Remove fingerprints, restore shine & disinfect your BlackBerry in one swoop with the iKlenz Cleaner Solution

By Kerri Neill on 1 Jun 2011 12:10 pm EDT

I have 3 children (one under 5), work in a daycare and use the BlackBerry 9670 & BlackBerry PlayBook daily. As most of you can imagine, that combination leads to a whole lot of fingerprints and who knows what else on my devices. Just the other day I had a kid get sick all over me while my 9670 was sitting in my lap. Needless to say, I didn't want to touch that device again until it had been cleaned. When glancing through a few weeks ago, I happened upon the iKlenz Cleaner Solution by iKlenz and decided now was the perfect time to give it a test run.

Before when I needed to clean a device I would just use my shirt or a coffee filter and some windex. Not the best way but hey it worked. With the iKlenz Cleaner Solution you can restore shine, remove fingerprints, repel dust and leave your device streak-free. iKlenz also works as a disinfectant to destroy harmful bacteria and kill contagious germs (in all honesty I was sold on it right here), while addressing the safety and care of the BlackBerry display. This cleansing solution is so easy to use. Just spray up to five times directly on the microfiber cloth, which is included (not directly on the device) in one specific spot until noticeably damp then wipe the screen with moderate to light pressure. You'll notice the solution evaporating rather quickly. Once clean, flip the cloth over to the dry side and wipe gently to polish. The microfiber cloth is hand washable and can be reused numerous times. Just clean with warm water and use a mild bleach-free detergent, rinse throughly and air dry. The kit also includes a soft microfiber bag to keep your BlackBerry clean and scratch free. This solution is a great way to keep your devices looking brand new.

As you can see in the video above, I tested the cleaning solution with some pretty common and hard to remove products (although  the lipstick and garage door lubricant may have been a bit extreme). The iKlenz Cleaner Solution had no dificulty removing most with only a second application needed when removing extremely greasy products (mechanics, stock up on this stuff!).

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Remove fingerprints, restore shine & disinfect your BlackBerry in one swoop with the iKlenz Cleaner Solution


woot! style 9670 for the win! i bet this stuff would work good on my macbook as well. might have to pick some up.

Would it work on the screen saver? I have noticed on my playbook that it is hard to remove the fingerprints from the screen saver. It is great that I am saving my actual Playbook "front screen", but...the cleaning cloth seems to do nothing for the prints on the screen saver.

Alternatively, a $2-5 microfiber cloth by itself does a great job - no added chemicals required. I suppose it doesn't have the "germ killing" feature... but washing hands regularly keeps that to a manageable level ;)

uh huh.. was thinking to post the same thing... but +2 on this ;)

but try something more.. um.. stickier i think... =D