for me. :)

It's sad that we've slipped into Android territory, but I guess that's what you get with the specs the whiners wanted.

That said, I guess a pocket battery is now a necessary evil, and a free one couldn't hurt.

I've had had a second battery for my previous Bold too and this would continue the trend, while also cutting costs, Therefore I would love to win this contest!

It's always nice to have a spare around. You don't always have a charger handy like if you're out for the night and are in need of a charge. Had some spares with my old phone and they always came in handy. Can't let a beautiful device like this one sit dead!

Just as you said it, most of us blackberry users are 'on the go' and on our blackberry's during time. An extra battery for my Blackberry Bold 9930 will always allow me to keep checking new posts on during my day.

When I am at my parents house, my battery dies due close to a day's of use, due to their coverage. It would be nice to be able to swap the battery and keep going with out dropping my phone in the charger.

I would love this spare batt for all my roadies away from the family. Since the torch9860 is a pictures etc beast I could really make excellent use of a spare battery!

I am getting my first BB This week (9930) - i have had to carry 2-3 spare batteries for my current phone cause it dies so bad - I am hoping I don't need an extra battery for the 9930 - but in case I do - its great to have! ....... so................. Oh Oh Pick Me Pick Me Oh Oh

I would love to win one of these spare batteries! Please pic me crackberry! I would use this in case of emergencies since my sister is due at anytime & im always away from her... I could use this spare in case anything happens & she can get a hold of me. Thanks for this opportunity, i love you crackberry!

The cig. adapter in my work vehicle doesn't work, so can't charge my phone! An extra battery is the way to go!

I would love this for my 9900 that I will be getting once AT&T stops scre===ing the pooch! I am constantly in the field on and off military ships and my battery drains quickly because it is always searching for coverage. This extra battery would be awesome!!

Crackberry's tips for battery life did make a difference, although as someone who is juggling work and life and international duties that call for lots of travel, I would love an extra battery on hand.

I want in on this because Lord knows I will be rocking my future BlackBerry Torch 9860 nonstop. I've tried out the Bold 9700 and was absolutely amazed with a few things- Mainly, the outstanding battery life.

I hope to win this so that I never have to leave CrackBerry posting for long. Hand it here and it will be in worthy hands.

Thanks in advance.

I'm still waiting for an extended battery for example, Seido, rather than a replacement, will have to wait. Like to say that the battery should gift for a fan and follower of your Spanish, myself:)

Thanks Crackberry, some cracks are

Sorry for my English by Google Translate

My BB runs out of juice by 3pm!! I think it's defective...would love a replacement/spare. It would be nice not to be constantly plugged in.

I am using the info from the battery tips and tricks, but I would really REALLY like to have this spare to get me through the day. Nice article! Thanks for the chance.

An extra battery would mean I wouldn't have to replace all my mini-USB chargers and cables since RIM went to micro! Beautiful phone but really needs to come with two chagers (home and work).

Running a company from a job site is difficult to do. I am constantly on the phone and receiving emails without being close to my car or land charger.

This spare battery would be very useful for me since I can just swap my battery instead of running to my car for 10 minutes to charge my phone.

Thanks for the contest Crackberry.

NIce. This battery would help me stay charged during the day I have to keep it off while at work and every break turn it back on. Having this spare battery would keep me from doing that So by the time I leave work I just switch batteries and we are ALIVE!!!!! lolz

Not only am I always on the BB, having another battery will allow me to become the perfect BB ambassador and always show off the super sweet Bold 9900 to all my Apple loving friends and colleagues.


This battery would make my wife really happy that she can always count on my phone never dying throughout the day!!!

With the 9930, I'm using my device for everything. This has caused me to only get around 8 hours of battery life. Winning a spare would be a huge help for my daily use.

It would be awesome to have an extra battery!!! I purchased the JM-1 Bundle already from shop Crackberry and it should be on its way. It would be THAT much better to have an extra battery included for free. I'll be awake for three days using my 9930 worry free! CrackBerry keeps me glued to my computer because of things such as this. Always up to date with info. Love to have an extra!! Thanks

If it cost to keep my bold juice I'll pay the price INCLUDING tax! Lol but a free spare battery wouldn't hurt =D

9900 has got the worse battery i hav even seen in a bb, so i will use the extra battery just to keep it running for a day

After working eight hours at one job, an extra battery will take me on through the rest of the day at the second job and daughters softball games.

