Reminder: WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway - Enter Now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2008 09:58 am EDT

WIN BIG in's WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway!

Friendly Reminder: If you haven't registered for your chance to win in our WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway yet, you have until Saturday, May 31st to make your contest post.

WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway Contest Details 

Since it's WES Two Thousand and EIGHT, we have EIGHT great prizes up for grabs:

  • 3 WES Schwag Packs - Each Schwag pack will consist of a Viigo bag packed with WES goodies: a PhoneTag t-shirt, BoxTone Lounge Ace t-shirt, Google Maps t-shirt, an OtterBox case and an assortment of of schtuff (will vary as I don't have 3 of everything) including bplay wrist sweatbands, Sprint phone chairs, WorldMate pens (that have a 1 gig jumpdrive built in!), luggage tags, BlackBerry caps and more!
  • 5 Unify4Life Prize Packs - Pumped to be named a Best of WES 2008 Winner, Unify4Life has sweetened the prize pool and will be giving 5 members the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote ($100 value) and a Unify4Life Polo Shirt!

How to Enter:

GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE and a BIG THANKS to all of the companies who provided the Awesome Schwag for this event!

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Reader comments

Reminder: WES 2008 Schwag Giveaway - Enter Now!


No...really...gimme somethin'...ANYTHING!
Heh, I'm just playin'.
You don't HAVE to give me one of those cool Viigo bags filled w/'s cool.
But it would be awesome if you did!

Wow Excellent Schwag (See what I did there) :)

A) Fav thing to come out WES 2008 - Lots of free Schwag
B) Hope to see at WES 2009 - Lots more free Schwag
C) Anything really..would be nice to see us oversea'ers win something :)

Now seriously
A) Bold & 4.6 OS - Although some may feel its not revolutionary, it is the start of greater things to come & Shows that there's always exciting things happening behind RIM's doors...(until Keven buys them on ebay that is) :)
B) I'd hope to see lots more different devices,an even greater OS & more fantastic apps.
C)As above - Anything really..would be nice to see us oversea'ers win something :)

I'd also like to add a D)Thank you to Kevin & the guys for all their enthusiastic podcasts & reports from WES & keeping us so up-to-date :)

I'd like to win one of those Unify4Life Blackberry Remotes. That thing looks pretty sweet. The Schwag bags look great too!

My favorite thing to come out of the WES 2008 this year was you guys who did such a great job of informing those of us who could not go. The coverage was great and I really enjoyed the informative videos that you guys stayed up practically all nite to share with us. Keep up the great work. Although I am a relative newbie to the BB World, I am grateful to your site which has enabled me to come up to speed in this Crack world. One note, I sure am glad I got the insurance on my Curve because my wife keeps threatening to throw it in the toilet. I guess I'll have to work a little more on my time management skills! I've yet to see a post on the forum as to whether the curve will float so, I'll keep you posted. Video to follow........
Thanks again......

I'm brand new to this site and am expecting my new Curve 8330 today. Could really use this schwag!

Here is my comment...isn't it SWAG as in Stuff We Always
Get? or Sh**t We Always Get?

b)Server 5.0 and OS 5.0
c)UnifyForLife - hey I missing using my treo as a remote...been waiting for that with BlackBerry for a
long time!

Google it... lots of results and definitions.

BOTH are acceptable...

to me it seems SWAG is old school while SCHWAG is more the Web 2.0 usage.

I like Schwag because it reminds of of Wayne's World and SCHWINGGGGG :)


I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me, he's just a poor boy from a poor family Spare him his life from this monstrosity. Easy come easy go,will you let me go? Bismillah! nooooo!

Sounds cool, never won anything in my not expecting too here, just wanted to give it a try anyways...

- Could really use the Otterbox...OMG I am so ruff on phones...the last three I had before my Curve 8310 all were very broken form me dropping of overuse...

- Would be sweet to rock the BBerry apparel...and for once it looks as though they finally made some that doesn't look so "nerdy"...even if I am a nerd (and D@mn proud of it too!!)

- Although UNIFY sounds sweet...will never own it though...too expensive...would be nice to not have to look for a remote ever again...

great coverage on WES, by the way! Enjoyed listening to the podcasts, and in general keeping up with you guys while you were there. By far, my favorite thing coming out of WES is Viigo's Project Tango! I am an avid crackberry user and wouldn't know what to do if i didn't have Viigo on my device. Project Tango looks amazing and it seems that it will be a must have for any existing and new Blackberry users (especially since we'll be able to listen to the Crackberry Podcasts from there)! Thanks again for the coverage and for the chance to score some SHWAG!

