A reminder of why wiping your BlackBerry is a good thing to do should you ever sell or trade it

A reminder of why wiping your BlackBerry is a good thing to do should you ever sell or trade it
By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2012 07:35 pm EDT

These days, a lot of people swap phones. It's no task to find a used phone on Kijiji, eBay or even in the CrackBerry Forums marketplace. I've traded and sold numerous phones in the past and ensuring my private information wasn't left on this was always my top concern and it should be yours as well, should you be looking into selling or trading your device and here's a prime example why, as found on Kijiji:

A lady on Kijiji sold me this Blackberry Curve 8500 with Bell stating that it could be 'unlocked' ....now stay with me....the phone looks and works great I've played with it and changed the settings it is truly a great phone and it comes with a case. However, I am going to tell you the honest truth about the phone since the lady lied about it to me and it was THE WORST , the phone cannot be unlocked from Bell. Hence why I am selling it at such a great price, $100 firm. I am stuck with a contract in Telus and the phone is virtually useless to me. Here's the best part as an added FREE BONUS GIFT you get all of her scantily clad bar pictures that she didn't delete, and all of her contacts. Only serious offers please, ok I'm kidding obviously I want hilarious responses too. 

Ya. Wipe your phones people. Especially if you got some nudies on there. If you need to know how to wipe and reload and OS before getting rid of a device, check out our extensive guide here. Just remember, in this case you can skip the reloading of a backup portion. Thanks, K-Fos!

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A reminder of why wiping your BlackBerry is a good thing to do should you ever sell or trade it


any 8xxx series device from Bell or Telus was CDMA, meaning they're hard locked to the network. The only way they could work on another network was if it was one of the few world-edition devices like the 8830, and even then it was primarily so that the device could be used in Europe and Asia, not so much on other North American networks.

It wasn't until the more recent HSPA devices like the 9000, 9900, 9300, 9360, etcetera where unlocking the phone meant it could be used on any other HSPA network (which is what Bell, Telus, and Rogers all employ now).... as long as the bands match up.

this... You have to be thick-headed not to realize that a ton of personal stuff is on your daily phone.

Back in my Android days (last year), Telus sent my phone away to get the headphone jack repaired. The LG loner phone I received had all of the last user's info on it. I thought Telus would have checked to see if it was wiped before handing it out to the next customer...I should have checked the gallery before I wiped her data ;)

Obviously their QA is non-existent. All refurbs should be factory tested (defaulted and reset) before giving to customers. I would have kicked up a stink about this. This might actually violate Canadian privacy rules.

One of the 1st things we ever learn to do is to wipe our ass.
The same holds true for smartphones, wipe your data.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Same goes for phonebook contacts stored in your car if it has Bluetooth handsfree...also street addresses in your gps navigation

And never set up your real home address as 'home' on the GPS. I have my work address listed as 'home', and the home address is under some random name.

Last year I bought a MB 350E T-Modell from a dentist via MB. He also had a integrated phone system for a BB 9700 installed. And there were all routes, addresses, numbers, settings for the BB 9700 etc. still on the built in Command Online System. Although it was checked and set up for new customer at MB licensed dealer. Top that! :P

Pics or it didn't happen, lol. I got a refurbished phone, it was completely wiped. But yeah, I don't even think I would participate in a trade-up program without first wiping my phone data.

Wipe and reload the OS from scratch, then adjust the font to size 8 or 10 following a reboot to set it in the Messages size for e-mail. 18 is just TOO big. Then I'll sell/trade it. If it gets given to me with info on it, I'll check bookmarks in the browser, if any are good enough (tech blogs for example, free apps, etc.), I'll e-mail them to myself.

But I'd tell the person to BE SURE to wipe it. Because you never EVER know these days...