launches new Blackberry app for apartment hunters and renters

By Bla1ze on 4 Nov 2010 04:08 pm EDT
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If you're on the hunt for a new house, apartment or just some space to rent or buy then the perfect BlackBerry app for you is now available in BlackBerry App World. has come up with a great application with a ton of features built into it. Let's look at the description:

The free, user-friendly app lets users search for apartments, call or e-mail property owners and manage their favorite listings, right from their mobile phones. The app automatically syncs with each user’s account and apartment-hunters can even attach their own photos and notes to listings to help them remember the details of a property after they visit. Plus, once you find the apartment of your dreams through, you can report your lease through the app in order to claim your $100 Visa debit rewards card.

Pretty cool app for those on the go and possibly rushing to find a place. It's never really an easy task so anything that helps with that process is just fine in my books.

Reader comments launches new Blackberry app for apartment hunters and renters


What's wrong with a free app? If you aren't looking for a place to live, don't download it. Apartment hunting is a pain, anything that might make it easier is welcome in my book. If you think THIS is useless, go check out what .99 will get you in iTunes.

This came out just in time! I'll be apartment hunting very soon, and this will be of great help while I'm on the road checking out places.

This is just what I need to help with my relocation! This app is perfect for apartment hunters with no home Internet(other than on BB). This app will save me a few trips to the library/and or coffee shop.

Is this a new version?

I used this app to find where I'm living now in Sept.

While I did have it freeze up several times during use, requiring battery pulls to get out of, it was a convenient tool for apt hunting.