Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook now available

Remote Desktop BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jan 2012 11:00 am EST

Something that many BlackBerry PlayBook owners have been waiting for is now finally available. Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook lets you remotely connect to your Windows PC (depending on your Windows version) from your BlackBerry PlayBook. The app gives you full access to your PC so even when you're away, you can still get things done.

Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook enables you to connect to your Windows based computers across the Internet from your BlackBerry PlayBook and stay connected with your home or Office. Use your full Windows applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer along with the plethora of other applications for the Windows platform without sacrificing functionality from anywhere. You can leave your computer without losing access to your files, applications, and e-mail and there is no need to sync data as everything will be there when you return. 

Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook features pinch to zoom, double tap to open files, multiple connections and much more. Check the page below for more info and compatibility. Remote Desktop for PlayBook sells for $6.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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Remote Desktop for BlackBerry PlayBook now available


+1. This (and the Citrix receiver, and autocorrect/autotext) should have been available on the PlayBook from day zero.

I suppose this means amateur hour is over?

Works great at home when on the same network
My biggest use would be to connect to work computer over VPN ...and since playbook VPN does not work with Cisco enterprise I will not be able to do that.

Still - love that playbook finally has remote desktop. I'm fine with baby steps. Can we get a review so we can find out what works and what does not.

You could set up a SSH Server on your Desktop and then connect to it via a SSH tunnel and then through the app maybe :p

I did that with my laptop once.

well that was a waste of $6.99 for me. The app itself is fine, but useless as Blackberry PB cannot VPN into any enterprise (Cisco etc). It also does not do wifi authentication so can't get on wifi at work either.

It does work fine at home good job on the 3rd party app, but makes me even more disappointed in Blackberry. PB should go down as the worst executed tablet ever - any contenders ?

The Playbook can indeed VPN into an enterprise network. I've been able to connect to Cisco ASAs and PIXs without trouble

Mind you, until this app was available, I couldn't actually do anything once I was connected...

I just bought it and am successfully connecting to my work desktop through a CIsco ASA VPN. Need to know the deets to setup the VPN, but it is there on PB and has been since day 1. It may not support EVERY VPN, but there are a bunch of choices in the Gateway type (Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper).

I have been using Splashtop and it has been working very well. Wonder how these two compare to each other?

Isn't it my understanding that you have to download Splashtop to your PC as well? That killed it for me, since I am not allowed to download to my work PC.

My question as well. I am impressed with everything splashtop has to offer (functionality, ui etc) my only real complaint is I find it to be to slow :(

Can't wait to see how this app runs (speed wise) in comparison. Guess I might have to pay the $7 to find out - lol

Same question. I bought RDM+ and it was pretty much useless. Splashtop can do anything I need except for my second monitor, but I didn't see in the description that this could do that either. Probably not worth the money to find out, but if somebody knows otherwise I might invest in my third remote desktop solution.

Splashtop is fine for your own PC, or a PC where you can install a component without administrative or technical hassle.

RDP is for when you're connecting to a company's terminal server and/or your an IT person responsible for adminning a bunch Windows servers that you cannot install stuff like Splashtop, LogMeIn, etc onto. It's built into Windows.

It cant use Bridge (already asked but I have requested this feature) but it can use the VPN connections. The main difference is this doesnt need anything other than the RDP service on your machine. no separate software installations on the PC side to get this working. Its a true RDP app.

The Splashtop works with Mac (very well), and now this one says nothing about a Mac..... 1 for the Splashtop.

OMG, yes! This was one of my most serious gripes with the Playbook; the so-called business tablet. Will download. Wish it was cheaper, but glad it's here nonetheless. I hope it is a good one.

Cheaper? Did you ever pay $200 for PC Anywhere? This is almost 95% off. I'm happy to pay $7 for such functionality.

Huh? My Playbook is not a replacement for my PC. It is an additional acquisition, for convenience. I have both. And what has that to do with the price of the app?

Downloaded it and it works great. Can connect to my Win2003 & 2008 servers and my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop. Nice work.

Very interested in this...until I saw it was $6.99. I am seriously wondering if the fact that so few "serious" apps are free is causing slow adoption of the BB platform in general. I know not all apps in the Android Market or App Store are free but it seems, anyway, that there are many more that are. Just my $6.99 worth. :)

Would anyone who has purchased this which has a bluetooth mouse be able to indicate if mouse clicks work on the remote application?

Thank you!

I've been using a sideloaded RDP client for Android Player on my beta PlayBook. I'll have to see what this one has to offer. It is indeed very welcome to have an app like this.

Please crackberry, review this app!

Me too, the Android RDP app works good so unless this one has anything better to offer as far as performace or features I will just stick with the Android RDP app.

$7 isn't too bad. Some of the better iOS and Android Apps (PocketCloud comes to mind) are twice that.

The catch is: is theis 50% as good as PocketCloud?

Finally...OS 2.0 with BB as a wireless touchpad (ie. mouse), bluetooth keyboard, external monitor and RDP...we have a desktop replacement solution. The nirvana device Citrix referred to at Devcon.

How much CPU does it consume on the desktop? I have Splashtop and that pretty much eat up the CPU cycle of one of the cores when connected... not good for my small VM which has only 1 CPU. Is this new app better? Any one know?

RDP doesn't use much CPU time at all. We've got a Terminal Server (eight core, dual socket Xeon) that manages some 200 users (admittedly using lightweight apps) without too much suffering.

This is a very different product from Splashtop, GoToMyPC or such.