Man, I would kill for one of those Unify4Life remotes....
Other than Viigo "Tango" the Unify4Life is probably the best thing I have seen out of WES 2008.

a) My favorite thing coming out of WES was Unify4Life as I think it represents outside of the box thinking when it comes to potential Blackberry uses.

b) At WES 2009, I hope to see more accessories to make the Blackerry a potential computer replacement - i.e. printing, HTML email viewing, etc.

c) I would like to win the Unify4Life because I am a HTPCophile. I welcome any type of gadget that would make my HTPC more accesible to me. I envision being able to use Unify4Life to control XM Radio on my Windows Media Center from areas of the house that do not have line of sight access to the IR receiver as my Media Center powers speakers in several rooms in my house.

I'd have to say I'm most excited about Viigo Tango on the software side and the Bold on the Hardware sude. Been looking forward to Tango for many moons now.

A)definitly the bb 9000 and the new os that we ve been waiting for so long
B) i hope to see more software compatible with bb and more Varieties of bb devices in 3g/umts compatible.
C) if there is a bb bold 9000 in the bag, i ll take it lol. ok, seriously a Schwag Packs will be amazing but i will rather the Unify4Life Prize Packs :)

ps: I am in Winnipeg kevin, i can come to pick up the price my self if that can help lol.

Wow, how exciting to be able to touch and use (play) with all the new gadgets coming out. I was totally blown away by the idea of using my BB to control the tv and sound systems. I know i made the right choice of phone when i saw all that it can do and all that the future holds for it. Thanks for all your hard work to let us know what's happening. I've already won just by being a Crackberry member! whether i win this or not.

A Unify4Life remote would be amazing! My roommates are always poking fun at me for CONSTANTLY being on my Crackberry, and they just don't seem that impressed by everything I show them that it can do. Since all they do is sit around on the couch watching TV, I couldn't think of anything more perfect! Please help make them believers!

Wow Unify4Life is hell amazing. I could like control the entire living room and my room with my blackberry =D . Hope I win this one

Tell Us: a) your favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 this year or b) what you hope to see at WES 2009 or c) what you'd like to Win and Why!

A) favorite thing coming out of WES is PROJECT TANGO!
Boy I hope I win that Blackberry hat!

Having won nothing, ever, it would be a real hoot (did I just say that), to win something, anything, little, big, small, tiny, teeny.

Sign me up :D

Hoping to see a new form of the Pearl in the next WES, the next small BB that's preferably non-flip (i.e. the Kickststar.)

Normally, i hate schwag, but this kind of schwag is a totally different story.

c.) I want to win anything, even if it is complete crap.

Thank You,

a) My favorite thing coming out of WES 2007 is simply how a convention held once a year can bring so many people around the world together. It doesnt seem to matter what countries or people participate but that for the few days of the convention everyone comes together to share new ideas, software etc.

b) What I hope to see at WES 2009 is myself. I am already a lifetime user of the blackberry and I hope next year I can make it to WES and be a part of it all. I love everything BlackBerry has to offer and every year, I am more and more amazed at what it is capable of doing

What: I choose choice 'c' for the WES Schwag Pack.

Why: To make Apple fanboys/fanchchicks jealous quite simply.

I'm sick and tired of hearing my friends, relatives,
co-workers, trolls, acquaintances, complete strangers
talk about what their iPhone does for them.
Winning this WES Schwag Pack will not only let me
personally enjoy everything that comes with it; but ill
show these Apple zombies that not only do we have 3rd
party apps that actually work on our beloved devices...
but that these 3rd party apps, RIM, CrackBerry and all
that is in the RIM/BB back to their
loyal owners.

I, HYDROBLACK; will continue to be the humble foot
soldier in spreading the word about everything BB-
related. This WES SCHWAG PACK and all that it contains
will be an added and formidable arsenal against our

I WILL NOT disappoint the cause.

My favorite thing by far this year is the Unify4life remote

In 2009, I would love to see some kind of Media Center extender to really tie my BB into my computer.

I would love to win for a simple and materialistic reason: I love schwag!

I'm a new Blackberry Curve owner & 20 year tech veteran. I would like a schwag pack because A - I love schwag, & 2 - I had to cancel plans for 2 conferences due to a spending & travel freeze at work, so I can't get more schwag anytime soon. Seriously, the Curve is great. I've had Palms & iPaqs in the past, but I'm actually excited about my new Curve. It's only been a week, but I can't imagine being without it.

Hey I really want to win!!

my fav thing coming out of WES 2008 is the Chalk mobile Chalkboard


I really have to say I'm fairly new to the BB scene but from what I've learned here's what I love. A) The new OS system due out any day and BB Bold. B) Love to see new updates and media improvement for BB's. C)The Unify4Life remote!! If I could rock my house from just my BB I would be in technological heaven!

I would live to wim the Unify4Life BlackBerry Remote b/c I always have my BB 8830WE with me and I could eliminate all my remotes. I hope I am one of the licky winners.


Sign me up for the Unify4Life. I think that is the best thing that came out of WES 2008, and of course the Bold. I would like the Unify4Life because I'm always looking for my remotes and I brag that I can even change the channel with my BB! Thanks Kevin for the worlds greatest website!

...Sounds like something I might need to go see a doctor for!

