Reminder: Win a Trip to BlackBerry World 2012 and more in CrackBerry's BeBold Video Contest!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2012 08:33 am EDT

Hey CrackBerry Fans! Just a friendly reminder now that the weekend is here that it's prime time to put in some hours on your original video for CrackBerry's BeBold Video Contest! The deadline to get your entry submitted is Sunday, April 15th at Midnight EST, which will come up fast, so we want to make sure you're budgeting your time accordingly.

If you are already working or plan to work on a video: Send us a quick email to to let us know you're planning on submitting a video. 

If you're not yet planning to enter: What are you waiting for?! The contest prizes here are AWESOME. A Free trip to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012, including airfare, hotel and conference pass. Plus you'll get to hang with the CrackBerry team. This is THE BlackBerry Event of the year. The odds are in your favor in this one, so put in the time and effort and let's see your best BeBold video!

For all the BeBold Video Contest Details, Click Here


the brother

this dude needs a haircut.

that is all.


Kevin Michaluk

Lol. What, you no like the long hair? Was thinking I'd grow it out until BlackBerry 10 phones are announced. :)

the brother

Good idea. I would enter that contest :)


I'm doing it, I still believe in BlackBerry


Hope they bounce back so I can see my stock go back to positive numbers


Kevin... What if I promise to make an awesome "Be Bold" video about my trip to Orlando...

And since my parents live there and I can drive... just buy me the actual pass to the event... sound like a plan?



Damn Kevin you got cute! The exercise plan and new hair style work very well for you!


You look cute in your long hair but you should have told
everybody that to win the trip to Orlando you have to be a US citizen.
A lot of people outside of US read Crackberry and they propably think that they also can win the trip to Orlando. Which they can not !


Got the invitation fully sponsored to BlackBerry World. But have to reject it. Too last minute, no way I can get my VISA approved. :(