I have to laugh at the comments on the price of Apps. I suppose its different on iOS since you can simply copy and paste the Apps many times over, plagiarism is the name of the game. 900 free games of Patience is compelling. Are the people complaining about the $6.99 price, in employment, do they work for free or they on 99 cent an hour.

Tony of ExSafe for Docs2Go on BlackBerry

The $2 is really that big of a difference to you? That's less then most people spend on their daily coffee... download the app and enjoy it.

Slashtop requires a third-party application to be installed on your PC and sends all your traffic through someone else's infrastructure... where it can be hi-jacked, sniffed or intercepted.

Speaking of which, is this thing using native, local MSRDP protocol?

Yes, it is using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), so no software is required on supported Windows Operating Systems. No home windows, mac or linux support which is fine :)

Lol. That's the first thing I noticed. If you search for remote desktop in app world it's the third one that comes up. If you search for remote destop, it's the first one. Omg how can they make that mistake. Way too funny.

If PlayBook would allow for a PPTP VPN connection then I'd be on this in a second. No VPN makes it not much use for a home or small business support. I STILL need my netbook with me. :( Come on RIM. Consumer friendly would be nice too.

HI Guys,

There has been a remote desktop app for the Playbook (also for smartphones longer than that) since last summer. Not sure why people are surprised, but I have 3 desktops and 2 lappies connected using RDM+ from SHAPE Services ( and works smoothly and perfectly!!. I can connect from anywhere with no issues (on Bridge or Wifi). I installed the software in minutes and was already running! Check it out! Some may say that it is pricey at $9.99, but it's a solid app and I have never had any issues!!!


Yes however this app, like Splashtop, requires a client install. Native RDP is what was lacking.
Although not great this is a really good start.

Do we know if 2.0 will support more VPN options? Such as PPTP? If this is the case then all my problems with remote access will be solved.

I have been using a FREE remote desktop app in the Android Player for a while now - I was even the one that posted the BAR for it. It was one of the most important apps for me to have for my PB.

if you want a free version try imt vnc, also available on app world and it's what i've been using for months for free!

I got this as soon as I saw it posted on CrackBerry. I have been using Splashtop, but I don't like how it just views the desktop at the desktops resolution, and forces you to zoom to do anything.

This application is a million times better in my opinion. Better UI, works with the native windows application. It's beautiful. Well worth the 7 bux.

Just installed it, my first impressions:

The implementation of RDP is flawless. It's fast, and absolutely blows RDM+ and Splashtop out of the water for speed and display quality. Uses M$ built in rdp, so there is no client to install, and can run at the native playbook resolution.

If you can VPN into your network this is the way to go.

It needs a couple things:

1. The pull down menu and icons are annoyingly difficult to register a tap, maybe just making them bigger would help.

2. There appears to be no click and drag support to move windows or files around.

3. No Function keys, or ctrl or alt key support other than ctrl + alt + del. I use vmware a lot and need to use ctrl + alt to escape a vm console window, or ctrl +c to send a break to a command window or putty console.

Other than that it is quite good, I hope the updates come fast and furious.

Damn spelling mistake. I have been trying to get that fixed all day!!!

Thank-you all for your support! I have been taking notes and will add as many of your requests a quickly as I can. I have fixed the buttons along with fixing the issue of not being able to connect over a non standard port. More features such as sound will come shortly, along hopefully a way to connect over BlackBerry Bridge.

If you do have questions please email them to the support email, I have been doing my best to get you the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Hope you all the best!


Seconds on the request on STEP BY STEP install for Playbook please.

Also Todd.. additional question.. I've downloaded a couple other remote apps and had no success when connecting through wifi card when away from home network, router....

Will I experience any difficulties when trying to access my home p.c. from remote location using a wifi card?



This app won't work for you unless you are on the same wifi network at the same time or use VPN. It does not work over the internet without vpn. There is no real step by step needed, install it and input your IP address of the computer in the server field. On your computer you have to make sure it's set to allow you to RDP into your computer but a quick google can show you that. I would say RDP apps are more for business purposes...


The issue of using the app outside of your home network is actually not a restriction of my app or really any of the others. To resole this it is more about your network configuration. Basically your internal IP addresses cannot be seen (by design) on the internat because they are in a special private range protected by your router. To gain access to the machines behind the router you need to either connect to your home network through a VPN or publish your machine and whichever application ports are being used on your router. You would then connect from the whichever application to the IP address your router is assigned by your ISP and your router should do the work of redirecting the data stream to the machine you published.

Hopefully that helps. send an email to the support email I can provide more information along with a step by step configurtion guide.

Perfect Todd.
Thanks ever so much..
Will email support for step by step as while I love to use technology - actually setting up stuff leaves me in a catatonic state.

Very nice RDP app compared to Splashtop and the Android RDP app you can sideload. The fact that it uses the Playbooks native resolution makes the difference. With the Android RDP app you have to run it at 800x600 if you want the desktop to be usable. So you lose part of the screen in that resolution. With Splashtop connecting to a PC with a high resolution the icons are not even legible and if you change the resolution it messes up the PC resolution just as you were sitting at the PC changing the resolution. Good performance and worth $7 for any IT Admin.

Any idea if/when this app may support the Remote Desktop Gateway feature? It would be very useful in an enterprise environment

So, does this app work across the Internet to a public IP Address ?

From any PC on the Internet I can use Microsofts RDP Client (mstsc) to connect to one of our servers that has a public IP address.

When I use this app I get ...
Start App
Enter host name or IP Address
Click Connect
After about 10 seconds the app cloises and i'm returned to the Playbook main screen.