Seriously, thanks for the great site Kev. I bought a 7100 when it came out, moved on to a Pearl and now have an 8310. I had NO idea how much I could do with these phones until I found this site.

Thanks again!


Anything! I am a real estate agent - slow market! Just went out and got this Curve - it will help bring business!

I cant wait for Slingplayer Mobile to be available for the Blackberry!!!! This would enable me to watch the Cubbies game on my Berry....what a treat!!! Does anyone have a rough idea of when this will be available?
Ive only had my Berry for about 8 months....still learning new things everyday! Crackberry is a huge help and a great website! It would be great to be a winner!!!!!

(ralph wiggum)

Put me down for whatever you've got. The Shwag bag looks INCREDIBLE. Unify4Life sounds great but I am not sure if Id make good use of it. My computer is my main media center and since I sit in front of it, my mouse and keyboard suffice :)

I CANT WAIT for the BOLD to come out! I got my 8310 in December and I wont be do for an upgrade for another year and a half but I am probably going to pay full price for the Bold as soon at comes out on ATT. I will need free stuff because Top Ramen/Cup-o-Noodles will be all I eat for the next month!

Tip: I found it easier to convince myself to spend money on a new BB so soon after my curve because I am just going to make the curve a present to my gf :p

I'm all for anything free that will come my way. But I would especially love to land that Unify4Life prize pack. Dude who wouldn't want to have the Unify4Life product? Now if I could only land a new BB Bold... or even a Curve?! Would be awesome to have control over all the toys in the house coming from the best program.

Is it me or are the Canadian businesses stepping up the game?

I'd like to win anything that shows my favoritism for BB and their style. Probably convert my son and end up giving him the goodies as he is going away to college soon.

I enjoyed the fact the RIM FINALLY announced the seemed like it was taking we can speculate on a release date...UGH...

I don't have a BB yet. Am waiting for the Bold to become available and can't wait. I would love to get the Unity4Life software for when I have my Bold.


I need to win the Unify4Life prize pack because I need a new universal remote. My dog just peed on mine and frankly, its done, I mean, I don't think I can ever get that grossness out of it, and I can't afford to buy a new one. Please?!

It seems that since the bold was introduced there is no future for getting the os updated for the curve to use the video. I have been waiting over six months. Without the vid Blackberry sucks. Im ready to save money and go with an LG, parden the pun but the bb curve isnt all what its cracked up to be

I would be honored to win either of these prizes.
When I first got my Blackberry pearl, I thought, ya this is cool, everything in one place. I cannot believe how much I rely on it. And don't get me started on the themes, pictures, and ringtones. I make everyone at work nuts with my constant changing of ringtones for email, messenger, phone..
These are the greatest things ever.

I am totally addicted to this site!! I can't wait for the Bold and I find myself checking this site constantly, they even blocked it at work! My iPhone is officially gone and I am back to the old Nokia 6682 until the Bold release which can't happen soon enough. It was definitely the best thing to come out of WES for me.

Wow, both of the prize packages would be super cool to win. An OtterBox case??? a WorldMate pen with 1gb jumpdrive built in? Scweet! But that Unify4Life sounds very cool and would annoy the wife-unit even more. She thinks I have my BB in my hands too much as it is! Do I want to annoy her on purpose? Hmmmm. I'd gladly accept the Unify4Life but I think I'd choose the WES Schwag Pack in the spirit of marital harmony!

Excellent coverage of WES. Lots of things to look forward to in the coming months.

A Unity4Life pack would be great... yet another reason to never put down your BB!

Yeah, that shirt is what I hope to win. Actually, anything dissing voicemail. That's right, I said "dissing." Deal with it.

Yeah, the fu*k voicemail shirt is the bomb. Basically, anything dissing voicemail. That's right, I said "dissing" Deal with it.

The Toad

Oh man. The WES Schwag packs sound sweet!! But really I'm not picky ;) Unity4Life's bag is sweet too...

I'd gladly take either!!

My favorite thing coming out of WES 2008 is definately Docs to Go by DataViz. I am in private aviation, and all my quotes are done in MS Word. 9pm, on the road, get a call from a person needing a trip in 4hrs. Yes, no more looking for a hotel with business services or who do I know in the area. Now all can be done on my BB8800. Way to go DataViz and RIM!

I gave hell already to AT&T from Mexico, Italy, Uruguay and even from Paraguay for not connecting me properly over there...
But now, it works perfect all over.In English, Spanish, Italian and even Hebrew...

I returned the Curve, didn't like it at all and back to the pearl until the Bold is hear, can't really wait

dale, come out!

Ok, I had posted the first day this came out and was like the 3rd post and now it is gone. What's up with that?

I'm posting again.

a. everything, but if I have to pick one Unify4life
b. LTE BB devices
c. I would like any thing you give me. If I have to choose either the Viigo bags or caps.

Yeah, I posted on the 21st of May and now it appears to be gone as well. I hope its just hidden.

Two words. Blackberry Bold.