Renault debutes concept car FRENDZY featuring the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Michelle Haag on 9 Jul 2011 08:16 pm EDT
The 64th Frankfurt Motor Show is in September, and ahead of that Renault has debuted their latest concept car, the FRENDZY. Not only a commercial business vehicle, the FRENDZY  also has "family" mode to truly take this concept from work to play. This design is futuristic and sleek, but it's also got a practical side. The BlackBerry PlayBook has a big part in this concept car, as the center console has a dock specifically for it to truly turn the FRENDZY into an office on wheels.
BlackBerry PlayBook can allow users to benefit from an effective workplace and unrestricted mobility while on the go. This makes it particularly well suited to neighbourhood deliveries and local craftsmen, for whom it is a genuine work tool, both inside and outside of the vehicle.
The tablet connects directly into the centre console, ensuring perfect convenience of operation once on the move. As soon as it is plugged in, it becomes an integral element of the vehicle and configures itself into the Renault environment. Continuity of work is assured once the device is removed, and it can of course be used for all of the renowned BlackBerry PlayBook tablet features.
The device has an important role to play, too, in the customization of the vehicle as it controls the exterior screen while the vehicle is in motion and when parked, for business as well as for personal uses - pictograms illustrating life with electric vehicles, or the viewing of a film, for example.
Sensors located on each door sill log the loading or unloading of packages equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chips containing key information such as destination address, weight and dimensions. This gives users a real-time inventory of the goods being carried in their vehicle. In addition, tradesmen can automatically calculate or re-calculate their itineraries on the basis of this information.

Complete details can be found in the press release at the link below. I think this concept is awesome!! Would you drive something like this? Let us know in the comments below.

Renault Frendzy: A Vehicle for Work and Family!

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Renault debutes concept car FRENDZY featuring the BlackBerry PlayBook!


The playbook is going to be huge and eventually leave the ipad for dust.

Go on the playbook.

Bring on the bold 9900.

That's just going too far.

I like RIM and its Playbook but will it ever "leave the ipad for dust?" Not anytime soon. And, by soon, I mean not for another 3-5 years at least.

I guess that this will replace OBD computers to tell you what is wrong with your car when something goes out of wack.

How about .... enter your PIN as an alternative to start up the car ... or possibly finger print scans to get the car going.

We all know that these PlayBooks will replace the GPS, right?

There are almost 2 cars produced every second .... over 50 million per year.
If every car had a PlayBook in it, that sure would be a lot of PlayBooks needed.

Glad to see the PB finally be put into a car from get go. Cool concept but obviously designed for the European market. Hopefully we'll see the PB in some of the NA auto shows.

Renault actually owns Dacia, and not the other way around. So the PlayBook is in a Renault. As some of the others have said, with Renault (through some of its partnerships) being the worlds 3rd biggest motor vehicle manufacturer could equal nice sales.

Sorry but it's the ugliest f-ing car I've ever seen. I hate products designed to look 'futuristic' - why do they assume in the future that human beings will want ugly cars like this? Reminds me of 'The Homer' car from the Simpsons.

Its not as much a futuristic design. Its more designed for Europe. There are a ton of cars that already have this styling over there. And small boxy cars will show up more and more in the USA as the gas prices rise and dollars continue to fall.

Not every country in the world likes 70's american muscle cars , only you americans do , we don't like to dwell in the past

Possibly its due to the use of QNX which i belive is used in a lot of Embedded devices already. Far easier for a company possibly to buy a off the shelf device than create devices themsleves?

I guess its like this example i found when googleing QNX and Cars just now