A new JM-1 battery for my BlackBerry Bold 9900 would help me , as a student, stay on top of my school work and spend longer study sessions away from my distracting computer at Starbucks less the wires.

I travel a lot and with past BB always found I used more battery on the road. My 9930 I suspect will be the same, so this battery would be a big help

Pick me!

I am constantly responding to emails due to work, and a spare battery will ensure I can keep going no matter how busy it gets. Perfect for my soon-to-have 9930!

I would love this battery. It would help in those moments in the middle of the day when you're expecting someone to contact you and your batterys almost dead.

In my job I rely on my BB to up and ready to go when I am. A spare battery would sure help me get through a busy day!

As much as I'm on my 9900, a spare battery is exactly what I need. With a spare, it keeps me from charging my battery excessively.

Oooooohhhh ... Double the battery life...that would be amazing...I could almost use the my BB 24/7...that's a dream come true...

I think I will need one...I am a power user as well and have been using the extended battery for a couple of years now and will surely miss it

I'm managing during normal 'work day' usage, but can see 'travel' usage draining the battery pretty quick...spare battery is a good idea.

It's perfect for travelling, when I'm walking around a foreign city and need to charge up. I also purchase the external charger.

Would love to get my hands on a spare battery!! Saves me money and of course, don't have to run across my college to find a spare outlet ^^

i fix computers for a living, so there are times i might be onsite for 8 hours, and i am always running out of juice. even during times i travel site to site is just not long enough to get any real charge. i usually do have extra batteries, but i just upgraded to the 9900 and just have not had the time to get one. perfect post though.

pick me please!!!!!


as l'm hoping to upgrade to a 9850 in the near future, i routinely carry an extra or two batteries when traveling. not even having an extended battery of the same form factor is enough...Pandora, email and browsing require it!

I have 3 batteries for my Storm 1 and they certainly come in handy on the weekends when I'm on the boat. I just upgraded to the 9850 and would surely love that extra battery.

This would be awesome for my new Torch 9860...I use my phone at work all day, and I'm constantly in and out of places, so I'm always having to leave my phone plugged into my lighter adapter while doing little jobs, just to keep it kicking! Than I get 50 notifications in the hour I'm gone, and a dozen voice mails...makes it frustrating, an extra battery would be great! Thanks so much Crackberry!

Yep! An additional battery will be an awesome addition to the 9900.
It'll give an edge over an extraordinary day's worth of usage, which will greatly drain the battery. This allows an extended usage of the battery that allows me to fully charge each one for each use every time!

Though, 9900's battery life is enough for it to get me throughout the day, it would be really nice that I would have a spare batter with me so I would be at ease when that orange led indiactor light pop-up when I'm out more than 15hrs for some days of the week

My turn I hope, I love my shiny new 9900, but I admit to missing the battery life of my awesome 9700. Would like to get through a power day completely.

I always like having a spare battery for my phones in case of emergency and those long days of heavy usage. I also swap my batteries at least every other week to extend their life. Having a charged spare is essential and now with the reduced boot-up time on OS 7 changing batteries means very little 'downtime'. Thanks for the great contests CrackBerry and good luck everyone.

My battery life so far has been a mixed bag... This battery would ensure I get through the entire day, every day! Come on, Crackberry... Hook me up!


Your biggest fan.

I would love to win an extra battery. I've had my bb bold only a week and have already expirienced a dead phone by mid day quite a few times,(a bit frustrating). Of course the older kids have been exploring the new device also and I quiet down the 4yr old with music she loves. Also the cost of an xtra batt is a little high. Btw.....thanks for the tips on making battery last longer! Love my new BB Bold.

Wow!!how cool of crackberry to give us the chance to win a spare battery!!! Thanks!!!
This was what I liked about my 97800!!! The good battery life! Aand this is what I'm worried about the mmost with the 9900, if I had that second battery I woud finally start ignoring that battery meter!

My new 9850 from verizon needs two batteries so that I can surf twice as long at work!!!!!

I have the 9900 and the battery life is better than expected. However there is always a need for a backup. So toss'er this way, I would like to win .

Speaking of batteries.....HOCKEY SEASON STARTS SOON, GO JETS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd love to have a spare battery for when I'm on the move. Even if I would have to open up my Otterbox Defender case to swap the battery...

With today's economy it's tough to find the cash for even a back-up battery. It would be amazing to win one! Keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm now the proud father of a Beautiful Bold 9900. That being said, I am a social media fiend, between wikitude, twitter, BBM, BBM Groups, BBM Music, Facebook, LinkedIn, Web App for Google+, Google Maps, Four square, and bluetooth tetherberry'ing my poor battery takes a beating. And by beating I quite honestly mean total decimation. Being on the go, this would just alleviate some of the stress of always having to tote around a charging cable and keeping an eye out for an available outlet.

I could definitely use this battery because my job does not allow me to be near a charger for most of the day.

My 9930 would like knowing its user can still be productive twice as long.

I am using my BB9900 mostly in one province of Cambodia. Besides needing access to the BB service, I frequently use a GPS tracking application to document my travel to remote communes. With my "old" BB 9870 battery live has never ever been an issue but with the 9900 I am running out of "juice" around mid afternoon. With the BB Bold 9900 RIM has departed from one of their major qualities and will annoy many of their business customers.

With my 9900 which will be arriving shortly. I'm a sales rep for a footwear company and can't have my phone die on me, half way through the day. Thanks CB!

I'm planning on getting the 9850 in the near future to replace my 9550. I work in construction and if my battery gets low, I can't plug my phone in to charge it, because it will be unattended, so I need to have a spare battery with me.

I do many trade shows and am on the phone constantly with clients and don't always have a place to charge so I. Always keep a. Spare battery ready to go.

I can use a spare battery when I'm on patrol. I do a lot hours on foot patrol as a LEO, and having a spare battery on hand will keep me in touch longer than my hand radio. I use email, text, BBM and LEO apps when on patrol. I also type many of my reports while on the go and on foot. What a time and taxpayer money saver it is to do reports when out on the field versus doing it all at the office at the end of the shift.

Since I'm on the go a lot and don't have an outlet always handy, the spare battery would be very usefiul. Thanks for another great contest!

I'd charge this and keep it handy because I don't want to get caught off guard while out in the field and also so that I don't have to stay tethered to a charger. Yes, I'd agree with the shorter battery life issue, it just makes sense that it would be so. That is also my experience. Be nice if they could figure out a way to improve the batteries in future editions.

Found out today that I am going to need a spare battery. I don't have access to a power supply to recharge during the day so an extra battery is the only option.

I'm on the road all the time, but spend enough time away from my vehicles that the need for a spare battery is a big concern. It'll be great to have a battery on standby for my new 9900!

Just got My torch 9850 and have read that the battery life isnt the best, but bb is My crack. please help Me out and pick me to win a battery. thanks

I think a spare battery is necessary for me especially since I use a playbook bridged with my 9900 on long commutes. It would be great to win one!

I visit vacation in low signal areas that drain the battery. Having an extra one would greatly help. Thanks!

With my heavy usage, i would love a second battery which could help me get thru the whole day without looking for a charger...

Im considering buying for my 9900. hard to make it through a full day. Its bad when your playbook lasts longer! Good review!

just got my new bold 9900, and i am a very heavy bb user... with my bold 9780 i only charged my phone while sleeping but with the bold 9900 i am out of juice before i can charge it. so that extra battery would be gr8 to use when i need that extra power :)

Whenever you are on a business trip to another city and have limited access to the plug, a spare battery is what you need, is what I need.

My days have me on the go b/w wife #1, kids, school, church, and just friends and family, my phone is always on and always doing something. This extra battery will save me some time and not having to stop for a few minutes just to find a plug or stop what I'm doing to recharge my phone, it will be a life saver and not the candy! :-)

I'm a HEAVY user and often travel with my phone. I usually keep 4-5 batteries on hand and charged but so far I haven't picked one up for my 9900 and it's been tough. I'd love to win this one :)

I loved having spare batteries for my priovious phones. this would be the perfect start to my new collection :)

A spare battery would be awesome for me since I'm kind of a power user. Bbms, texts, emails, web browsing, and oh music lol. I know I should get an mp3 player but this Bold is too sexy that I just use it for everything!

I would want to win this battery for my 9900. Another battery would help me survive without charging my phone at work. Thanks!